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(15) South American Assassinations!



Hidden Nazi Below. Same Guy in Photo Above! All Heim's Scars are there too!


When is the last time you saw your landlord in a photograph with an assassinated president?

The man at the tip of the pointy red arrow is my landlord and there is no mistake on this. My landlord's stories of living next door to President Salvador Allende and being very good friends with him are true! He infiltrated, befriended as a CIA spook. My landlord's stories were absolutely true.

How else would he get this close to Salvador Allende in a photograph. Both Allende and SS Nazi Aribert Heim are clearly seen in this photograph together. They both have a commonality, they are doctors. This man in the crowd is the very same man who rented me my apartment on 1652 Kelby Dr, Billings, Montana. No mistake on this. He is right there in the photograph! Amazing that this is still not enough to crack this case wide open!

Links below to the photograph in question; (both of these links have recently removed the original picture from these sites. You afraid to be complicit? BE VERY AFRAID!)



Bert told us that he was 80 years old in 2009 but this is surely a lie because he is here in this 1973 photograph with his full head of hair but his age is showing to be about late 50's. If I was to really believe that he was 80 years old than that would make him a 44 year old man in this photograph. I think not!

People of Billings, Montana need to take a good look at this photograph. They will recognize the tall, old man in the photograph, regardless of his claim of age and an alias for his name at this time. There is no mistake that this is Dr. Death. Dig deeper people and you will see the truth of who this really is. No doubt that we have another Nazi living in the United States but this one is quite different. He is under another name and he is being very protected by the government.

Salvador Allende? SUICIDE? LIES! LIES! LIES! COVER-UPS! CORRUPTION AND LIES! Who now is selling out the truth? The lies keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. On July 19th of 2011 this specific photograph of Dr. Ari "bert" Heim in the crowd with President Salvador Allende was sent to those who are seeking his whereabouts in Israel via e-mail. No return e-mail from them as well.

This is true! U.S. is complicit

A plea for help in this case.


You Have Important Mail

This particular photograph is being shown on both links which I have provided above. I contacted Mireya Beltran Rodriguez via e-mail when this photograph was found posted on her Facebook but no return acknowledgment came from this woman either. The case got rolling though because they have exhumed the bodies of both Salvador Allende as well as Pablo Neruda.

The e-mail I sent to her below:

I saw this picture of Salvador Allende on your Facebook. Where did you get this photograph? The photograph is showing a man standing near Salvador Allende-I placed a red arrow pointing at him--that man is NOW living in Billings Montana--ARIBERT HEIM--Dr Death. He is not dead in Cairo. He is alive and being protected with an alias-- a United States citizen. Not mistaken. I believe I understand how Salvador Allende died--it was not suicide. You may want to go this link and read. Your photograph shows Dr Aribert Heim in it and I am curious to where you got this photograph. The link to this very page was in that e-mail.

Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake: "We All Lie For The CIA"

CIA = Corruption in Action



 THE SAME MAN IN BOTH PHOTOGRAPHS AGAIN! NO MISTAKE! This is the Most Wanted photograph and we added a hat. Look at both pictures. It is him without a doubt!

THE SAME MAN IN BOTH PHOTOGRAPHS AGAIN! NO MISTAKE! This is the Most Wanted photograph and we added a hat. Look at both pictures. It is him without a doubt!

Remember that goats go to the LEFT!

Remember that goats go to the LEFT!



The 'MOST WANTED ENHANCED PHOTOGRAPH' left out another scar--the 4th one that matches the photograph w/President Allende.

The 'MOST WANTED ENHANCED PHOTOGRAPH' left out another scar--the 4th one that matches the photograph w/President Allende.



Aribert Heim most wanted age enhanced photo to the right.

Aribert Heim most wanted age enhanced photo to the right.

President Salvador Allende Did Not Commit Suicide!

Story after story, most all of them having to do with him living in South America.Brazil,Chile, Argentina, and even Vienna and Spain. This man apparently had been all around the world and loved to talk about it to anyone that would listen.

Strangely enough, he never mentioned what he was doing there or why he was there and he never placed a time on what years he was there. As a matter of fact, he never put a time-line on any of the stories he told. This struck me as very strange. Yes, we did ask him time to time and the only rude and elusive answers we received back were these below;

"Why do you want to know?"

"Don't worry about that."

"Too much knowledge can be dangerous to you."

He mentioned a story in Argentina and that he was staying at someone's hut type home and that all of these horrible goats that ran through the kitchen and the home and how he didn't like it "dirty animals." He had great issues of hygiene, a germ-a-phoebe is what I would call him. He hated dogs and cats and refused anybody to rent who had an animal because of his phobia of animals and their dirtiness. He was such a germ fanatic that there is no way he would have lived in that sheet-hole dump in Cairo for years. Hygiene...Hygiene...Hygiene!

Another story he spoke of was the day of a bad flood in Chile. He was with another man (though he never gave names) and he stated that the rain was so terrible that he and this man managed to climb up to this makeshift landing in the trees. A woman was there with them as well. He said they were stranded, flood waters below them raging for days until 'they' found them by helicopter and rescued them. They being the US Government? I don't know if our country was there in Chile at the time because I didn't know the time of this happening that he spoke about.

He specifically said to me, "Don't tell my wife I have told you this."

At the time that he had told me this story, I was assuming that he must have had sex with this woman and that is why he didn't want his wife to know he was telling me. As time went by and I knew without a doubt that this was 'Heim"' I realized why he was saying "don't tell my wife." It was surely not to protect him from his acts of infidelity but ONLY that he was pulling a no-no in their world.

He didn't want to alarm his wife or let her discover that he was constantly bragging, giving out too much information to me and Twig. His wife constantly stopped him from talking, many times,too many to count. She seemed to watch over him and his words very carefully and she would chastise him if he began to disclose too much information. "That's enough dear," she would say and he would immediately fall silent. Sorry to 'broom Hilda' but I knew it was him from the time I saw that photograph when we first moved in. Good try but no cigar you old wicked hag of a demon.

He also mentioned a few times as he would stare at me. "You look just like a woman I knew from Chile! Amazing!" He was constantly bragging and telling stories of his days in South America and as each story was told, he was consistent on one thing--he left out the details of time.

He told Twig that he used to live next to the President of either Chile or Argentina but Twig could not remember which.

"What do you mean you can't remember?" I said angrily at him. "Are you kidding me? Think! Think hard!" I barked at him.

"I don't know. I can't remember," Twig said as if it was no big deal.

Of course the two doctors were neighbors!


President Salvador Allende & Aribert Heim were neighbors in Chile

Added on 6/6/2010

NOTED: I have constantly asked Twig in the past year, over and over, can you remember? Tonight he has replied to a name that I saw this afternoon that "shined" to me. I sent him the name and asked Twig, "Is this the President's name that our landlord told you he lived next to? He returned my e-mail saying "YES!!! That is him!" Who is him? Chilean President Salvador Allende.

Are you freaking kidding me? This next particular fact is quite scary and when the American citizens read this next paragraph, I want them to think about this very, very deeply.

THE TIMELINE: I have been seeking a time-line on him for a very long time and I got it when I looked at the date that Salvador Allende was murdered. I don't like what I see. Salvador Allende was murdered on 9/11/1973. The infamous 911 was the day that the coup decided to bring this man down and torture and kill thousands of people.

My Landlord has stated that he worked for the CIA and he was friends and neighbor of Chilean President Salvador Allende? WOW! As for not giving this information in a timely fashion to 'those who are concerned'.....Twig could not remember...we are dealing with a strange demonic oppression as well as physical oppression of computers, documents and mailings. I can't even begin to tell you the many times that I will be sending an e-mail and only after I have sent it andI look back at it and it is missing information or information has been changed? My mail is being monitored by the NSA since I recognized Aribert Heim back in February 2009. They are doing all they can do to try to halt my investigations and research. Do you know how many computers they have destroyed of mine?


A computer with a bar code that is the number of my Texas License plate? Really?

The computer that had my texas license plate number on the bar-code. It had too much coffee and couldn't take the caffeine. lol

The computer that had my texas license plate number on the bar-code. It had too much coffee and couldn't take the caffeine. lol

The intrusion inside my computers have never stopped.

The intrusion inside my computers have never stopped.


My husband bought me a new lap-top this past July 2015 and it was to be mailed to us. For 'some' reason it never showed up on time for my birthday and it took a detour. When it did arrive I had to register it to be able to get on line. I flipped the computer laptop over to get the number and letter bar-code and what I saw was no surprise to me. Do you think it is just paranoia when the first of the bar-code is my exact license plate numbers? You fools are idiots if you think I did not see it. One day I had a bad cough that came out of nowhere and I accidentally blew coffee all over the keyboard. It killed the motherboard. Interesting. God intervenes for me.

Just for a laugh, I once was inside my AOL mail when a drawing began to show up in red color. It was somebody drawing a smiley face for me. Oh! The great terror of a smiley face being drawn while I am reading my emails! Whoever did this...you are an idiot and you will have to try harder than that. Oh ...I should stop now..I would hate for me to open my front door and see that someone has drawn a red smiley face on my doorstep..Oh the terror of it all....Fools and vipers!

Where is waldo? Where is Dr. Death now?


Have You Wondered Why the Watergate Tapes Were Pulled up Again?

These particular thoughts are just my own. Trying to unravel some questions that I could not answer for myself long ago.

President Allende was told to have committed suicide? By what I read in my research on this President of Chile, the CIA hated him, JFK and Nixon were also against Allende. If what my landlord has told us is true and he in fact lived right next door to President Allende, then did Allende know who this Nazi was? You bet he did! Was Allende protecting the Nazi's and lying to the Jews? Has the CIA been caught one more time working both sides of the fight? Oh yes they have been caught and they are not so happy now are they?

My landlord had bragged and he stated that he lived next door and was good friends with President Allende. I believe that President Allende knew exactly who this neighbor was. I personally don't think that Allende committed suicide because of this knowledge.

I have researched and read that Allende's private doctor made some type of statement of "suicide" and then strangely many were captured, tortured and murdered. All others left alive went along with whatever story they were selling. I almost wonder if Allende's next door neighbor "Nazi friend" didn't have something to do with this pretend 'suicide.' As I joked with Twig and asked him, "Do you think he ate some tainted oatmeal?"

We know what came directly from our landlord's own mouth--he eluded to working with/for CIA-and that he was living next door to President Allende. Did CIA placed him next door to Allende in Chile without JFK or Nixon knowing about it?

I believe that JFK did not know--but Nixon probably DID KNOW ABOUT HEIM BEING THERE..WHY? Because my landlord told me that he was in the Bohemian Grove 3 times! Nixon is standing in Bohemian Grove in a few of those pictures! Is this how my landlord got into the Bohemian Grove? HE WAS CONNECTED WITH NIXON??? This seems to be coming together for me. And many of you who read the newspapers will now know why the 'Watergate' tapes were pulled up a year or so ago.



