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Josh Duggar Should Stop Blaming Presidents For His Crimes

I'm an aspiring writer, but overall, I am an American who seeks a better United States of America. Come join me in my journey of truth.

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TheDigitalArtist is the creator of this image.

Once upon a time there was a teenage couple. They lived in Arkansas. It was the 1980s. Michelle Rurk was 14 years old, and Jim Bob Duggar was 15 years old. They got married three years later. They were a religious couple. They went on to have up to 19 kids. Jim Bob went into politics.

The Duggars became famous on television. Their two biggest television series were 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On. The TLC (The Learning Channel) television network became their major source of income. The Duggars became the symbolic family of wholesome perfection in the public eye. However, for the most part, they were living a lie. Paulie's article titled "The Duggar Family America's Creepiest Family? A ReSounding, YES!!!" provides a blow-by-blow description of this family and the unusual activities in which they have been involved.

The Duggar family's walk in the spotlight of fame became very bumpy after the oldest child, Josh Duggar, was exposed in a sex scandal that involved crimes of moral turpitude. The public was shocked. Almost everyone had believed that this breaking point in the Duggars' family legacy would put an end to their celebrity status. However, quite the opposite happened.

Josh is now in his thirties. He and his wife, Anna Keller Duggar, have six kids and one on the way. Anna is a woman who stands by her man, and she remains firmly at Josh's side in spite of Josh's sordid past and depraved conduct. However, this time Josh has really gone too far and has clearly overstepped his boundaries, and it is about as bad as it gets. The Federal authorities have indicted him for his involvement in child pornography, and he may be facing up to 40 years in prison. He may also get slapped with additional prison time on top of the 40 years because of allegations that he has been attempting to circumvent the Federal forfeiture laws. Katie Joy Paulson provides you with the full scoop about Josh in her videos below.

Katie Joy Paulson Puts Josh Duggar's Dirty Laundry On Exhibition From The Day Of His Arrest

Josh appears to be blaming everyone for his arrest except himself. His lawyers have exhausted the patience of the presiding Federal judge in this matter. His parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, are determined to prove his so-called innocence. They are more concerned about their reputation with the Quiverfull Movement than they are about Josh's victims.

What Josh did to get himself into the current jam that he is in with the law was not merely some Lolita thing in which Chris Hansen caught him in one of his sex-sting operations that Mr. Hansen has been filming on camera for years. No. There were real living and breathing victims in this case. Josh's youngest victim was an 18-month-old girl who is now deceased because the man who raped her also murdered her. Josh got his thrills watching this atrocity on his computer screen, among other things.

Josh believes that there is nothing wrong with him and that everyone else is simply making his life difficult in the form of the above-described Federal case against him. Then again, why should any of us be surprised? Josh has never taken accountability for any of his actions. He believes that he can do no wrong, but, on the other hand, he takes no reluctance in accusing others of being morally bankrupt. He is every definition of a hypocrite, because he constantly preaches about societal norms and sexual purity. However, he seldom ever practices what he preaches.

Josh's scandalous history dates back to 2002 when he began molesting his sisters when they were still little girls. Katie Joy Paulson provides the nitty-gritty of those events in her video below.

Katie Joy Paulson Describes In Detail How Josh Duggar's Lurid Secret Gradually Became Known To Others

In figurative language, Jim Bob and Michelle would have kept Josh's reprehensible crimes as a minor under wraps if the cat had not accidentally been let out of the bag. Once Oprah Winfrey got wind of it all, Jim Bob and Michelle should have known that the entire world would have someday found out about Josh's disgraceful secret.

Until watching the video above, I was unaware that Jim Bob and Michelle were arranging for Josh to be married at the age of fourteen. I'm assuming that the girl he was going to marry, who was Kayleigh Holt, was 13 or 14 years old. I do not oppose teenage marriage, and I am no fan of Fraidy Reiss or Jeanne Smoot. However, I can wholeheartedly say that Kayleigh Holt was definitely better off not marrying Josh, because her life would have been an ongoing nightmare if she had done so. Then again, no judge in his right mind would have given his approval for the two youngsters to have gotten married after that judge found out what kind of person Josh really was.

