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Christopher McCowen, Framed for Murder

No words

No words

My Story

I can’t speak for Chris, but I can speak for myself......and I want to acknowledge what kind of people we are dealing with, here.

My story, my opinion, my experience, nothing more.

And the reason for it is.....I was going through old emails the other day...also old text messages, and the bullshit hit me square in the face all over again. That old feeling came back...disgust, helplessness, rage.

I have to say something!

Snake Holder

It’s in my blood

It’s in my blood

Horrified since 2005

Rather than go though the legal ridiculousness of this case, I’m dealing with the low down and dirty part of the ones who call it justice. There is much written on the internet on Chris’s case, which you can find if you are place to start:

This Rant is coming from my private notes and discussions.

Names with-held to protect the decent.

Look Familiar? It Should

Protect the guilty at all cost

Protect the guilty at all cost

What are the Odds?

First of all, I was going though old texts to look for a certain date, when I came across this:

January 16, 2002:

“A young woman grilled by cops last week in the murder of slain fashion writer Christa Worthington has a shocking secret in her past – she is a heroin-using, AIDS-infected ex-prostitute linked to another infamous Boston-area murder.

This is the same woman who told a Massachusetts grand jury in 2000 that she was a hooker who serviced Dr. Dirk Greineder, a prominent Boston-area allergist convicted last year of killing his wife, according to published reports.“ (1)

Friends in High Places



Another Rush to Judgement?

“Greineder believes what really convicted him was the evidence that he was secretly involved with prostitutes. He told WBZ-TV that close to 25-30% of the trial was based on the fact that he had called some escorts.

Greineder said he loved his wife and still does. He admitted that he and his wife had intimacy issues, which he said she would not deal with. He believes his indiscretion caused the jury to convict him.” (2)

Never Give Up

True Love

True Love

Allowed to Ask?

This is what my text said:

“Does this seem odd to you, that __ was “dating“ both that doctor and the father of the victim in Chris’s case?

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And the doctor maintains his innocence to this day, just like Chris.

Maybe the doctors wife found out about it, she threatened to end the gravy train, and winds up dead?

We already know the victim in Chris’s case knew about her father and this woman, and was threatening to end the gravy train.....she winds up dead.


And, wasn’t there a long hair found on the victim’s chest in Chris’s case? Like a woman’s hair? Not her own?

The woman and the victim’s father both failed a polygraph test, the woman’s father is a cop (she’s protected?), she testified for the state (protected?), and she’s a drug addict!”

Seems quite a lot of circumstantial evidence to least enough for Reasonable Doubt.

Lady Justice

For all

For all

Let’s Get to Some Emails.....

“This is stunning. I listen to WCAI all day, every day, anddid not hear anything of this. Basically, I boycott CCT. Can't stand that fishwrappingpaper. That's all it's good for.Jeremy of course is the real murderer of Christa Worthington,which I've been saying since the trial in 06, which I attended andblogged on at the time.Peter Manso wrote a book about this case and picked my brainbecause I was in attendance every day and paying attention at the trial. I have the book, but did not finish it. He and his wife are "friends" onFB. Ha! He was a young acolyte and sidekick of Norman Mailer,until they had a bitter falling-out in P-Town.”

Cape Cod Canal

Nice for picnics

Nice for picnics


“Why was Christa's father dating a herion addicted prostitute? A Harvard graduate, assistant attorney general for more than a few years? And when the Truro harbormaster Roderick mentioned to the CCTimes after the murder, "some say it had to do with her daddy's doper friends"......"but I think it was a former lover"......he later found himself out of a job.

I can't help feeling sorry for Mr. Horton getting sued ( for 10 million by the Worthington's. What about suing the moving company who hired an ex-con murderer with the knife wielder of Eastham? They've got no problem with that I see, and that part of this story is more convincing than the black man rapist theory.

Experts say that “rape" is not about sex, it's about anger. I believe that. Not so sure I even believe the story of JF being the killer. I think he was placed there just as another layer of confusion.

There is one man who knows what when on at that house, in my opinion and he was in charge of evidence for the TPD, he refused to submit his DNA, he was seen with a metal detector after the murder looking for something on Christa's property, he was seen at her storage unit, again looking for something when Sgt. Burke of MSP testified while being cross examined by BG that, "this officer was not ASSIGNED TO THE CASE"....hello....flashing red lights going off...what the hell was he doing then?