Many of people who have been seeking the whereabouts of Nazi Doctor Aribert Heim of Hitler's SS team have been sent on wild goose chases. I wanted to make sure that they got only accurate information. All this information came directly from our landlord ari-Bert's mouth and the only way I knew how to put the information out was to write this story. I am never sure if my mail and e-mail goes where it is supposed to.

This story has been sitting here for 6 years and still nobody down here has helped me nor done anything about this situation. To all of the citizens of the world this question is for you.

How would you like to be in this position and everyone you ask for help ignores you or hides the information? What would you do if people were trying to harm you and your family because you had this information that they did not want you to have? Who would you go to? Would you be very angry that the ones who are paid to protect us are the very ones who are coming against you?

Corruption is everywhere and it hides behind a smile. Wickedness hides behind those who you would never suspect and they will stop at nothing to stop the truth from moving forward. They do not care who they kill nor care of who they discredit with lies. They only care that their deeds of murder and corruption are not seen by the people of the world. Open your eyes people of the world! There is a reason why they protected this SS Nazi and placed him here in the U.S. His dirty deeds against the people of Chile was his immunity and free ticket to the United States.

What if it was you that was sent to this Nazi's door? What if the Houdini-Santa Claus and Charles Manson Boys Club showed up at your jobs to harass you? Ran you off the road determined to shut you up? What if they got into your house when you left and took things to let you know they were there? How else would a pair of work shoes be standing up against the wall? What if it was you that were in my shoes and nobody came to help and those who were supposed to help were part of this lie and corruption?

What if your child was hit by a car five time and two in one day. Yes. Someone opened a car door on him while he was riding his bike and another car ran over him. Praise God my children are protected and he had no broken bones! What would you do if these things happened to you?




Could the answer be something so simple?

Nixon was corrupt and he most likely knew that this Nazi was living next to Salvador Allende? The CIA knew that this Nazi was living next door to President Allende-as well as working for them. Could it be possible that Salvador Allende was left out of the loop and he didn't know that this Nazi was working with the CIA? Yes. Allende thought he was safe? Could this Nazi have possibly played a part in this death of Allende? Did CIA then moved him to the U.S? Yes. As the story played out through these past 7 years, the puzzle pieces have fallen into place and the perpetrators have all been made known to me.

I continue to wonder about this "dead man" and how he ended up here in the U.S. Could this be how? I know EXACTLY who this man is but who is protecting him? Who has placed him here in the United States? I also know that many parts of our government are very covert--one hand does not often know what the other hand is doing.

As our landlord said himself..."Too much knowledge can be dangerous to you." Is this what he meant? Interesting...seems to be much to this story and more than I had even bargained for. I am chuckling--it doesn't matter to me--I will continue on with the truth regardless of your 'danger.' And I am still laughing at you all. You think that you can hide from God but you can not. He exposes all things and brings everything to Light. He tells me to expose it and so I have done the will of my Father.

Often, Twig didn't pay attention to detail while listening to this old man talk, clearly in awe by this man's words. Even after constant warnings of "who" this man was--he seemed clearly enthralled. Twig loved this guy as much as I did in the beginning, but he continued to believe each and every word he spoke and he never caught the many blatant lies, until very much later. Many times it often made my research more difficult. Two of the biggest clues to this situation were left ignored by Twig. The country to a which leader that Heim lived next door to -and who had paid a visit inside our building one day as a car sat outside waiting.

Twig did not pay attention to detail and he never heeded my warnings. I was very aggravated by Twig's behavior many times due to this. He had no idea who he was dealing with and this man was so much smarter than Twig and I...well maybe Twig. All I knew was that this was no man to mess with nor anyone to ignore.

Acts 28:5, 6 "If they be compelled by their persecutors to drink any deadly poisonous thing, it shall not hurt them."


Poisoned & Threatened

While living in this Billings, Montana apartment, 'someone' let themselves inside my apartment and poisoned my box of oatmeal. I was unaware until I became quite sick. Ari-bert had earlier questioned Twig if he ate the oatmeal that was sitting on the top of my refrigerator and Twig said 'hell no..I hate the stuff. "So I know that this was placed there just for me to eat.

Below my ribs was rock hard and very unnatural. My stomach area was feeling as if someone was stabbing me over, and over and I could not walk at work. I was squatted down near the computer at work in tremendous pain. No vomiting nor diarrhea, just great pain. My manager saw this and offered me water. I am never sick and I wondered what could be wrong. I was unaware on the first night of eating the oatmeal that it was caused by the oatmeal. It just never occurred to me.

The following day I decided to eat only oatmeal, no toast...no anything and I left for work again. It was the sparkling oatmeal that had caused these excruciating stabbing pains in my stomach as well as leaving my olive skin looking pale and pasty white.The worst pains came over me again and the very same stabbings and hardness below my ribs started abruptly again! I drank 5 glasses of water and it went away. I ate approximately 2 1/2 cups of oatmeal in those two days.

When I returned home on the second evening, I was worse than the night before. Twig had asked me what I had eaten the day before and what I had eaten today. He poured it out and called for me to take a look. He grabbed my magnifying glass and I looked. White chunks of a sparkling substance were attached to my oatmeal flakes. I took a handful of oatmeal and squeezed it, shaking off the oats and my entire hand was sparkling. Wow! These rotten sob's are playing dirty with poison. I could hardly believe it.


After the second day of the oatmeal incident, I was sitting outside smoking a cigarette. Heim showed up and stood over me as I sat on the landing staring up at him. He asked me a few nonsense questions of nothingness and then he started grinning and said ...

" I am sorry you are not feeling well Ghost Whisper."

I looked up at him in shock and I loudly replied back to him, "I never said I wasn't feeling well Bert." He said nothing else to me, he just walked back inside the house with a stupid, sick smile on his face.


I hadn't counted on falling into the rabbit hole this deep after saying that prayer in Las Vegas and I had no idea that these people were playing hard ball and they were trying their best to remove me from the game even if it was illegal. They have much to lose if the truth comes out. They do not play 'nice-nice' but I am expected to play 'nice-nice' because the rules only apply to me.

I now had to question some of the strange physical ailments after this 'tainted oatmeal' was identified. The handfuls of my hair that would be on the bottom of the tub after my shower was enough to make a wig! My eyes would burn as I would shampoo my hair. I had even asked Twig if his eyes burned from the water while showering. It never occurred to me that it may have been what was in my shampoo bottle.

One day I was completely astounded by a strange circumstance as I stood in the shower. Something felt strange on my right foot as I was toweling off. I pulled up my leg to see that my big toenail had just fallen off! It had just popped right off with no trauma or injury to it.Oh yes indeed they were playing dirty games, pulling their dirty tricks out of their bag of weapons to hide their past dirty deeds. Guess what? I am still not dead.

I saw this Scripture verse much later in the Bible and I smiled because it surely is true. Though I had pain, I did not die and it has not affected me in anyway since then. Thank you Lord for protecting me against these wicked people.

Acts 28:5, 6. "If they be compelled by their persecutors to drink any deadly poisonous thing, it shall not hurt them."

Steers or What?


What about my ex-husband?

He took delight in playing little cat and mouse games with me. Even now he plays them but I surely see through it and I wait for God to do a powerful move that will trump him a big one!

One day I was sitting on the back landing when he brazenly walked up to me and said "How's your old man doing?" I glared at him because I knew what he was doing. He was attempting to play physiological games with me and attempting to manipulate my emotions. I responded to him nastily. "I told you that Twig is not my boyfriend or lover and he is only a friend!" He smiled and said, "Oh I didn't mean Twig I meant your ex-husband."

Why is he bringing up my husband when I have spoken not a word of my ex-husband? Because he is coy. He knew all about my ex-husband and why I left and divorced him. He was trying to play with my mind. He also knew it was a very unhealed, sore spot in my heart and he was trying desperately to gain control and the upper hand over me. So sorry to tell him that it did not work the way he wished.

My response was even meaner as I said, "I don't know, probably sitting in strip joints or watching porn!" He seemed to be pleased because he thought he was winning.

I bet it surprised him to see that I remarried my ex-husband just recently. Who-da-thunk-it? He probably would have never guessed. I do have one question for him that I wish he could answer for me. He has been a landlord with two buildings that I know of with seven apartments being rented out and turned over since I moved out in June of 2009. Now that is a great amount of tenants that have come and gone since then wouldn't you say?

I found it extremely interesting that on our private investigation data base that he has me connected to him as an 'associate' when I am not an associate nor am I family. Now why would he keep me so close to him?

The bigger question is how his license plates are not only blocked but they don't seem to have ever existed anymore. Interesting. I suppose he still has the Houdini-Santa Claus-Charles Manson Boys Club helping him out with that scary-fairy dust of theirs. Ah yes this is better than any Hollywood movie and I know the ending regardless that he does not.

He still has time to repent. He said that he hated the U.S. government so badly that Twig and I thought he would be squawking for his 'glory' out in the public forum by now. Instead he accepted the written role and he was killed off as a mooslim wearing sissy pink panties instead. Interesting choice for a coward. This Nazi is clearly a coward and does not have the courage of his convictions. What does this mean on the street? He has no balls.

Chile The First 911


Yes--you Left out the 'the Chilean Thing!

“Former CIA Director Helms ‘said all these stories are just the tip of the iceberg,’ Kissinger continues, adding ‘If they come out, blood will flow.’ After offering a few examples, Kissinger concludes by remarking mysteriously, ‘The Chilean thing -- that is not in any report. That is sort of blackmail on me.’

The meaning of this remark is far from clear, suggesting as it does that the 702 pages of the Family Jewels were only ‘the tip of the iceberg’ and that among what was left out was a ‘Chilean thing’ that Kissinger perceived as having the potential for blackmail on himself.

“The CIA's Directorate of Operations was particularly active in Chile in 1972-73, the period leading up to Allende's violent overthrow in September 1973 in a military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet. Following the coup, Kissinger strongly supported the new authoritarian government.”

Yes, the "Chilean thing" would cause blackmail upon you. Why? Because you are a Jew and you willingly plotted and omitted in any report that Dr Aribert Heim, this ruthless Nazi Dr. Death was placed in Chile to be used by the CIA to destroy President Salvador Allende and his government. You are a Jew who protected this Nazi torturer of your own people? How vile is that?

Salvador Allende


This is the "Chilean Thing" that wasn't written in any report!


Yes Dr. Zuroff This is a Huge Scandal and Coverup!!

Germany destroyed file on Eichmann’s ‘best man’ in 1990s


Dr. Ephraim Zuroff of the Simon Wiesenthal Center told The Jerusalem Postthat the center had asked last year to see the files of both Brunner and Aribert Heim, an Austrian SS doctor who experimented on and tortured prisoners at Mauthausen concentration camp and who also escaped arrest after the war. The Wiesenthal Center was told last week that it could view Brunner’s file but that there was no documentation whatsoever on Heim.

