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Embracing the F-Word

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!



We aren’t discussing it, in fact, we are pretending it’s not even a thing!

Most of the media tells us that it is not a thing...not a real thing, certainly nothing to be held on to or cherished.

The left laughs and mocks, promising us so much more, so much better, if we can just move on from those old, antiquated ideas of freedom and liberty, the free market/enterprise, individuality.....

The Democratic Party obviously doesn't value it. In fact, they are working harder than ever to promote the complete opposite of what it represents. When is the last time you heard a prominent Democrat mention freedom?

I'll wait here for your response.

So many of us, here in the United States of America don’t even realize that it is in jeopardy, because it has been taken for granted for so long, leaving us open and receptive to a dangerous and deadly progression, which should be avoided like the plague!

This endangered precious thing should be treated as such, something which must be protected and all costs!

We should not be so willing to surrender it, because the dazed and confused say we should? Just like that, on a whim, with the snap of the finger, we undo everything which makes us the United States of America?

I don't think so ~


Our Rights; Granted by God, Not Gov

Yes freedom; precious, beautiful, sought out, fought for, freedom.

We are a beacon of freedom, here in the United States of America, we have been, since our inception.

We don't just talk about having freedom.

We don't have to wish, hope, pray it, into a reality.

It is truth, it's our reality!

Our rights, granted by God, acted upon through words, actions and documentation of our Founding Fathers, by design, to stand the test of time.

Fortunately and so far, we haven't had to mount horses or bring out the old school dark ages torture weaponry in order to win it back from tyrants.

Our predecessors so bravely and unselfishly fought that fight, for us!

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We aren't having to fight to win it back, but we sure as heck seem to be willing to give it up and give it away; to turn our rights, our freedom...over to others.

Maybe we should stock up on some old weaponry, just in case the left is any more successful than they've already been in infringing upon our rights.

The entire Democratic Party speaks of nothing else, but what they are ready, willing and able, to do for us and give to us, as if God in all his wisdom and all that has been done by and through God's grace, falls short.... but for them!

They're encouraging criminal behavior, by telling those not living within our borders to just step on in and either step on or over others that have come before them. Those whom did things the right way, waited their turn, planned, prepared and came here for all of the right reasons; freedom and opportunity, but not at the expense of anyone else.

They are encouraging the younger generation to do the same, to step on or over, those who came before. Those who couldn’t afford college, didn't receive the college scholarships, but still wanted to attend. So they worked and scraped and saved, put off marriage, starting a family, took classes at night in order to work during the day, whatever was required of them. They've worked hard to pay off their debt and for their raises and their promotions...and they are insulted, each and every time, the Democratic Party pushes for less qualified individuals to start out on the same level, they've worked and scraped for. It is beyond insulting...when the Democratic Party promises to pay off the debt of those same less qualified individuals!

But with the woke left..they've all said it in one way or another, at one time or another; don't work to pay your way through school, take out the loans, go into debt and they, your fairy godfathers and godmothers, will be there waiting on the other side, to make that debt....poof - disappear!

As if we haven't been hearing about their "freebies" for decades, they, the Democrats, want to give us all free healthcare, free college, free daycare and on and on it goes.

If you'll just turn in your freedom card and turn everything over to them, your Government, they'll make your worries, aches and pains, your debt and your premiums...poof - disappear!

They will make your dreams come true!

Gods and gifts

Here of late, I've been reminded of the story of Elijah and Baal...and then, wouldn't you just know it, the Preacher, of all things, preached on it, in church Sunday.

This suggests to me, I've no choice, but to include it:

On one hand, we have the ever faithful, obedient Elijah, he who knew who had the answers, who held the key. On the other hand, we have Baal, the cool god, the gifts god, Santa-god, you could say.

People swarmed to him in droves, because of what they had convinced themselves.....he was going to do for them!

He would make it rain!

He'd see to it that it would rain, their crops would grow and as a result, they would prosper.

Until the day, the not so popular Elijah threw down the gauntlet.

The God of creation, of Abraham and Elijah, up against their 'Santa-god'.

As we remember from our Sunday School days, it was no contest.

  • 1 Kings 18:25-39

The Democratic contenders are attempting to be the coolest of the cool; all things to all people, they will give to make life easier and simpler, asking only for your freedom in return.

Can anyone reading this, in all honesty, look at all of these promises made, gifts offered, debt forgiveness mantra, etc. and not see that their precious freedom is at stake?

Looking to others to see you through life, because they've convinced you, you aren't good enough, you can't do it on your own, you need them.

You must be beholden to them!

You are to hang on to their every word and every promise and if the crops don't come, if you don’t prosper, give it another season and then another, just keep believing in and relying on...them!

No to false prophets and fake promises

No thank you, I choose freedom; I choose to take my chances with a free market system. It may let me down at times, but far more often, it works for me, for all of us.

I so cherish this great Republic...which shouldn't be so difficult to hold on to!

I will look to God, not Gov, for my needs.

I don't want a handout.

I don't want what it is you're promising me, in order for you to have power and control over me.

I've been warned of the likes of you, my entire life!

It's high time we start reflecting on just what it is that we have here and stop taking it for granted.

We must stop with this eagerness to give it all up so easily to failed policies, false prophets and fake promises.

Freedom baby, precious freedom!

~ God Bless these United States of America

Freedom Hymn

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on October 21, 2019:

Hi again and thanks again KathyH.

