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Language is Driving out Logic

People are always interested in the origins of the esoteric, and all that is part of human nature is one.

Language is to be celebrated as a distinctive element of the human. So say all of us. But, I do not think so.

Logic and Life

In fact each and every form of life has its distinctive elements of character, which more or less is equally spread, all across the living world. For each one, these play a vital role in its day to day living, whether in finding food, mate, and all other necessities and conveniences, or in keeping the threats at bay. A ferocious appearance, a cunning outlook, and a convincing disguise are only a few of the easily noticeable ones. And it is the logical use of these attributes that guarantees a successful life.

Logic and the Human

But, things change, when it comes to the human. Rather than a few distinct elements, what is seen is a wide display of every possible permutation of character over the whole race, however varied it be. And, each and every one excels in one or a few elements chosen at random. However, as another form of life, human race as a whole should also be having a mark of its own. If so, what is that particular element, which, while making every human a special one, as it is in reality, separates the human race from rest of the forms of life. The logical use of which culminates in a successful life?

I think it will not be easy to identify this element, for various reasons. Firstly, whatever we distinguish as one, may not remain as one for a long enough period of time. See, these elements, where the aggregate of those elements chosen by each happen to become known as one’s lifestyle, are continuously changing. Both in keeping with the external input like environmental variations, and in response to changes in one’s own outlook, such a change can happen. In short, the cascading effect of those changes and our response to it, further followed by new changes caused by the response itself, keeps the human race perpetually in transition.

Let us see, in such an ephemeral ambiance, which human attribute would be the one that ensures a fail safe propagation of the species? Logically, nothing else, but logic. For, every new or changed circumstance shall get studied or weighed against the backdrop of adaptability, and benefit, while the race can devote its attention to align fully with the chosen one, just as it is, in the case of all other forms of life.

An Essential for Logic

Development of logic, its presentation and other transactions called for a medium, for which, we instituted different languages. Over the years, various features came to be en-grafted in each language as an answer to whatever were the needs of hypothesis and formulation of logic, the users of each would have felt.

Misuse of the Essential

But, something else also would have been taking place simultaneously. People would have found it easy to use language for communication. (Is it? How do we know, there was no imposition of language in the early days?) Or for expression of their wants or feelings. Over some time, such activities and explorations would have eclipsed the original use, one of making and appreciating logic. Extensive interaction would have resulted, logic withdrawing itself to unavoidable circumstances, while the easily noticeable aspects becoming louder by day. And that gave rise to a plethora of entities that have no real explanation other than that these are human specific.

In fact logic is an in intrinsic feature of all that has life, which makes them do things that are good for the successful conduct of life, while preventing them from doing things that are harmful for the same. Language and the use of it for communication, resulted in two things. One, it effectively eclipsed logic as a definite entity, one that is essential for the fruitful conduct of life, consequently leaving some sort of a vacuum. And two, the human-specific features crept into that vacuum, making an already difficult life, a bit more complex, while making it impossible to differentiate between these features and logic. Surprisingly, we are making it a lot more complex, when we take pride, even in harming ourselves, if some such entity can get pronounced as a result, as we currently do. For example, in the presence of other entities like pride, love, or hatred, logic can easily be made to take a back seat.

And the Result of the Misuse

Now where are we? We are constantly finding reasons to do things that are logically unnecessary, dangerous, or both. Many of which are nothing but abnormal expression of certain sentiments that are natural with all forms of life, and are well entrenched in us. As these are accepted as essential elements of life, like love, anger, respect, or appreciation, and the significance of each being dependent on the style of language used to express it, we are unable to recognize the abnormality. More colorful the expression, more valuable, it becomes. And, even where we notice, the abnormality gets expressed it in the language of celebration, making it perpetuate unhindered.

Disappearance of Logic

In fact we nurtured these ideas as an excuse to bypass logic, where we would have consciously, and perhaps halfheartedly, wanted to do so. Now we unconsciously reject logic, except where it aligns with one such excuse.

© 2020 ROY T JAMES

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