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Joe Biden: Seeks Revenge on ISIS - K.

President: Joe Biden.


During a televised broadcast to the nation, President Joe Biden vowed revenge on 'ISIS-K'. After a devastating attack, blamed on ISIS, (who later, took ownership of the attack on their 'AMAQ' news channel). 13 US soldiers, were killed by a suicide attack, as they guarded Kabul airport. The attack has killed 60 + Afghans and left 160 Afghans injured, queuing, to get out of the country.

Allied forces, had correctly predicted that an attack, from the ISIS group, was coming. And unfortunately, the Allied intelligence proved correct. The ISIS attack was spot on and well, organized, designed to cause maximum damage. Designed to disrupt, the evacuation process, of both Allied forces and Afghans.

Well, in one sense it worked, German, Italian, French forces, for example, have finished the evacuation process. However, Biden and Johnson, have vowed to see the evacuation process, through to the bitter end. Already, many US and UK forces have been flown out of the country. Also, many Afghans, seeking passage out of the country have also, been flown out, in their droves. The evacuation process has been, criticized, for being disorganized. However, this may be so, but it is not the fault of the armed forces or the Afghan, multitude, wishing to flee the country. Whatever, you think, of the evacuation process, and your opinion of Biden and Johnson, the armed forces, (of whatever nation), are doing, a sterling job. Biden, in his assessment of the armed forces, rightly, called them 'heroes'. Yes, they are fighting men and women, but they showed such kindness, to Afghans, as is, also their training.

The deadline, agreed by the US and the Taliban, runs out on Tuesday 31 August. By then, the Taliban, want everything wrapped up and gone, whether this happens, remains, to be seen.

Biden is carrying out an evacuation, as was agreed, by the former Trump administration. Many have said, Trump would have been tougher on the Taliban and executed the evacuation, better. Indeed, the former President, (who might run again, in 2024), has been criticizing how Biden, has carried out the evacuation. Mr. Trump has spoken, of how he would have been tougher, on the Taliban. How this process, has all the echoes of the American flight, from Vietnam, in 1975. How it seems, the Taliban have won the war, as they launched a lightning blitzkrieg across the country. Trump, has said the US, is humiliated, on the international stage, and whether you like Trump or not, he has a point. Others have said Biden doesn't care, he shows detachment to the situation, he seems to brush off the situation in Afghanistan, and, does not, take questions from assembled journalists. When questions, are fielded to the President, his style is to walk off and ignore the shouts of the assembled, media. However, when the attack was announced and the horror of it was revealed, Biden, had to do something. So he came out, he showed emotion, empathy, and toughness. Mr.Biden quoted the Prophet Isaiah and held 5 minutes or so, of silence, (out of respect for the fallen). His appearance has received mixed reviews. Some have praised Mr. Biden for showing the strength of character and understanding. While others have said, it was too little, too late, even though, Biden did take questions from the media though limited. Biden's popularity in the US, however, has plummeted, as many Americans, now believe Biden's administration is weak. If evidence, was needed, look at the evacuation debacle and the ISIS-K attacks

So, what are Biden's options to strike back, at ISIS-K? Well, perhaps, special forces could be flown in and take apart ISIS-K bases of operation. A drone strike could also, be a viable option. Drones, were the weapon of choice, against Islamic militants by the Obama administration, in which Biden served as his VP, (Vice-President). Satellites, all manner of surveillance, will be acquiring ISIS-K targets, to hit. Biden said, that when the US does hit back if it will be a time, of the American's choosing.

ISIS-K is an affiliation of ISIS, obviously, and as said before, they hate the Taliban, regarding them as too soft. It is thought, that ISIS-K operates, in the east of Afghanistan. They are thought, to number, about 60,000 fighters. By attacking Kabul airport, perhaps, they make the point they can operate anywhere, in the country. Perhaps, too, they are wishing to expand their operations, to all of Afghanistan. Many have said, that the Taliban government will face an ISIS insurgency and will come to know the price of such a war, as NATO has, (when fighting the Taliban). Call it Karma, but if the Taliban, experience a guerilla war, as Allied forces have done, what comes around, goes around.

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So, what does the 'K' mean in 'ISIS-K'? Well, it means 'Khorasan' which presumably, was a large territory controlled by an Islamic regime, a long time ago. Obviously, ISIS-K wants to re-establish this territory, geographically, which would incorporate, Afghanistan. Despite, IS being defeated in Iraq and Syria, it remains the goal of the group, to recreate an Islamic Khalifate. Obviously, the founding again of the territory known as Khorasan, is just another manifestation, of this.


MG Singh emge from Singapore on August 30, 2021:

Trump committed a mistake when he agreed to make a peace deal with the Taliban an organization declared a terrorist by 150 Nations. What Biden did is a blunder. He had opposed every policy of Trump from climate change to Iran and yet when it came to Afghanistan he just caved in.He is a below average president and lacks simple common sense that even 3000 troops in Afghanistan would have done the trick and the logic of maintaining 30,000 and more troops in Korea and Germany is absolutely silly. But perhaps it is the wheel of history and the wheel is now turning in favor of the east. The UK is finished as a global power and America is on its way to join it. All they need is to give Joe Biden and Kamala Harris another dumb another term and the Chinese and to an extent the Indians will say 'thank you.'

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