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Lack Of Interest In Sports

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Nowadays, students only do well in their academics and leave extra co-curriculum aside. To be an excellent student, we should achive an equilibrium in both academic and co-curriculum. Sports helps us to release stress and relax our mind after spending so much time on studying. We can breathe in fresh air and make new friends too while doing morning exercise at the park. It is also detrimental to our health if we stay at a place for a long period of time without doing some vigorous exercises or even simply moving about.

There are a few reasons why students are not interested in sports. It is mainly due to the attitude of the student itself. They insist that sports is a waste of time as every second counts. They rather spend their time studying indoor than playing sports under the hot sun. They will also give reason that they are lack of time for sports. They would rather skip co-curriculum activities just to attend their tuition. They don't understand the consequences of not attending co-curriculum activities.

Besides that, most parents emphasize more on their child's academic performance. They have a wrong concept in their minds. They think that academic is more important than sports. Therefore, they will send their children to various tuition classes instead of sports training such as badminton or swimming class. Parents are not informed about the importance of co-curriculum marks. Skipping co-curriculum activities or being a non-active member will reduce the student's co-curriculum marks. Co-curriculum marks contributes 10% when we want to apply for university or scholarship.

Teachers which are lack of knowledge to train their students is also one of the reasons for lack of interest in students in sports. How do you expect the students to have interest in sports when the teacher-in-charge doesn't have the qualifications and experiences to do so? For example, when the co-curriculum activity is being held at school, the teacher adviser will not involve herself/himself in the activity. They will give reasons such as she/he need to stay aside and guide us or people at the age of theirs cannot afford to do physically demanding exercise.

Sports equipment kept in closed cupboard

Sports equipment kept in closed cupboard

Furthermore, the facilities that are provided at school are not up to the standard and are not upgraded for several years. This makes sports a boring and dull activity. School has insufficient sports equipment and space for the students to have sports activities and this causes the students to have no interest in sports. Even if the school has many different types of sports equipment, they are either kept in a locked cupboard or not for the students to use it. What is the purpose of having them when they are not used to the optimum level?


I would like to share a few suggestions. Moreover, schools should improve on their facilities and upgrade them every year. Only facilities which are up to the standard will attract the students' attention towards sports. School facilities should be open to public as for all the school students to use them after schools. Qualified trainers with ample experiences should be employed to train the students. Once those talented students undergo some hard time training, they can actually represent the school for competitions in zone level, state level, national level and even international level. This will help to bring up the name of the school as well.

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During PJK lessons where outdoor activities will be done, teachers are advised to plan some interesting activities for the students. Activities which are related to sports will be effective to the students if it is fun. This prevents the students to sit in groups and chat during PJK lessons.

Schools should stress on importance of sports besides academic. Students should perform well in both academics and co-curriculum. Teachers should have dialogues with parents to correct their way of thinking towards sports. Teachers can explain briefly to the parents about the benefits of sports. In my opinion, schools should held campaigns about the importance of sports to alert the students that sports is actually an intriguing activity. It is beneficial and it is not a waste of time.

In a nutshell, sports is important to everyone. I believe all the intricacies and complication Maths and Science problems are getting on every student's nerves. Therefore, sports can help to free our minds from our daily loads of works besides maintaining good health. After reading this article, everyone should start to put in a little interest in sports as it will only benefit us and will not harm us. Parents should expose their children to a healthy lifestyle during their adolescence. As the saying goes, "Prevention is always better than cure" and "An apple a day keeps the doctor away".



Saddam on September 24, 2014:

I love my reached

ezza john on April 13, 2013:

thanks for the suggestion

ANDREWLEE on February 04, 2013:

Thanks for those suggestion that you given on top.It was useful to me.

SanXuary on January 26, 2012:

Sports should be completely taken out of the school system and become a civic program. We waste so much money on it and education becomes second. Our communities could prosper from it and all ages and facilities would be open to the public. Are cities today lack a social center and this would build a greater sense of true community.

Chew on January 17, 2012:

Health is important. And one of the main factors to obtain good health is to do exercise frequently.

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