Amen sista!! Freedom precious freedom. Do lefties honestly think they can offer something better? I think not!!

KathyH from Waukesha, Wisconsin on October 21, 2019:

Excellent article! We have to keep fighting for our freedom, or God forbid... lose it. I believe we're entering into what some have called a "soft Civil War"... whatever that term means! I just know that I want to continue to have a free country for our children and for our grandchildren - no matter what the treasonous left has "planned" for the country, and no matter what lying, cheating, treasonous ways they'll use to try to take it from us.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 21, 2019:

Thank you Pop, I hope all is well with you....other than having to deal with the "treasonous stupidity of the left." :) Just breathe!

breakfastpop on August 21, 2019:

Great article. Frankly, that other F word came to mind. I use it quite often in reaction to the treasonous stupidity of the left.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 20, 2019:

Thank you Tim, you've made my day!

Amen, I wish the same for you and yours.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on August 20, 2019:

Youraised them right, Ab. They have a good Mom. Thank you for your wonderful and dead-on article. May you have a peaceful and freedom filled day.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 20, 2019:

I have written my share of faith, family and fun articles, I guess it was high time for a freedom one! ;)

It was so funny Tim, I was driving my son to the airport and mentioned the title I was thinking about....without hesitation, he said, "oh, for freedom."

I told him, they know me too well.

Thanks Tim, good to hear from you.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on August 20, 2019:

Ah, shucks, AB! I thought you were going to write about: family, faith, fun, or even Fox. lol. (I knew you would not write about anything except the things that matter, which includes most of those f's, too.) This is great. The big f-word that these people are totally screwed up about.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 20, 2019:

You’re right, I should have included it.

I had to be very careful about the clip I used from ‘Braveheart’, that movie is on the gory side, but the fight for freedom is never pretty.

Shannon Henry from Texas on August 19, 2019:

Where's your Lee Greenwood video?

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 19, 2019:

Oh the f- word of my article is so much more valuable, than that other over-used ugly word, which if some people didn’t know it, had never learned it...they’d never be able to put more than two words together at one time.

The pledge and the anthem still give me goosebumps, to this day, it never gets old.

Shannon Henry from Texas on August 19, 2019:

Oh, Angie......Here I was thinking that you were ready to embrace THAT OTHER 'F' word and chuck it all in the air right back at them. By them, I mean the extremists.

On the other hand, there are plenty of 'f' words that come to mind. Freedom is not one that seems to be in high demand these days. Today was the first day of school and I got caught in the office because they lost my youngest in the system somehow and he had no teacher and. . ..long, boring story short, I was there when they did the pledge of allegiance. it always strikes me how awkward I always feel doing that. I don't really know why. Maybe because it's so uncommon that everyone stops and does the pledge. Go to any sports event and you can see that it isn't as common as it used to be for everyone to automatically put their hand on their heart when the anthem is sung. It's really sad that those are the thoughts that go through my mind when saying the pledge. . . . Well, that and they do the pledge of allegiance to Texas immediately after the pledge to the U.S. and I don't know the words to that because I didn't grow up here. Talk about awkward. Texas! It's its own world sometimes.

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 19, 2019:

Mission accomplished Shannon, I got your attention. ;)

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 19, 2019:

Thank you Paula!

I have seen the movie, but it has been a while, I will have to search it out.

Shannon Henry from Texas on August 19, 2019:

What a title. LOL.....It caught my attention.....And even though I don't have time to read right this second, I had to see what 'F' word you meant. Because I know you'd never embrace the one that first came to mind. I'll be back later to read!

Suzie from Carson City on August 19, 2019:

What perfect timing, Angie, my friend! Freedom is a precious right and we are so blessed and grateful for it.. Today, I took a "lazy day" and chose to watch a movie. Please, let me tell you, not knowing what the movie was about, I chose "Not Without My Daughter" (Sally Field)....I did not move a muscle...barely able to breathe. I was horrified, frightened and filled with total anxiety! You may be familiar with it. If not....if you decide to see it, prepare yourself.

Nothing could magnify the immense privilege of our many freedoms here in our wonderful country, more than the stark reality & horror of this movie!! (At least the very ending gave me some relief but the movie itself shook me to my core!! )

Another stellar article, Angie!

A B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on August 19, 2019:

Hi Betty, yes I have seen and I have heard, but thanks for sharing the links for those who have not.

Also, I did see that you've published another article, I plan to catch up on my reading tonight.

Thanks for reading, I know you get it.

Betty A F from Florida on August 19, 2019:

Great article A B Williams,

This past week I saw a video of tens of thousands of people marching in Hong Kong waving the American flag as they marched and they sang the American National Anthem.

They are marching against communism, while these ridiculous American young people are marching to bring the USA into communism.

Sometimes listening to the democrats and their voters is like watching an episode of the Twilight Zone.

Here's a link to the video:

I don't want the free handouts either! As far as "Healthcare for all," goes, last month I closely watched a story about a young man in France who was involved in an accident which resulted in him becoming a quadriplegic. They have a socialistic healthcare system.

Their government sponsored healthcare system decided that he should stop being fed and given water, and lose his life. His parents fought in court to keep him alive.

He cried as his parents told him that they had lost the legal battle, and he learned that he was sentenced to death for no crime.

He died about a week later.

If you haven't seen the story, here's a link to an article about it.

Communistic Socialism is tyrannical.

Very good article, you nailed it!

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