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Justice. Equal Treatment

I believe that Justice is the right of all living Beings and I include our Fauna and Flora. We´re here on Earth as guardians of it.

Fair, Just, Acceptable Treatment.

Great numbers of people have no idea what justice means and believe that it´s when courts mete out their Brand of Punishment to the perceived "Miscreant" or "wrongdoer" There are many thoughts and opinions on what justice is. Before moving on we'll try to come to an understanding of what it is. My firmly held belief, Justice is more than what courts mete out. There is a myriad of facets and elements to justice. Social Justice, an element spoken about these days, is much more than the giving of a meal each month. This is the understanding of some.

We are all born with rights. Ensuring these rights aren't stolen but kept safe for all requires vigilance. We all must Work toward a Socially, Just, and equitable Society. Social Justice is above and beyond the Law.

J. Just Treatment

"Justice", In its full meaning is equal treatment, equality for all. No exceptions to this. We all have a God-given Right to "Fair" caring, "Honest", "Non discriminating" TREATMENT. That´s "Under the Law" "Before the Law' but when the "Law" is bad or discriminatory then our "Treatment" should be "Above the Law" in line with our "God" given Rights. We must serve the "Laws of God', not the "Laws of Men". Bigots should be shunned.

U. Universal.

Universal. Inalienable Rights of all people regardless of Color, Creed, Nationality must be respected no matter where Located. Al of Humanity, the Human Race, must be treated fairly and equally without discrimination. Freedom from all forms, including Bigotry, is God-ordained.

S. Service. To all.

Service and the solidarity of Humanity and Wildlife. "No One" has the right to lord it over others in any way. In this manner, we should be serving each other and reaching out one to another with kindness, in Charity, acceptance with care and understanding. Always bear in mind (Charity is Active Love). Charity is the practice of LOVE. Giving a piece, of ourselves, to benefit others. We must begin again to demonstrate a genuine Love and Concern for our neighbour whether, known, or unknown. Near or Far.

T. Trust... Insightful.

"Trust" we should build this ability to "Trust" in one another and show "Acceptable" concerned Treatment for each "One of Us" including ourselves. without exceptions, that mislead "Society" attempts to force on us. God says "you´re my children" and God means every one of us. All without exception. No Exceptions are or Ever will be Accepted.. <PERIOD> Like it or not "We are, saying least, (Our Sister's and Brother's, Keeper). We´re responsible for each other. Be Love, That We May Receive Love. When we get it right, Love will fill the world.

I. Insurance. God-Given...

Insurance. We being human, have the insurance of all our "God Given Rights" No one has the authority to remove or steal any of our "Human Rights". The "God-Given" rights of humanity. They are "Numerous" but here are some "Basic" ones which are obvious. These "Basic" rights are being eroded every day by "Man's inhumanity to Man" described by the Poet. Our Governments are, by changing the definition and meaning of this or that word, imposing their wrongs and sins on the Silent Majority. this because of the minuscule numbers of vocal activists. They ignore the fact they have been elected to represent all citizens. They have not been elected to impose their will on the people. But to represent those People. I will deal with the courts later, suffice it to say, it was always my understanding, the courts are there to administer the law, not to make Law.

C. Charity. Agape Love.

Charity is the practice of Love or "Love in Action" We are all deserving of Love, and indeed Full active concern of and for our fellow human beings. Truly we´re "Our Brothers and our Sisters Keeper". We should be "Looking out for One Another". Indeed we should be reaching out to and from every "One of Us"... Not one of us is dispensable or deserving any "Form" of "Unequal" or "Discriminatory" treatment. We are all members of "Humanity", "Brothers" and "Sisters". We are One Family, all equal members. Equality doesn't mean there are no differences. There always will be differences. We must accept them and be thankful for them. Not eliminate or change them, or attempt, to make us all into Robotic Morons with no thoughts of our own.

Equality. All are equal

Equality means equality in law with equal access to redress with no less than pristine treatment. We need to build a "Society" of inclusiveness of "Unity" that recognizes our diversity but accepting of all that we are. That means accepting our differences, All of our children must be taught to accept that all people are unique and very different. None has the right to impose their will on others. Teaching in school subjects that are deemed immoral must be brought to an end. Prayer should never have been removed from the Public School System. A person who doesn't want to pray had the right to remove himself from the Venue during Prayer and to return After. When we banished prayer from schools. The act of Banishing Prayer began the downwards path of our society. We removed from society our feeling we must indeed make time to pray. There are times throughout our day during which we do have time to pray or for some form of spiritual development. In these times, few make full use of the time afforded us. This is the sad state we have fallen into.