No, Christa had the goods on someone and she was probably putting the screws to them, that's why she is dead. And all the way up the chain, people had to cover for this--I don't know why that is, that is the hingepin to this entire case. Did the family want to keep her affairs a secret? If that is so, why did the hapless DA tell the writer Christa was "a pig, would sleep w/ friends husbands, the butcher, baker, she was an equal opporunity player"....and that writer printed it for the whole world to see.

What was the trial going to do to her already damaged reputation? No, that was another smoke screen. I think if BG had brought out Christa's affairs, you would have your answers and you know why? Because when people are betrayed, they turn on one another. It's human nature. They would have a huge mess on the island and I don't think anyone wants to go there. Like a seasoned officer (dear friend) of my hometown told me, "if anyone in LE is involved in this, then lots of heads will roll, not just one, and they can't afford that.”


Look out for undertow

Look out for undertow

Entrenched Corruption?

“You are a very wise man who is willing to go where not many other Cape Codders will go. In my opinion, the W family did not want Christa's sexual life thrown into the trial, because it would taint their own reputation.

Her own grandmother slept with Paul Robeson (black jazz performer she met in Ptown while he was acting at the playhouse) and it was not unusual that women in this family took local lovers; carpenters; fishermen, etc., according to the book written of Christa, that was the only comment I did believe to be true, but other things were not accurate.

Flook (the writer) pointed at Tim Arnold as the killer because the DA directed her to do so and they wanted to pin this on him because he was the most vulnerable.

But I say more damage was done by the ugly writer & DA (she is hated by the community for writing that book and in my opinion, she is of ill character).

Both have toyed with a dead woman's reputation because of their own greed, personal vengeance (the writer) and stupidity (DA). I believe the DA wanted off the case from day one, because he didn't want to be part of it if the sh*t hit the fan, but wanted to continue to groom his career.

The first judge got run down by a golf cart and the first ME got conveniently too ill to continue the case. And all the other bungling; losing forensics, messing with the crime scene, Truro PD don't have to give up their DNA when allegedly she was sleeping with three officers? One who was a former lover of her cousin, the HBO screenwriter who sold her story on day two after the body was discovered. And father runs to probate same day. What kind of compassionate people are these?”

It Doesn’t Make Sense



Guilty Until Proven Innocent

“Remember, when this murder occurred, MO was running for DA and the writer was riding around town with 6 bumper stickers on her car.

She was already on his side & then they prolonged the investigation because they wanted to get the real killer off the hook.

Then 4 years later, while they are wasting time looking for no one, DA gets re-elected--bingo, they find her killer--after 4 long years,

DNA sweeps(costing $$, a waste to taxpayers)and police brutality towards certain lovers. They lost CM's DNA on the first round, and said, "we'll get back to you if we need anything".

CM never left the Cape! This is the real killer?“

Guilty Don’t Cry



Unsettling Truths

“There is more to this story that no one wants revealed. Why is that? And why are people asked to stop talking about this story if the real killer is behind bars? I am one of those people who has been harassed mercilessly, and have been slandered because I will not give up asking questions that beg for answers.

Bob George said in his final comments to CTV, "there are 10 witnesses I could have put up on the stand, but by doing so, it would have RUINED THEIR LIVES".

Why do you think that is? What could those people say that would have cast more doubt upon the guilt of Chris McCowen, but was disallowed.

There are reputations at stake here ladies and gents and the family wants the door bolted shut. That is why they took the jurors who voted to convict out for dinner and exchanged emails after the trial (wonder if it was during the trial, how do any of us know?)

They are the keepers to the kingdom, her dad was assistant attorney general during the 80's, they boast about how many lawyers and judges exist in their extended family. But yet a family member who many were not even close to, (cousin's were not on speaking terms for months) is dead, brutally murdered.”

Who Misses Out




“If it was one of yours, wouldn't you want 100% proof the real killer was getting a life sentence?

There are other factors involved here, sometimes finding the right killer means you have to reveal your own ugly skeletons.

We don't know all the answers, but there is more and I hope there is a new trial.

Christa deserves to rest in peace. Her daughter deserves to have the best possible chance of having a great life. How can she, if there are still questions about who killed her mother and why?

It needs to all come out and I don't care at what price for the island or that family. Christa's death should not be in vain.

I believe it was consensual sex with Mr. McCowen and Christa found out some things she shouldn't have, someone had her killed, someone with connections, someone in power, and until that day comes when it is revealed, none of this is going away.”


