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Kunduz, Sultan Khil, Kandahar Mass Surrender of Afghan Army

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Echoes of the South Vietnamese Army in South Vietnam from 1974-5 when it comes to fighting the North Vietnamese without Americans by their side. Almost in all cases, the SVN units provided token resistance before surrendering or routing into the jungles or Saigon. Of course, that is the same situation watching unfold in Afghanistan as America exits the war.

The execution of the American evac or withdrawal could not have been much worse planned, if it ever was. It is horrible to watch and the Taliban is using the social media much better and astute than the Afghan government which could collapse any day.

Just in a week or so, the Kunduz airbase and army post housing an entire Corps' sized force (10,000+) well armed and supplied by the US Army, was poised to defend it. Upon the arrival of the Taliban the battle began and as the Taliban encircled much of the Afghan Army leaving no escape routes, Afghan resistance began to falter despite their commander's orders. A moral decay set in and it was further made worse when Taliban promises to those soldiers who surrendered would be allowed to go or forced to join. Many chose to surrender making the position untenable until the commander of the Corps had no choice to surrender. The war booty found at this base was hundreds of Humvees, boxes and boxes of various types of weapons and ammo. A cargo container filled with communications equipment, sniper rifles, mortars, computers, all unused. Also seized were MRAP's and ScanEagle drones, I am sure Iran will be purchasing a few of those to analyze.

At Kandahar, the story was similar, but actually more unsettling. After a brief firefight, the Afghan army surrendered their army base. Those that did not drove out in some Humvees and M1-tanks to safer Kabul. The Taliban gained more weapons like artillery howitzers and ammo.

At Sultan Khil army base, the same story unfolded once the base had been cut off. The Taliban offered those who surrendered, safe passage out. It seems the Afghan army is willing to fight for not more than two days or until they have been cut off. At this base, the Taliban were given close to 100 Humvees, numerous utility pickup trucks, a few ScanEagle drones, hundreds of various boxes of weapons and ammo.

Just millions of dollars gone to waste as war booty to the Taliban. The amount can arm a small army and no doubt will. It would refreshing to see, once, an Afghan army unit stand and fight till the end. While the South Vietnamese Army was from similar cloth, at least, one division fought till the end at Xuan Loc, in April, 1975. It is a famous battle because as this occurred, Saigon was being infiltrated. It lasted a week and the NVA tossed everything they could including tanks. It was bloody until the ARVN ran out of ammo.

This is how the Afghan Army should fight.

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