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L.A. : Homelessness on Fire

Power rigged from power poles and control boxes explode and smoke is everywhere after you hear that loud pop from the electric arc.

I.G. Pics of - After the Flames

After the flames Thank you LAFD USC TRUCK #10


What Can We Do ?

I'm fortunate to have a home cause some people do not have a home, to retreat to when the elements get rough.The rain, the cold and the heat seem unbearable from the outside looking in. What can we do when it's our block that's under siege from the swinging economic rollercoaster that kicks us out of position and sends people scrambling for shelter. I wish I could open doors but actually I'm close to being without so the question is always "What Can I Do?".

Who Cares! Is the Perceived Mood.

As I see people walking pass the flames there is a, not again look, just another cold night I'm used to this shit look. It's no excitement, no urgency. No fear of life being lost, appears to be the mood. The reaction is shit happens...

Who does the power hook ups effect? That's free power or is it, free. The crews who repair the power have been busy this is the third time on this particular over pass, so I know it cost. I wonder who pays, factually. I have many assumptions but here I will just make it rhetorical.

I know there should be some type of concern. These pop up homeless communities are fast growing and there are those who are there for profit making the most of the life, the streets provide. I know people adapt to life in many conditions and once a person adapts, from what and who I see in this community, there is no turning back. Every underpass has a tent hooked up to a pole and it appears no one is saying stop, but the fires are common rolling south on the 110 freeway but we dont notice til we hit the exit or see the smoke.

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I know survival is just that, "SURVIVAL" and these are people who are doing what they must and adapting to life as it is. Thier reality is the pitfalls life provides and only a few survive... so one more time...

What can I do....?

LA homelessness. This is what it looks like.

Real flames concrete ash no lives lost sometimes it's a crash and burn and other days its boom then flames....

Real flames concrete ash no lives lost sometimes it's a crash and burn and other days its boom then flames....

Underpass of 110 Freeway Southbound @39th

  • #endhomelessness in L.A.
  • #endhomelessness period.
  • #streetlife the power pole hookups arc and cause explosions this was the seen and it's the norm.
  • #justanotherday in L.A. as the people scramble to have electricity in thier tents. Three days later all is repaired and its hooked up again. Thankfully whoever lives at this freeway onramp is always missing while the....
  • #flames are raging....

This is what it looks like.....

Meditate til it Burns: By #hoodabdul


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