Buried in sand

Buried in sand

Lost Secrets

“I can only give you my honest opinion and that is: If Bob George put those witnesses on the stand, an entire island would suffer irreparable consequences.

Affairs coming out that have been covered up, drug trafficking exposure, and more ugliness that would cause loss of jobs, divorce, who knows what else.

I believe two of those 10 were the DA and the writer Flook, others were members of TPD, but I can't be certain, it's what I heard from other journalists who attended the trial. What these individuals have stated have been true.

And I would like to note that Marilyn Miller (it's been said by reliable sources) has been banned by the town of Truro. She tried to poke her nose in this case via TPD more than once and chief threatened to call her editor.

This was told by a selectman in Ptown who wrote extensively on another website. Her comments would knock your socks off. And she lived in proximity to CW's house, for many years, knew all the going's on. Cannot be dismissed.”

Enter at Own Risk




”I want to know why the jurors who voted to convict would go to lunch with Welsh and dinner with the Worthington family, while exchanging emails after the trial. I've been told by someone in the legal community that it is not illegal, but highly irregular.

I view this family as beyond arrogant because of their roots in Truro, the grandfather owned that town with this fish hatchery and if people couldn't pay their taxes, he would own their homes.

They go back to the 1930's. Then their boasting of judges and lawyers in their family, they say no one can talk about them, only they are allowed. Well guess what--they are in the news now, and once you are in the press, there's no going back. Does CW's dad have something to hide about his background? Why was a black garbage man sent to jail without proof he did this crime?

I tell you some of these people have to be covering something up. There is no doubt in my mind. The only question is who and why? Big questions, no answers.“

Fly Me Away

Hi dad!

Hi dad!

The Ties That Bind

“How long has Judge Nickerson and the Christopher Worthington been friends? Shouldn't that matter? More conflict of interest. The island is too small for anything fair to come out of this trial.

We have a Judge who's been a judge for how many years?

His family the first to settle on lower Cape. The Worthington is former assistant Attorney General of Boston from the 80's under Governor Cellucci. Rollins and Nickerson must go back too, and now Nickerson has to deal with this hapless DA who was mentored by his friend for over 25 years.

Look, I'm not claiming impropriety, I'm claiming conflict of interest.

A Boston trial should have been from the start and none of this mess would be going on--all on the taxpayers dime. (millions of dollars spent in law enforcement hours, stated by BG at trial) Worthington stood up and yelled out "objection" in the middle of court proceedings at the judge, the prosecutor and witness on the stand. Tell me they don't feel entitled to sway this trial. I'm sorry, but that's my opinion and I am standing on it.“

Loyal to the Club

Word is bond

Word is bond

The Fix Is In

“I do not envy Nickerson's decision in the coming months (30-60 days)30 days for lawyers to submit motions, and 60 days for judge to rule. If anyone saw Gary Nickerson's hearing photo in the Boston Globe yesterday, they would see Atlas burdened with the weight of the world on his back.

If a re-trial is to take place on the Cape--the economy will suffer once again, they can NEVER find an unbiased jury pool, and I'm sure Nickerson doesn't want it in his camp either. By the look on his face, he is FED UP! And has every right to be. This is his tail on the line now, his reputation at stake. All eyes on him and his decision, and either way, as I see it, is not a good decision as far as the judge is concerned.

If the trial is scheduled for Boston, the Worthington family doesn't have the clout there, they have in a Barnstable Court Room. They will be just an average family among the other Beacon Hill Brahmins. Not the big fish in the little pond as they are in Truro or among the Barnstable judicial system.“

I Didn’t Do It



Winter Hill Gang!

“I began to think after my posts back to them last night on cctoday.....maybe they meant David Murphy instead of David Costa? Whatever, they are equally as dangerous as far as I can see. Costa is worse because he hides behind his badge.

They can't do anymore killing, because no matter what, the people will know why and they will fry this time.“

Ancient History?

Have times changed?

Have times changed?

People Here Slept Around

“Flook told the CCtimes she's writing a second book about Christa. The outrage of it all! Maybe she can now write about all the other men she (flook) has screwed, including TJ which I'm certain of.....both Manso and Keith admitted it.

Yes, it all makes me sick, too. To see how low people will become for money, fame and ego. Demented? Yes, that's for sure. They don't know what logic and normal is,because it's not in their world.

