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Jim Bob Duggar Is A Fool To Re-enter Politics

Like many of you out there, I am an American voter who who trusts that our checks and balances will protect our democracy from harm.

Paul G. Newton is the author of this photograph.  Its license can be found at

Paul G. Newton is the author of this photograph. Its license can be found at

If I had not heard about it from reliable sources, I would not have believed it. Jim Bob Duggar is actually running for Arkansas State Senate amid the possibility that his son, Josh Duggar, may be facing 40 or more years in Federal prison for crimes of moral turpitude against children. Does it get any more insane than it is?

From the time that I was a teenager, it always seemed that sex scandals involving politicians were surfacing regularly in the press and the media. Someone on Capitol Hill was always getting into trouble for cheating on his wife with a teenage page. It never mattered which political party the elected official was in when he or she was exposed to the public for sexually inappropriate behavior. This sordid trend was going on in every political party of our nation.

Roy Moore was making the headlines not too long ago when his youthful indiscretions with high-school girls during his earlier adult years surfaced to light. President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost their entire fortune to a lawsuit from a woman who had accused President Clinton of rape. Now, a former elected official's son, Josh Duggar, is going on trial for one of the most egregious crimes of which anyone can be accused. He could be going away to prison for a long, long time for his involvement in child pornography.

Most parents would be ashamed to have a son like Josh. However, his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, do not even believe that he is guilty of any of the accusations against him. Both Jim Bob and Michelle have lost their chances of continuing on with their television show Counting On with the TLC (The Learning Channel) television network because of this same sex scandal. They will be losing a big chunk of their income as a result of it. Nonetheless, they believe that their son, Josh, can do no wrong and that the Federal authorities should simply drop the criminal charges against him. You can get the full scoop about Josh's recent confrontation with the law in my article titled "Josh Duggar Should Stop Blaming Presidents For His Crimes."

I thought that I would never be publishing another article about the Duggars on this writing platform. However, this news story is way too outrageously outlandish for me to overlook altogether.

I have a great amount of respect for former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. I realize that he has always been a close friend of Jim Bob. However, I really hope that Mr. Huckabee will not get involved in Jim Bob's current campaign for office. In fact, the idea of it scares me, because I know that Mr. Huckabee will never get nominated as a presidential candidate ever again if he does back up Jim Bob's current political campaign.

448271 is the author of this picture.

448271 is the author of this picture.

The Duggar Family Values Reek With Dangerous Hypocrisy

The Duggars make it no secret that they live in a white-picket-fence fantasy world in which the kids must adhere to strict rules that are unlike those of most other families. Nicki Swift's video below will describe to you exactly what Jim Bob and Michelle expect from their kids, especially their daughters.

Strict Rules The Duggar Family Has To Follow

Some people believe that the size of the Duggar family makes them dysfunctional. Grace Marguerite Williams explains this same contention in her article titled "The Duggars Are an Extremely Dysfunctional Family." I personally have no problem with the size of their family. What I do have a problem with is how Jim Bob and Michelle have continued to do everything they can to protect their son, Josh, from all accountability with the law while they have done very little, if anything, to protect four of their daughters from Josh's lascivious desires.

After the initial scandal broke with the Duggars back in 2015 that exposed Josh for molesting four of his sisters when they were little girls, I thought that the TLC television network was severing all ties with the Duggars upon their decision to cancel their series titled 19 Kids and Counting. After that television series was cancelled, I entertained my curiosity about Josh and watched this one episode of that television series that was still available on my television cable service's video-on-demand feature and that showed Josh's wedding.

What really shocked me from watching Josh on my television screen was that he actually stressed what he believed to be the importance of not even kissing your spouse on the lips until after you utter your wedding vows. Throughout this entire lecture, he was preaching about sexual purity before marriage. Meanwhile, he knew every bad thing that he had ever done to his sisters and one girl outside of his family back when he was a teenager.

At least the Family Research Council wised up and booted Josh out of their organization. However, the TLC television network merely reincarnated 19 Kids and Counting into another virtually identical television series titled Counting On, which featured everyone in the Duggar family with the exception of Josh, of course. However, Josh simply could not keep himself out of trouble, and the public wondered why his wife, Anna Keller Duggar, continued to stay with him.

After Josh's recent arrest earlier this year, everyone thought that his façade as a goodie-two-shoes was done and gone. Yet, Josh continues to smile and laugh off these serious criminal charges against him, and these are not state criminal charges that perhaps his father, Jim Bob, could get him out of through his political ties to elected state officials in Arkansas. Instead, they are Federal criminal charges, which are not very easy to beat, to say the least.

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The Federal authorities offered Josh a plea bargain deal that would only require him to serve time in a Federal penitentiary for a decade rather than for four or more decades. However, as Elle Bee reports in her video below, Josh viewed incarceration as being way too below him.

