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Labour: Tory Corruption Has Been Normalised Under Johnson.


Corruption in politics is nothing new. It has been around for thousands of years and probably, always will be. No doubt, corruption, in its various forms, is around today in all political parties of the United Kingdom.

However, corruption, sleaze, call it what you will seems paramount, whenever the Conservatives are in government. It was rife under Margaret Thatcher and it is certainly, rife, under Boris Johnson.

Deputy leader of the Labour party, Angela Rayner, has called out this government for its seeming disregard, for the rules governing corruption. Ms Rayner recalled how Priti Patel stayed in her job as Home Secretary, despite breaking parliamentary rules. Ms Rayner also recalled other cases of corruption under Boris.

Ms Rayner continued that, "Boris has polluted our democracy" and said should Labour win power, they would stamp "corruption" out. Ms Rayner was revealing Labour's plans for controlling ex-or present ministers in lobbying for work, consultancies or any other underhanded behaviour.

The Deputy Labour leader described the current system of controlling ministers underhanded behaviour as "broken". The current system is not fit for purpose, and badly needs replacing, Ms Rayner said.

Ms Rayner said Boris, has been "shameless", in his behaviour for breaking parliamentary rules. Under a Labour government, Ms Rayner described how ex or current ministers, would be banned from committing any form of corruption.

A new "integrity and ethics commission" would be set up to hit former or current ministers hard, if they tried or had broken parliamentary rules. Whatever, the findings of the commission, the Labour government of the day, would accept the imagined commission's findings.

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The current body for investigating ministers who break parliamentary standards is known as ACOBOA or the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments. Ms Rayner attacked this current body as having no or very little power and described it as "toothless".

Corruption is a stain, in any walk of life, and how do you resist it? Humans, with all the best will in the world, seem to be bought off or fall into corruption. A human being who can remain whiter than white and resist corruption is indeed an enlightened being.

Priti Patel:  Attacked by Angela Rayner.

Priti Patel: Attacked by Angela Rayner.

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