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Killed by "Fake" Love


I grew up in an environment in which our parents placed a great deal of emphasis on loving each other. We (myself and my siblings) were among the few fortunate children whose parents did not just talk about love but they also lived an exemplary life, to the extreme I might add.

Growing up, I never caught or heard my parents arguing about anything; they most likely did, like all other couples. Even as an adult, I tried to remember one instance of a behavior or interaction (between mom & dad) that could give a clue of an argument between them, I came up empty. They weren’t perfect but they tried their best to convey love between them so we – the children - could learn by simple observations. They did have arguments, as my mom would later confess before her passing; they did a fantastic job hiding it, for one simple reason, with one single objective: to teach us to love each other.

We know firsthand and understand really well what it’s like to love, at the very least to express love towards members of our family. It is this type of environment which has made it important for us to be truthful, open with each other; after all, to lie to others can hardly be construed as an expression of love. Besides, our dad would unleash harsher punishment – consisting mostly of longer time period in time-out, a torture during summer time - on the “guilty party” who would hide or lie about the “crime”. So, we all grew up with the understanding that to lie is not a way to express love.

Personally, I’ve internalized this education to extreme; I have genuine disgust for those who lie. At times, I question how I can have both genuine love for some (those who abide by the truth) and total disgust for others (those who practice lies and deceptions).

It’s probably pointless to mention my utter disgust for Donald Trump who has made lying to others a normal way of interacting with people. The more he lies, the less value he has in my eyes. He seems completely incapable of speaking the truth.

Although people in the media have tried to explain away his extreme behavior, some have shamed him and yet it seemed as if Mr. Trump is unable to control the urge of lying. At times, it appears as if he would stop breathing if he were to stop lying. But what has been the most troubling aspect of observing a man incapable of telling the truth, it’s those who continue to worship him as if they too are unable to make the decision to walk away from someone who lies to them repeatedly about everything. Trump’ supporters behave such that one would say they are under some spells (of ignorance) preventing them from even recognizing the illogical aspect of their behavior.

For many, it is their unwavering faith in an untrustworthy individual and the “fake love” of that individual which has cost their lives and those of their loved ones. While members of the media have tried to make sense of this type of unshakable faith in an individual and psychologist experts attempted to explain it, the rapid increase in the spread of the coronavirus and the mountain of daily casualties will continue to remind us all that Donald Trump does not love anyone, not even those who support him blindly.

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As of this writing, States which are considered RED (Republican leaning such as Texas, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, etc.) are hit hard with rising infections and casualties, thus putting to rest the notion that Trump loves his supporters and would act to protect them if the coronavirus were to make a hard landing in any of those states. Most States in the South (Florida, Texas leading the pack) are as of this writing considered epicenters of the coronavirus in the United States.

One can say that those people in the RED States who lost their lives were killed by fake love, and many more will continue to grieve, all the while believing Donald Trump must love them to death (pun intended).

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2020 Mike Ducheine

Comments from upstate, NY on January 01, 2021:

He's a true patriot:) from upstate, NY on January 01, 2021:

Trump's the best!

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