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Labour Gaining on Tories - YouGov Survey.

Boris:  Not Popular.

Boris: Not Popular.

Sir Keir:  Popular.

Sir Keir: Popular.

2020 will probably be a year, that Boris Johnson, will probably want to forget. After his landslide victory in last Decembers general election and his subsequent popularity, how things have changed for him. Brexit was the key thing, that won it for Bojo. His mantra, "Getting Brexit done", was the key that turned the lock of his success in the general election. Even Labour voters in the north and the midlands deserted Labour and Corbyn, in droves. Was it Corbyn's extreme left-wing policies or his right down the middle approach to Brexit that lost him the election? Political historians may be debating this for years to come.

Boris before COVID broke and lockdown started, was riding high in the polls. Gradually, as it was learnt that the government knew about the dangers of COVID (back in December and that they should have acted sooner). Also, the PPE fiasco, the number of deaths, which turned out to be the highest in Europe. The economic chaos caused by COVID during the lockdown. The Dominic Cummings fiasco, not implementing UBI (Universal Basic Income), such are the woes for Boris and his clowns. All these debacles have no doubt, led to Boris' and his administration's current predicament.

On top of all this, we have had the exams fiasco. Right now, Gavin Williamson, Education Secretary, must feel the most hated man on this planet. It was at his insistence that algorithms were the judge of young peoples exams, instead of sticking to teachers predictions. This lets young peoples exams be undermarked. Of course, many young people hoping to go to university were duly upset. It is alleged, that Gavin Williamson, scampered away to go on holiday while this situation was brewing.

Young people rightly complained and demonstrated against the downgrading of their exam results. Of course, the government had to do a u-turn, going back to teachers predictions of how pupils would do. Now young people have the true upgraded results of their exams and hopefully, can look to the future, with more positivity.

YouGov has issued a survey confirming Boris' decline along with the governments. The survey suggests that government popularity has dropped from 44% - 40%. The decline in Tory fortunes has coincided with the rise of Labour from 35% - 38%. Meanwhile, the Greens have seen some rise in their fortune, as have, the Lib-Dems. The Brexit party has seen a small rise in its ratings too.

As for who people think would would make the better Prime Minister, Sir Keir breezes past Boris. There are those, small in number, yes, but nevertheless, people who are unsure or unable to choose between Boris and Sir Keir.

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We all know, polls and surveys can be fickle. It may be too early, to say the government is fading, things can happen that throw a lifeline to beleaguered regimes. Look at Trump and Biden, Biden has been popular in the polls, even more since taking Kamala Harris as his running mate and potential VP (Vice-President). However, despite the fact that Trump appears to be on the backfoot, Trump could still become President for a 2nd term.

On the government's present trajectory, if YouGov is correct (YouGov correctly predicted Boris' victory in the December general election) their decline is a Godsend for Sir Keir and Labour.


Nick Bishop (author) on August 31, 2020:

Thanks for your opinion.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on August 23, 2020:

I think it's counting the chickens before they hatch. The general election is four years away. Labour has to wait till then and then the election results may again not be what Labour would like.

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