I sure hope Chris doesn't speak to Flook. She'll ruin him in the next book, like she has everyone but her lover. Thanks for writing back.

If you get a chance, read the story about the Wendy's clerk on CCtimes getting verbally assaulted by a white man who yelled racial slurs at him because he didn't understand his order.....happened in Orleans. And they are going to say that the cape, is not racist...ya,okay”

Who Polices the Police?

Notice anything?

Notice anything?

693 Informants in One Town Alone!

Drug Informants
“During the case, we find out that CM became a drug informant for the Wellfleet officer who was assigned to the Drug Task Force. So, why would CM leave if he was a drug informant?

This is probably how the set up began. He was arrested, then turned into an informant to avoid jail time since he was on probation. He was cooperating with the police who he believed he could trust. That was his first mistake. IMO

Looking back, this case has been riddled with series of events leading to nothing but chaos and confusion. It's what we have learned that make us think about what we haven't learned.

The first judge gets run over by a golf cart; the first ME comes down with an "undetermined illness"; the evidence is mishandled and lost; over 20 members of LE ransacked the crimescene; CM never left the Cape because he was working as an informant for LE; he submitted his DNA willingly; there is an ex-con murderer in this story, DM, who shared a cell phone with JF who is a relative of local LE; there are other players in this story who worked for the same moving company who also have criminal backgrounds and ties to organized crime--what else do we need to know?

This murder only spells one thing--COVER UP.

And I still believe that some didn't like the fact that CM was sleeping with a blueblood, or other white women during his trash runs. Small towns--territorial & closed communities.“

Confidential Informants

Ignored Witness

"I told them he was a white male, dark haired, with an oval face, in his late 30s or 40s, but they never asked me to identify him. I never said I would not be able to identify him," he said. March 01, 2002 Cape Cod Truro resident Girard Smith, 71, who witnessed a black van speeding from the Worthington driveway on Jan. 5, the day before Worthington’s body was found, said two state troopers came to his Truro home last week and spent an hour with him.

"They showed me photos of vans and SUVs, and asked me if any of them looked familiar. They showed me a whole bunch of them, and I said some of them resembled the vehicle I saw."

He said they drove him to Depot Road and parked near where he saw the van speeding down Worthington’s driveway. "They asked me what the driver looked like and I said he was a white Caucasian, with dark hair and an oval face. I said it didn’t look to me like a kid, he was an older guy. He was going down the driveway like a bat out of hell. He didn’t even look at me, he kept right on going.”

“The troopers repeatedly asked him about the time of day when he saw the van. He said he told them he knew it was between 1:30 and 2 p.m. that Saturday, Yet, three weeks later, this incident has not been revealed by authorities; and Smith told The Cape Codder that no official has reached out to him since he first came forward."

" It was a Massachusetts plate, with [numbers starting with 17 or 18] on it, followed by two letters, but I don’t remember what they were, " he said.


Smith reported to Chief Thomas what he saw. Then it looks like he waited for about three weeks for someone to contact him, nobody did. Finally, he himself stopped the State Police on the road. Didn't we hear about all the police that were assigned to this case? One of them couldn't call an eye witness?

"Smith waited for police to get in touch with him, but no calls came, he said."

Who Took This Photo?

Why was a camera there?

Why was a camera there?

What burglary? What rape?


”More than 13 months after Christopher McCowen was sentenced to 3 life terms for the armed burglary, aggravated rape, and 1st degree murder of Truro's Christa Worthington, his convictions remain mired in controversy, under seige from 3 distinct directions.

The most recent attack goes to the bedrock of our judicial system, and the credibility of Barnstable County's key law enforcement officials, including District Attorney Michael O'keefe, state police officers and then-prosecutor, now-Judge Robert Welsh III.

In a dramatic , most unusual motion for a new trial filed nov 29th, McCowens attorney robert george states:

"The prosecution here witheld material exculpatory evidence, in the form of police reports and criminal records regarding key commonwealth witnesses as well as the state crime laboratory's failings, despite discovery requests by the defense."

Cold Hearts in the Night

No conscience

No conscience


“Supplying all available pertinent evidence to the defense in a murder trial - or any other criminal trial for that matter - is a crucial cornerstone of American Justice.