“It is highly unlikely that there is or was no file on Aribert Heim,” Zuroff told the Post. “It is an absolute scandal.

"There seems to have been a cover-up of a disturbing post-war chapter of German history, which is why we asked the BND for the information in the first place.”


It is the Houdini-Santa Claus-Charles Manson Boys Club and their 'scary fairy dust' at work again Doctor Zuroff. They will quit at nothing to suppress this information.

Why we should always be sure who are friends are!

Why we should always be sure who are friends are!


Suicide or Assassination?? Pres Salvador Allende's Body Exhumed May 2011

In 2011, the controversy over the cause of death has been reopened and is the subject of an official investigation. On the basis of the original 1973 autopsy, Luis Ravanal, a medical examiner, expressed the opinion that the wounds on the body were not consistent with the theses of the alleged witnesses, namely that there were wounds caused by different.

In January 2011, a Chilean judge ordered an inquiry,and the first judicial investigation of the death. On May 23, 2011, Allende's body was exhumed in order to have an autopsy performed by an international forensic team.

On May 31, 2011

TVN, the state television station, reported the recent discovery of a secret 300-page military account of Allende's death. The document had been kept in the home of a former military justice official, and was discovered when his house was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. After reviewing the report, two forensic experts told TVN "that they are inclined to conclude that Allende was assassinated." This belief is supported by forensic expert Luis Ravanal who has been studying Allende's autopsy since 2007. Ravanal says he found details in the autopsy that weren't in line with the official version of Allende's death. The cranium, he says, shows evidence of a first shot with a small gun, like a pistol, and then, a second shot from a larger weapon — like an AK-47 — which could mean that Allende was shot and killed, then shot a second time with his own gun, to make it look like suicide.

Chile's state television channel has reported that long-secret documents support the theory that President Salvador Allende may have been assassinated and did not commit suicide during the 1973 coup. The "Special Report" based its report late Monday on a copy of a 300-page military review of Allende's death long thought to be lost.

Chile's military announced during the Sept. 11, 1973 coup that the socialist president had killed himself with an AK-47 given to him by Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Allende was later buried in a closed casket in a secretive nighttime ceremony with only his widow present.The comprehensive military review reportedly describes ballistics and fingerprint evidence and includes photos and witness testimony as well as the original autopsy report, which was made public years ago. Two forensics experts who analyzed the more complete set of documents told TVN they believe more than ever that Allende was shot first through the face with a small-caliber weapon, and that an AK-47 blast blew out the top of his skull after he was already dead.

One of the experts, Luis Ravanal, confirmed this with The Associated Press on Tuesday. Ravanal noted that the crime scene photos show Allende sitting slumped but upright in a chair, but with no signs of blood on his collar, sweater or throat. The review does not make any reference to the presence of blood on his clothes either. And yet the initial autopsy described Allende's undergarments as drenched with blood.

Due to gravity alone, his throat would have been bloodied had Allende fired the AK-47 while still alive, Ravanal said. "The bullet hole below the chin was of large dimensions. It ripped apart the tongue, the palate, the nose. It goes against logic that there's no blood. ... The only explanation is that the second bullet was fired when he was already dead and in another position." Ravanal has for years advocated the theory that another weapon was involved, citing a reference in the initial military autopsy to a small bullet hole in the back of Allende's skull that he alleges is inconsistent with an AK-47 fired from below the chin through the top of his head.

The official version is that Allende killed himself, based chiefly on testimony from Dr. Patricio Guijon, who maintained that he saw Allende shoot himself with an AK-47 and that he was the only eyewitness. Guijon reiterated that testimony.

TVN wouldn't identify the source of its copy of the review, which it said was pulled from a home demolished in last year's earthquake that had belonged to military prosecutor Col. Horacio Ried. Other witnesses, including several interviewed on Monday night's TVN program, said Allende was never alone with Guijon, and that unidentified men were seen running from a side door moments after gunshots were heard in the hall where Allende died. The military still hasn't turned over key evidence including the AK-47, bullet casings and the helmet Allende had been wearing.

SANTIAGO, Chile Associated PressEva Vergara and Michael Warren, Associated Press

"The respected doctor who did the original autopsy under close military supervision committed suicide several years later. The colonel died in a 2005 car crash."

How convenient that any people who might have clarified these things are now gone. Some of Allende's closest allies who were with him at the end disappeared after being captured and tortured.


The Yellow Rose & a Dirty Fed

As I worked as a bartender in Texas a man showed up at my bar. He looked and smelled like a fed and yes, God does speak to me. Yes..he was a ex-fed and he still had ties to the U.S. Government as well as ties to Cairo. He wandered into this redneck bar far away from where his office is and he surely looked out of place. His comment said it all and confirmed what God had already spoken to me about him before I even turned around to greet him.

"You are prettier than I expected."

What a dumb ass. I asked for his card to prove he was there. He first said he didn't have one and then after I mocked him, he went to his car and brought one in for me. Yeah, a dumb ass who thinks bartenders are all stupid.

He continued to call me on my cell phone until I finally met with him regarding this case that he pretended not to know about, but when it was time to speak about the case he didn't want to. He wanted to talk about God. I told him I didn't trust him and I had good reason to not trust him. God was telling me not to trust him. His wedding ring was slipped off prior to meeting him and that to me is a confirmation that he is a lying scum bag but he wants to talk about God with me? Really?

I had switched the location of our meeting at the last minute and I told him where I was and that he would have to meet me there. He showed up but he did not want to stay in the specific restaurant because of two women at a bar that knew him. I said "I have no interest in f* you and it is business" so why do you care that you are not seen with me by these two women you know? Interesting. Needless to say he tried his best to spiritually abuse me and manipulate me to no avail. When that conversation did not really work out for him the way he intended, this useless conversation and meeting ended.

My attempt and plea for help by this useless individual who was working for the devil was not going to prove fruitful. Not for me and certainly God says not for him in the long run.


Later that evening I was guided to do some research on him because something was not sitting well with me in my spirit. Low and behold, this same man was accused of harassing and threatening another whistle-blower. No surprise there and I did find it quite interesting that his name was purposely misspelled by one little letter and it sent the legal documentation far back in the Google search engine.

I suppose that was just in case someone was seeking him for employment? He wouldn't want them seeing that now would he? Oh my! Accusations by another whistleblower against him and another of his fed buddies. The accusations ranged from alleged death threats against his lawyer as well as alleged threats against the whistleblower's pregnant wife, alleged accusations of threatening to rape her and threatening to cut her baby out of her womb and allegations of threatening to murder her? What I read was enough to make one want to change two initials. Horrific stuff! Lovely. I think that this man should stay far away from me as well.

After reading the court documents and the alleged charges and accusations against my ring-less fallen friend, there is no doubt in my mind that he as well without repentance will be given a very permanent vacation spot which is going to be very, very hot. CALIENTE HOT! He may want to reconsider what he does to whistle-blowers.

I walked by this prophetic painting on the wall in Ecuador while recently visiting. I smiled :) I love Ecuador and the people!


The Sketch of the Cia Spook-Who kllled Pablo Neruda-Dr. Draper Changed His Testimony. Why?

Dr. Draper changed his testimony. He gave this sketch of the CIA agent who posed as a doctor to give Pablo Neruda the deadly injection. He looks very familiar and I know him to be in Texas.

Dr. Draper changed his testimony. He gave this sketch of the CIA agent who posed as a doctor to give Pablo Neruda the deadly injection. He looks very familiar and I know him to be in Texas.

Who is thisGhost Doctor Ex-CIA Dr. Price Spook Doctor? Is it a lie or does he really exist?

Let me add another strange character to the twist of this very surreal yet real story. I had a vision back in 2012 and I can clearly see this man's face, he is loving me. My Husband or at least I blindly thought so! It was much later that I realized that the devil can give false visions as well and this vision was surely from the devil. Lesson learned big time!

The man from the vision showed up months later and I began my spiraling fall from grace, as I backslid into great sin again. Thank God for Jesus, repentance and his compassion on me after my fall! After leaving this man things got much better! Who is this paranoid odd man?

A man who was always drunken, bitter, abusive, mentally disturbed, ex CIA, ex NS special op sniper mercenary who brags about Delta's working with him and quite a dangerous and unstable man who tried to put me in jail with lies. Creepy stuff. This sketch of "Ghost Doctor Price" came out and it looks very similar to him. Coincidence? Crazy stuff here people!

Everybody in the hotel that saw this sketch thought so as well. Coincidence? Possibly. But what a coincidence this one is as well. Hundreds and hundreds of coincidences and they just don't seem to stop!

Strangely this ex-boyfriend of mine has the exact stats. 6'4, blue eyes, blonde hair and very polite. Yes, very polite in public anyways. "Thank you Miss." This "Dr. Price" is certainly not Townley. Who is this motorcycle hero? Anybody could have those same stats as well as dirty Government officials who play games but I have to judge a person on their character in person. He is not to be trusted either. He is a known liar, a drunk and headed to hell in a handbasket if He doesn't start speaking up with truth!

"I could never hurt an angel like you!"

Should I be surprised? Nope. I cried out of thankfulness when I saw it this sketch. Oddly it does look just like him. He in his many drunken stupors talks way too much. He spoke about Salvador Allende's murder to me. He said that he saw the paperwork on someones desk of this information that Allende was assassinated but clearly that type of paperwork would not be sitting out on a desk. So how does this dude know all of this stuff?

His words were, "Salvador Allende was shot and killed and his body was thrown into an APC and transferred to the palace and then shot again with Fidel Castro's AK-47. Interesting words don't you think? Oh yes...the devil is in the details and this man will be meeting with the devil if no repentance is made. He too will have a very hot place in hotel hell. That is a given!

And let me top the whipped creme topping onto the devil's dessert. Both this man here and the dirty yellow rose fed knew each other though for my benefit they pretended not to. I suggest that they both hold hands as they are tossed into the Lake of Hell fire.

Again, nobody has looked into this as well. They just ignore and hide and lie and cover things up. There are many people down here who work for the devil and they look so good on paper but they are the devil in disguise. Whoever this dude is he just better stay the hell away from me and my children and family because God ain't playing no more and none of these creepsters can win against God so they might as well join him!

Those on the bad side should all be afraid by that statement! Somebody needs to come forward with the truth and stop all of these garbage lies. I tell you this American Citizens f you only knew how dire things are in the United States of America you would surely flip a gasket. The corruption is beyond what most Americans would assume.

Glenn Beck Who is This Whistle Blower and Where Has He Gone?

Hey Fu**ers! Woof-Woof-Woof back at cha!


