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Johnson: France Should Do More!


Boris Johnson outlined his sadness, about the death of 27 migrants, in the English Channel. Mr. Johnson, slammed people traffickers, for taking money off these people and giving them unworthy vessels to cross the Channel.

Migrants risk their lives, as they cross the Channel in the busiest sea lane in the world. It was feared such a massive disaster would happen as the migrants take to the high seas in dinghies. Often, these vessels carry more people, than they were meant to carry.

Most of the migrants, as they sail across the Channel, are picked up by the RNLI, coast guard, or navy and make it to safety. Many land on UK shores, to be picked up by British police and then, they are taken to secure accommodation, to decide their fate. This fate is either deportation or leave to stay.

Meanwhile, Priti Patel who has patently failed to get a grip, of the migrant crisis, expressed her sadness over the 27 victims in the English Channel. Johnson, Patel, etc, could be accused of crying crocodile tears after this disaster when they have had years of trying to do something about it.

Mr. Johnson has chaired a meeting of the emergency committee COBRA. It was after this, that Mr. Johnson, attacked the criminal gangs who he said would "stop at nothing to traffic people to the UK". Mr. Johnson said all the money, all the efforts, and patrols the UK had done on the French side, were not working. Johnson said the French should do more themselves to tackle the migrant crisis. Mr. Johnson, also said, "Paris was not tough enough".

Mr. Johnson spoke to Mr. Macron by phone and they both agreed the two countries must do more. They also spoke about the need for the Netherlands, Belgium and other EU nations must help with this.

Mr. Macron said he was going to call for an emergency meeting of all EU nations to discuss immigration and migration.

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The government meanwhile, wants to rush forward into law, the controversial Nationality and Borders Bill. This would, hopefully, again according to government sources, be operational in 2022.

Once this legislation is passed, it would seek to reduce the "pull factors" to reduce the attraction of the UK to migrants. Also, it would seek to be, a deterrent to people traffickers.

A solution must be found and fast, for the migrants and for those whose shores, they come to, in this case, the UK.

Migrants Wishing to Come to The UK.


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