Massachusetts Criminal Procedure Rule 14 imposes "automatic discovery" obligations on the prosecution in every criminal proceeding, requiring the government to turn over to the defense "any facts of an exculpatory nature" including "police reports" and "the record of prior complaints, indictments and dispositions...of all (prosecution)witnesses.....within 5 days of the Commonwealths notification...of the names and addresses of its witnesses"

In addition to the "automatic" requirement, George says he made specific, written requests for that inofrmation "several times over" that the court held three separate discovery conferences over the course of 8 months, and that the Commonwealth filed a Discovery Compliance Certificate on Oct 11, 2006, shortly before trial began.

Yet, he says "material exculpatory evidence" was withheld.“

Looks Like Paradise

Hides the sorrow

Hides the sorrow


“George identifies 5 men, all listed as prosecution witnesses, 2 of whom testified. All five attended an infamous party on the night of the murder.

Together they've racked up more than 30 criminal arrests, charges and convictions, including drug offenses, assaults and batteries with dangerous weapons, malicious destruction of property and intimidating witnesses.

But none of that was revealed, says george.

Instead, that information was unearthed by journalist Peter Manso, who is writing a book about the case. It came to Georges attention long after the witnesses testified, after McCowen was convicted, sentenced and incarcerated.“

Who You Hurt




“By far the most disturbing of the undisclosed records involves a 2003 charge against Jerem Frazier who testified against McCowen both during grand jury proceedings and at trial. McCowen maintains it was Jeremy Frazier who fatally stabbed Worthington.

A Wellfleet police report prepared by Detective Michael Mazzone, who has since moved to Florida, indicates that Jeremy Frazier and 3 others confronted 2 male tourists from London near Mac's seafood at the town pier on july 2, 2003 at approximately 9:30 pm. According to one
eyewitness, the "local boys" threatened the tourists, asking what they were doing on their "fucking turf"."

Jeremy Frazier then allegedly "pulled a knife, using the knife in a threatening manner during the altercation."


If trees could talk

If trees could talk


“After speaking with the victims, Det. Mazzone, "learned that neither of the men personally knew any of the 4 subjects, nor were they aware
what may have provoked the subject to threaten them with a knife."

Officer Lloyd Oja, who later testified at McCowen's trial, assisted in the Frazier investigation. Det. Mazzone concluded : "I believe probable cause exists to criminally charge Jeremy Frazier ... with the crime of Assault By Means of a Dangerous Weapon (knife).

The charge was lodged against Frazier, but Orleans Distirct Court Judge Robert Welsh, jr. dismissed it when the 2 victims did not
return from London to testify.“

I Do!

Married in prison

Married in prison

Dirty Pool

“Welsh is the father of McCowen's prosecutor, Robetrt Welsh ,now also a District Court Judge.

George knew none of this when he cross-examined Frazier and, he says the information was essential:

"Prior bad acts are admissible, even uncharged prior bad acts, if they're similar" to the conduct at issue." Worthington was killed with a knife that never was recovered.

In his motion , George says this evidence was "a stunning example of similar criminal conduct" and was "critical to the defendant's claim that Frazier was the killer of Christa Worthington, that the Commonwealths failure to charge him with murder was not just good fortune but the result of his special relationship with law enforcement, that he was not just a dupe and that he alone was her killer."

DA Michael O'keefe did not respond to the voices request for comment, but has been quoted in the Cape Cod Times describing these allegations
as a "garden variety motion for a new trial" and suggesting it was not his offices responsibility to disclose its witnesses records.“

Herring Run

Chris’s friend Lisa wanted to get married here

Chris’s friend Lisa wanted to get married here

Bad Faith

“That claim leaves Ropert George incredulous:

"In todays day and age, especially in light of the Duke lacrosses team rape case, its extraordinary that a prosecutors office would not turn over all exculpatory evidence to the defense. To hear a public

official say it was not their responsibility to turn over evidence of a case that they prosecuted themselves almost blows my mind."

Christopher McCowen he says, deserves a new trial.

"All I know is that I should've had this stuff"

Other lawyers and legal scholars confirm that it is highly unusual for a defense attorney to claim that a District Attorneys office withheld
crucial evidence. The seriousness of such charges takes them far beyong anything that might fairly be described as "garden variety."

George, who has been practicing law for 27 years, says he has only raised the issue 3 or 4 times. "Its an allegation that I would not
make unless it was as plain as the nose on my face and ultimately critical to the case."

