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It's Not My Fault! The Lack Of Personal Responsibility In America Today

Updated June 6, 2016

And again today I read another story about how something that happened to someone wasn't their fault, that they aren't violent, that what they did wasn't bad it was just, um "action". Read on and be incensed.

A Stanford student found guilty of sexually assaulting an intoxicated unconscious woman has had his father come out and say that what his son did wasn't really rape it was "20 minutes of action" that will now ruin his life. His poor son can't eat all the yummy snacks he used to enjoy and only eats to survive; he is no longer happy go lucky and the fact that he now has to register as a sexual offender will alter where he lives, visits and works for the rest of his life.

Boo hoo, cry me a river you spoiled ass brat. Another "affluenza" victim of their own actions who doesn't believe what they did was a crime. When will we wake up and hold these people accountable for their actions?


Today I read a story of a 9 year old child, shot dead in Ferguson, Missouri. This innocent little girl was doing her homework, seated on her mother's bed one block from West Florissant Avenue. Her mother was seated with her and was injured in the leg by the shooter.

This occurred Tuesday, yet I have not seen any outrage by the press or the town; no "Black Lives Matter" protesters picketing the streets, drawing focus on this shooting. No sit ins, no walks, no marches to fuel the fire on the loss of an innocent.


Why does the community scream bloody murder when a man with a gun is shot dead by police? Why do they cry murderer when a thug fresh from a crime is shot dead by the ones who are charged with the protection of the community at large? Why is this child not front page news, not the leading story on the 6:00 News?

Is it because she died at the hands of someone other than a police officer? Is it because she was innocent? Is it because she didn't matter? Tell me Ferguson Missouri citizens. Tell me news crews covering the "riots" in this fair city.

I want to know. I demand to know why this child's life doesn't matter as much as Michael Brown's. I demand to know why she isn't being treasured by you like other "young black men" who are shot while defying the law by law enforcement. Is it because one of your own shot and killed her? Is this person one who you are protesting for, who you value above this precious child who was filled with expectations of life, of learning, of love? Does this person deserve your effort more than she?

Shame on you, citizens of Ferguson! Shame on you for not holding yourselves, your own accountable for her death! You should be ashamed to continue to riot, to protest, to cry "Black Lives Matter!" when obviously you mean "Black Criminals Lives Matter More Than Little Black Girls Lives!".

I am ashamed for you. If you truly believe that screaming against the police, defending those who break the law, protecting criminals will net you anything while at the same time you devalue this innocent girl's life you deserve whatever punishment you receive; be it at the hands of those criminals who break into your home and kill your family or when the police appear at your door with a warrant to arrest you and your family.

You deserve it. She didn't.

So we should just ignore this behavior...

So we should just ignore this behavior...

A black teenager is shot dead during a burglary in Texas. Police are being questioned as to why he was shot. After all, he was unarmed at the time. But according to the officers there was an altercation which means only one thing: he refused to do what he was instructed to to do by the officers. How can this be? He is an innocent young boy; not a danger to himself or others, right?

But he was witnessed on video jumping up and down on the windshields of cars on the car lot; then he broke into a car dealership by driving an SUV through a showroom window before being shot. The dealership's security system notified police because he set off their alarms at the dealership.

But it's not his fault. After all, just because he had been arrested before but because he completed his community service we can't hold him accountable for his previous crime, so he shouldn't have been shot for this one. After all, he was a football star and high school graduate. We should have given him a pass, right?

An excerpt comment from online regarding this case

What follows are not my words, they are an individual's comment regarding this case and an outlook on what is occurring in our country. Like it or not, these are the thoughts.

"So here is the scenario. This black 'beloved sports hero, college sports star, church going kid, who would never harm anyone and would never do a single thing against the law' is caught on camera damaging cars in a dealership after breaking a plate glass window to get inside the dealership and the police are sent to stop the man. He wouldn't hurt a fly right? He's just in there looking at buying a car right? The bully policemen just don't see it that way.

