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January 6th

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The Rally

It was public knowledge Donald Trump was planning a rather unsavoury rally on the 6th of January 2021 in Washington D.C.

Fully aware he had lost he had created rumours of the Democrats intention to 'steal' the election long before November.

This is because he knew he would not win.

Just as he began his Administration with the lie that his crowd was three times that of Barack Obama, (it was less than one third) and attacked respected news services as 'Fake News', (aware he couldn't control them and they would report accurately) he utilised the stupidity of his followers for a specific purpose;

to attack the Capitol Building and be shot down and die as 'martyrs'.

The Attack

A sitting Government, meeting in it's official building, when thousands of wild rioters break in, provokes the image of the security forces opening fire to protect and defend the legal government.

This was not a peaceful march or demonstration, this was an insurrection.

It was filmed from the start. Trump ordered his followers to attack the Capitol building. He announced he would 'lead them', (instead ran and hid in a bunker) waiting for the blood spatter.

It was filmed by reporters, security cameras, and most of all, the insurrectionists themselves.

The insurrectionists, were so proud of breaking into the Capitol building, smashing windows, smashing furniture, running up and down, taking souvenirs; yes!

Look World! This is America!



Seeing that wild mob storm the Capitol, the obvious reaction was that the security forces would respond with deadly force.

The world waited, confused; after all, how could the American seat of Government have such poor security that these people could so easily break in and get away with it?

The death of those rioters was expected, yet, they got away with it.


Where were the police? The National Guard? What happened to Security?


If things went as expected, as Donald Trump expected, the security forces would defend the seat of American government.

They would fire at the rioters, killing some, wounding some, calling for back up, so that the Capitol would be protected.

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The world would see that America's government is being defended.

In every country in the world, dare a violent mob try to break into the seat of government, the security forces are supposed to defend it to their last breath.

Yet; the rioters poured into the Capitol building.
And the world saw it.


The World Watched

Reflecting on that insurrection, the inescapable conclusion is that Donald Trump sent his supporter there to be killed.

He fully expected the security forces to behave as they were trained to do. Not to 'stand down'.

He expected blood soaked Capitol steps which would sully Joe Biden's entrance into the White House.

This would divert attention from events during the 45th Presidency, and turn the horde from rioters to martyrs.

Trump expected his followers to be killed.
They weren't.

Previous Demonstrations

As anyone who has participated in a demonstration knows, the security forces are prepared.

Examining demonstrations over the decades, one notices more than one 'perimeter'.

Barriers are set up.

If rioters can break through the first line, there is the second.

Yet, on this particular day, this particular mob had little trouble breaking into the Capitol building.

This was not an unexpected occurrence. The number of persons who travelled to Washington D.C. was calculated, the size of the 'rally' was filmed, and Trump's exhortation to march on the Capitol Building was known in advance.


The Inexorable Conclusion

The inexorable conclusion of the events of January 6th leave no doubt that a blood bath was what Donald Trump expected.

Joe Biden's administration would be destroyed before he entered the White House.

There would be debates, inquiries, and for the following years, the point would be should/should not the security forces responded as was expected.

But that did not happen.

The insurrectionists were virtually allowed to storm the Capitol building, while Trump waited anxiously for reports of fatalities.

America and the World watched this invasion go on and on, until finally, Donald Trump, disgusted at his failure, had the insurrectionists depart.

With the subsequent arrests and trials, one wonders if Trump's supporters have the mental capacity to comprehend that they were sent to die.

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