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Japan Is Thinking of Opening a Consulate Office There


Japan is considering opening a consulate in Wuhan, China, where the corona-virus is believed to possess spread. The office is going to be opened to supply services to the citizens working in various business establishments of the country. Chinese secretary of state Wang Yi visited Japan last week. He sat down for talks with the Japanese secretary of state Toshimitsu Motegi. Motegi raised the difficulty of the consulate in Wuhan during their discussion.

In addition to the embassy in Beijing, there are Japanese consulates in Shanghai and Chongqing. Wuhan's location is way from these three cities. Japan now wants to facilitate consular services for Japanese nationals stationed there for work.

There is no danger of Uhan-based foreign industries leaving China for an additional country. most of the products produced here are made with the Chinese market in mind. That's why Donald Trump and his party didn't close the US consulate. additionally, the Us, the UK, France, and South Korea have consulates in Wuhan.

Wuhan may be a major automobile manufacturing center in China. There are offices of quite 150 Japanese companies, including Honda and Nissan Motors. About 700 Japanese lived in Uhan before the coronavirus epidemic. When the coronavirus infection started, everyone moved to the country. they need to be started going back to Uhan again.

The city of Wuhan in China's Hubei Province is assumed to be the birthplace of the corona. US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also called the coronavirus the Uhan virus and therefore the Chinese virus.

The first coronavirus patient was found in Wuhan, China, in late December last year. The infection then began to spread rapidly. However, the origin of the corona remains being debated.

Many right-wing politicians within the West, also as many on social media, have discussed the idea of spreading the virus from Chinese laboratories. Even a Nobel Prize-winning scientist from Japan was quoted on social media. The matter eventually escalated to such an extent that the Japanese scientist finally had to mention during a statement that he had never made such a comment.

Despite the controversy and disagreement over how the virus spread, no one, not even the Chinese administration, is denying that the disease started in Uhan. because the corona began to spread, many countries began to evacuate citizens. Chinese authorities are taking swift action to prevent the spread of the virus. In March, authorities imposed a strict lockdown on Uhan for a month. Extensive cleaning operations were administered. As a result of these steps, Uhan's situation quickly returned to normal.

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