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James Comey: Trump's Manna From Heaven

For those of you who haven't seen the FX mini series The People V. OJ Simpson, it comes highly recommended. Courtney B Vance brilliantly plays the hero of Simpsons defense team, Johnny Cochran. As the trial begins to wind down, the defense team learns of the existence of Fuhrman tapes, and Cochran immediately becomes ecstatic. Another one of Simpsons attorney's, Barry Scheck, portrayed by actor Rob Morrow, urges Cochran to examine the tapes closely before reaching any conclusions on their validity or utility to the case, stating that 'lucky breaks don't just fall from the sky.' But Cochran dismisses the skepticism, calling the tapes a gift from god, a manna from heaven.

An Early Christmas For Trump

If the Fuhrman tapes were Simpsons manna from heaven, then James Comey may very well be Trump's. On Thursday Trump trailed Clinton in aggregate polling by over five and half points, and his prospects in key swing states appeared to be fading, along with any serious chance of claiming the White House.


But a bomb went off in Washington Friday when FBI director James Comey disclosed to Congress that a fresh batch of emails had been discovered during an unrelated investigation of New York Congressman Anthony Weiner. Comey's letter to Congress stated that the FBI is investigating to ensure these new emails contained no classified information and that Clinton, or any of her aides, violated the law when sending or receiving them. Weiners ex-wife is a longtime ally of Hillary Clinton, and has been visibly present throughout her campaign.

Cue the Firestorm

What followed the announcement of Comey's letter was an all out assault upon the FBI. The director has been rapidly decimated in the media in just a few short days. Everyone from former attorney general Eric Holder (who was held in Contempt of Congress while in office several years ago) to former White House ethics attorney Richard Painter have condemned Comey's decision. Outgoing Nevada Senator Harry Reid went as far as accusing Comey of violating federal law.

An unlikely friend stepped out of the shadows Monday to defend the FBI director. White House press secretary said in a statement he will neither defend nor criticize Comey's decision, saying that President Obama does not think he is intentionally trying to sway the election. Obama appointed Comey to the directorship in mid 2013 for a term to last no longer than ten year, although FBI directors serve at the pleasure of the president, and its possible for the next administration to replace Comey.

"The president doesn't believe that Director Comey is intentionally trying to influence the outcome of an election."

— Josh Earnest, Obama Press Secretary

Trump Steps Up To Bat

Almost immediately after Comeys announcement, Trump and friends went to work blasting the Clinton camp as corrupt and incompetent. Portraying Clinton as a risk to the American, he went into full gear Friday injecting ten million of his own cash into his campaign, and making stops in New Mexico, Colorado, Michigan and Wisconsin attempting to sway otherwise blue states.

The Republican nominee took to Twitter Sunday to promote recent polls showing him ahead of Clinton, while painting his opponent a hypocrite and attacking social media outlets like Facebook for withholding the story.

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Polls Tighten

The fallout from the FBI's decision was felt right away in the polls taken immediately afterwards. Clinton went from a comfortable lead last week to Trump being back in striking distance, and although the electoral map still holds in her favor, it's forced her campaign out of complacency and back on the defense as the 2016 election comes to a close.

While a majority of likely voters said the latest revelation has made no difference in who they're voting for, a third stated it made them less likely to rally behind Clinton. Those whose decisions are unaffected by the announcement are mostly Trump voters, meaning that it may only sway reluctant Clinton supporters, most notably Bernie Sanders supporters. Grassroots Sanders supporters in Florida plan to cast their vote for Jill Stein, not Clinton, solidifying the "Jill Not Hill" catchphrase of the far left.

Latest Aggregate Out of Florida

Latest Aggregate Out of Florida

This third-party support may be the driving factor in the key swing state of Florida, where Trump is currently up by just one point in the average polling. While Jill Stein and Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson combined hold less than five percent of the vote, it may be siphoning votes from the Clinton camp (although don't believe the notion that a third party vote is a Trump vote).

Trump Victory?

Despite the recent development, media firestorm, and refreshed conversation around Cliton's judgement and trustworthiness, Trump still has an uphill battle to win the presidency. Clinton still leads him in the polls, and, as stated above, the map is not in his favor, as he would have to clinch every swing state and at least one rust belt state. Trump may very well be the American Brexit, but it's unlikely he, or Clinton for that matter, will be able to garner the same turnout that the Brexit referendum, where nearly 75% of voters showed up to the polls. Leave supporters appeared to care more than their Remain counterparts, but Trump supporters may not care as much.

Of course being that the 2016 election is unlike any other, national voter turnout may reach records as it already has in early voting in Washington and Texas. In the primaries, voters registered in droves not seen since the 2008 election season, but that may not equate to more people casting a vote in the general election. Already Clinton is seeing lower turnout among black voters than Obama did either time he ran. This key demographic is equivalent to Trump's white male, who are anticipated to turnout in high numbers.

With the election just one week away, Trump will need to maintain serious momentum while simultaneously slowing Clinton down, and even then a victory would be difficult to pull off.

Editors Note: Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have lied extensively to the American people over the course of their campaigns. They are both bigots who support more powerful government and will most certainty continue to strip away the freedoms of the American people. Both individuals are grossly lacking in character and judgement and should never be entrusted to lead the free world.

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