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Karl Marx: Annihilator of Men

James A. Watkins is an entrepreneur, musician, and a writer with four non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine articles read by millions.

Marxism Rests on Faulty Foundations

The foundational concept of the ideology/religion that Karl Marx (1818-1883) created, and published thousands of pages about, is laughably wrong. It is that the value of any product is the value of the labor of the man who made it.

Therefore, if I buy land, build a factory, design a product, set up a sales and marketing department, a means to distribute my product, as well as an accounting department, customer service department, etc., all of that is worthless. If I sell shoes for $20 and do not give my shoemaker the whole $20 I have stolen from him. This idea only served one purpose: To agitate workers who had almost zero understanding of such matters to make violent revolution.

To show how silly the underlying premise is, a machine can make shoes faster than a man and now I have no man to pay at all, which hardly renders the footwear worthless.

As Jacques Barzun has noted, “Men dive for pearls because they are valuable; pearls are not valuable because men dive for them.”

In fact, the value of things depends on how many people want them, how badly people want them, and how many are available. Marx was smart enough to know all of this. But his goal was to use propaganda on working people to justify the ruthless political action that would destroy whole nations, and feature the dispossessing of people who had wealth and land, by killing them if necessary.

The man was wrong about nearly everything. He thought workers in America, once unionized, would overthrow the government. They did not. He felt all the wealth in America would wind up in the hands of just a handful of men. It did not. He thought the middle class would disappear. It exploded in size. He did not believe the lives of working people would improve under capitalism. They did beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

Scientific Socialism: A New and Better World

Marx loved the Theory of Evolution and believed it justified his Theory of Socialism. He liked to call himself the ‘Darwin of Sociology,’ as if group violence was a scientific concept. He dedicated his book Das Kapital to none other than Charles Darwin.

He strove to abolish private property so that all property would belong to the State. He wanted to see vengeance visited upon the upper and middle classes, including terror and mass murder.

Marxism led to starvation, torture, enslavement, and mass murder on a scale never seen before in human history. At least 100 million innocent people were killed to create what Marx called “Scientific Socialism”—a “new and better world."


Karl Marx Favorite Saying: I Will Annihilate You

You could hardly find a more ill-mannered, quarrelsome, malicious drunkard than Marx, who was also physically filthy and stunk to high heaven because he rarely washed. A selfish, angry little man with evil eyes, he was insanely vindictive, filled with jealous hatred, coarse, hardhearted, abusive, sarcastic, cruel, ridiculing, nasty, crude, insulting, and treated nearly everyone with disdain and scorn. Other than that he was a pretty nice guy.

He hardly ever washed his clothes and in his house everything was broken and filthy, covered with a half an inch of dirt. The last 25 years of his life he was covered with boils.

Marx considered the rest of the human race detestable degenerates. His favorite saying? “I will annihilate you.”

If anyone thinks Karl Marx promoted equality for women, look at how he treated them—with contempt. He not only refused to allow his daughters to go to school, but he also kept a female slave from the age of eight, whom he would later continually rape. He then denied his child she bore him and kicked her baby out of his house. The boy bastard was put into a foster home and was never allowed to visit his mother when Marx was home, and could only come to the back door when he wasn't.

She was the only working class person the supposed champion of the workers ever knew. Helen Demuth was her name. She worked for him virtually her entire life, but he never paid her one cent—what a paragon of love for the poor.

You should not be surprised to learn that only eleven people attended his funeral. His heart was devoid of love for anyone, and he hated man and God with a furious rage. He encouraged ruthlessness, mob violence, and assassination. He once wrote, “Everything that exists deserves to perish.”

To Karl Marx, human beings are nothing more than animals with material needs. Although he claimed to have the answer as to how the world should handle its economy, he was grossly incompetent with financial matters.

The Communist Manifesto

The Communist Manifesto must be the most malicious book ever published, as evidenced by the over one hundred million murders committed in its name. In it, Marx wrote: “Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, it abolishes all morality.”

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That fits right in with his declaration, "Communism begins where Atheism begins."

The Devil knows that young people fervently want to change the world, especially after receiving the kind of ‘social justice' brainwashing that goes on in our government schools. The problem is that the young know nearly nothing about the world yet, and are therefore prone to devote themselves to utopian schemes that are not based on reality but fantasy.