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Jim Bob Duggar Will Not Be Going To Little Rock

Like many of you out there, I am an American voter who who trusts that our checks and balances will protect our democracy from harm.

TheShiv76 is the author of this photograph.

TheShiv76 is the author of this photograph.

On December 15, 2021, I initially published my article titled "The Duggar Dynasty Is Deteriorating Before Our Very Eyes" here on this writing platform. It was not approved for publication until on or about December 17, 2021. Therein I mentioned how I believed that Jim Bob Duggar was not going to have any luck in getting elected to the Arkansas State Senate. I had known that there was going to be a special primary in Arkansas in December of 2021. However, I did not discover until very, very recently that this same special primary had taken place on *December 15, 2021. (*Note - some sources are reporting that this special primary took place on December 14, 2021, but, for the purposes of this article, I will refer to this primary as having taken place on December 15, 2021.)

Anyhow, according to an online article titled "Duggar Fails to Make Runoff in Arkansas State Senate Primary," Jim Bob Duggar has lost the special primary that took place in his voting district of Arkansas on December 15, 2021. Why should any of us be surprised? Only six days earlier his oldest son, Josh Duggar, was convicted of possessing and receiving child pornography and is now incarcerated. Did Jim Bob actually believe that voters were going to elect a jailbird's father to office?

Now, I'm not somebody who disbelieves in second chances, and I don't believe that convicts should be branded for life. However, what Josh did to innocent children was unconscionable, and Jim Bob had to have known so. Nevertheless, Jim Bob and his wife, Michelle, continued to enable Josh's inexcusable behavior and lewd conduct with kids.

Colby Fulfer, Steve Unger, and Edge Nowlin were Jim Bob's opponents in the above-described special primary. Mr. Fulfer and Mr. Unger announced their bids in November of 2021, which was the same month that Josh's criminal trial began. Good timing for them!

Will this be the last time that Jim Bob ever runs for office? Let's hope so. He ran on the platform that he was a champion of family values. However, his moral compass leaves so very much to be desired. He ran on the Republican ticket. There are a large number of decent people in the Republican Party, but he is not one of them.

The voters in his voting district of Arkansas could not be fooled. Jim Bob lied under oath on the witness stand at his oldest son's criminal trial. Therefore, how could anyone trust that he would be truthful with his constituents? He couldn't manage his own family properly. So then how could he be an effective elected official? He should have dropped out of the race once he realized that there was a possibility that his oldest son, Josh, would be going to prison. He was running a clown-car political campaign right from the start. Here is a video regarding his political campaign.

Jim Bob Duggar Describes His Political Platform

Jim Bob has alienated himself from members of his family. People in his voting district of Arkansas are intelligent enough to see that he lacks the people skills to represent his constituents in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Clker-Free-Vector-Images is the creator of this image.

The Kind Of People Who Would Vote For Jim Bob Duggar

Jim Bob Duggar won only 15 percent of the vote in the above-described special primary in Arkansas. I am shocked that he would even have been able to draw in that many votes.

When you think about it, you have to wonder what kind of people would have even voted for Jim Bob at this point in time. Josh Duggar's trial was no secret in that part of the country. Anyone could see that Jim Bob was willing to do anything, even lie under oath on the witness stand, to get his son off the hook. Jim Bob didn't really care about Josh's victims. He mostly wanted to cover for Josh. Therefore, most everyone who voted for him probably was living under a rock and simply did not follow their local news.

We also have to consider the possibility that people who voted for Jim Bob may have been as messed up in the head as he and his oldest son are. It reminds you of the type of people who would have voted for Nathan D. Larson after he was exposed as a pedophile rights activist. Any criminal or predator who still had their voting rights could have easily voted for Jim Bob.

Another possibility is that members of the Institute in Basic Life Principles ("IBLF") and the Quiverfull Movement voted for Jim Bob, because they endorsed his patriarchal way of life. It is sad to think how cults, extremist organizations, and even terrorist organizations can influence people to vote for the wrong candidate, but that is the United States of America in which we currently live. For that reason, each and every one of us need to get out and vote, especially whenever some oddball like Jim Bob is running for office. It is much easier to keep the wrong candidate out of office by voting for his or her opponents than it is to get him or her impeached from office after he or she is elected.

