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(15) South American Assassinations!



Hidden Nazi Below. Same Guy in Photo Above! All Heim's Scars are there too!


When is the last time you saw your landlord in a photograph with an assassinated president?

The man at the tip of the pointy red arrow is my landlord and there is no mistake on this. My landlord's stories of living next door to President Salvador Allende and being very good friends with him are true! He infiltrated, befriended as a CIA spook. My landlord's stories were absolutely true.

How else would he get this close to Salvador Allende in a photograph. Both Allende and SS Nazi Aribert Heim are clearly seen in this photograph together. They both have a commonality, they are doctors. This man in the crowd is the very same man who rented me my apartment on 1652 Kelby Dr, Billings, Montana. No mistake on this. He is right there in the photograph! Amazing that this is still not enough to crack this case wide open!

Links below to the photograph in question; (both of these links have recently removed the original picture from these sites. You afraid to be complicit? BE VERY AFRAID!)

Bert told us that he was 80 years old in 2009 but this is surely a lie because he is here in this 1973 photograph with his full head of hair but his age is showing to be about late 50's. If I was to really believe that he was 80 years old than that would make him a 44 year old man in this photograph. I think not!

People of Billings, Montana need to take a good look at this photograph. They will recognize the tall, old man in the photograph, regardless of his claim of age and an alias for his name at this time. There is no mistake that this is Dr. Death. Dig deeper people and you will see the truth of who this really is. No doubt that we have another Nazi living in the United States but this one is quite different. He is under another name and he is being very protected by the government.

Salvador Allende? SUICIDE? LIES! LIES! LIES! COVER-UPS! CORRUPTION AND LIES! Who now is selling out the truth? The lies keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. On July 19th of 2011 this specific photograph of Dr. Ari "bert" Heim in the crowd with President Salvador Allende was sent to those who are seeking his whereabouts in Israel via e-mail. No return e-mail from them as well.

This is true! U.S. is complicit

A plea for help in this case.


You Have Important Mail

This particular photograph is being shown on both links which I have provided above. I contacted Mireya Beltran Rodriguez via e-mail when this photograph was found posted on her Facebook but no return acknowledgment came from this woman either. The case got rolling though because they have exhumed the bodies of both Salvador Allende as well as Pablo Neruda.

The e-mail I sent to her below:

I saw this picture of Salvador Allende on your Facebook. Where did you get this photograph? The photograph is showing a man standing near Salvador Allende-I placed a red arrow pointing at him--that man is NOW living in Billings Montana--ARIBERT HEIM--Dr Death. He is not dead in Cairo. He is alive and being protected with an alias-- a United States citizen. Not mistaken. I believe I understand how Salvador Allende died--it was not suicide. You may want to go this link and read. Your photograph shows Dr Aribert Heim in it and I am curious to where you got this photograph. The link to this very page was in that e-mail.

Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake: "We All Lie For The CIA"

CIA = Corruption in Action



 THE SAME MAN IN BOTH PHOTOGRAPHS AGAIN! NO MISTAKE! This is the Most Wanted photograph and we added a hat. Look at both pictures. It is him without a doubt!

THE SAME MAN IN BOTH PHOTOGRAPHS AGAIN! NO MISTAKE! This is the Most Wanted photograph and we added a hat. Look at both pictures. It is him without a doubt!

Remember that goats go to the LEFT!

Remember that goats go to the LEFT!

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The 'MOST WANTED ENHANCED PHOTOGRAPH' left out another scar--the 4th one that matches the photograph w/President Allende.

The 'MOST WANTED ENHANCED PHOTOGRAPH' left out another scar--the 4th one that matches the photograph w/President Allende.



Aribert Heim most wanted age enhanced photo to the right.

Aribert Heim most wanted age enhanced photo to the right.

President Salvador Allende Did Not Commit Suicide!

Story after story, most all of them having to do with him living in South America.Brazil,Chile, Argentina, and even Vienna and Spain. This man apparently had been all around the world and loved to talk about it to anyone that would listen.

Strangely enough, he never mentioned what he was doing there or why he was there and he never placed a time on what years he was there. As a matter of fact, he never put a time-line on any of the stories he told. This struck me as very strange. Yes, we did ask him time to time and the only rude and elusive answers we received back were these below;

"Why do you want to know?"

"Don't worry about that."

"Too much knowledge can be dangerous to you."

