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Republicans Are Blaming Pelosi for the Attack on the Capitol


Did McCarthy Know about Trump Plan

Republicans are blaming Pelosi (Dem-Calif) for the attack on the Capitol on January 6. The GOP said Pelosi had more control, authority, and responsibility for the Capitol than anyone in the United States. Pelosi has been in charge of this security at the Capitol. The party of Donald Trump has to find someone to blame, to take the heat off of them. They tried blaming Antifa, the FBI, and Pelosi.

House speaker minority leader Kevin McCarthy said in a speech President Trump bears responsibility for the attack on the Capitol, he is walking back his words. Donald Trump and some of his party are partially to blame for the insurrection in the Capitol. Pro-Trump supporters from across the country were invited to come to Washington for a wild rally, on the same day congress was finalizing the victory of Joe Biden.

Trump Wanted Pence to Overturn The Election

President Trump asked Vice president Trump to come through for him, the Vice President didn't have the authority to overturn an election. He betrayed Trump.

Hours later, the building was under seized by Trump supporters, they roam through hallways, looking for Pelosi and Vice president Mike Pence. Trump watched from a TV in the White House, what he saw was horrendous. Rioters broke into lawmakers' offices, urinating on floors, and the president did nothing to stop it. Vice President Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, and others were ushered off to safety, others were trapped in the chamber. Hundreds of people and rioters climbed walls attempting to stop the certification of Biden. The Capitol was full of angry people lashing out in angry because they couldn't find lawmakers.

What happened at the Capitol is inexcusable, if Trump and some GOP were involved, they should be held accountable. The attack on the Capitol warren and so something like this will never happen again.

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Trump Is Still Controlling The GOP

After the attack on the Capitol, where people died, Trump is still controlling some GOP, from his home in Florida. House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, is standing behind Donald Trump after all the terrible things he has done. McCarthy met Donald Trump at his golf club in New Jersey, which we all know it was about. Trump was making his pick of whom he wanted on the Committee investigating the attack on the Capitol.

McCarthy is using former President Trump's rhetoric and tactics to belittle Pelosi. What he said about Pelosi was not funny, it was insulting to most women. The House Minority leader said it was hard not to hit Pelosi with her gavel. What did Trump Promise McCarthy? Did he promise McCarthy, to be his running mate if he decides to run for President in 2024?


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on August 09, 2021:

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) is acting like the former president Donald Trump. He is insulting women on national TV. McCarthy said it was hard not to hit Pelosi,with her gavel. McCarthy laughed and said he was joking. You are a Moron.##JMD

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