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Joe Biden Should Be Impeached For Fiscal Treason

Like many of you out there, I am an American voter who who trusts that our checks and balances will protect our democracy from harm.

"americaspower" is the author of this photograph.

"americaspower" is the author of this photograph.

So here we are a year after the presidential election, and our nation (the United States of America) is no better off than it was a year ago. In fact, we are worse off now than we were a year ago, and a year ago American life actually made sense. Gasoline prices were still halfway decent. Food prices were normal. Our borders were secure. Americans were beginning to get their lives back together in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. The person who made it all possible was President Donald J. Trump, and his presence in the White House protected all of us Americans from the problems that foreign enemies were about to cause us later on after the Biden buffoon was to take over the Oval Office in 2021.

The Biden buffoon is the most anti-American commander-in-chief that the United States of America has likely ever had and known. Anything that he can do to sabotage our nation, he does it.

Conservative Republicans and numerous moderate Independents like me talk about what a lousy president the Biden buffoon is. I refuse even to acknowledge him as my president. The mainstream media is just beginning to recognize that the Biden buffoon is not the knight in shining armor that ultraliberal Democrats have made him out to be. Anyone can see that he is not cognitively fit to lead our nation. However, the bigger picture here that each and every one of us needs to concern ourselves with is the fact that he is committing what can be best described as fiscal treason against the United States of America, which would seem to have risen to a level of criminality.

Derek Miller and his wife, Bre, operate a YouTube channel named Meet The Millers in which they post family vlogs. In their video below, they describe how they make money off of their videos.

Derek Miller And His Wife, Bre, Describe How They Make Money From Their YouTube Channel

After watching the video above, it becomes no secret that Derek and Bre are earning a substantial amount of money from their YouTube channel in that Bre states that she doesn't have to work outside their home because of it. My intuition indicates to me that they probably are setting a great portion of that money aside to fund their children's future college education. Having five kids makes it a wise decision for them to do so. However, the major concern here is how much of that money that they earn from YouTube are they going to be able to keep after taxes.

Now that the Biden buffoon has engaged in out-of-control government spending that is sinking our nation further down into debt, we can only expect for him to raise our taxes in the near future. He is also killing jobs here in our nation and selling out our nation to foreign dictators. Like the Millers from the above video, sooner or later we are all going to feel the financial impact of the Biden buffoon's fiscally reckless performance as our nation's commander-in-chief, if we can really even call him that. Many of us are already feeling the adverse effects of his policies. Then again, despite that his approval rating is at a record low, there will always seem to be people who will defend this worthless waste of space in the White House.

The Biden buffoon reminds me of that one celebrity who you read frequently about in the tabloids inasmuch as he is always getting into trouble with the law for something disgusting and unconscionable and then a group of people come crawling out of the woodwork to defend him no matter what evidence surfaces to light that he is guilty of every allegation that has ever been made against him. The Biden buffoon fits that same profile of the Hollywood monster who always somehow seems to dance one step ahead of the authorities. Fortunately, most of us are intelligent enough to keep anyone from fooling us into becoming blind to this same monster's true colors.

RyanMcGuire is the author of this photograph.

RyanMcGuire is the author of this photograph.

The Biden Buffoon Is Giving Away The Store

Many of us Americans are descendants of immigrants who came to this nation in search of a better way of life and in pursuit of the American dream. My paternal great-great-grandparents emigrated from Europe and landed in New York City before Ellis Island even existed. Like most of you out there, I am all in favor of legal immigration. However, the Biden buffoon is doling out $450,000 of our tax money to anyone who immigrated to our nation illegally provided that our immigration officials separated them from their kids at one time or another.

