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Kamala Harris Temporarily Heads the White House

Vice President: Kamala Harris.


Vice President Kamala Harris, is the 2nd bi-racial person to hold high office, in the US. Originally, in the Presidential race to be the Democratic candidate, for President, she was an opponent of Joe Biden.

When Joe Biden, became the Democratic candidate for President, to go up against incumbent Donald Trump, Biden selected her, to be his running mate. When Biden became President, Kamala Harris, became the Vice-President.

Whenever Biden appears from the Oval Office, you will usually see Harris, flanking him at the side in the background.

Ms. Harris' bi-racial background is Jamaican and Indian. Her father was Jamaican and her mother, Indian, (not Native American). She is a Christian by faith but respects her mother's faith, Hinduism.

President Biden will be taking time out, to undergo a medical procedure. Biden will undergo under anesthetic, what is being described as a "routine colonoscopy". Biden has already been taken to the Walter Reed Medical Centre.

While Biden is away undergoing this, Kamala Harris will be handed the reigns of power. This is part of the American constitution, whereby, if the President has to undergo a medical procedure power is handed over temporarily to the Vice-President. It is not unusual either, this has happened before, with past Presidents.

Harris will work from her office in the West Wing of the White House. She will take on duties for the moment, that the President would have done. This temporary brush with being the Commander in Chief will give Ms. Biden on-the-job training if she ever has to become President, full time. At 78, Biden has achieved his ultimate goal of becoming President of the United States. Mr. Biden tried before but never got past the selection process, to become the Democratic candidate to run for President. Just because, Joe Biden, is 78 doesn't mean he will die in office or have to stand down because of ill health. Mr. Biden, as America's oldest President, could go all the way to the next Presidential election in 2024. If Biden did this and stood again as the Democratic hopeful to be re-elected to the White House, he could be facing Trump. However, should Mr. Biden die in office or have to stand down, for ill health Ms. Harris would slip into his shoes.

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It seems though, many Americans have become disillusioned with the Biden administration for many reasons. And if Kamala Harris was to run as President, if, for whatever reason, Biden could not, it doesn't seem she is popular either with many voters.

So while Ms. Harris is temporarily President, she may have the chance, to make her mark as to what kind of President she would be. Her time as President, is, of course, limited depending on when Mr. Biden, returns to work.

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