Nevertheless, Josh has now taken his predilection of blaming everyone else but himself for the above-described Federal indictments against him, and he has escalated it to a new level of absurdity. He has reportedly accused two different American leaders of railroading him with this Federal criminal case against him.

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"tiburi" is the creator of this image.

Josh Duggar Is Rumored To Claim That Joe Biden Had A Role In The Federal Indictments Against Him

Now, I have made it no secret in other articles of mine here on this writing platform that I am not a fan of Joe Biden. I don't believe that Mr. Biden won the 2020 American presidential election fair and square, but that is neither here nor there. What I find so ludicrous is that Josh and his wife, Anna, are rumored to have claimed that Mr. Biden planted pornographic contraband on Josh's computer to get him arrested for something that he denies that he ever did.

I don't like Mr. Biden, but I must admit that I don't feel that even he should take the rap for something that Josh did. Moreover, even Mr. Biden would have more sense than to do something like that, even though he has lived a less-than-wholesome life. In her videos below, Katie Joy Paulson provides the details of this same ludicrous excuse that Josh is rumored to have stated with the help of his wife, Anna.

Josh Duggar And His Wife, Anna, Are Rumored To Be Blaming The Biden Administration For The Federal Indictments Against Josh

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Everyone can clearly see that the Duggars, including Josh and his wife, are solid Republicans, and there is nothing wrong with their being so. I mean, hey, I have voted Republican myself on a considerable number of occasions. However, we all must remember that none of the Duggars are going to have any attack of conscience about shifting the blame for Josh's actions to Mr. Biden inasmuch as Mr. Biden is not from their party affiliation. In any event, the only culprit here is Josh himself and nobody else. His parents are enablers for fueling his ongoing denial of his wrongdoing and his propensity to avoid all accountability for his crimes.

Now, we have to ask this one question. If the Duggars are supposed to be passionate Trump supporters who even have his last name spelled out in big letters on their lawn, where is their sense of loyalty toward our 45th president? Josh has accused President Donald J. Trump of having some kind of role in the Federal indictments against him. What could be more crazier than that?

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BarBus is the creator of this image.

Josh Duggar And His Lawyers Are Now Blaming President Donald J. Trump For The Federal Indictments Against Josh

Right when you thought that Josh could not get any more ridiculous in blaming everyone else for his crimes but himself, he has done the unthinkable and has blamed President Trump for the Federal indictments against him. He even went as far as getting his criminal defense lawyers to file a motion about it with the court, which, luckily, was ultimately denied. Katie Joy Paulson provides the details of these events in her video below.

Josh Duggar Actually Believes That President Donald J. Trump Had Some Role In The Recent Federal Indictments Against Him

The video above clearly shows the desperation of Josh's attorneys to grab at whatever technicality about the Federal case against Josh that they can find to get it dismissed. So what if President Trump made a mistake in how he appointed a government official for the United States Department of Homeland Security? It doesn't make Josh any less culpable of crimes against children.

At this point in time, you would think that Assistant United States Attorneys Carly Marshall and Dustin Roberts would ask District Judge Timothy L. Brooks to order Josh to be locked up in an asylum for the criminally insane. Josh actually thinks that the last two occupants of the highest office in the White House have been out to get him.

If the 2020 American presidential election is overturned, it is for certain that President Trump will not be granting Josh a presidential pardon in the event that Josh is convicted of all the criminal charges against him and given the maximum sentence in a Federal penitentiary. Furthermore, it wouldn't be in President Trump's moral compass to do so. If Mr. Biden remains in the Oval Office until January of 2025, he would be absolutely out of his mind to grant a presidential pardon to Josh in the event that Josh ends up going to Club Fed.

At the end of the day, there is only one culprit here. That culprit is Josh himself. Josh's behavior and attitude about these Federal indictments against him both bring to mind a William J. McCorkle who shammed a large number of people out of money. Mr. McCorkle was tried and convicted of his crimes for doing so, but he had it in his mind that the judge was going to let him go home at the end of his trial. Much to his dismay, the judge sentenced Mr. McCorkle to 25 years in prison, and Mr. McCorkle fainted right then and there; and paramedics had to be called in to feed him oxygen. The paramedics had to take Mr. McCorkle to the hospital for medical attention before he could be transported to prison.