If you want the full scoop about the Biden buffoon's decision to provide $450,000 in reparations to every illegal immigrant who got separated from their kids during the Trump administration, you can read my article titled "The Biden Buffoon Is Dangerously Depleting The American Economy" and A. B. Williams's article titled "Anyone but Trump; He Is Beyond a Mean Tweeter, He Is Polarizing and He Hurts People's Feelings." Our nation has people without adequate healthcare and even Americans living homeless on the streets, but the Biden buffoon is more concerned about rewarding individuals financially who go breaking the law upon entering our country illegally than he is about doing anything positive for the American people. Perhaps he should be the one to be forced into taking the money out of his own pocket to pay for these same reparations he has devised for illegal aliens.

Adam Crigler posted an interesting video on his YouTube channel named The Crigler Show about how outrageous it is that the Biden buffoon would even entertain the notion of handing out $450,000 of free money to any alien that has entered our nation illegally. You can watch the video below.

Adam Crigler Denounces Joe Biden's Decision To Dole Out $450,000 To Each Illegal Alien Who Meets Certain Requirements

The late Congresswoman Barbara Jordan was a strong Democrat, and even she would have sniped at the Biden buffoon for entertaining a decision that goes so aggressively against the best interest of the American people, if she had still been alive today. Below is a clip of the late Congresswoman Jordan describing the harms that open borders could do to our nation, in a speech of hers back in 1995.

The Late Congresswoman Barbara Jordan Did Not Oppose Immigration In General But Rather Illegal Immigration

Sadly so, Ms. Jordan died one year after she gave her speech above to the United States Immigration Reform Commission in her capacity as their chairman. In any event, unlike the Biden buffoon, she was not mindless about the harm that open borders could cause our nation. If she were still alive today, she probably would be doing everything she could to stop the Biden buffoon from handing our nation's tax dollars away on a silver platter to illegal aliens even if it meant her expulsion from the Democratic Party. I must commend her in that she was always one to put the American people first and the Democratic Party second.

President Trump even commended the late Congresswoman Jordan as mirroring his beliefs on how immigration should be handled in our nation. Below is a news clip regarding the late Congresswoman Jordan's hard line against illegal immigration.

President Donald J. Trump Claims That He Shares Immigration Views With The Late Congresswoman Barbara Jordan

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Even though some pundits may argue that the late Congresswoman Jordan's views on immigration don't really match up with those of President Trump as reported in the news clip above, my response is that the late Congresswoman Jordan's immigration views bear a much stronger resemblance to those of President Trump than they do to those of the Biden buffoon. She clearly saw that there was a problem with illegal aliens in our nation who took wrongful advantage of the weaknesses in our laws, and she wanted for elected officials to do something about it.

"satyatiware" is the author of this photograph.

"satyatiware" is the author of this photograph.

The Biden Buffoon Is Killing Jobs In Large Numbers By Cancelling Pipelines In Our Nation

The Biden buffoon rambles on about how he only attacks the fossil-fuel industry because he wants green, renewable energy for our nation. However, he is not being realistic, because green technology (e.g. solar energy, wind-generated energy, nuclear energy) has not evolved to the level that we could survive without oil and gasoline. Therefore, once he cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline, he did not transition us into green, renewable energy. Instead, he made our nation dependent upon gasoline and oil from other nations that are hostile toward us.

If you want details about the executive order that the Biden buffoon signed to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline, you can read my articles titled "Biden Supporters Are Beginning To Have Regrets," "The Keystone XL Pipeline: Cutting Through All The Biden Baloney," "Joe Biden Is Bankrupting The American People," and "Ending Dentures Vs. Fossil-Fuel Production in a Biden Regime." He signed this same executive order only within days of his inauguration to the Oval Office last January.

Joe Biden's cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline killed 11,000 jobs. The Biden buffoon and John Kerry are always ensuring all of the people who lost their jobs as a result of this same decision from the Biden buffoon that they will find them better-paying jobs in the green, renewable energy industry. The Biden buffoon and Mr. Kerry are both lying, and I will give you the proof in the pudding that they are so further on herein. Moreover, Solyndra was clearly a disaster back when President Barack Obama was still in the Oval Office.

