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Labour Faith Minister: Resignation - Janet Daby.

Former Shadow Faith Minister: Janet Daby.


Ever since same-sex civil partnerships came into being and then later, they became full-blown marriages, it has proved controversial. For those who are part of the LBGTQ community, it was welcomed, but for many faith communities, it was not.

In the church, for example, it was feared that the clergy would be forced to conduct same-sex marriages. However, that proved not to be the case, if the clergy felt it was against scripture. However, in some LGBTQ friendly houses of worship, these ceremonies obviously, do take place.

Years ago in the UK and in other western democracies to be a homosexual, for example, was an imprisonable offence. Now such things are a thing of the past and Gay people are allowed to marry, even adopt children in some cases. That does not mean, however, that the majority of the people accept such things. There will be opposition from various faith communities and those of non-faith. However, if people speak opposition to aspects of the LGBTQ community, you are liable to face the full force of the law. For many Christians who believe they are staying true to scripture, opposing same-sex marriage, for example, is something they cannot compromise on. It is not that they hate the LGBTQ community, per se, it is that they hate the sin but still love the person.

There have been legal fights in court, between Christians who do not wish to take part or entertain, any aspect of same-sex marriage and Gay groups. For example, there was the famous case of two Christian bakers in Northern Ireland who refused to make a cake for two gay people who wished to be married. There have been cases of Christian B and B owners, who have refused to entertain gay couples in their guest houses. In most cases, the law has always come down on the same-sex couple's side. It seems when it comes to freedom of a lifestyle (Gay in this case) or freedom of right to exercise one's faith, faith always loses.

It seems in many ways, we no longer live in a free society, some groups like Black people, Muslims, or the LGBTQ community seem like a sacred cow. You cannot hold opinions against them, it is against the law - literally. But it seems it is okay to hold anti-Christian views, which could be categorised as Christophobia. All we hear nowadays is about Islamophobia or Anti-Semitism, apparently holding views opposing Christianity seems to be okay. It seems every other group in society, has rights and one word opposing them must not be uttered. One time, people could hold all sorts of views and that was their right in a free speech society, whether you agreed with their views or not. It used to be said, you may not agree with someone's view (on whatever subject) but you would back them to the hilt, to say it or hold that view. People, groups, etc, cannot just sit down and have a civilised discussion any more. It all ends up in hatred for the opposing side, arguments and violence. What happened to the adage that people should begin a discussion (they disagree on) perhaps vehemently, but end it as friends or agreeing politely to agree to disagree?

One such person who appeared to be making her view known was former Shadow Labour Minister for Faith, Janet Daby. When it comes to overseeing and conducting same-sex weddings, she said she understood why those of faith or even non, opposed such ceremonies. Particularly, those who held deep-seated religious beliefs opposing same-sex weddings. She said accommodation should be made for such people and that they are to be respected. Not be forced to conduct such ceremonies (just as it is the right of same-sex couples to be married in a free society).

However, her musings erupted into a storm, as usual, forcing Ms Daby to apologise. After that, she resigned perhaps because she knew staying in the post would be untenable. Maybe, she jumped before she was pushed, in no way did Ms Daby say, those were her own views. She was merely reflecting the views of such people who did. But like anyone these days, who express certain views, (even if they are not the view of that person) they are hounded like a witch hunt. Hounded until they either apologise and in most cases, resign.

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The question is, should Sir Keir Starmer have defended Ms Daby? Much the same as Boris appears to defend Priti Patel, whether you agree with him or not? When asked directly about the resignation of Ms Daby, the party just said she would be replaced in due course.

Finally, it would seem, we live in a society where freedom of speech is getting less and less. Where your very words, even if you are merely understanding the views of others (who you may disagree with) can be misunderstood and land you in deep trouble. The UK is supposed to be a democratic place of diverse opinions, beliefs, etc, but it seems with the ideology of political correctness, the UK is becoming more and more like a dictatorship. Something akin to North Korea, where, to speak out against the regime or their actions will land one in prison or at worst dead.

The UK is still right now a democracy, however, when you impede people from expressing their views, you are on the steady slope to a dictatorship.

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