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Kudos to Former President Trump

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While I am no Trumper by any means, I do acknowledge that President Trump did some things right. While some good does not compensate for the all the bad he did and that he did deserve being impeached twice and had it not been for the cowardice of Republicans in the Senate to stand by their man, he would be impeached. That said, what are the good things Trump did?

1. The Keystone oil pipeline that created well over 20,000 jobs and more over the course of many years in the making. This pipeline went from the US to Canada and its controversy despite costs was about going across native Indian land. It would help secure America's energy independence. This was President Biden's bad mistake to cancel the whole thing after so many dependent on it after so many wasted years in the making. Biden is an idiot for doing canceling it.

2. Operation Warp Speed must be credited to Trump for sure. He got the funds and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate a vaccine development in April 2020 and by December the first doses were rolling out from key companies for the world. While the distribution was its downfall, the operation was a great success that Biden had taken to the next level with much success.

3. Sanctions on Iran have put the regime on thin ice and in a bad way. While Trump pulled out of the Iran accord, and rightly so, the sanctions are working to some extent but Iran continued to develop an nuclear bomb since they have ties with Russia, China and North Korea. The equation is not going to change and now Biden wants to rejoin the Iran accord to renegotiate. Iran is far closer now in getting the bomb and to think they will truly abandon this goal is simply insane. Biden nor the Europe is going to prevent this. If Biden removes sanctions even a little, Iran will be simply buying time in this chess game. Trump's sanctions were the only thing that worked but even those did not stop Iran.

4. The U.S. economy has been booming on the stock market since its great downfall in March 2020. It is hard not to give Trump some credit for this in some way. After the election, it still boomed under Biden.


perrya (author) on February 22, 2021:

While I am sure there are many nuances to this agreement, whether positive or negative, depending on your point of view, the overall impact was more beneficial for both countries and the dramatic loss of American jobs is significant, let alone Canadian ones. The tribes did receive money for the access of their land for the oil pipeline, not to mention lots of jobs. Much of the land was just barren and in the middle of nowhere. While the points are well taken, Biden made more enemies on the Democratic side because of his order to cancel it. It was a bad move

DW Davis from Eastern NC on February 21, 2021:

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The Keystone Pipeline would have imported Canadian shale oil, not moved American oil, thus increasing our dependence on our good relationship with Canada, which Trump did everything he could to undermine.

Had the pipeline continued as originally planned, rather than rerouting through Native Tribal lands to appease rich white land owners who didn't want it in their backyard, it would probably still be under construction.

MG Singh from UAE on February 21, 2021:

Trump did a lot of other things. In that respect, he was a revolutionary as he realizes that NATO is an obsolete organization and he took China head-on. His Abraham accord was a masterstroke and it assures him a place in the world history books. I have a gut feeling that he will be back in 2024 as at that time he will be opposing Kamala Harris.

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