He mentioned a story in Argentina and that he was staying at someone's hut type home and that all of these horrible goats that ran through the kitchen and the home and how he didn't like it "dirty animals." He had great issues of hygiene, a germ-a-phoebe is what I would call him. He hated dogs and cats and refused anybody to rent who had an animal because of his phobia of animals and their dirtiness. He was such a germ fanatic that there is no way he would have lived in that sheet-hole dump in Cairo for years. Hygiene...Hygiene...Hygiene!

Another story he spoke of was the day of a bad flood in Chile. He was with another man (though he never gave names) and he stated that the rain was so terrible that he and this man managed to climb up to this makeshift landing in the trees. A woman was there with them as well. He said they were stranded, flood waters below them raging for days until 'they' found them by helicopter and rescued them. They being the US Government? I don't know if our country was there in Chile at the time because I didn't know the time of this happening that he spoke about.

He specifically said to me, "Don't tell my wife I have told you this."

At the time that he had told me this story, I was assuming that he must have had sex with this woman and that is why he didn't want his wife to know he was telling me. As time went by and I knew without a doubt that this was 'Heim"' I realized why he was saying "don't tell my wife." It was surely not to protect him from his acts of infidelity but ONLY that he was pulling a no-no in their world.

He didn't want to alarm his wife or let her discover that he was constantly bragging, giving out too much information to me and Twig. His wife constantly stopped him from talking, many times,too many to count. She seemed to watch over him and his words very carefully and she would chastise him if he began to disclose too much information. "That's enough dear," she would say and he would immediately fall silent. Sorry to 'broom Hilda' but I knew it was him from the time I saw that photograph when we first moved in. Good try but no cigar you old wicked hag of a demon.

He also mentioned a few times as he would stare at me. "You look just like a woman I knew from Chile! Amazing!" He was constantly bragging and telling stories of his days in South America and as each story was told, he was consistent on one thing--he left out the details of time.

He told Twig that he used to live next to the President of either Chile or Argentina but Twig could not remember which.

"What do you mean you can't remember?" I said angrily at him. "Are you kidding me? Think! Think hard!" I barked at him.

"I don't know. I can't remember," Twig said as if it was no big deal.

Of course the two doctors were neighbors!


President Salvador Allende & Aribert Heim were neighbors in Chile

Added on 6/6/2010

NOTED: I have constantly asked Twig in the past year, over and over, can you remember? Tonight he has replied to a name that I saw this afternoon that "shined" to me. I sent him the name and asked Twig, "Is this the President's name that our landlord told you he lived next to? He returned my e-mail saying "YES!!! That is him!" Who is him? Chilean President Salvador Allende.

Are you freaking kidding me? This next particular fact is quite scary and when the American citizens read this next paragraph, I want them to think about this very, very deeply.

THE TIMELINE: I have been seeking a time-line on him for a very long time and I got it when I looked at the date that Salvador Allende was murdered. I don't like what I see. Salvador Allende was murdered on 9/11/1973. The infamous 911 was the day that the coup decided to bring this man down and torture and kill thousands of people.

My Landlord has stated that he worked for the CIA and he was friends and neighbor of Chilean President Salvador Allende? WOW! As for not giving this information in a timely fashion to 'those who are concerned'.....Twig could not remember...we are dealing with a strange demonic oppression as well as physical oppression of computers, documents and mailings. I can't even begin to tell you the many times that I will be sending an e-mail and only after I have sent it andI look back at it and it is missing information or information has been changed? My mail is being monitored by the NSA since I recognized Aribert Heim back in February 2009. They are doing all they can do to try to halt my investigations and research. Do you know how many computers they have destroyed of mine?


A computer with a bar code that is the number of my Texas License plate? Really?

The computer that had my texas license plate number on the bar-code. It had too much coffee and couldn't take the caffeine. lol

The computer that had my texas license plate number on the bar-code. It had too much coffee and couldn't take the caffeine. lol

The intrusion inside my computers have never stopped.

The intrusion inside my computers have never stopped.


My husband bought me a new lap-top this past July 2015 and it was to be mailed to us. For 'some' reason it never showed up on time for my birthday and it took a detour. When it did arrive I had to register it to be able to get on line. I flipped the computer laptop over to get the number and letter bar-code and what I saw was no surprise to me. Do you think it is just paranoia when the first of the bar-code is my exact license plate numbers? You fools are idiots if you think I did not see it. One day I had a bad cough that came out of nowhere and I accidentally blew coffee all over the keyboard. It killed the motherboard. Interesting. God intervenes for me.