Gasoline prices are higher than they have ever been in years because of the Biden buffoon's executive order to end the Keystone XL Pipeline. Inflation is also soaring through the roof. Where does it all end? When does it all end?

Unfortunately, this same insanity that the Biden buffoon has inflicted upon our nation doesn't stop there. Now the Biden buffoon is considering the possibility of issuing an executive order to cancel the L5 Pipeline in Michigan. Okay. So now instead of paying $4 or $5 a gallon at the gasoline pump, we will soon be paying $10 or $11 a gallon at the gasoline pump. Even President Jimmy Carter would not have done something this outrageous to the American people when he was in the Oval Office. When gasoline prices go up, inflation ensues and groceries become expensive.

Uh-oh! All you dog owners out there better keep your dogs inside your residences as much as you can, because the devastating inflation of food prices here in our nation might just turn your pets into a widespread delicacy throughout the land of milk and honey as they are in Vietnam. If consumers are unable to afford enough food to put on their table, they may become desperate enough to go kidnapping dogs to turn into food.

Animal rights activists may end up violating the very laws that they fought so hard to put on the books once they become too hungry not to think of their neighbor's dog as a full course meal. Then we can all thank the Biden buffoon for making our society that way. Good Life will be going out of business quickly in that event, because there won't be hardly any dogs left in our nation afterwards. The remaining ones will all be on the menu at our local restaurants.

In an interview with Fox News, Republican Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon described the consequences that our nation will suffer if the Biden buffoon is successful at putting the ax to the L5 Pipeline in Michigan. You can watch that same news clip below.

Republican Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate Tudor Dixon Interviews With Fox News Regarding The Fate Of The L5 Pipeline

The Biden buffoon simply cannot do enough to infuriate the American people. Of course, what do the limousine liberals care about any of it? They have money falling out of their ears. Therefore, expensive gasoline and expensive food are no obstacles to their happiness. Then again, even liberal Democrats are beginning to question the Biden buffoon's ability to preside over the United States of America, because his actions over in Russia have clearly defeated the purpose of his so-called mission to convert our nation's energy supply from fossil fuels to green, renewable energy. The Biden buffoon has gone and made a deal with the devil, and even Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is not happy about it insofar as she will likely consider any future efforts to impeach the Biden buffoon from the Oval Office not to be half bad of an idea.

PIRO4D is the creator of this image.

PIRO4D is the creator of this image.

The Biden Buffoon's Hypocrisy Regarding Green, Renewable Energy Proves To Be Dangerous To The Western Nations

The Biden buffoon has recently traveled to Russia to give Vladimir Putin a generous amount of money that Mr. Putin can use to complete the construction of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline from Russia into Germany. Now, wait a minute. Is this the same Joe Biden that insists that he cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline inasmuch as he wanted to promote green, renewable energy? It certainly is, and this is the proof in the pudding that he definitely will not be helping anyone find other employment who lost their job with the Keystone XL Pipeline as a result of his executive order to shut it down.

The Biden buffoon clearly hates the United States of America. He wants to destroy our nation. He is betraying all of us on a fiscal level. His hypocritical actions to kill American jobs in the form of the cancellation of pipelines here in our nation and to create Russian jobs in the form of his generous monetary gift to Mr. Putin to finish building the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline show not only how dangerous he is to both our nation and to the world but also how determined he is to obliterate the existence of our civilization. The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline is now also being called the Biden-Putin Pipeline because of the Biden buffoon's involvement in the completion of it.

Senator Ted Cruz has brought this issue to the attention of the United States Senate, because the Biden buffoon's involvement in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline actually violates bipartisan laws that our nation's Congress enacted not too long ago. In the video below, Senator Cruz provides full details about how the completion of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline from Russia into Germany is going to harm European nations and cause major problems for our nation as well.