God-given rights.

The right to life. We have been given the right to be alive and that right is slowly being taken from us beginning with "Abortion" now we have a form of "Euthanasia" which will grow in time to justify the destruction of whole "Communities" or genocide, just because they do not conform to our way of thinking. When one twists words to justify one small wrong then it becomes more and more progressively easier to justify greater wrongs and easier to convince greater and greater numbers, that those wrongs are right and good. If one objects we can always eliminate them and bury the objectors.

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Right of Conscience.

We have been given a "Conscience". Conscience helps us determine right from wrong and so we have the right to exercise our conscience. This right to practice our conscience is being taken from us. You may ask how. Take the right of doctors to refuse a referral to health professionals who will assist us in killing ourselves. To go against their conscience and refer. We have been given the Right by God to exercise our conscience to determine right from wrong. So acting on a decision that is against our conscience is wrong. No one has ever been given the right by God to take Life, much less been given the right to kill themselves. Now I understand the desperation of someone in Chronic Pain and of those who feel alone and of no use to anyone or indeed of any value any longer in this world. But End Of Life Programs have got to be enhanced to help those in this state of depression to be aware that they are indeed very valuable worthwhile Human beings. Treatments have to be improved and enhanced. No one should ever feel that they´re placed on a "Discard Pile". No One should feel they are Disposable. All are of Value.

Good health. Medical Treatment.

We have the right to the best health care, that we may have a quality of life. This is a quality of life that allows us to tap into all venues that we choose to which includes the best "Medical Treatment". In our present health care system, some folks are denied the right to medical help. This is my understanding of the current state in our western nations.


We have the Right to Housing. This right has been taken from a great many of our citizens, "by Greed". We, always, justify this by blaming the victims, (I call it a Crime). An action of the so-called elite. When a country allows outside or offshore Buyers and so-called investors to purchase their real estate then they are begging for a lot of problems to happen when it comes to local home buyers and seekers. Then when that country allows those so-called investment homes and or houses to be left vacant while the so-called investors Flip those same places to make large profits Homes for citizens of that country do become prohibitive. Prohibitive to both the renter and local home buyer. Once again a right is denied by actions of Greed, with the complicity of the Government in those actions. Yes, the collaboration of Government. We have set ourselves up for similar actions to what is happening in the Crimea and Ukraine. Once more justice is denied, a God-given right is usurped.

Good Nourishing Food.

We have the God-given right to have enough to eat, this means Healthfully. not just any kind of food that fills one's stomach but healthy and Nutritious Food. It is with dismay I found many of our children here in North America go to school hungry because Mum and Dad do not have enough funds to buy the Foods that those children need. If the children are Hungry You can then be doubly certain that parents are hungry also. Another right denied large numbers of citizens. The Numbers, if only 0.01 of 1 per cent then those numbers are 0.01 of 1 per cent way too much. No one in Canada or the US should be deprived of Nutritious food, Here again, we have another right usurped.

Living Wages, Entitlement.

People also have the right to be paid a living wage for any work that they perform. Citizens of a country have a right to share in the wealth of the country/nation that they call home. But when so-called elite Members of that nation and Great National and International corporations are given free rein to exploit and grasp all of the wealth, Then conditions develop that increase poverty and despair within the Nation. This will continue to expand unless it is curbed by Major controls being put in place that ensure Fair, Equitable, Treatment in incomes and wealth for all citizens are put in place. Here in the Americas, we have given up our Greatness to serve the ends of Greed. The wealthy, Big Business, and Big Corporations, National, International. Another Injustice well served.

Access to Courts.

The last one I will deal with here is, in my opinion, also a basic right. That is the right to equal access to our court system. We in the North Americas do not give this right to a very large part of our populations. They do not have that access. This is, because of the extreme costs of entering the system, and past court decisions. People to a great degree believe the court systems are geared only to serve the wealthy. To serve the deep pockets of our Nations. They also believe, that those impartial courts are not so impartial, are in effect Partial to those with money to spare. This has proven true to some extent. Not the Poor. If you can't afford a lawyer then you are all but sunk in the court systems. this indeed is justice denied.

Rights Eroded.