Good Try No Cigar

MORE Harassment! Constant and endless faceless people playing games! I ain't playing no more!

I had opened a twitter account under JG Hemlock in September, seeking help due to the fact that my emails are stopped, my phone calls and texts are stopped, and I have had the inability to reach people directly. I went to Edward Snowden, as well as Wiki-Leaks on twitter sending them the documentation. I was seeking that they find my private email address in their dump of surveillance so that I may come out with the truth swinging. I also left my NEW phone number.

While sitting at my desk typing....I looked over at my husband to speak to him and looked back at the computer that I was working on. The screen had been made to look as if it was BROKEN and this computer was rendered USELESS. It was not broken. My husband packed it up and took it out the front door to send in for repairs. I locked both doors behind him. (front door) While he was away...someone conveniently unlocked the front doors, believing that I had left with him. They heard the vacuum running and left. The doors remained unlocked and I noticed as my husband returned an hour later.

A day later my JG Hemlock google site was closed down and I could no longer access the emails to that account, I still can't. The password and secondary email would not work. I was told that I would have to open another google account. I was LOCKED OUT and can no longer retrieve any email from this account, and no access to my google pages. DONE! Zip! Gone! Just as my Facebook was removed-POOF! GONE! by the powers that be.

My husband soon after these events left out of state. During the evening someone opened my garage door. I had been in the garage washing clothes and I had returned an hour later to put the clothes in the dryer. You can imagine my surprise to see the garage door open in the middle of the late evening! Lovely.

On that same day, my android was breached and as my husband called that evening...in the background I could hear a small dog barking, a woman's voice vaguely...and then Woof-woof-woof. Because my husband has been less than honorable to me all of these years..I placed the phone on speaker and turned on our private investigation tape-recorder. I taped 15 minutes of this dog barking over and over. I was heartbroken believing that my husband was cheating. When he returned home, he called and sent out the tape recorder to forensics for testing. This forensic business is the same business that had tested the Linda Trip/Monica Lewinski tape recording. Very precise and accurate.

Above you will see the results of this "FAKE DOG" that was analyzed under forensics. It was mechanical and it was piped in on my side of the phone for me to hear. My husband could hear nothing on his side and he was telling the truth. The powers that be continue to harass, threaten me and when all else fails....they attempt to get me to leave my husband and the safety of my home. Good try LIARS!

It was much easier for them to run me off roads and attempting to take me out when I was single and traveling. They don't like it too much that I am safe inside.


July 29, 2015

We had an 18 wheeler flatbed truck ("HIT AND RUN") purposely hit us on the Georgia highway, it came out of nowhere, attempting to take us out! It slammed me on the passenger side while I was sleeping. We spun in the middle of traffic on that afternoon, slammed a guard rail and then went out for another spin..round and round and SLAM again.into the guard rail. My brand new SUV was totaled but we both climbed out of the car still alive! Praise God! Good try again but no cigar. How many cars are you really going to attempt to run me off the road with? Yawn!

I am TIRED OF THIS PEOPLE! I am so very tired of NOBODY helping me! Nobody speaking TRUTH. I will not stop speaking truth...I will be dead when God says I will be dead. Fact remains the same. You assassinated President Salvador Allende, Pablo Neruda and thousands of innocent men, women and children on 911, 1973. You planned those assassinations and the coup that ruthlessly murdered many people. I will not stop speaking. I don't care if you continue to try to kill me. AGAIN...I will be dead when God says I will be dead. Not you fuc@ers. Your evil and wicked and Justice and Judgement will be coming over your head! Expect it.

That man ari-BERT Heim H&H properties is the same man in the photograph with the now dead president of Chile. Stop lying! Stop covering up your murders! Stop harassing a waitress! Let us go to court! I would be glad for us to go to court! 9 years of this lying bullshit of yours.....

I will leave you a special photograph of that fake plate that is now non existent of your 'dead friend' (Sure did love the fake obituary) POOF gone from the data base. Veteran my ass! Not for the United States Military anyway....just saying........

You got busted by God! You are corrupt! Lying! and Justice will be served. You can't hide from God! You still have time to repent you sorry ass bastards!

The two whistles "Hiss Miss" in Texas from off the highway was ingenious, bold and brazen. You missed me bitch!

2 Bullets--2 Guns-suicide???



This little old man was fully aware-educated and agreed with depopulation. During a conversation with him Ihad disclosed what I thought was happening in the world, the United States and the reasons behind my disclosures. He wasn't shocked and nodded his head, remarking, "You are a very smart woman Ghostwhisper."

"I don't agree with depopulation and Eugenics," I firmly stated. "God puts all people here, everyone is worthy of life and there is a reason for their births. I mean how terrible of a thing to want to kill other people because you think you are genetically better than them and just as worse, wanting other human beings to be your slaves-it's deplorable to me."

His response?

"No-no-no, you are wrong and I loved having slaves," he was grinning, as he looked out into nowhere's land.

I was shocked at this response. Okay, so he possibly had black slaves when he was younger? He never shared any stories of any black slaves or anything remotely such as this and this man was nothing but a bragger. What other ways could he have had slaves? Just odd. I said nothing more to him because I was repulsed by him, his responses and his agreement with eugenics and slavery.

Later that evening, he disclosed to Twig that he never used toothpaste and the reasoning was Flouride-eugenics.

"Baking soda, that's all I use."

Interesting to hear that because I always thought that was just a conspiracy theroy.

On a whim, I tested him one day and mentioned the NWO, laughing jokingly, to see how he would respond. He stared back at me in surprise and he knew what I was speaking about. At that moment, I had no reservations when I stared into his eyes, that this may not be some conspiracy and fear mongering of such. This scared me very much.

Since cutting that joke that day, he never spoke to me about any governmental issues again...nothing! Twig seemed to speak with him on a daily basis and he constantly spoke about these things. He knew that Twig was as smart as a bag of rocks at times also and he had no worries about him. He was easy to fool, I on the other hand wasn't that easily convinced. He loved to be around anyone that would listen to his ficticious stories, glorifying him, such as Twig did.

Aribert Heim is NOT a Muslim! He is a Nazi!


Tarek Hoos Fullofsheet

Constantly I would catch lies while listening to him or listening to Twig's rehashment of one of his stories of bravado--his stories always had ended with him being placed upon a pedestal of sorts-to be in awe of. I just wasn't buying any of these lies.

What I did know about him? He hated being a nobody, a Montucky nobody and he bragged because of it. It was his only way to fuel his narcissism and get some attention. His constant bragging included his money, claiming he was filthy rich and always bragging that he had so much money and property.

I was oftern confused by this. You live in a dumpy apartment with cheap hotel pictures hanging from your walls? You wear clothing that is most outdated and certainly not the clothes of someone of wealth? You drive vehicles of no great importance, in fact they are old, quite old. So where is all this money you puff your chest out about?

His bragging and bologna got him one thing alright, it got him noticed by me. I knew 'who' this was and he made me want to vomit, just to be around him by the end of our stay there.

They were very prejudice, often referring to other races as; "F***ing Arabs, Native Americans, Japanese, Chinese, African American's." I found this quite surpising due to the fact that they both had this open hatred for so many nationalities but she had a name that was Japanese? They had so much hatred for other races that I could hardly believe that it hadn't occurred to her that she carried a name of Japanese decent. Strange really.

Sorry to bust your bubble all ya dumb moooslims but Dr. Aribert Heim is not a Mooslim. He actually calls you f'n arabs. He never converted and the United States Government used this "Fake conversion" to keep him protected by all of you foolish people who are glorifying him as some martyer. He doesn't practice nor belong to Islam. They are lying! His pretend alias out of EGYPT is a scam. A big fat hoax. Tarek Hoos fullofsheet is the name I believe that he should be going by at this time.

Want to put on some gloves?


The Boxing Ring

I always wanted to say something about her name when she made such prejudiced comments but I didn't because she was as mean as him. She put on a good facade but this lady was no timid, wilted wallflower, even in her old age-she was as mean as they come and I had seen it on many occasions. An erruption of hatred seemingly bubbled up, unexpectedly and out of nowhere time to time at me. Her face had cracked, the 'demure' facade no longer there and replaced by something almost sinister.

Twig was at their apartment again, allowing him his much needed bragging time. Apparently, he and his wife were both doing their share of ribbing on religion and Christianity. Twig stated, "I am Christian." Their response to him?

"You are a dead man."

Twig was shocked by this comment. He told me immediately after leaving their apartment that day and described to me how cold-evil-and a matter of fact they had both been. I was not surprised in the least, I was more surprised that it took Twig this long to figure it out and acknowledge it.

"You are not going to believe what he said to me," Twig looked plenty pissed off. "I was talking to him about if a war happened in the United States- that I was not going to lay down for it-I would fight! "Do you know what he said to me Ghostwhisper?

"Oh, and you most certainly will get your chance to do that very soon."

Twig was angry and confused about this remark. "He acts like he is never included in anything, above everyone, like he has certain special knowledge or something. Who the hell does he think he is anyway?"

I acknowledged many things as I listened to Twig's story that day. It was only one of the many, many times that this had happened. This man continued to talk as if he was the exception to the rule-some king of kings-as if he wasn't included in the United States happenings-he acted above it all-above the law-as if none of the rules applied to him-he acted as if he wasn't really a true American Citizen at all, but just a bystander of sorts-someone who stands in the front row seats outside of the ring, watching a great boxing match.

To be perfectly honest, it seemed to me as if he was some hidden top SS Nazi Officer who worked for our government at one time in his youth, and was being very protected until he finally died. wink. wink.

Lookie Lookie...you Still Have Your Hair Around 1973! Salvador Allende and Aribert Heim

No surprise here...Someone I know VERY well standing in the photograph with the red arrow aimed at him. INTERESTING POSE DOCTOR!

No surprise here...Someone I know VERY well standing in the photograph with the red arrow aimed at him. INTERESTING POSE DOCTOR!

The Johnny Walker Blue Man at My Grapevine, Texas Restaurant. Lovely


My Biggest Questions....

The solid evidence is right in front of you! This SS Nazi Aribert Heim is standing in this photograph with Salvador Allende! No mistake on this! IT IS HIM!

Salvador Allende's Doctor Patricio Guijon gave the "suicide" story and history was written based largely on his testimony. The family believed his words of suicide. They were LIES.

My questions?

Dr. Patricio Guijon is still alive! He MUST have known Dr. Aribert Heim-! Come on now, he was Salvador Allende's good friend and neighbor. Max Marambio is still alive and he was a former bodyguard of Chilean president Salvador Allende's. He must have known Dr. Aribert Heim. It Is just a 'no-brainer.'

Marambio met Fidel Castro in 1966 and later became the chief bodyguard of Chilean socialist President Salvador. An arrest warrant is now out for him on Corruption in CUBA by Fidel Castro on July 29 2011. Now even he has disappeared. POOF!