Senator Ted Cruz Attacks Joe Biden In Epic Speech Slamming The Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Policy

Nothing good can come out of the Biden buffoon's actions to give a generous amount of money to Mr. Putin so that Mr. Putin can build the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline from Russia into Germany. Once that pipeline is completed, Mr. Putin will be able to use it as a blackmail weapon against European nations. In other words, if a leader of any of those nations refuses to comply with Mr. Putin's demands, Mr. Putin can turn around and shut off all the power and electricity in that leader's nation.

When the Biden buffoon decided to fork out money to Mr. Putin to assist him in completing the construction of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline from Russia into Germany, he went in direct violation of sanctions that the United States Congress had gotten signed into law during the Trump administration. Moreover, what is so interesting about it is that such Congressional legislation was firmly a bipartisan effort and accomplishment. Ms. Pelosi was even on board with it, and now she is just as at odds with the Biden buffoon as all the other elected officials on Capitol Hill are regarding this policy of his.

Putting Ms. Pelosi at odds with the Biden buffoon brings him that much closer to being impeached from the Oval Office. Because Kamala Harris stood beside the Biden buffoon in his unethical dealings with Mr. Putin, her job could be equally as in jeopardy as that of the Biden buffoon. This whole situation will likely not end very well for either the Biden buffoon or Ms. Harris.

Okay. Then if both the Biden buffoon and Ms. Harris are impeached and ultimately removed from their respective offices in the White House, Ms. Pelosi will be next in the line of presidential succession and she would, therefore, become the next president of the United States of America. So if Ms. Pelosi was one of the good guys in this entire situation concerning the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline as explained above, does it mean that she would make a good president for our nation? Well, that's another article for another time.

In any event, the Biden buffoon is showing what a dangerous hypocrite he is for signing an executive order to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline for what he claimed to be a pathway to green, renewable energy and then going behind our Congress's backs to support Mr. Putin in completing the construction of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. As you can see, the Biden buffoon does not really have anything against the usage of fossil fuels to power cities across the world. In reality, he is a liar and a master manipulator, and it could explain why he is so buddy-buddy with Mr. Putin.

Now the Biden buffoon has Ms. Pelosi at odds with him. Whenever Democrats start having reservations about the Biden buffoon, you have to know that his impeachment from the Oval Office may not be so far away in time. He likes giving jobs to people in nations that hate us, but he wants to strip every American of their livelihood that he can. He has to know that the completion of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline is also going to cause major problems for the American people. Of course, he doesn't care. He thinks he's the king.

Fortunately, Senator Cruz was able to catch this whole deception on the part of the Biden buffoon and Ms. Harris before it caused irreparable harm to our nation and other nations. Now remains the question on what to do about the Biden buffoon and Ms. Harris. The answer to that question is plain and simple. They both need to be removed from office. They both deserve to be impeached from their respective positions in the White House.

RobinHiggins is the author of this photograph.

RobinHiggins is the author of this photograph.

Final Thoughts

The Biden buffoon was never presidential material in the first place. His choice for a running mate in the form of Ms. Harris was a complete aberration. He's selling out our nation and empowering hostile foreign dictators like Vladimir Putin to impose their political leverage against us. He is clearly bankrupting our nation out of malice, and he must be stopped. He is guilty of fiscal treason, and he needs to be punished for it by removing him from the Oval Office through impeachment.

Ms. Harris has also backed the Biden buffoon up in everything he has done. It's kind of strange when you think about it, considering how much at odds Ms. Harris and the Biden buffoon were with each other back when they were both on the debate stage together prior to the caucuses and primaries throughout our nation in 2020. Ms. Harris is no more fiscally responsible in her actions than the Biden buffoon is.

Impeaching both the Biden buffoon and Ms. Harris from their respective offices in the White House may be the only solution to put a stop to their abuses of power and authority. Not only could these two clowns harm our nation on both a fiscal level and a national-security level, but they are also a menace to the world. It is good that Senator Cruz caught one of their transgressions before it spiraled out of control. Nonetheless, we need to remove the Biden buffoon and Ms. Harris both from office before it's too late.

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