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Joe Biden Did Not Win The 2020 American Presidential Election

*Note - This article here of mine was initially published on December 5, 2020.


Have you ever noticed that someone is stubborn and opinionated as well as desperate for others to believe them whenever they repeatedly say, “And, YES, he did that or she is this.”? I'm not saying that it is not okay to express oneself in that manner once in a while, but people who do it compulsively appear to fear being refuted in some way or another. Large doses of that same kind of verbal dogmatism appear to be going around like an epidemic these days now that President Donald J. Trump and his Trump Legal Team have been going full blast in uncovering as much evidence of voter fraud as they can pertaining to the 2020 American presidential election. Biden supporters simply don’t want to face the truth about the current vulnerabilities of our nation’s electoral process.

Before the November 3, 2020 election took place throughout our nation, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told former Vice President Joe Biden not to concede the presidency under any circumstances if and once President Trump won a second term in the Oval Office. You can watch her make this statement in the YouTube video below.

Former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Told Former Vice President Joe Biden Not To Concede The Presidency Under Any Circumstances

It only stands to reason that former Vice President Biden alongside his colleagues had intended upon getting former Vice President Biden and Senator Kamala Harris both into the White House by whatever means necessary regardless of how illegal and criminal they were. Now we have situations in which United States postal workers are being arrested and locked up for throwing away mail-in ballots. Watch the YouTube video below for the full story.

United States Postal Worker Faces Prospective Prison Time For Throwing Away Mail-In Ballots

Now, please do not accuse me of being a right-wing warrior. I am a moderate Independent who has no loyalty to any particular political party here in my nation. Therefore, I only report the facts as I gather and observe them with absolutely no political bias. Herein I will deliver to you all the facts that I have come across in my review of the news and have been coming out about the situation with the 2020 American presidential election with respect to President Trump’s accusations of voter fraud and the likes.

1. House Delegate Mo Brooks Disbelieves That Former Vice President Joe Biden Won The 2020 American Presidential Election Fair And Square

In a recent interview, House Delegate Mo Brooks of the United States House of Representatives stressed that there is no way that former Vice President Biden won the 2020 American presidential election fair and square in light of all the people who have come forward to report incidents of voter fraud and illegal procedural derelictions at the polling places throughout our nation. House Delegate Brooks also explains that if the United States Electoral College decides to declare that former Vice President Biden is the 46th president of our nation, the Congress still has the ability to throw out the entire presidential election and hold a contingent election to decide who will be our president and our vice president after the expiration of President Trump’s first term in office on January 20, 2021. Watch the video below for the details of that same interview.

House Delegate Mo Brooks Reports That President Donald J. Trump Is The True Winner Of The 2020 American Presidential Election

Currently, the Trump Legal Team has brought forth video-recorded evidence of poll workers bringing suitcases of fake ballots into the polling places and scanning them in the absence of poll observers in Georgia. Obviously, they were all for former Vice President Biden. The Trump Legal Team presented this evidence at a hearing before the Georgia State Senate Judiciary Subcommittee. The video of Simone Gao reporting this matter is no longer on YouTube. However, an online news article has a video embedded in it to this same effect.

Jackie Pick of the Trump Legal Team received some pushback from Georgia State Senator Elena Parent, who was subsequently identified as a Democrat. Hmm. If Ms. Parent believes that former Vice President Biden won the 2020 American presidential election fair and square, then what does she have to worry about? Anyhow, most of the Georgia state senators showed an interest in what those security camera recordings contained.

2. United States Attorney General William Barr Has Not Finished His Agency’s Investigation Into Allegations Of Voter Fraud

President Trump is dissatisfied with what he believes to be the lack of efforts on the part of United States Attorney General William Barr to investigate widespread voter fraud at the polling places throughout our nation. Interestingly enough, United States Attorney General Barr disclosed the fact that the United States Department of Justice was not finished investigating these same allegations. You can get all the facts and details about it in the video below.