Somehow I get the distinct intuition that similar such melodrama is going to unfold in the courtroom when the time comes that Josh has to face the legal consequences of his actions. He has it in his mind that these Federal charges against him are simply going to go away on their own, and his inflated ego has put him in a mindset of believing that he can somehow outsmart the Federal authorities and the likes. So far he has not done so well at fooling any of them.

There is a YouTuber under the username of Tuff Topic who contends that there is a possibility that Josh will get off scot-free. I would have to see it happen to believe it. Her video can be viewed below.

YouTuber Tuff Topic Believes That Josh Duggar May Walk Free If Convicted Of The Recent Federal Indictments Against Him

It would be a miscarriage of justice if Josh were to get away with all the heinous crimes he has committed against children pertaining to the recent Federal indictments against him. However, his situation probably will not play out that way.

Katie Joy Paulson has repeatedly stressed in her videos about Josh that the Federal court where his criminal case lies is going to take into consideration all of the injustices that Josh committed against his four sisters and one other girl when he was a teenager as well as other similar incidents that came to light later on. The only way that Josh would likely not serve prison time would be if the United States Department of Homeland Security decided to give him full immunity against prosecution in exchange for inside information about the crimes of the Quiverfull Movement as well as the people with whom he was involved when he was participating in the receipt, the downloading, and possibly the trafficking of child pornography on his computer.

Josh has too big of an ego for him to make any sort of arrangements with the prosecution in his case. He is his own worst enemy. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are only allowing for him to drag them down with them by funding his criminal defense and insisting upon his innocence. I agree that everyone is entitled to an adequate criminal defense and a fair trial. However, Jim Bob and Michelle have done more damage than good to their own family by catering to Josh's abusive conduct. Somewhere they are going to need to draw the line before it all severely backfires on them.

Engin_Akyurt is the author of this picture.

Engin_Akyurt is the author of this picture.

Final Thoughts

I have known of strange events to happen in our court system. However, Josh walking away from the Federal indictments against him a free man is not one that I would ever fathom. He turned down a guilty plea bargain recently. Therefore, when he goes to stand trial at the end of November of 2021 for what he did, it is not going to be a very pleasant experience for him and it is not going to end the way he predicts that it will.

After everyone that Josh has blamed for the Federal case against him, we have to ask ourselves who he will blame next. Probably the family dog. The sad part about it is that if he is convicted of his crimes and he goes away to prison for over four decades, his wife, Anna, will be stuck raising all seven of their kids. Then again, she chose to stand by him in spite of the evidence that shows that he is more likely guilty than innocent. Her brother, Daniel Keller, has offered to take her and her children in under his roof to get them all away from Josh. She should have taken him up on his offer instead of putting her kids at risk in view of Josh's lewd behavior with children.

I appreciate the point that only the court can decide Josh's fate at this point. What I cannot understand is why he is not the least bit afraid of what awaits him directly around the corner. The prosecuting attorneys are going to eat him alive throughout the trial proceedings. He doesn't seem like the brightest bulb in the bunch for someone who has gotten further along in life than most men his age do. His parents have pampered him insofar as he views himself to be above both the law and all criminal retribution. At the same time, he has always been very judgmental of others. He probably won't survive his first shower in Club Fed.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee is a highly intelligent man. He has run for president in the past, and I admire his tenacity in doing so. He has been a loyal friend to the Duggars for a very long time, and he has even gotten into a shouting match with a woman about them after the sex scandals regarding Josh broke in 2015. However, Mr. Huckabee's political career is approaching a fork in the road.

If Josh is convicted of the Federal crimes he has been accused of, Mr. Huckabee may find himself confronted with the dilemma of having to distance himself from that entire Duggar tribe. As much as he probably will not appreciate my saying so, he will likely find himself confronted with a rude awakening that these people can only ruin his reputation as a politician. They would not be worth it for him. The story behind Josh's atrocious behavior with children is exactly as pathetic as the story behind the downfall of Toby Willis. Josh will likely meet the same destiny that Toby Willis did.

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