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Johnson: Tries to Shift Debate From Sleaze.


Boris Johnson is trying to move the debate on from the 'sleaze' allegations. Boris has been talking about his mantra of 'levelling up', the country. 'Levelling up' has been Boris' mantra, ever since his landslide victory in December 2019. Boris waxed lyrical, on levelling up those areas of the UK, which had lent him, their vote. As to whether Boris was genuine, in that vision, is known only to him.

Boris has been flying high in the polls over his opposition Labour opponent, thanks largely, to the vaccine roll-out and its success. Whether it is correct, for Boris, to singlehandedly take credit for the roll-out is debatable. However, who paid for his flat, the Dominic Cummings allegations and how many times David Cameron, texted 'Wishy-Washy Rishi', sleaze allegations will not go away.

For a little while at least, it seemed the sleaze allegations were not making any dent, in Conservative support. The 'Boris Bounce' seemed to see the Tories keeping ahead of Sir Keir and Labour. Of course, Boris milked it, for all it was worth and why wouldn't he? Any Prime Minister, worth their salt and from whatever party, would champion the success of the vaccine roll-out. One would like to think, that somewhere in the clown's DNA, there is a vestige of humanity and that his Churchillian thumbs up, (as he sat there having his jab), was real. But you have to realise too, that Boris is a political animal and will make political capital out of it.

Contrary, to what has been said though, it appears the sleaze allegations, (including Boris, allegedly saying, he would rather have bodies pile up in their thousands than have another lockdown) are resonating with voters. According to an Opinium poll, (yes, that is opinium, a polling company, not the word opinion) found the Tory lead has fallen back. This will be of some concern to high ranking and grassroots Tories. The poll has the Conservatives on 42% and Labour on 37%. That is a two-point slip in popularity for the Tories and a four-point rise in Labour support. Another poll, this time focaldata, has Labour on 39% one point, behind the Tories.

Is Boris, instead of becoming a vote magnet for the Tories, becoming a liability? Was it inevitable, given the proven liar and fantasist that Boris is, that his underhandedness would emerge eventually? Is Boris telling the truth, when he denies all allegations of wrongdoing? Or, is he up to his old tricks again of sweeping the truth under the carpet and using gimmicks, to entice the public, once more? His gimmicks this time, are getting tough on gangs and stoping pet crime. Of course, getting tough on gangs and stopping pet crime, is an important issue. But it could be that these sleaze allegations will override these announcements and dampen Boris' hurrah, of the vaccine, roll-out?

No one is perfect and certainly, politicians of all hues, have proved that time and time, again. Boris, in the eyes of his supporters, has delivered Brexit (though it still has many teething troubles) and under his watch, delivered a fantastic vaccine roll-out (despite the fact, he got so many things wrong) with COVID.

The local elections in England and the parliamentary elections in Scotland and Wales will soon, be upon us. How the UK, votes as a whole, will be a judgement on Boris' administration and the alternative parties.

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