The policeman confronts him. How would the policeman even know the black guy is still in the dealership if he didn't go inside but never mind common sense, the guy advances at the policeman the policeman reacts and shoots the guy.

But wait, this guy is black. He has authority to be wherever he wants to be right? He has 'civil rights' that go beyond the rest of the other races purview, he has civil rights. He can pillage, rob, break into any business he wants to, damage cars at that business because he's black.

No one has the right or duty to stop him. And the police Chief? Hey, he doesn't want a race riot in his town, so let the black guy do whatever he wants to do and don't do the job you were sent to do which was to stop an idiot from damaging a businessman's goods. Instead, fire the policeman, charge him and keep telling everyone that the policeman's training was wrong. Why he should have noticed this guy was BLACK. Had he been WHITE, now that would have been a different story. Then the policeman would have been doing his job RIGHT by killing someone who was advancing on him menacingly.

It has become the job of police chiefs all over America to fear the backlash of anyone in their charge to make sure they only kill white people. And if by chance you do shoot a black man no matter what the hell he's doing, you better find another job and quickly, and get a good lawyer because your Chief isn't going to back you, he's going to fire you and then charge you to keep down any protests and riots by black activists."

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On the evening of the anniversary of Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, he of the ultimate he's unarmed, he's just a boy "victim" profile, another young black man was shot by police. The situation was a bit different this time around, although the outcry by the community may not be any different.

During the relatively quiet protest going on in Ferguson, shots rang out behind the crowd. The police acted quickly, as there were multiple shots, ranging from 40 to 60 depending on the account. Police and State Troopers were on site at the time and an SUV with detectives in it drove towards the shots. They came under fire by this young man and all four detectives returned fire, ultimately putting him on the ground. At present, he is in critical and unstable condition in the hospital.

But again, it won't be his fault. Those evil police had no business shooting this poor black boy. It wasn't his fault he shot at them; no, couldn't be his fault. Just ask his father.

The father of the man shot by police in Ferguson told The Associated Press that two girls who were with his son told him the 18-year-old was unarmed. They said he had been drawn into a dispute involving two groups of young people and was "running for his life" after the gunfire broke out. He said his son was a close friend of Michael Brown and was in Ferguson on Sunday night to pay respects.

"My son was running to the police to ask for help, and he was shot," Harris said. "It's all a bunch of lies ... They're making my son look like a criminal."

But the four police officers who shot him tell a different story. A story where the man ran from them, shooting their vehicle. They even have the vehicle to prove it, complete with bullet holes. The girls who were with him tell a story where the man was trying to sell a stolen flat screen TV to another person. They argued over the price: the seller wanted $40 the buyer was willing to pay $20. A situation arose out of this and shots were reportedly fired. This is when the police enter into the scene and as the groups scattered the man who was shot was chased, shots fired repeatedly until he was cornered while continuing to shoot at the police who then fired more shots until he was on the ground.

But the father refuses to believe his son was at fault. Regardless of his criminal activity both before this night and during the protest. Can't be his fault. No, no way. Not possible.

Junior Seau, whose very name was pronounced "Say-Ow" played professional football with a passion. An aggressive linebacker who did his best to cause those he tackled to "Say Ow" died May 9, 2012 of a self inflicted gunshot to his chest. This past weekend he was remembered during the Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction in Canton, Ohio. He was not there to accept his due by the football community because he was unable to cope with a society outside the lines of the field which led to his suicide. A wrongful death suit is pending against the NFL, the company he earned his living with because, although he was never diagnosed with a concussion, he evidently had suffered some during his career.

Now his children are suing the NFL, saying it is their fault he is dead, their fault he suffered the concussions, their fault he killed himself. It can't be his fault, no that can't be. I do not mean to be harsh in my thoughts but I am saying that no one demanded he play, no one held a gun to his head after he retired once then came back to play another three years. HE WANTED TO PLAY!!! He chose his profession, he understood that he might be injured, he took the chances. He made literally millions of dollars playing a game. Surely those millions should have allowed him to walk away from this violent game and enjoy a life of leisure, of travel, of pleasure without ever having to step on "the field of battle" again, right? But no, he was most likely dragged kicking and screaming back to the field, forced to make even more money that he would never be able to spend had he lived to a hundred and endure more injuries.