Just for a laugh, I once was inside my AOL mail when a drawing began to show up in red color. It was somebody drawing a smiley face for me. Oh! The great terror of a smiley face being drawn while I am reading my emails! Whoever did are an idiot and you will have to try harder than that. Oh ...I should stop now..I would hate for me to open my front door and see that someone has drawn a red smiley face on my doorstep..Oh the terror of it all....Fools and vipers!

Where is waldo? Where is Dr. Death now?


Have You Wondered Why the Watergate Tapes Were Pulled up Again?

These particular thoughts are just my own. Trying to unravel some questions that I could not answer for myself long ago.

President Allende was told to have committed suicide? By what I read in my research on this President of Chile, the CIA hated him, JFK and Nixon were also against Allende. If what my landlord has told us is true and he in fact lived right next door to President Allende, then did Allende know who this Nazi was? You bet he did! Was Allende protecting the Nazi's and lying to the Jews? Has the CIA been caught one more time working both sides of the fight? Oh yes they have been caught and they are not so happy now are they?

My landlord had bragged and he stated that he lived next door and was good friends with President Allende. I believe that President Allende knew exactly who this neighbor was. I personally don't think that Allende committed suicide because of this knowledge.

I have researched and read that Allende's private doctor made some type of statement of "suicide" and then strangely many were captured, tortured and murdered. All others left alive went along with whatever story they were selling. I almost wonder if Allende's next door neighbor "Nazi friend" didn't have something to do with this pretend 'suicide.' As I joked with Twig and asked him, "Do you think he ate some tainted oatmeal?"

We know what came directly from our landlord's own mouth--he eluded to working with/for CIA-and that he was living next door to President Allende. Did CIA placed him next door to Allende in Chile without JFK or Nixon knowing about it?

I believe that JFK did not know--but Nixon probably DID KNOW ABOUT HEIM BEING THERE..WHY? Because my landlord told me that he was in the Bohemian Grove 3 times! Nixon is standing in Bohemian Grove in a few of those pictures! Is this how my landlord got into the Bohemian Grove? HE WAS CONNECTED WITH NIXON??? This seems to be coming together for me. And many of you who read the newspapers will now know why the 'Watergate' tapes were pulled up a year or so ago.



Many of people who have been seeking the whereabouts of Nazi Doctor Aribert Heim of Hitler's SS team have been sent on wild goose chases. I wanted to make sure that they got only accurate information. All this information came directly from our landlord ari-Bert's mouth and the only way I knew how to put the information out was to write this story. I am never sure if my mail and e-mail goes where it is supposed to.

This story has been sitting here for 6 years and still nobody down here has helped me nor done anything about this situation. To all of the citizens of the world this question is for you.

How would you like to be in this position and everyone you ask for help ignores you or hides the information? What would you do if people were trying to harm you and your family because you had this information that they did not want you to have? Who would you go to? Would you be very angry that the ones who are paid to protect us are the very ones who are coming against you?

Corruption is everywhere and it hides behind a smile. Wickedness hides behind those who you would never suspect and they will stop at nothing to stop the truth from moving forward. They do not care who they kill nor care of who they discredit with lies. They only care that their deeds of murder and corruption are not seen by the people of the world. Open your eyes people of the world! There is a reason why they protected this SS Nazi and placed him here in the U.S. His dirty deeds against the people of Chile was his immunity and free ticket to the United States.

What if it was you that was sent to this Nazi's door? What if the Houdini-Santa Claus and Charles Manson Boys Club showed up at your jobs to harass you? Ran you off the road determined to shut you up? What if they got into your house when you left and took things to let you know they were there? How else would a pair of work shoes be standing up against the wall? What if it was you that were in my shoes and nobody came to help and those who were supposed to help were part of this lie and corruption?

What if your child was hit by a car five time and two in one day. Yes. Someone opened a car door on him while he was riding his bike and another car ran over him. Praise God my children are protected and he had no broken bones! What would you do if these things happened to you?




Could the answer be something so simple?

Nixon was corrupt and he most likely knew that this Nazi was living next to Salvador Allende? The CIA knew that this Nazi was living next door to President Allende-as well as working for them. Could it be possible that Salvador Allende was left out of the loop and he didn't know that this Nazi was working with the CIA? Yes. Allende thought he was safe? Could this Nazi have possibly played a part in this death of Allende? Did CIA then moved him to the U.S? Yes. As the story played out through these past 7 years, the puzzle pieces have fallen into place and the perpetrators have all been made known to me.

I continue to wonder about this "dead man" and how he ended up here in the U.S. Could this be how? I know EXACTLY who this man is but who is protecting him? Who has placed him here in the United States? I also know that many parts of our government are very covert--one hand does not often know what the other hand is doing.

