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Katie Hopkins: Banned and Banished From Twitter.


Katie Hopkins, love her or hate her, has 60,000 subscribers on YouTube, where she uploads her thoughts, speeches, etc. Ms Hopkins is known for her controversial views on multiculturalism, race, religion, etc. She has openly espoused support for the English Defence League and its founder, Tommy Robinson, aka, Yaxley-Lennon.

Ms Hopkins, found fame, on Alan Sugar's, 'The Apprentice'. She went on to be an LBC presenter and a columnist. However, right from the beginning, she didn't mince her words, on politically correct Britain. Speaking out on subjects, in the UK, where freedom of speech, especially on Gays, Blacks, Muslims, etc, is becoming almost impossible to have, counter views on.

Her Twitter account has been suspended many times, for her views. Now, Ms Hopkins has gone and got herself, permanently, banned from the site. Ms Hopkins, according to 'Sky News', is not available for comment, over this.

As for Twitter themselves, they said, Ms Hopkins, had broken rules on Twitter, regarding, what they see as hate statements, in her Tweets. She has recently attacked 'Black Lives Matter' and had an online spat (presumably, on Twitter) with wunderkind, Marcus Rashford. Rashford, recently, forced the Johnson administration, to do a u-turn, on ending free-school meals. Which means, now many poor families will be able to feed their offspring over the summer. To even contemplate, that in 2020, in the 6th richest nation on the planet, there is hunger for poor families and especially their kids, is immoral and unbelievable.

Katie will have haters, from the far left and others, just like Rob Liddle does, Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson, etc. Such people, even though you may vehemently agree/disagree with them, should have air time on social media, television, radio In a freedom of speech society, that, the UK used to be, all views should be allowed. It is up to the listener, viewer, etc, to make up their own minds about them.

It should not be down to a social media company like Twitter, or the BBC, to nanny us, to what we can watch or not. They are treating us like little children, lest we see or hear, something that might offend us or alternatively, strengthen our views. If it is Katie Hopkins, appearing on any show and you do not agree with her, there are some many mediums now, to challenge her. It would seem much of the media, social media, etc, is politically correct or at best, left-wing, or scared, of offending, some minority or other. Your news media like the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, etc, who when they do have guests on, always seem to be left of centre or at least far-left. When right-wingers complain about these individuals, politely, the complainant is put in their place. The BBC for example, says, it tries to represent all views and all people from the diverse society, we live in, but in actuality, they don't. For example, black people are currently saying they face racism and hate, okay, I'm sure they do, however, the black community is over-represented on US/UK media, out of all proportion, to their population size. In the US, when do we ever see a prominent Native American, in politics, entertainment, etc? More Native Americans, die at the hands of the police, then blacks, but we never hear about it.

How often, in the UK/US, do we ever see an Asian face, (I don't mean people of Pakistani, Indian descent) but British/American people of Chinese, Japanese, descent, etc? Yes, in the fields of science, entertainment, politics, etc, it is getting better, but much more work to do, I suspect.

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Banning people like Katie Hopkins, Tommy Robinson or Nigel Farage, trying to mask what they say, doesn't work. Like them or hate them, they are human beings, with as much right to air their views as of, any left-leaning, personality. If anything, banning such people, makes them more popular, as it appears the Katie Hopkins, banning has done.

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