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OpenClipart-Vectors is the creator of this image.

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Nobody Wants A Convicted Sex Offender's Father To Govern Over Them

Jim Bob Duggar is out of touch with his mental faculties even to believe that he would have had even an iota of a chance to get elected to office after Josh was convicted of reprehensible crimes. It is almost as though Jim Bob was in denial of his oldest son's criminality. Below is a video that explains the odds that Jim Bob was facing in this respect.

Jim Bob Duggar Loses The Special Primary For Arkansas State Senate

Even Jim Bob's son-in-law, Derick Dillard, believes that Jim Bob was making a fool out of himself in running for office in the wake of Josh's criminal trial. Jim Bob's niece, Amy Duggar, was equally opposed to his running for office. If Jim Bob can't even keep up his rapport with members of his own family, how is going to maintain his popularity with voters? His life is an ongoing scandal, and oldest son's life is an ongoing sex scandal.

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"mohammad_hassan" is the creator of this image.

Jim Bob Duggar's Days In Politics Are Finished

I'm not denying that Jim Bob Duggar has acquired a fair amount of experience under his belt in the political arena. However, he is now confronted with the fact that almost everyone on the planet knows that he failed to protect his own daughters when they were kids and his oldest son, Josh, violated them. He and his wife, Michelle, kept sweeping this horrendous problem with Josh under the rug until there was no place under the rug for them to sweep it. His political career is dead, and he has to face up to it.

In one of Katie Joy Paulson's videos on her YouTube channel named Without A Crystal Ball, one of her viewers claimed that Jim Bob's net worth was three million dollars. Ms. Paulson claimed that he had much more money than that to his name. It is understandable that Jim Bob wanted to enter back into politics so that he would have at least some kind of significant livelihood. His millions of dollars are not going to last forever now that the TLC television network has cancelled Counting On, which was raking in a substantial amount of money to him.

Jim Bob is involved in real estate. Therefore, he is not really hurting for income now. However, without his and his family's presence on television on top of the expenses that he has to pay Josh's attorneys, he is going to find that his Duggar fortune will be dwindling swiftly in the near future. Moreover, the retainer he is paying Josh's lawyers to execute an appeal of Josh's recent conviction is not cheap, to say the least.

Jim Bob was likely hoping that the wind would blow some luck in his direction and that he would get elected as an Arkansas state senator. However, reality hit him in the face, and now he has to confront the scary possibility that he will not always be a wealthy man.

Jim Bob is a rags-to-riches phenomenon, but nothing can promise him that hard times could not befall him again. Nobody is immune to rough patches in life, even him. The façade that he and his family were living of being the perfect, happy family who walked the white line could not have lasted forever. Nothing is ever a secret indefinitely, especially when there are victims involved. Jim Bob was someone who simply had to learn the hard way, if at all.

OpenClipart-Vectors is the creator of this image.

OpenClipart-Vectors is the creator of this image.

Final Thoughts And Conclusion

The fairy tale that Jim Bob Duggar and his family were living is now over. Jim Bob's oldest son, Josh Duggar, is on his way to Federal prison, and Jim Bob has lost the race for Arkansas State Senate. Jim Bob will be financially comfortable for a while, but his expenses continue to pile up because of Josh and he cannot seem to keep himself out of legal battles in the court system.

Reality television is not all what it presents itself to be on camera. Most every family that has ever appeared in a reality television show series on the TLC television network has had some deep, dark secret that they were hiding.

The TLC television network used to be called The Learning Channel. Well, the public at large has learned much from watching large families like the Duggars on that same television network, but not the kind of things that most of us want to find out.

Two reality television families from the Quiverfull Movement have taken a fall in the spotlight of fame in the form of The Duggars and The Willis Family (also known as The Willis Clan). It is clearly not a good idea to promote these large families that proclaim themselves to be religiously pure. The most the public can get out of it all is deception and disappointment.

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