President Donald J. Trump Responds To United States Attorney General William Barr’s Claim That No Widespread Voter Fraud Was Found

In my humble opinion, United States Attorney General Barr needs to reassign this same investigation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) to the United States Federal Marshalls so that a conflict of interest will not ensue. Let’s not forget that the Crossfire Hurricane hearings on Capitol Hill uncovered a massive amount of evidence that the FBI spied on the Trump presidential campaign illegally back in 2016 after they lied to the F.I.S.A. court to obtain a warrant to do so. Moreover, the FBI higher-ups are likely still angry that President Trump fired two of their directors during his presidential administration in the form of former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Director Andrew McCabe and that he obstructed Robert S. Mueller, III from being reinstated as the FBI Director. Therefore, given all these facts, the FBI could never be unbiased in performing an investigation that could possibly get President Trump a second term in the Oval Office.

Now, one of my fellow Hubbers has recently sniped at me on one of the discussion threads I have been participating in on the HubPages website. She complained to me that she found my statement therein that the FBI was a disgrace to be “so devoid of respect for the training, education, *sacrifuces, and dedication of a specialized group of highly intelligent and capable individuals who perform difficult work, sometimes under dangerous or stressful circumstances.” (*Note – she needs to watch out for her spelling.) I would not doubt that she was one of the people who broke into tears after the news media disclosed that President Trump had fired former FBI Director James Comey so many years ago. I will allow for her to remain nameless herein for now.

Nevertheless, this same fellow Hubber of mine appears to have a sugarcoated perspective of what the FBI is really like and what it is all about, and I am not berating her for doing so inasmuch as the television entertainment industry and the movie entertainment industry have both misrepresented and glamorized FBI officials as heroes for way too long and have obviously poisoned her ability to see that organization exactly for what it is. She lives in Oregon far away from the parts of our nation where the FBI is most active, and she clearly has never met anyone who has worked for the FBI nor has she ever listened to what any of them would have had to tell her about the FBI.

In response to her hysterical knee-jerk reaction to my comment about the FBI, I would like to clear the air about something. I have friends who have worked for the FBI or still even work for it, and they're fairly decent individuals; but even they have told me horror stories about what goes on in that organization. I could provide you with an entire grocery list of incidents of corruption and malfeasance that the FBI management officials have committed through the years, even against their own lower-level employees, but that is another article for another time.

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All I can say for now is that if the above-described Hubber were to work for the FBI or knew a large number of people who had worked for the FBI, she would likely not have any higher of an opinion about that organization than I do. She, like all of us, is perfectly entitled to her own opinions, but she is not entitled to her own facts. I’m not going to pretend that this same organization is completely inculpable of any wrongdoing that has broken the very same laws that they are supposed to be enforcing and upholding, because I would not be reporting the facts to you as they are in that event. Moreover, any efforts on her part or on anyone’s part to send me on a guilt trip for anything negative or derogatory that I do state about the FBI will be completely futile, because I would not be making statements about the FBI if I had not done my research to back up those same statements. She can argue and argue about how all FBI officials are goodie-two-shoes until she is blue in the face, but she will have no success in getting me to change my perspective of that organization inasmuch as I have discovered way too many unpleasantries about them to think otherwise. I make no apologies in that respect.

3. The CNN Network Has Been Exposed For A Plan To Take Down President Donald J. Trump

I have heard conservative Republicans call CNN the “Clinton News Network” because of its liberal bias and inclination to side with the Democrats on every single, solitary issue. It is outrageous how CNN and other mainstream news networks here in our nation have refused to report any of the findings that the Trump Legal Team has made to uncover voter fraud in the 2020 American presidential election. Then again, why should any of us be surprised? Michael Lewis of the Eye Opener on YouTube reports in a video below about how CNN has an active plan to take down President Trump.

