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Lack of Housing: For Afghan Evacuees.

Afghans Forming a Line at Kabul Airport.


Taliban fighters were firing their weapons, last night, when it was realized the last Allied forces had departed. This morning, it was shown, Taliban forces parading on the tarmac of the airport.

Allied soldiers are now safely out of the country and on their way, home. Along with them, come the British, Americans, Germans, etc, citizens of Afghanistan. Also, Afghans who worked with Allied forces have, also, been ferried out of the country.

The Taliban, now have to govern Afghanistan, how they see fit. The Taliban 2.0, are a new shiny, outfit, according to their announcements. The Taliban, by their own words, is a new group, who has learned from the mistakes of the past. The proof of the pudding, as they say, will be in the eating. Charities, government groups, etc, have withheld money from Afghanistan, which it badly needs. The Taliban must prove to the world that minorities, other faiths, and women/girls will be treated, well.

Meanwhile, as the Afghan evacuees come to the West, will it be a culture shock for them? Certainly, the West despite having Muslim populations, certainly, is not Afghanistan. Will they be shocked, surprised, etc, at what the so-called liberal, free, West allows? Will they settle here and be successful, time will tell.

The government has announced, it will step in and help local authorities, to receive these Afghan settlers. The government settled 20,000 Syrian migrants, successfully, up and down the country. So, how will it cope, with the new Afghan evacuees?

An Afghan Resettlement Minister, Victoria Atkins, has been appointed to oversee this. As much as the majority of people, want to help these fleeing people, many have reservations, too.

The UK government has been building, new houses, up and down the country. It seems housing estates, are going up the length and breadth, of the land. Every available piece of land, even green spaces, seems to be sprouting houses both private and council. The UK has a huge, homeless population and it is, understandable, the government would wish to address this problem, (if they care?). At the same time, we must make sure, green spaces are preserved, where possible.

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Afghans, like many people from the Middle East and elsewhere, have large families. However, it has been said, 4, 5, and 6 bedroom houses are, unfortunately, thin on the ground. So, we have trouble housing our own, let alone Afghans. Afghans will need access to the NHS, GPs, welfare, jobs, etc. These are all areas, that are already creaking, because, of underinvestment. COVID has had a detrimental effect on these services too. It is quite a dilemma, yes, these people, we have taken in are in need of our help. However, when the UK has problems, that largely affect, ordinary folks, where do we draw the line between helping our own and these evacuees?

There are many, many, ex-servicemen, who have served Queen and country. They have brilliant, service, records serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whether you agreed with Iraq or the Afghan war or not, these soldiers did their duty. When you are on the battlefield or indeed, helping people in those countries, you just do your duty. You cannot think about the politics, of why you are there. You get sent to wherever the government of the day, (no matter what party), sends you, that's it end of. While there are brilliant military charities that do help ex-service people, many become homeless or end up in poverty. Some argue we should put these before, Afghans, and this is the argument that will roll and roll.

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