Elle Bee Shows That Josh Duggar May Be His Own Worst Enemy

Okay, I get it. Josh doesn't like the idea of having to wear an orange jumpsuit. Most people don't. However, considering all of the evidence that the Federal authorities have piled up against him, he is quickly running out of the kind of options that would not send him away for a lifetime. He needs to be realistic. Then again, we cannot expect Josh to be realistic about the situation he has confronted if his father, Jim Bob, has clearly distanced himself from all reality.

Hans Braxmeier is the author of this photograph.

Hans Braxmeier is the author of this photograph.

Jim Bob Duggar Will Fall Flat On His Back In His Current Efforts To Seek Office

Jim Bob wants to return to Little Rock, Arkansas to serve as a state legislator once again, and he has done something that only a fool would entertain in his thoughts. He is running for office, and he believes that somehow magically the predicament that his son, Josh, is currently in will not adversely affect his ability to get elected. On the other hand, after Joe Biden was inaugurated to the Oval Office, I realized that just about anything was possible in American politics. Katie Joy Paulson provides the details of Jim Bob's current political campaign in her video below.

Katie Joy Paulson Explains How Jim Bob Duggar Is Out Of His Mind To Run For Office

Now, I can understand that the TLC television network's decision to cancel Counting On has caused a noticeable loss of income for the Duggar family. Perhaps Jim Bob is running for office again, because he wants to make up for that loss of income by getting elected as an Arkansas state senator. I don't know how much money state legislators earn each year in Little Rock, Arkansas, but obviously Jim Bob and Michelle will be better off financially if Jim Bob wins the election.

The elephant in the room here is the fact that Jim Bob's opponent in this political race is not going to have a very difficult time running a smear campaign against him in the wake of the probability that Josh will be going to prison for a very long time for one of the most reprehensible crimes of which he could ever be convicted. I don't like the idea of a politician using guilt by association as a strategic weapon in his or her campaign tactics. However, we have to remember that Jim Bob enabled his son, Josh, to commit the kinds of crimes that he has done so over the course of the past two decades. Jim Bob's opponent will not be allowing that fact to escape his or her radar, and he or she will definitely be bringing it up in the televised debates between him or her and Jim Bob.

Once Jim Bob sets his political campaign into full motion, the news networks are going to feast upon all the lurid details regarding Josh's sexually deviant behavior with children. There will no place for Jim Bob to hide from what awaits him on the campaign trail, and he will find his wife, Michelle, constantly passing out cold every time a journalist or even a regular civilian asks them both how it feels for them to have a pedophile in the family.

Nathan D. Larson had to drop out of a political race in the Commonwealth of Virginia because of his ongoing depravities encompassing kids not too long ago. Arkansas is much more conservative about issues involving criminality than the Commonwealth of Virginia is, especially whenever it has to do with the safety of children. What makes Jim Bob believe that his run for office is going to be any less difficult than it was for Mr. Larson? He may not be the one who committed Josh's crimes against children, but he still allowed for them to happen and he covered them up at the detriment of his own daughters. He's going right from the frying pan into the fire, and he doesn't even seem to realize it.

Clker-Free-Vector-Images is the creator of this image.

Clker-Free-Vector-Images is the creator of this image.


Some people simply have to learn the hard way, and Jim Bob is one of them. Could Jim Bob be running for office after all these years inasmuch as he believes that it will give him some kind of political leverage to get his son, Josh, off the hook for the crimes with which the Federal authorities have charged him? District Judge Timothy L. Brooks is not going to cut Jim Bob a favor and dismiss Josh's criminal case on the motion of the court. A Federal judge doesn't owe anything to an elected state official, and District Judge Brooks as one will remain aloof from any political influence that elected state officials may exercise to get Josh a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Jim Bob's campaign experiences this time will not be as rewarding as they were the last time he ran for office, because Arkansas voters will question his past actions to shield his son, Josh, from the law. Jim Bob is going to confront all sorts of integrity issues once he puts himself out there on the campaign trail. He will only be setting himself and Michelle up for a tsunami of humiliation and hostility from everyone who is disgusted with how they have mishandled Josh's sexual misconduct and abuse.

Jim Bob is better off quitting while he is ahead. In the unlikely event that he does get elected as an Arkansas state senator, the mainstream media will go completely berserk in covering the story. Jim Bob and Michelle will then need armed security guards to protect them everywhere they go afterwards, because angry parents will be flying out of the crowds at them from all directions no matter where they go. It will not be a pleasant experience for either one of them, to say the least.

Jim Bob is better off simply dropping out of the race for Arkansas state senator. After Josh's Federal trial heats up, Jim Bob and Michelle are not going to have very much time to be campaigning throughout their state. It will be a circus show unfolding before our very eyes.

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