And let us not forget the Poet Pablo Neruda! He definitely knew Dr. Aribert Heim and the ending wasn't so good for him. Why? Because a few days after Allende's assassination he spoke out about the killing and he said it was not a suicide. Someone close to him shut him up quickly by giving him an injection of poison in his stomach while he was asleep in the hospital. Pablo Neruda called his assistant panicked and told him what had just happened. He was dead very soon after receving this poisonous injection. He should have just grabbed that plane that was waiting on the runway for him instead of a check-up at the hospital.

After all of these years Dr. Draper has now changed his testimony and he has introduced a Ghost doctor "Price" into the game. Why? Doctor Price does not exist in any hospital nor is there any physician named "Price" in the entire country of schooling. Why? Let me tell you why.

Dr. Price is a "CIA Spook Mercenary" and he is now being blamed for strolling into the hospital and giving Pablo Neruda the deadly injection. The judge has demanded that Dr. Draper have a sketch artist draw up the likeness of "Spook Assassin Doctor Price." My oh my is this sketch remarkable! Can I please just get off of this bad ride in hell?

President Salvador Allende had no idea that the friends that he surrounded himself with were not really friends but enemies of his. I wonder if he had a last glimpse of truth that this Nazi had betrayed him when he saw the armed men coming out of the closet to kill him? President Allende hadn't realized that he was being played and betrayed by a so called friend and He got the 'Judas kiss of death' now didn't he?

CIA & Pinochet



"His assassination was hushed up," Mr Neruda wrote in his memoirs three days after the coup. "He had to be machine-gunned because he would never have resigned from office."

Chile is investigating whether Pinochet's agents injected poisons into the stomach of famous Chilean poet. Neruda died 12 days after the military coup. Pinochet was working with the CIA as well. Is Dr. Patricio Guijon lying about the suicide because of the fear of watching others who were tortured and murdered and he was threatened of death if he didn't sell the 'sucide story?' OR is he lying because he ain't on the up and up either? I smell sulfur again!

Of course they would leave Dr. Patricio Guijon alive because he could "sell" the story and make it sound VERY believable to the family and the Chilean people. THE HOUDINI-SANTA CLAUS-CHARLES MANSON SCARY FAIRY DUST AT WORK AGAIN! I continue to question the true REASON why Patricio Guijon is lying. Which is it? Fear or Fake?

Dr. Draper has now changed his testimony as well. Now there is a "Ghost Doctor Price" and he can not be found anywhere in Chile's Hospital or College records. Why not? Because he is not a doctor at all. He is a CIA spook who dressed like a doctor and strolled into the clinic and gave Pablo Neruda the deadly injection after they assassinated Salvador Allende.

"No honor among thieves" is being played out before my very eyes.

There is a moral to this story...well actually many of them...but the BIGGEST one on this page and you are learning it from the BIG FISH who really didn't get away. You can't run from Christ ha! The moral? I will use the terminology of Twig and throw it out on the table.


And this is for the BIG FISH when I say...


This Will Always Be My Hand!


Big Reasons Why They Would Lie!


Why, for example, would Mr Allende's doctor lie about seeing the president commit suicide? And in the case of Mr Neruda, why is his personal assistant only talking now, more than 37 years after the event?

In 2009, six people were charged in connection with the death of Eduardo Frei, Mr Allende's predecessor as president.

Mr Frei went into hospital for routine surgery in 1981, at the height of Gen Pinochet's military rule, and never came out alive. His family believe he was poisoned with mustard gas. (Did he lose massive amounts of hair? Did his toenails fall off for no reason? Did he taste strong metalic flavors out of nowhere? just curious.)

In December 2010, the remains of Mr Allende's Interior Minister Jose Toha were exhumed as part of an investigation into his death in 1974.

The military said he committed suicide by hanging himself in a hospital wardrobe. His family believe he was murdered. (Did they send him a note telling him that he was going to hang by suicide also? Just curious.)

Nearly four decades after Chile's military coup, the graves of Santiago are starting to give up their secrets.


Killing & killing & more Killing

I had noticed the very same apparent theme of the majority of his stories... over and over, his stories were of killing...KILLING...KILLING! Every story he told was about how he had killed this soldier and then this one and how he did it...he seemed so delighted when he shared these things. Never any remorse, never anything but happiness and delight over killing another human being. I watched his striking grey bluish eyes-filled with happiness when he was far, far away remembering.

What did I know by watching his face, eyes and his extreme delight while recalling these things and sharing them? He was clearly a sadist.

He loved to give pain and he got pleasure from speaking about it. He was mean and he took great joy in reminiscing and he took great pleasure in killing and he took great pleasure rehashing and telling stories. I just got plain sick of listening to it. He seemed to have this fixation, obsession with killing and they played out in everyone of his stories. A sadist in every sense of the word.

Twig had disclosed to him one evening that when he was in the miltary, having shot and killed a man, later to find out it was a young boy that he had cried. This old man was disgusted with Twig and his tears.

"You cried? You cried?" he barked at Twig.

Twig was spoken to as a degenerate, some type of a loser for crying and having a soul. Twig hadn't fully comprehended at the time that this man who stood before him-didn't have a soul.

"Strange...this is kind of strange about him though," Twig stopped from rehashing one of his stories and had a surprised look on his face. "We were talking about combat in the military and I mentioned some things about the combat moves and he had no idea what I was talking about. How can you be in the United States of America's forces and not know the basic maneuvers of combat?" Twig sputtered his words with a baffled look on his face.

"He can't tell you the basic maneuvers of U.S. combat because he has never been in United States combat Twig," I barked back. "He knows much about killing though doesn't he?"

Twig just stared back at me computing what I was saying. "Did you notice that he is not your normal war veteran? Did you notice that there is not one thing in his garage, nothing but that Garand? No pins, no hats, nothing to show his military time? Nothing anywhere. Most guys from his era are proud of their service, they have hats and pins etc...he has nothing Twig."

I had asked him once if he hung out at the lodges, where most of our good old guys hang and he looked at me with such repulse, as if I had just insulted him horribly. I found this to be ironic because during my extensive research on him, I found that he has tricked more than just a few people on who he is and these stories of his! I was shocked to see it in print, he certainly is a man of trickery; loves attention, especially from the press.

"I can hardly imagine what people will think when they finally see the truth about who he really is," they will be utterly shocked of how easily they were fooled. They will be stunned and quite shaken up by it." Twig nodded his head, as I showed him the documents.

"People are coming to this person for questions on the war and they are just enthralled with his instant answers, inquiring if he is a medical doctor and he seems to know about killing here too ," I said shaking my head. "Unbelievable, just all of this. He comes up with the answers because he was there and he is a doctor! duh." My stomach crawled into a knot as I looked at the avatar that was once used, many years ago.

A pre-decapitated corpse with a nose cut off, eyes removed,bullet hole through its head and a razor clamp device around its neck; ready to have it's head removed from the corpse. "Just disgusting that people wouldn't have inquired why someone would use such a picture!"

I sat shaking my head, remembering how they had both giggled that weird cackle that day. I had asked them if they wanted a private e-mail address, they pretended as if they did not understand computers--lol-- and I told them to think of a name to use. She had said the name "CLINT" and they both had giggled. Ironically, this very name is the owner of this disgusting photograph which once used. "No coincidence that this is probably him also--fueling his narcisicm again."

"So sick and demented," I said to Twig, "He is a master at trickery and lies."

"Yes, very strange and weird," Twig said, "I havn't seen anything at all military on him, except some sticker on his vehicle and that can be bought." I nodded my head in agreement.

The last story he ever told me that ended with killing a supposed Chinese man, I looked at him in disgust.

"Why do all of your stories revolve around nothing but killing? How about a story that doesn't include killing someone-do you have one?"

He never replied back, he just stood there glaring at me with anger. I was taking away his pleasure and he despised me for it. He despised that little old me would speak up to him. This man had often made remarks thats "nobody would dare f*** with him and if they did they would pay."

Nazi don't like me very much



He called me into his garage one day, telling me he would fix my glasses. I hesitantly stepped inside, staring at the knife sharpener and cutting mechanism. He looked through his tools and pulled out a long pair of needle nose pliars, taking my glasses, he hunched over and began turning the long pliars. He constantly looked up at me and back down at the glasses, never saying a word. Again his eyes would raise up to my eyes, as he twisted and turned the pliars on the side of my glasses. Finally he stopped and he held out my glasses as he smiled at me.

I reached to take them and within that split second he had moved his arm back quickly and forcefully and jabbed the needle nose pliars at my stomach. He was simulating stabbing me! He was going to forcibly stab me? Oh did that piss me off to no end. I stared down at my stomach and the tip of those pointy pliars which were less than an inch from me. I turned my eyes back up at his and glared at him. He just snickered and pulled them away grinning.

I suppose he must have been disappointed that I did not say a word nor did I jump in fear as he was hoping. As I mentioned earlier in the story, I am a victim of domestic abuse so this stuff is old news to me. I don't have the normal reaction as others would have. After the fact I may have fear but I remain calm as it is happening and usually I will slap something or a finger right out of my face automatically. This time my response was quite different. He is an old man under an alias from the United States Government! Nobody has come to help us! What do I do?

At the time of this occurrence, I knew 'who' he was and I had thought of defending myself. I wanted to give him a blow to his nose, ramming it up into his brain and take him out of his sadistic misery. As quick as this thought entertained me, I stared down at the pliars near my stomach and a fleeting thought told me not to do it.

I killed a nice old man with a punch to his face? Would anyone believe who this is? Would anyone believe that he just tried to stab me and I was defending myself? Nope. My opinion of the justice system and what I have seen in my life told me so. I never said a word. I just stared him down and then silently walked out of his garage and back into my apartment. A feeling somewhere deep within my gut told me that he was well aware that I knew who he was and that I may have turned him in and oh yes, he was very, very angry.


On another day as I was sitting outside smoking on the landing, he walked up to me. He was holding a can of weed poison with a spray nozzle. He didn't say a word. He just looked down at me and brought the nozzle to my face and right between my eyes. He acted as if he would spray it in my eyes. Again I just gave him a poker player face.

I had a strong urge to slap the hose away from my face and get up and knock the sh** out of him but I did not. I gave him no reaction and no words. He is sadistic and the worst thing you can do with someone who is sadistic is to show them pain, show them any fear. Again, I showed him nothing but a blank face that day as I stared up into his eyes.

What was I thinking in my head at the time?

"You want to play a game of poker with me you f***ing Nazi?"

I was mad as hell that day but never showed it on my face. I will give this man no sadistic pleasure! Absolutely none!


Rose Bud & The CIA crazy Salad

Heim and his wife spoke about Rose Bud and Bay of Pigs and then giggled. What does rose bud mean?

Heim and his wife spoke about Rose Bud and Bay of Pigs and then giggled. What does rose bud mean?