I believe that all of these rights have been eroded with no intention of harm by the powers that be, but by time not taken to study the implications of the actions taken. I pray before people begin to push back remedial action will be taken by leadership first, to curb and bring an end to the Greed and give access to all avenues and justice to all the people. This includes access on an equal and equitable basis for all citizens. Bringing just and fair sharing of the wealth of our respective Nations. Can it be done, I believe it can and that without any bloody and desperate measures. The question is do we have the Will and The Determination to bring into existence a better society. My prayer is that this will develop without resorting to violence. Hopefully, before we have repeats of the violence of the French and Russian Revolutions. But on a Greater Scale.


Enslavement and Injustice are twins very much alive in this day and age. The curse of these times. Our technology was intended to serve to assist People not replace them. All of humanity has the right to housing (A ROOF Over our Heads). The right to Food (An Entitlement to MEALS in our Stomachs). The right to have clothing on our Backs (Not RAGS). We also have the right to fair treatment as Human beings. Good Health, access to good medicine. To large numbers of our citizens all rights are being denied because of no access to our legal systems. This is compounded by High Fees of both Lawyers and courts. Redress is denied to a large section of our middle and Lower classes. I leave with the question "What Can Be Done To Improve Access To Justice".

How Do WE Curb?

The curbing of the Twins of Enslavement And Injustice Would be a Good beginning. BUT this will take lots of Hard Work. We have to BRING Back all the Good principles of the past and then enhance them into the Future with a policy of IMPROVEMENT. improvement of Life Quality for all. Not just a few of Rich Predators.

.Justice is a right denied to those of the middle to the low-income portion of Society.

The right of Free Speech is another right that we have lost. One must not voice one´s opinion if that opinion is in contradiction with the minority gang forcing their opinion and beliefs onto the silent majority. One may not disagree with anything that they say or do. If we do we are guilty of a hate crime. We must now Question Just how Free our Society is. As our basic Freedoms and Rights are being assaulted and denied a little each day. We are no longer, for many of our citizens ¨The Land of the Free¨. Maybe the premise of the ¨Land of the Free¨ was only in our dreams.

Justice is a Birthright.

Dictionary meaning is that what is due or merited. It is an abstract principle by which right and wrong are defined. Administration of law (Though NOT all laws are either just or good). We all have an entitlement to the "God given Right to justice. Here in the west and more pertinently in the USA and Canada, indeed North America the Majority of our citizens do not have access to any Form of Justice. We are guaranteed specific Rights but those rights are being steadily taken from us though not by Law but by wealth and Politicians (THERE to serve the People) who practice self interest and not people interest. Partisan Politics of Me First. The rights of the People, of the Citizen are not considered in any meaningful way. We have developed into a "Greed Ridden" Society that has no qualms about trampling on the rights of the people and have grown into a society of grasping people. Justifying our actions by many different and to say the Least Trite Phrases.


John Ward (author) from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. on July 24, 2019:

To f...hruz. I just now have seen your comment. I have very little time to be on my Computer these days. I was in the first instance about to deny your comment but on second thought allowed it, Your opinion is to some degree relevant but your denial of God I do take issue with. I have found that even non believers pray to god when the shells target their fox holes. But you are entitled to voice your opinion, whether it is right or Wrong. Possibly it will bring more involvement to the discourse. Hope to see more input to discussion.

f_hruz from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on August 19, 2016:

In reality no gods exist. Gods, as all forms of religion, are man made myths restricted to the domain of human imagination.

Nothing in nature requires a god to function and no other life form shares even one of these human inventions we ourselves can't decide on to be right, among the many in existence.

All forms of life are a product of nature, We depend on and follow the laws of nature. Man has created societies in which different rules exist based on religions and other traditions, some good, but too many which are bad.

Justice is being administered in each of these societies by the ruling class and the establishment for the perpetuation of their interest. Even in countries with generally good laws, many have in fact highly unjust societies as a result of how laws are being served so differently on the rich, from how they are being applied to the poor.

The US is one of the most unequal societies on the face of this earth and non of this religious talk has done much to put things right, only perpetuating false hope .

Maybe Dr. Jill Stein would do some thing about it, if she were to become president in the US!

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 18, 2016:

I read those books long ago too....the direction the world is going is scary.

John Ward (author) from Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. on August 18, 2016:

Thanks John. I hope I can generate some discussion and thus some interest towards building a better world I will then be

satisfied. What I see happening in our world to-day was described well in Two Books. the first one was "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, the other was "1984" by George Orwell. I read both of these books many years back.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 18, 2016:

This is a wonderful hub, John. I love the description of "justice" and it should be a right for all. You have covered so much in this hub and I hope it attracts a lot of readers. Cheers.

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