Then, after he retired he found he couldn't cope with a reality away from the violent sport he had played. There is talk of concussions, of a possibility that he had a chronic brain damage which has been known to occur in football players. But because he had no record of any brain damage nothing is known for sure. However, I personally feel that he had a chance to walk away from the game and live a different life, one of leisure and he had the wherewithal to do whatever he desired. He was very wealthy from playing the game. Who can say what drove him to suicide? He was an insomniac, he took prescription medicines for this disorder that much is known. Beyond that...

Junior Seau

Junior Seau

I loved watching Seau play football because he played it with a zest, a love for competition. But it was his choice; he was not made to take the chances, perform the hits, tackle with every fiber of his being on every play. How can the league be held accountable for actions he voluntarily undertook on the field? If you look back over the years there have been multiple bordering on many instances where a player has been in poor shape at the end of their career. Knees completely shot, hips damaged beyond repair. Players confined to wheelchairs in some instances. But the one fact remains: these people chose to play the game. They were paid, often fabulous amounts of money to play a game. The fact that they injured themselves while playing or after retirement the injuries crept up on them and caused them further pain has to be on them. Not the league, right?

People, we are not children who have to be told fire is hot; who have to be reminded that the law is the law; who are unable to understand right from wrong. We should know better! We are accountable for our actions!

I have to wonder: is this truly his dream?

I have to wonder: is this truly his dream?

I have read online in multiple conversations that we have a nation of blacks that are demanding respect; demanding respect from whites and from Government. The general comments along this line decry those same blacks saying you don't demand respect, you command it of yourself. To me, the only way to get respect is to first own your own behavior; begin to respect yourself; and only then can you ask for respect from others by earning it. Words do not get you respect. Demands do not get you respect. Deeds get you respect, and the deeds which are attributed to this group of individuals, the thugs and protesters are those of criminals. I am sorry, but the only place I know of in America today where this type of action gets one respect is in prison and that is through fear. If the protesters in Ferguson are trying to intimidate the country into giving them fear, they are sorely mistaken. If the black community at large are trying to intimidate the country into giving them respect, they will be shocked into reality when their actions net them more actions against them.

People, whether intentionally or not we have become a nation of weaklings through political correctness, through having blinders on to the rest of humanity, through ignorance of others plight. We have allowed our Government to create an entire class of people whose sole purpose is to get the politicians elected. Minorities without jobs, living on the Government subsidies has created a subculture that breeds more people who continue to expect to live on that subsidy. They are not held accountable, they do not have to work, they do not desire to work in some cases. They exist for the sole reason of living to elect their leaders thereby continuing their poor existence.

They say they do not have opportunities to advance, then protest and burn the businesses that service them in their communities. They cry that the police are killing their children then send these children out to deal drugs, join gangs, loot, rape, pillage the neighboring entities. They bewail that Whitey is out to get them, then attack others who have done them no harm. Statistics show there are far more black on black murders than black men killed by white police, yet there is never an outcry over that. Why?

They say it's not their fault, yet they do nothing to halt the terror in their own communities. They refuse to say no to the drug crimes in their midst, say no to teaching their children a different way, say no turning in a criminal in their own family or group of friends. Until they police themselves, stand up and be counted as productive members of society they will not be able to understand why they are being treated as they are.

Meanwhile, in South Carolina another unarmed teenage young man was shot and killed by police. Haven't heard about this one? A drug bust gone wrong, a police officer approaching the car when the young man accelerated towards the officer. Shots fired in defense and another dead youth.