The CNN Network Gets Exposed For A Plan To Take Down President Donald J. Trump

I may not be a religious person, but one video that I saw on YouTube inspired me so much to stand behind President Trump in his efforts to prove that the 2020 American presidential election was rigged and to get back the second term that he won in the Oval Office that I simply had to describe it to my readers herein. Unfortunately, this video is no longer posted. In any event, the minister in the video stated that a Biden presidential administration would destroy our nation to a point beyond repair. President Trump needs our full support and backing in his battle to win back the second term of his in office that was wrongfully stolen away from him in our nation’s 2020 presidential election.

4. Former Vice President Joe Biden’s Declining Health Could Trap Our Nation With A Kamala Harris Presidency If He Should Die In The Oval Office Unexpectedly

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that former Vice President Biden is not in the best of health these days. Here is a man in his twilight years who suffered an aneurysm back in 1988 and continues to exhibit cognitive functions that are deteriorating more and more every time he appears on camera. Some liberal Democrats have even admitted that his selection of Senator Harris as his running mate was a masked effort to get a woman into the presidency.

Andrew Klavan is not the first journalist to report that Senator Harris slept her way up the political ladder to where she is today, and he probably will not be the last one to do so. She was in her twenties when she first began running around with a married man in his sixties, and this same man subsequently rewarded her for it in the form of career advancement on the political ladder. Mr. Klavan’s YouTube video below describes all the depravities she engaged in to get herself to where she is at today.

Andrew Klavan Exposes Senator Kamala Harris’s Corruption

Senator Harris has never had any problem with herself hooking up with a married man during her efforts to get ahead in the political world. She is not one to suffer an attack of conscience after all these years. YouTuber Joker explains on his YouTube channel “Better Bachelor” what makes this type of women so dangerous to society.

YouTuber Joker Talks About Young Women Chasing After Married Men

Now, many of you reading this article of mine here may have a 9-, 10-, 11-, 12- or 13-year-old daughter. Therefore, ask yourselves this one pressing question. Would you want your underage daughter molding her behavior after someone like Senator Harris in the event that Senator Harris did become our nation’s president in the near future? I can easily predict what your answer is going to be.

In my article titled “Are Americans Destined For A Trump-Harris Administration?,” I described how Senator Harris’s negative influence in that event would cause a spike in pregnancies among underage girls as well as a dramatic increase in female juvenile delinquency throughout our nation. President Trump’s success in getting a second term in the Oval Office will spare our nation from those same indignities.


5. My Conclusion To This Topic

Biden supporters are as furious as fire about President Trump legally challenging the results of the 2020 American presidential election. However, the future of our nation remains at stake, and a Biden presidency could spell disaster for all of us. If President Trump were simply to concede the presidency to former Vice President Biden and drop all his claims of voter fraud and the likes, there would likely be no 2024 presidential election. By the end of the Biden presidential administration, all of our freedoms will have been stripped away from us one by one until there no longer was a United States of America. At least not the one with which we are familiar.

Let’s all stand strong and stand behind our president in this quest of his to undo the damage that the voter fraud and the likes have done to our nation’s electoral process. Biden supporters and diehard Democrats continue to deny that anything went wrong in the 2020 American presidential election, but we true Americans are smarter than they think. Good must prevail over evil.

A Poll For Americans Concerned About The Future Of Our Nation

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Jason B Truth


Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on February 07, 2021:

Ladies and gentlemen? Allow me to inform you that I actually published the above article of mine on December 5, 2020. Therefore, do not let the date February 7, 2021 confuse you when reading in my article about events that were to take place subsequently to December 5, 2020 but before February 7, 2021. The reason that the date February 7, 2021 appears at the beginning of my article is because YouTube deleted two videos that I had embedded therein and I had to embed two videos with equivalent information to replace those deleted videos today (February 7, 2021) and that changed the posting date on the article from what it was to February 7, 2021. I apologize for any confusion that this may have caused you.

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