As our landlord said himself..."Too much knowledge can be dangerous to you." Is this what he meant? Interesting...seems to be much to this story and more than I had even bargained for. I am chuckling--it doesn't matter to me--I will continue on with the truth regardless of your 'danger.' And I am still laughing at you all. You think that you can hide from God but you can not. He exposes all things and brings everything to Light. He tells me to expose it and so I have done the will of my Father.

Often, Twig didn't pay attention to detail while listening to this old man talk, clearly in awe by this man's words. Even after constant warnings of "who" this man was--he seemed clearly enthralled. Twig loved this guy as much as I did in the beginning, but he continued to believe each and every word he spoke and he never caught the many blatant lies, until very much later. Many times it often made my research more difficult. Two of the biggest clues to this situation were left ignored by Twig. The country to a which leader that Heim lived next door to -and who had paid a visit inside our building one day as a car sat outside waiting.

Twig did not pay attention to detail and he never heeded my warnings. I was very aggravated by Twig's behavior many times due to this. He had no idea who he was dealing with and this man was so much smarter than Twig and I...well maybe Twig. All I knew was that this was no man to mess with nor anyone to ignore.

Acts 28:5, 6 "If they be compelled by their persecutors to drink any deadly poisonous thing, it shall not hurt them."


Poisoned & Threatened

While living in this Billings, Montana apartment, 'someone' let themselves inside my apartment and poisoned my box of oatmeal. I was unaware until I became quite sick. Ari-bert had earlier questioned Twig if he ate the oatmeal that was sitting on the top of my refrigerator and Twig said 'hell no..I hate the stuff. "So I know that this was placed there just for me to eat.

Below my ribs was rock hard and very unnatural. My stomach area was feeling as if someone was stabbing me over, and over and I could not walk at work. I was squatted down near the computer at work in tremendous pain. No vomiting nor diarrhea, just great pain. My manager saw this and offered me water. I am never sick and I wondered what could be wrong. I was unaware on the first night of eating the oatmeal that it was caused by the oatmeal. It just never occurred to me.

The following day I decided to eat only oatmeal, no anything and I left for work again. It was the sparkling oatmeal that had caused these excruciating stabbing pains in my stomach as well as leaving my olive skin looking pale and pasty white.The worst pains came over me again and the very same stabbings and hardness below my ribs started abruptly again! I drank 5 glasses of water and it went away. I ate approximately 2 1/2 cups of oatmeal in those two days.

When I returned home on the second evening, I was worse than the night before. Twig had asked me what I had eaten the day before and what I had eaten today. He poured it out and called for me to take a look. He grabbed my magnifying glass and I looked. White chunks of a sparkling substance were attached to my oatmeal flakes. I took a handful of oatmeal and squeezed it, shaking off the oats and my entire hand was sparkling. Wow! These rotten sob's are playing dirty with poison. I could hardly believe it.


After the second day of the oatmeal incident, I was sitting outside smoking a cigarette. Heim showed up and stood over me as I sat on the landing staring up at him. He asked me a few nonsense questions of nothingness and then he started grinning and said ...

" I am sorry you are not feeling well Ghost Whisper."

I looked up at him in shock and I loudly replied back to him, "I never said I wasn't feeling well Bert." He said nothing else to me, he just walked back inside the house with a stupid, sick smile on his face.


I hadn't counted on falling into the rabbit hole this deep after saying that prayer in Las Vegas and I had no idea that these people were playing hard ball and they were trying their best to remove me from the game even if it was illegal. They have much to lose if the truth comes out. They do not play 'nice-nice' but I am expected to play 'nice-nice' because the rules only apply to me.

I now had to question some of the strange physical ailments after this 'tainted oatmeal' was identified. The handfuls of my hair that would be on the bottom of the tub after my shower was enough to make a wig! My eyes would burn as I would shampoo my hair. I had even asked Twig if his eyes burned from the water while showering. It never occurred to me that it may have been what was in my shampoo bottle.

One day I was completely astounded by a strange circumstance as I stood in the shower. Something felt strange on my right foot as I was toweling off. I pulled up my leg to see that my big toenail had just fallen off! It had just popped right off with no trauma or injury to it.Oh yes indeed they were playing dirty games, pulling their dirty tricks out of their bag of weapons to hide their past dirty deeds. Guess what? I am still not dead.

I saw this Scripture verse much later in the Bible and I smiled because it surely is true. Though I had pain, I did not die and it has not affected me in anyway since then. Thank you Lord for protecting me against these wicked people.