The crazy salad of an SS Nazi and a female army spy named Hiedi and dead president and dead poets and the CIA's Houdini-Santa Claus-Charles Manson Boys Club. Enough to make your stomach turn.

The crazy salad of an SS Nazi and a female army spy named Hiedi and dead president and dead poets and the CIA's Houdini-Santa Claus-Charles Manson Boys Club. Enough to make your stomach turn.

Interpol Card

On two different occasions while visiting him, he began to brag-speaking of his friends in big places.

"If I ever need help all I got to do is call them-the big guys."

He walked off to his bedroom, only to come back with a card. He apparently was getting old and he had forgotten that he had already showed me once. The INTERPOL CARD-this was a personal card of someone apparently high up's name was printed on it. I did not have my glasses with me the first time and I could only make out the bold typed INTERPOL words.

I squinted desperately to see this Federal name that was printed on it but all the smaller words blurred together. I was aggravated that I hadn't kept them on my head as I usually do. It didn't matter much because he pulled it back quickly.

The second time I was prepared, as he came back from his room and handed me the card, forgetting that he had already shown it to me. As I pulled the glasses down from my hair, putting them on, he abruptly pulled it out of my hands and put it back into his shirt pocket a few seconds later.

I have seen such cards, not INTERPOL but Federal Marshal cards. It seemed authentic. It had something to do with the texture, the thickness and the quality of this card. It plain looked real to me.

"Is this guy in some witness protection program or something?" I asked Twig, trying to explain the hundreds of conflictual things that spewed from this man's mouth on a daily basis.

"It would certainly explain why he doesn't know where he was actually born, or the years he has been married and why he doesn't really know how long he has lived here in Montana," I said.

"Just strange."

Why the change Mr. Obama?



For Immediate Release December 17, 2009

Executive Order -- Amending Executive Order 12425

- - - - - - -

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 1 of the International Organizations Immunities Act (22 U.S.C. 288), and in order to extend the appropriate privileges, exemptions, and immunities to the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), it is hereby ordered that Executive Order 12425 of June 16, 1983, as amended, is further amended by deleting from the first sentence the words "except those provided by Section 2(c), Section 3, Section 4, Section 5, and Section 6 of that Act" and the semicolon that immediately precedes them.


December 16, 2009.


Obama administration officials say that the new executive order doesn't allow INTERPOL to do any more than they were allowed to do once Reagan recognized them as a public international organization. Though clearly the Executive Order does prohibit US law enforcement from searching and seizing INTERPOL records, officials say, those provisions can be waived by the president if need be.

Why is it suddenly necessary to have, within the Justice Department, a repository for stashing government files that will be beyond the scrutiny of Congress, Am

The Examiner has asked for but not yet received from the White House press office an explanation of why the president signed this executive order and who among his advisers was involved in the process leading to his doing so.

Unless the White House can provide credible reasons to think otherwise, it seems clear that Executive Order 12425's consequences could be far-reaching and disastrous. To cite only the most obvious example, giving Interpol free rein to act within this country could subject U.S. military, diplomatic, and intelligence personnel to the prospect of being taken into custody and hauled before the International Criminal Court as "war criminals."

As National Review Online Andy McCarthy put it, the White House must answer these questions: Why should we elevate an international police force above American law? Why would we immunize an international police force from the limitations that constrain the FBI and other American law-enforcement agencies? Read more of the above at the Washington Examiner.

Why is it suddenly necessary to have, within the Justice Department, a repository for stashing government files that will be beyond the scrutiny of Congress, American law enforcement, the media, and the American people?

I have an idea of why Obama quietly penned this in and immediately changed it.....coincidence? This man had an Interpol Card and now Obama goes and does this? Interpol has surely helped move this Nazi around quietly as well and they are complicit!


THE MOVIE "THE DEBT" produced in 2010 by John Maddon

I did find this movie very entertaining and full of little tiny truths. I also wondered if this was a movie about Danny Baz and the incredible lies that were spoken about Aribert Heim's death in California by a 3 man team of assassins. I did catch one thing in the movie....one of the people in the small circle of the Mossad team which claimed accolades and rewards for privately executing Heim...He committed suicide, jumping in front of a bus because he knew the truth had been exposed by a "LITTLE INTERNET STORY." Interesting. So was this a truth or a lie? Because I know for a fact that Baz and his team did not kill Aribert Heim, though Heim was living in California under an alias. Interesting little tid bits and a fun little movie to watch when your life is full of humdrum and boredom I suppose. :)

Yes! Cockroaches! All of them!


Bugs? No Way! You Think?

Twig and I often spoke about these things inside our apartment and I was quite vocal about it. Twig mentioned after too many times, "I would swear he has some type of bug in here and can hear what we say.

Every time we talk about something, he brings it up the very next day."

Yes, this was true, it seemed as if this man had a crystal ball. I still was having a hard time believing it, every time Twig would say this to me. I have to admit though, he did know things that we only discussed in private-it was very possible. He knew more than he should have and I know without a doubt that this old man knew that I could see him for 'who' he really was.

After only living there one week-I had realized who he was and I was taking great lengths in researching this situation. I was never one for history, I absolutely hated history in grade school, other than loving Anne Frank and reading her book and knowing about the Holocaust, I knew very little, so this was a great learning challenge for me, that and staying alive with my knowledge of who this was living in this building.

This old man had once bragged to me that he had a poison gas gun and after asking Twig about the weapons in WW2 I realized that he was not hip on this type of gun either.

"We have lots of different weapons, some guns that the United States people wouldn't even believe we have, so I am sure that they exist but not for your average soldiers," he stated matter of factly.

After a long evening of researching Nazi war criminals, weapons etc, the next morning he greeted us in the driveway. He began a conversation, yelling out to us in the driveway and strangely enough, he was talking about the very same things that we had just been speaking about and I had been researching the evening before.

"I want to show you a gun that you have never seen before." When asked, he said it was a poison gas gun. "One great thing about the Germans was that they had the best weapons." "This gas gun can kill you and no one would even know how you died."

(One great thing about the Germans? Buddy, you have a German last name--which means that you are German-and you would say "us Germans" right? Not "the Germans" interesting.)

I stood there glaring at him feeling that he was threatening me...us. Twig was another story though. He thought this guy was great at the time and he was completely fascinated by his 'attention getting' stories and his weapons--well he was fascinated until the happenings of this particular evening.

I had warned Twig and I had told him to be careful of him. Of course Twig never listened to common sense at times. He stood out there giggling with this monster, very excited to see this poison gas gun. I stood in the driveway aggravated beyond words.

As for bugs, yes now that I think about it, possibly and he may have heard Twig proudly say outloud one day, "I don't care if it is Aribert Heim, I wouldn't turn him in anyway...I like him...he's a cool guy and he's got great stories!"

If I ever wanted to smash someone in the mouth for a remark, this has to be it, better yet I wanted to send Twig out in the world to fend for his blind self, just for this one horrid remark and what it revealed about Twigs confused heart. If the man had bugs in the apartment than he surely felt that Twig was on his side in more ways than one.

Later that evening, my roommate went to the landlord's apartment and watched as he went to his bedroom and brought out a German military issued poison, gas gun and aiming it at him. Twig said that this was a real weapon and that he was shocked and scared that this crazy azzed man had it in his possession.

The worst thing that Twig could have done? Twig showed his fear. The old man pulled the rounds out of his pants pocket and placed one into Twig's hand. They were approximately the size of a .32 caliber, with no projectile and what appeared to be a "cardboard type cover of such on the end. When he was asked what kind of poison was inside, his response?

"Don't you worry about that."

Twig said that he had thoughts to keep one and show it to me but the old man plucked it back out of his hand, as quick as he had inquired what type of poison was in it.

During that evening he left the room with the poison gas gun and returned back from his bedroom with a 32 caliber snub nose and smiled. He walked through the room smiling and aiming this gun at Twig. He jabbed the pistol into Twig's side. Pulling it away from Twig's side and holding about four inches from his chest. He then popped out the clip which was fully loaded, turned it around smiling and handed the gun to Twig, letting him look at it, touch it and letting Twig put his fingerprints all over it.

Not a bright move for a registered violent offender for family member assault. And even a worse move when it came to his female room-mate who was receiving death threats by phone and e-mail at her apartment. I went through the roof when he told me what he had done!

"You are kidding me? Are you really that dumb?"

I was pissed to the max and I felt very betrayed by the very person whom I was trying to help. Twig continually jeopardized my safety.

("You're reality won't be the lovely little picture you think it will be---KIKE----death by suicide hanging--opening up sites with my name--sexual things--and a man calling--JACK--calling my home phone and saying he used to work for the FBI--trying to get me to go to the police station and file a report on stalking--when clearly nobody was stalking me....ONLY YOU FACELESS--GODLESS PEOPLE!)

"Do you know how easy it would be for me to be killed with that gun and then blame go on you? Do you think that they would believe YOU over a nice old man?" I glared at him with anger over his stupidity.

I wanted to call an officer over immediately but the thought that they wouldn't do anything scared the crap out of me. Than we would be stuck in an apartment with a more angry hidden Nazi with way too many weapons to count..even a poison gas gun.

"We will file a report when I find us a new apartment and we are safely out of here," I said, letting my gut and spirit guide me because all of these things were scaring me very much.

All I knew was that I wanted he police to come check this out, pick him up and put him in custody so that I could safely release the information of who I thought 'he really was. There was no way that I would release any of this information with him still living in the apartment and worse-had keys to my mine that he used continually.

He had now just threatened Twig, shoving a loaded gun up into him and he clearly owns a gun that is highly illegal-this should be enough to have someone investigate right? Nope. We stopped down to the police station the very day we left and moved the furniture in. The stations doors were locked. The cops didn't have time to talk much. They were standing outside enjoying 'Live After Five" as I stood there trying to tell them about this situation with the weapons.

"All of the police are too busy with an accident in the Heights, why don't you try back tomorrow and call this number first before coming down." The cop jotted down a Sergeant's phone number at the precinct and handed it to me. "Lovely," I thought.

Where does one get a German Poison Gas gun with chemical projectile bullets? Are these not illegal? I wonder what would happen if you or I were caught with one, better yet, aiming a loaded gun at someone and jabbing it into someone? Do you think that ATF or Bililngs Police department would care? They didn't when it came to him because we used that phone number and called the next day.

They wouldn't even allow us to file a report. On June 4th, 2009, Sergeant C said it was a "civil" case and giggled over the phone after listening to Twig explain the incidents.

"Sounds like the guy is off his rocker" he snickered back at Twig.

When is the last time that you told cops that you had a gun shoved up into you and they didn't do anything? Would they have done something if it was one of them? Would they have cared if it happened to their son or daughter? They were even told that he owned a poison gas gun and they refused to take a report, yep that's right not even allowed to file one.