Chris Loved the Beach



Racism is the Problem

“A separate post-trial motion, filed more than a year ago, charges that the verdicts are tainted by racial prejudice. The motion is supported by sworn affidavits from 3 members of the panel, signed within days of the trials, conclusion. Jurors Roshena Bohanna, Norman Audet, and Rachel Huffman contend that three other jurors made racially charged comments during deliberations.

“Barnstable Superior Court Judge Gary Nickerson has held that the affidavits warrant further inquiry. A public hearing is scheduled for
Jan 10 and 11 with all jurors in attendance, including Huffman, who was dismissed and replaced with an alternate during deliberations.

Chris McCowen will be transported from MVCI Cedar Junction to attend the hearing.”

Does it Matter?

Kid with dreams

Kid with dreams

They Knew!

”The court awarded funds for George to hire two expert witnesses, both social scientists, to testify. Harvards Mahzarin Banaji spearheads the "implicit bias project" a study of the brains responses to "otherness" including race, age, and gender. Tufts Sam Sommers studies racial bias in jury deliberations.

"This has never happened before" George says, "never on this scale."

Questions about tainted verdicts, he says, typically involve allegations about one juror, who is then quietly interrogated by the judge.

"But here, we have 3 jurors, 3 taxpaying citizens who were doing their civic duty, who are now pointing fingers at 3 of their cohorts"

That means at least half the panel is involved.“

Cape Cod Winter

16 years in

16 years in

Spilt Milk

"If what the affadavits are saying is true, there is no other avenue than granting a new trial", George argues.

“After going through this trial, a life-changing experience for them as well as for everyone else involved in this case, they are now being tested in a way that challenges their integrity. If they are telling the truth, then the legal validity of their verdict is gone."

Judge Nickerson, who presided over the trial, will entertain both motions. If they are unsuccessful, the issues they raise will be folded into McCowen's appeal, a separate proceeding from the post-trial motions.

In Mass., all first degree murder convictions are appealed automatically. McCowen's appeal raises a number of legal issues, including state police officers' failure to tape their custodial interrogation of the defendant, the limits the trial court placed on defense experts testimony, and the removal of Juror Rachel Huffman from the deadlocked panel.“

Family Man

Mi familia!

Mi familia!


“After the guilty verdicts, McCowen's case was assigned to a criminal appellate attorney, replacing George, per standard procedure. But when George visited his client to give him the news, McCowen was distraught.

"He felt I was abandoning him " george says, "and I had told him I would never abandon him" McCowen convinced George "in a very emotional way" to stay on board, to handle the appeal himself.”

George is doing it pro bono , he says ... (end)“

Chris is Missed

Friends and family

Friends and family


Me, 2008:
“Well, funny that racial bias hearing, there was this old guy...trial watcher--who said that TJ told him it was KA there that morning. Don't know if it's true, or why he would say that, but he did. And then I heard the old rumor that it was KA's wife, TJ's daughter who killed her, then I saw that line about DC's wife threatening JW....what a mess. And it's clear that this cast of character's have no morals or conscience, so I'm sure they'll get away scott free....they have too much local support. And none of them gives a shit that an innocent man is doing their time for their crime. Makes me hate all of Cape Cod. bs”


Rough waters

Rough waters

The Subtlety of Privilege

“I agree that Chief Marshall would have acted much differently than Judge Nickerson.

Other factors may be playing into this case, such as long friendships among two entrenched Cape families--one Nickerson, one Worthington.

Christa's father was once an assistant attorney general to the commonwealth of Massachusetts. How did his political influence effect the outcome of this trial? I can't help but ask this question. Isn't this a conflict of interest in of itself? Say, hypothetically, he didn't want certain things to come out at trial, like who his daughter was sleeping with, or his own personal information? Doesn't this put Nickerson in a most difficult situation?

Nickerson is faced with O'Keefe, who was mentored by Rollins, no doubtedly a long time friend of GN, and you've got a family member, former AAG, with long roots in the Truro community, extended family of judges and lawyers (they boast of), who's daughter was brutally murdered.

He even stood up at trial and interrupted the prosecution by yelling out, "Objection", while a witness was testifying. In my opinion, I believe it's possible that a family with a long history on the island, and deep roots to it's political machine, may have more influence than others who do not.

I do not believe the Worthington Family want this trial to go to Boston thereby risking further exposure, and I'm sure Judge Nickerson does not want it in his camp, either. So what will he do?”

Outside Chris’s Prison

He never gets to see it