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Lack of Doctors and Nurses in India, Covid Second Wave


This is a doctor from Bhopal and the man screaming at him is a local politician.

Reason ?

He couldn't save the life of someone with oxygen levels of 30%

This incident demoralized the senior doctor so much that he wanted to quit.


The second video is from Delhi.

Where after the patient's death family members attacked the staff and left the hospital looking like this

This doctors is trying to make people understand that our healthcare system is already overburdened. We can see news like this everywhere, in all cities and tow


There is an oxygen crisis


There is a shortage of beds in the country people are not able to get ICU or ventilators support we're going to face a new crisis in the coming days.

A crisis where we run out of healthcare workers. Oxygen, ventilators, beds these are tools to fight COVID. But ultimately doctors, nurses and health care workers are those soldiers that can help us to win this war.In the coming times, their shortage will be crisis.

The media is already focusing only on negative news. So this blog is not to make you feel worse this is about a few solutions that need to reach the govt so please read this blog till the very end.

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Dr. Devi Shetty is one of India's best cardiac surgeon. A few days ago, he again warned the country about this problem. He also gave a solution for this problem. But who is Dr. Devi Shetty ? He is the founder of Narayana Health it is one of the most affordable hospitals in the world and 12% of Indian's health surgeries happen at Narayana Health.


India's problem is not poor people but poverty. But that doesn't mean affordable healthcare is impossible. A poor person can pay only Rs.10 per month and be covered under low cost health insurance scheme to protect the person from medical emergencies.


Dr. Devi Shetty has received a Padma Bhushan for his work. Because he doesn't bow down in front of India's problems. He knows how to find solutions. Dr. Devi Shetty believes that India had an oxygen crisis today, but there is a solution for that. Industries can divert industrial use oxygen for medical use and this crisis can be solved in the coming times. But the problem doesn't end there itself. Ultimately doctors, nurses, other healthcare workers treat patients they take care of the patients and they support our broken healthcare system. Some time ago in a conference Dr. Devi Shetty educated the viewers on this manpower crisis. He put forward some short term suggestion for this.

But first, let's talk numbers

Our country has a shortage of healthcare workers. WHO says that 1 doctor for every 1000 people. In India, one Govt doctor attends tp 11,000+ patients. For this ratio to reach 1:1000 India will have to produce 20 lack new doctors by 2030. Ultimately a healthcare system not made just by machines, not made just by cement walls not made just by beds a healthcare system is made up of these heroes and today, we are facing a shortage of these heroes and not just doctors! when a person is in the ICU the responsibility to treat him is also on nurses and specialized medical staff. We need 3 nurses for every 1000 people where in India 1.7 nurses! are there. This problem can be temporarily solved in the short term. 2 lakh nurses have finished training but have not given exams we will need their help to fight this COVID crisis. There are more than 1.3 lack doctors who are learning answers to MCQ answers for exams. The NEET PG exam is coming and these doctors are preparing for this exam today we need those doctors. Dr. Devi Shetty opines that NEET P should be done online and the result for this should be given in a few days. The doctors who don't clear in NEET PG exam should get a chance to work in COVID ICU centers. For this, they can get grace marks in next year's exam 25,000 doctors have completed training but have to give finals. There are around 1 lakh doctors who graduated from overseas universities. But haven't cleared their national certification exam yet. We should take their help to fight against COVID as well. This is a fix for the short term but in the long term we need many more healthcare workers.

How will this happen?

Private medical colleges are expensive! GOVT medical colleges don't have enough seats! if we find solution to these problem today then we'll get result only in the next 5 years. Similarly, Indian nurses are in such high demand overseas that there is less incentive to stay and work in India. In war, everyone 55helps in their capacity to fight the situation today is no less than war. we need all those warriors who can fight for us. Sitting at home, we can't directly help healthcare workers rather than sharing photo of pyres and pulling down their morale. We can share some solution that can help all of us collectively. People who know how to fight not with emotions but with data if these people lead us, then it is possible to defeat COVID. Last year when COVID came to India, we imported PPE kits. But Indians managed to find a solution to the shortage we started making surplus PPE kits in only 8 weeks we have a shortage of ventilators even today our IITs developed low cost indigenous solution too. If we trust the smart people listen to their advice, and move with a solution oriented approach so impossible is nothing!. The people we call "heroes" are vacationing in Maldives. Our real heroes are serving India wearing PPE kits in 45 degrees


If we're going to treat them this inhumanly and brutally than, to be honest, we don't really deserve them at all so, stay at home, get vaccinated and most importantly, respect you HERORES!

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Gagan on May 05, 2021:

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