I am either smelling sulphur or stupidity and I still am not sure...possibly both?

At a much later time, the young lady living next door to me stopped me in my footsteps with her words. I was shocked with what she whispered in the hallway that afternoon.

"He is creepy and I almost feel like he has bugs or cameras inside my apartment."

Now I must comment my friends but this is NOT a normal thing to feel within your own residence or dwelling. Call me crazy but when is the last time you felt that there were bugs in your own home and you were straight upgrade A citizens doing nothing illegal? And a better question...When is the last time you fully believed that your landlord was a Nazi? It was a first for me.

Throughout our stay, it just seemed as if he may have had some kind of listening device inside our home as crazy at that may sound. Twig believed it to be true from early on. Too many coincidences-hundreds of them and none leaning his way, even when I wanted just one to lean his way--just one.

Stranger that another neighbor in the very same building who I had only spoken to, probably speaking twenty words to in those four months living there, was saying the very same thing! She had the very same creepy feeling about him and what he may have placed inside our home.

Just odd and almost unbelievable to me! This young lady knew 'nothing' about the 'real situation' and she didn't have a clue on 'who' this was.

"Her ignorance will keep her safe," I thought as I closed the door that day.


Garage Cleaning

While cleaning out his garage I noticed the large German Garand with a bayonet hanging on the wall. "Hey, where did you get this? I inquired. His response was rude and standoffish.

"You don't need to know!" he barked.

I realized often that when I was getting to close, asking too many questions he got suspicious, very suspicious of me.

"You know that if Obama bans guns, they will take this from you don't you?"

He pierced my eyes with his cold steely glare and said defiantly, "Oh no Ghost whisper, they will never take my guns."

I had offered to clean his garage and sort for him, so that I may be able to use my garage, and mostly so I could get a good look at what he was storing inside. I went through the mess, putting them in boxes, sorting and placing labeling tape on each box, printing the contents of what was inside. I was told to stay away from one box on the right shelf, "leave it alone, don't touch it."

My curious mind wanted to look into that box strongly but I didn't dare. He and his wife kept coming out-popping in and I noticed how he kept looking over at this box. He was looking to see if I had gone into that box-a bigger reason not to.He was watching me like a hawk! I had an urge to put a label on it and write in big bold letters, "The important stuff."

"Twig, look at this," I said while handing him over a bill. "Argentina." A box with Argentina money in it. "Lovely," I thought. We all have boxes with Argentina money stuffed in them now don't we?

As I sorted the rags and tools and whatnot's moving things around I noticed liscense plates behind the drywall board.

"What the heck, I whispered to Twig," he has been here in Montana longer than what he has claimed. He had told us both that he had only been here a few years-another lie. He had also mentioned that these were his only vehicles in the state. Apparently he was lying because these were Montana Liscence plates but for different vehicles. Lies again. Nothing added up to his stories!

A picked up a huge old fashioned brown medicine bottle from the back of the garage on the floor-when I say huge, it was approximately almost 8" inches tall. The glass jar was over half full of some type of white powdery substance.

The old fashioned label was wrapped around it. I didn't have my glasses and I could not fully read the tiny print ..Hydroge? Hydro....xide? Chloride. Who knows. Twig said it was probably for cleaning guns and he took it and placed it back on the shelf. I was not quite sure but nodded my head. It was the blind leading the blind, as we stared at the bottle of chemicals in front of us that day.

"These are creepy, I don't like these," Twig laughed, handing over two little head sculptures, not realizing why I was giving my new landlord ten hours of free work cleaning.

I looked at these two strange sculptures of weird shaped heads, flipping them over to see that these were hand made by someone he knew, signed with an unreadable signature, although I could read the words Peru.

"Yeah, these are creepy," I said, swiping the dust off them and sitting them back on the shelf. "Just as creepy as he and his wife are."

There was ONE missing doctor at the Nuremberg trial and it was this man DR. Death Nazi Aribert Heim. They protected him.

There was ONE missing doctor at the Nuremberg trial and it was this man DR. Death Nazi Aribert Heim. They protected him.

I ran your license plate and it does not show up. There is a block on it. I did notice that you are not showing up deceased for almost two years? I also noticed that you have me attached as KIN. Keeping tabs on me are you. My eyes are on you as well.

I ran your license plate and it does not show up. There is a block on it. I did notice that you are not showing up deceased for almost two years? I also noticed that you have me attached as KIN. Keeping tabs on me are you. My eyes are on you as well.

Let us go to court. I am ready to roar!

Let us go to court. I am ready to roar!

Happy Birthday You LIAR & Coward

He told me over the phone while I was still living in Las Vegas that he was a World War 2 vet-also mentioned it to my room-mate after we moved in. Then later in person he said "I am a bit too young to be in WW2! Twig and I both looked at each other baffled. We both knew what he had told us prior and he was most certainly not too young to be in World War ll.

By the looks of him, he was 90 something, just by the way his skin hung off his face and neck and his wrinkles were incredible. He walked quite slow, head hunched over, never standing up straight.

"I bet he is about 6'1" or more if he stood up straight. He always walks with his head tucked in and a bit hunched over," Twig said.

"Could this man have been 6'4" in his youth?" I asked myself. After speaking with some physicians they undoubtedly reassured me what I had already known.

"It is normal for a body at the age of ninety-five to have lost height of three to four inches, 'bone shrinkage' is basically what it is."

Ironically, he continued to make a point of telling Twig and I that his birthday was coming up. Over and over he would tell us that his birthday was coming up and he would be eighty years old. He said it so often to us that you would think that he wanted us to buy him a present or something.

No. I think he continued to say it because he wanted us to believe that he was actually only Seventy-nine years old. I bought him a pretend birthday card anyway, just to appease him.Between you and I, this man does not look to be turning eighty years old in no sense of the word.

"If this man is turning eighty years old," I said in disbelief, "than I am surely seventeen years old, the Queen of Sheeba and a virgin."

You killed him off on paper AGAIN but he is not showing up dead. He does show up in West Point Colorado. A house paid off in cash 3 months after he was moved. interesting.

A Wicked Web of Deception

Can you read the name on her name tag?

Can you read the name on her name tag?

I loved the way somebody portrayed him on a cross. please! He is far from being on a cross...very far!

I loved the way somebody portrayed him on a cross. please! He is far from being on a cross...very far!


"Español" & his spy wife out of Monteray California

I wanted to know desperately if this man spoke any other languages than English. I had heard no specific accent from him nor any other language. Latin music blasted from their apartment at times and I found that a bit odd. He had spoken so often about living in South America, he seemed to love Latin music, so surely had to speak Spanish?

I invited a young lady and her boyfriend to come to my apartment on Easter day for dinner. She was from Argentina, her boyfriend. I also invited the landlord and his wife to come over also.I thought this was the best way to know if he did, in a way not to raise suspicion. She was semi-attractive and that seemed to woo him away from other things, she would certainly be able to get him talk the language with a bit of flirting. He was easily manipulated by the opposite sex. I know this because I am one damn sexy girl.

I never found out if he could speak any other language. Why?

They refused to let my friend and her boyfriend come over to my home for Easter. Yes, that's right. Can you imagine paying your rent and being told that you can not have people over to the very apartment you rent.

"_____, are you going to be coming inside soon?" The nasty little wife said to him one day outside the garage.

Twig stood there listening, completely stunned at how angry and worried she was.

"Do you need to talk to me now?" he replied.

"Tell Ghost whisper not to be inviting anyone over for Easter," she said meanly. Twig stood there in shock by her anger-seeing her in the 'real' light once again. She was seething.

"We don't know these people!" she yelled out, completely panicked by the thought of someone from Argentina coming over to my house. Needless to say they were not allowed over and I did not bother opening my door for them either. We both stayed in the house alone on Easter. Later I was told by this Argentina friend, "That is illegal, file a report." She was missing some pertinent things about this situation, a lot of information. A report would be filed but it wouldn't be to the housing authorities.

What was his wife so worried about by having someone from Argentina around? Why was she in a state of panic over this? What did she think that 'these people' as she called them would do to her? Talk her to death? She ruled the roost, she called the shots, she allowed him to talk and told him when to stop when he had said too much and now....she was ruling my roost- I didn't like it one bit. I think she was too worried that she wouldn't be able to control the situation if he started with his stories again.

Two of the photographs are here on this capsule. This Army woman out of Monterey California Army base looks just like broom Hilda his wife, as well as the photograph of them together. This military photo is only labeled Heidi LNU (last name unknown) Heidi as in Heid-camp?

What a stupid question to ask!


Would You Be Mad If Someone Hurt Her?

He and his wife were constantly inquiring if we had guns in our home. I often wondered if this is why he was looking through my items but I was always stopped short on saying possibly. Who keeps a gun in the under liner of a tiny purse? Or inside pillow stuffing? I found these questions to be very odd and I didn't understand why they kept sporadically asking.

Twig was chatting up a storm with my landlord when my deputy friend arrived. We were all talking and I noticed that my landlord was not the same person in front of him. He was not telling one of his farout stories nor bragging in any way. He was looking at this deputy with much distaste and hatred. I seen it and I could feel it. Strange. He apparently did not like police officers very much.

When I returned home alone a few hours later, Twig and the landlord were still talking at the table. Twig asked why I was back so early and I laughed out of disgust as I said, "He asks me out on a date and then made me pay for the date-tip and all. I won't be seeing him again. I want a giving person in my life this time."

The landlord took the opportunity to share, "I didn't like him anyway. You don't want to be connected or dating an "officer" anyway-nothing but cheaters." He talked as if he had pure disgust with any man in a police uniform. Frankly he had no respect and I was shocked by it. This deputy wasn't a cheater, he was a good man...just kind of a cheap man.

Twig said later that he seemed to have a crush on me and that was probably why he was saying that. I wasn't sure but his unnatural hatred and weird behavior having this deputy around was noticed by me, though it baffled me completely.

"He seemed to be concerned if we had guns in the house," Twig said, rehashing their long conversation to me and oh, he was also inquiring about you."

This man always seemed to want to know what was going on with me. He constantly asked Twig questions in regards to me. One day, very soon after our arrival he had asked Twig another question.

"You would be really mad if someone hurt Ghost whisper, wouldn't you?"

I remember the day Twig told me this. "He said what?" I stared over at him in disbelief of such a horrible and strange question to ask someone, especially not even knowing them for a week. It was more than just a weird question. I don't think that I have ever asked anyone that question, no matter how long that I have known them. Most people who have hearts, who are friends with someone would obviously be more than mad if someone they cared or loved was hurt by someone else.

"You don't think that's a freaking strange question to ask someone Twig?" I did and on some levels I found it quite repulsive. Now knowing that he is a sadist, should it surprise me? Nope.

"Well, yeah I do now....now that I think about it but at the time ...it just didn't occur to me."