Acts 28:5, 6. "If they be compelled by their persecutors to drink any deadly poisonous thing, it shall not hurt them."

Steers or What?


What about my ex-husband?

He took delight in playing little cat and mouse games with me. Even now he plays them but I surely see through it and I wait for God to do a powerful move that will trump him a big one!

One day I was sitting on the back landing when he brazenly walked up to me and said "How's your old man doing?" I glared at him because I knew what he was doing. He was attempting to play physiological games with me and attempting to manipulate my emotions. I responded to him nastily. "I told you that Twig is not my boyfriend or lover and he is only a friend!" He smiled and said, "Oh I didn't mean Twig I meant your ex-husband."

Why is he bringing up my husband when I have spoken not a word of my ex-husband? Because he is coy. He knew all about my ex-husband and why I left and divorced him. He was trying to play with my mind. He also knew it was a very unhealed, sore spot in my heart and he was trying desperately to gain control and the upper hand over me. So sorry to tell him that it did not work the way he wished.

My response was even meaner as I said, "I don't know, probably sitting in strip joints or watching porn!" He seemed to be pleased because he thought he was winning.

I bet it surprised him to see that I remarried my ex-husband just recently. Who-da-thunk-it? He probably would have never guessed. I do have one question for him that I wish he could answer for me. He has been a landlord with two buildings that I know of with seven apartments being rented out and turned over since I moved out in June of 2009. Now that is a great amount of tenants that have come and gone since then wouldn't you say?

I found it extremely interesting that on our private investigation data base that he has me connected to him as an 'associate' when I am not an associate nor am I family. Now why would he keep me so close to him?

The bigger question is how his license plates are not only blocked but they don't seem to have ever existed anymore. Interesting. I suppose he still has the Houdini-Santa Claus-Charles Manson Boys Club helping him out with that scary-fairy dust of theirs. Ah yes this is better than any Hollywood movie and I know the ending regardless that he does not.

He still has time to repent. He said that he hated the U.S. government so badly that Twig and I thought he would be squawking for his 'glory' out in the public forum by now. Instead he accepted the written role and he was killed off as a mooslim wearing sissy pink panties instead. Interesting choice for a coward. This Nazi is clearly a coward and does not have the courage of his convictions. What does this mean on the street? He has no balls.

Chile The First 911


Yes--you Left out the 'the Chilean Thing!

“Former CIA Director Helms ‘said all these stories are just the tip of the iceberg,’ Kissinger continues, adding ‘If they come out, blood will flow.’ After offering a few examples, Kissinger concludes by remarking mysteriously, ‘The Chilean thing -- that is not in any report. That is sort of blackmail on me.’

The meaning of this remark is far from clear, suggesting as it does that the 702 pages of the Family Jewels were only ‘the tip of the iceberg’ and that among what was left out was a ‘Chilean thing’ that Kissinger perceived as having the potential for blackmail on himself.

“The CIA's Directorate of Operations was particularly active in Chile in 1972-73, the period leading up to Allende's violent overthrow in September 1973 in a military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet. Following the coup, Kissinger strongly supported the new authoritarian government.”

Yes, the "Chilean thing" would cause blackmail upon you. Why? Because you are a Jew and you willingly plotted and omitted in any report that Dr Aribert Heim, this ruthless Nazi Dr. Death was placed in Chile to be used by the CIA to destroy President Salvador Allende and his government. You are a Jew who protected this Nazi torturer of your own people? How vile is that?

Salvador Allende


This is the "Chilean Thing" that wasn't written in any report!


Yes Dr. Zuroff This is a Huge Scandal and Coverup!!

Germany destroyed file on Eichmann’s ‘best man’ in 1990s


Dr. Ephraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center told The Jerusalem Postthat the center had asked last year to see the files of both Brunner and Aribert Heim, an Austrian SS doctor who experimented on and tortured prisoners at Mauthausen concentration camp and who also escaped arrest after the war. The Wiesenthal Center was told last week that it could view Brunner’s file but that there was no documentation whatsoever on Heim.

“It is highly unlikely that there is or was no file on Aribert Heim,” Zuroff told the Post. “It is an absolute scandal.

"There seems to have been a cover-up of a disturbing post-war chapter of German history, which is why we asked the BND for the information in the first place.”

It is the Houdini-Santa Claus-Charles Manson Boys Club and their 'scary fairy dust' at work again Doctor Zuroff. They will quit at nothing to suppress this information.

Why we should always be sure who are friends are!

Why we should always be sure who are friends are!