"He is always asking if we have guns hidden in the house and asks if you would be really mad if someone hurt me and it doesn't occur to you that these are really weird questions?" I shook my head at Twig and his rocks... feeling the heebie jeebies coming on. He was an odd man to say the least and a tad bit scary by asking that question.

After I set my eyes on a picture of a "most wanted" Nazi very soon after this week passed by, I whispered to Twig, "Don't ever tell them yes or no when they inquire of us having guns again-make them wonder-do you hear me?" There was a big reason why.

Heidi LNU from Monterrey California Army.


Different Handwriting

I took out all of my handwritten rent receipts and I was amazed by what I saw. Not one of the signatures was the same. "How can this be Twig? You are that old and you don't have a similar way of signing your name each time?" Strange that all of his signatures were different. Each intial seemed to be different and it caught my eye-something about the little loop that he made also-that seemed to be the only thing consistent.

He had neglected to write his last name on one of the receipts and I asked Twig to take it to him and ask him to fully sign it. "You owe me," I said, giving Twig a sly smile. Twig grabbed the receipt and went to his door...he knew he owed me. ;)

"Why does she want me to sign this? It has my first name on it," he grunted at Twig.

"She is just thorough with her records and she said that it was not fully signed and she was uncomfortable with that," Twig spouted back at him.Twig returned back to the apartment with his last name signed on the receipt and yes, this one looked different also.

"You know what was kind a strange Ghost whisper? He just had this weird smile on his face while he was signing it."

"No I don't think that is strange at all Twig," I replied back. "I wouldn't expect anything less from him."

NSA (Snowden)NSA codenames =Italian Embassy (Vatican) + "Bruneau" (ProF. Breunau (Ex-Affiliate/NSA Latin America) and "Hemlock" (JG HemlocK


Remote Assistance from Where? After having this knowledge all of these years...wikileaks has released Vault 7 & the Hive! i know FIRST HAND WHAT THEY DO without

I set up my webcam surveillance over 50X and each time we left the house, the surviellence was shut off. I was never able to retrieve any of them. I was beginning to get very aggravated that he kept coming in, going through my things, leaving the doors unlocked at times. I just wanted to get him on camera so that I could take it to the police.

Each time Twig and I would return the web surviellence would be shut off. Sometimes it showed right up on the screen as canceled. Now you know if you are trying to hide a camera and you don't want them to see that it is on, you certainly don't leave the viewing monitor on the computer screen showing as they walk in to see themselves. It wouldn't be much of a hidden camera than would it? This is how the screen often was when we returned-openly viewing.

Both of us continued to become more and more angry. How did this stop? I would ask myself over and over. I would sit and start it again, dance around in the camera and leave it on for hours. I would finally stop it and save it and there it was. I could play it and see that the hours had gone by. I could never retrieve them at all when I returned after being gone.

One night, after again having this happen, I found on my recent history that a document was written into the cache of my mediaplayer/the web survillence was connected to it. As I looked at all of my settings again, as I often did because of these strange things happening, my remote control had been turned on and was being used on my computer, though I had all of this turned off!

Twig was better at computers than I was and he explained it to me, after seeing the cache history written document. "Ghostwhisper, it seems that someone is doing this remotely. They are shutting off your webcam and actually wiping out all traces." I sat there stunned, as always angry that ever attempt I made to capture him on camera was futile.

"He's got someone helping him that is really really smart with computers." I had to agree and they were one hundred steps ahead of me.


Ha Ha Ha GOD busted you both!


Who Was Paranoid You Say?

The day that I had taken pictures and sent out all the documentation things had taken a turn for the worse for Twig and I. They turned on us like dogs and became even more paranoid.

Twig mentioned on the Sunday of Memorial Day that a dark tinted windowed car was parked in front of the house, horizontally in front of the house. He had stepped outside onto the porch to smoke a cigarette, sat down and was puffing away for approximately five minutes when the car started up. He was shocked because he had though it sat empty. As it drove away he was even more stunned. It had no plates on it-none-in the back-on the window-none whatsoever.

"It returned back about five or so minutes later. I purposely stayed out there. It had no plates on the front either- and I could see absolutely nothing through the front window! No plates front or back and completely tinted windows are a no-no for the average American Citizen Ghost whisper," he boldly told me, as If I didn't know it already.

"It drove right through and left again."

"Twig, did you notice or hear anyone go to his apartment? Possibly someone was already visiting him and that car was waiting to pick up 'whomever' was inside?" I asked him quietly.

"You know, I didn't even think about it, I just went inside. I don't think like you."

I stared at him aggravated again. I really wanted to know who had paid my landlord a visit in that tinted windowed car with no plates.


From the day that car showed up and quickly disappeared, their behavior was completely different. They no longer drew their shades closed in the house, all night the blinds would stay open, the darkness was all you could see. Their bathroom window blind was now lifted and held in a position of about four inches up, enough to be able to peer out of.

When either Twig or I entered or left the home, they quickly opened their door about 3 inches and left it there until we closed our door. Always when we stood outside, their window would immediately, quietly pull open as if they were listening. "How creepy is this," I whispered to Twig one day as we stood outside lighting up. It continued throughout our stay but became even more intense after the tip went out.

Often they would stand at our door, as if they didn't know that they were there. One instance I heard him and just to let him know, I yanked the door open quickly and loudly. He was standing there staring at something in the hallway, as if that was what he had intended on doing. Another time she was there standing quietly listening. I gave her something to hear that day on purpose, something not so nice. She scurried away faster than any old person known to man.

I did find it strange that when either of them left the apartment and I was inside, the other would knock on the door before returning. "Why would you knock on your own door before re-entering your own dwelling." I had an idea of why, possibly to just to give the other comfort 'it's just me honey, no worries,' deal.

These people were completely acting paranoid after I sent out the documents and that unmarked car showed up that day. None of this behavior surprised me in the least. It was very much unsettling though, that I can tell you.

Chapter 17 Last chapter UNPUBLISHED until JUSTICE COMES!

Chapter 17 Last chapter UNPUBLISHED until JUSTICE COMES!

Someone sent this FISH HOOK to my home. It appears to have made many stops out of country, and in U.S. & then arrived at my front door. Yes. I like to fish for BIG FISH. SS Doctor Death :dr

Someone sent this FISH HOOK to my home. It appears to have made many stops out of country, and in U.S. & then arrived at my front door. Yes. I like to fish for BIG FISH. SS Doctor Death :dr

Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........


No Nazi Soup For Me!

I was shoveling the front driveway again and he had called from his window yelling out and inviting me in for soup. Oh...no thank you Dr. Death. I got to pass on your soup. He was always amazed at my energy. "Where do you get all this energy to work and do this? Aren't you tired? Have you always been this way? It's unbelievable to me."

Yes I have always had this energy. He had a great fascination with my energy. I have heard this constant question from others about my excessive energy for a lifetime and I answer the same way when people ask me why I have so much energy...

"I dunno, I just do."

Putting the shovel away, I made my way to his door as he stood there calling for me to come in....ugh, I had to go in. I sat down in my usual chair and they sat in theirs. She immediately got up and went into that damn closet again.

I felt uncomfortable because my back was always to this closet behind me. Constantly she would get up, every time I sat down and go into that closet and do absolutely nothing in there....move some bags around...weird I had thought. Twig had noticed it also when he was there.

"I wonder what is in that closet, honestly, they go into it every time I am up there," Twig said kind of spooked out by that. I had to agree with him. There was never a time that she didn't do it. I have no clue what she did in that closet or why but this time when she got up to go into it, I spun on my chair and watched her. No way is my back going to be turned to this lady.

It seemed she rattled some plastic bags inside and then glanced at me, noticing that I had shifted to watch her and she shut the door and sat back down. "So what other apartments do you own other than these two?" I boldly asked without putting a spin of finesse on it.

"Why do you want to know?" he looked angry and suspicious at me.

My mind said "oopsies" because I had been way too blunt but quickly said almost rudely back as if I was insulted by the way he was talking to me. "Because I was going to offer to drive over and shovel them for you, why?"

He stared at me and he looked as if he was puzzled on whether to believe me. I almost wanted to say, "Buddy, you keep saying you own so much property...so what is the big deal? You brag about everything under the sun but not this? Why?"

There were only two things that this man would never speak about, even when enticed. What?

Sports and medicine.

I thought about this often. I have been trained in a field which tells us that the things that people "don't or won't" talk about, this is most often where their secrets and problems lay. When Twig was speaking about his eye surgery coming up the only ONE thing he did say to him and I find it filled with twisted humor of the most repulsive irony.

"Watch out for them doctors, they just like to cut you open for no reason."


  • (16) The Cowards & Corruption Among Us
    I have no problem accusing you in court, regardless of your fake identification. YOU ARE EXACTLY WHO I SAY YOU ARE! SS NAZI DR DEATH ARIBERT HEIM, NOT DEAD IN A PAUPERS GRAVE! and I am not dead yet :)

Follow the Pattern


All Glory to Jesus!

As you guided me and placed this photograph in front of my eyes today--you saw me stand up and dance around and scream with delight by you-this photograph that you promised me last summer--and YES I heard exactly what you were telling me today... and I KNEW and heard you LOUD AND CLEAR...."IT IS ON GOD's TIME...not yours." (Gotcha--over and out ha!:) JESUS IS AMAZING! JUST AMAZING!!!!!

The Ignition of a Flame

Nazi's Hidden Among Us

Many of you who are reading this may be quite confused by this story. I had written this on the instructions of God for His own perfect will and His own perfect appointed time. It has been seven years that I have been waiting for God to fulfill what He told me that He would fulfill. God does not lie and He always is faithful. Seven years of a walk in this fire with only God to protect me and guide me.

I have numbered the stories by chapters. Start from the beginning and read chapter to chapter and do not skip around or you will miss what God is showing you. It will allow you an understanding, a basic foundation of me, my life, my spiritual experiences with God, the demons and the devil. I pray that God allows you to grasp the full profound spiritual meaning of my story and how this all happened and where it started! This is the first part of my testimony of the Living God, Jesus Christ. It started with a prayer to God and it was activated in the spiritual and manifested in the physical.

Due to many, many things involved in this story, Politics-corruption-Nazi's and of course ...good versus evil...you will see my series in many categories. I am not quite sure where to put them due to so many variants. I will scatter them as if they are leaves on a windy day-hoping that the very lucky will get a chance to view "History in the making" and above all..to witness God's justice...prophetic and a warning to all who have not called upon Jesus as Messiah.

May God bless you!

© 2010 JG the IGNITER


Sharon Rosenhahn on December 21, 2018:

Scary part is there is truly nothing we can do. We can be easily eliminated and it would be made to look like natural causes. Since the beginning there were the strong rulers and the workers. We are the workers and easily replace. Be careful Sis.

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