Yes, this one was white. Is there a reason you haven't heard about his one? Same type of incident with a police officer approaching, demanding the person accept what is occurring and be compliant. Their refusal for whatever reason, attacking the officer who then shoots to halt the threat. Another young man lost. No public outcry, at least nowhere near what these other cases have had. Another set of parents grieving for their lost son while demanding an answer to the question of why. Why did their son have to be shot and killed? Answer the question yourself: because he refused to follow the law. He chose this course of action by refusing to not do drugs and as a result was in a bad place at the wrong time. An officer caught him, instructions to stand down were refused and an attempt on the officer's life resulted in the shots being fired. Perhaps you, the parents, should shoulder the blame to some degree for not holding your son accountable and learning the lessons all who desire to be a part of society have to learn: we are under an obligation to work together, follow the law and do no harm. If we choose to ignore those simple little rules we are accountable for our actions.

How damn simple is that?

Does anyone else notice there seems to be a lack of taking responsibility for one's choices today? That fewer and fewer are actually accepting the reaction that comes with their action? Sir Isaac Newton figured that out, oh some four or five hundred years ago didn't he? I would have thought more people would have been aware of that in the intervening centuries, wouldn't you?

If you perform an action, there will be a reaction. If you push a swinging door, it will swing back. If you shoot at the police, they will shoot back. If you break into a business, the police will come to get you. If you resist, they will force you into submission. How hard is it to understand? If you break the law, you will be held accountable.

When did it become acceptable to remove one's self from the actions they perform voluntarily, on purpose, with thought and/or malice and eliminate themselves from all blame? How does a group of individuals think it is acceptable to celebrate a criminal's death, a death that occurred while he was doing something illegal, something that put him in direct confrontation with the law? Why is this person not condemned by his peers, his family, his city? Put him up as an example of how not to act rather than glorifying him as a "lost little boy", one who was murdered while he was innocently skipping home from church.

When will the masses patrol themselves and remove those who cause harm to them rather than protect them, celebrate them? If they are unable to join humanity then perhaps the time has come for them to separate from humanity.

Maybe those movies Escape From New York and Escape From LA weren't too far off after all. Ironically Escape From New York was filmed primarily in St. Louis.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


ATL 1934 on August 30, 2015:

Black skin would probably make most white men look like a tough SOB. I think Alan Harper on the show Two and a half men would benefit from having black skin. As well as Napoleon Dynamite or Richard Simmons.

brian on August 29, 2015:

Mitt Romney should have used undercover black men to help get black votes. Republicans in general. Take a few country music stars undercover as black to get their black listeners to increase. Hockey players ditto. Black people respond to color. Black skin equals money.

Mr Archer (author) from Missouri on August 28, 2015:

Food for thought Brian. Thank you. And y2j thank you as well.

y2j on August 28, 2015:

I think it would help if the police were black! I agree.

brian on August 28, 2015:

Robert Downey Jr, Rachel Doezel and John Howard Griffin showed the world it may be possible for a white person to live as a black person. This is good news for the white man. Here is why.

a black boss can get more productivity out of black employees.

A black teacher can get more out of black students.

even Ray Charles can see the police would benefit from being black.

I think they should take white bosses, white teachers and white cops and have them go undercover as black and have them try to get more out of disgruntled black people.

reasons why I want to change my appearance to black.

1. Makes you look stronger and more masculine.

2. Makes you look younger.

3. Gives you much more flexibility on what you can and can not say.

4. Gives you more sex appeal. Young women dig the black man.

5. Good for protection. Reduces your chances of getting robbed.

6. Less likely to get fired for something petty. Makes you less of a target.

7. Easier to makes friends with opposite race. A black person living in a white majority area is going to have a much easier time then vise versa.

8. I think overall black males are treated better and are much more protected in America than white males.

I hope they invent a dark chocolate tan. My eyes are brown. I just need to shave my head and paint my skin black.

Mr Archer (author) from Missouri on August 18, 2015:

Mary, thank you. And thank you for the prayer: indeed, God help us all. Take care, Ma'am.

Mary Craig from New York on August 18, 2015:

It's obvious you've pointed out the problem...responsibility. Time to take responsibility for our actions, whether we're white or black. If you're wrong, you're wrong.

God help us all.

Voted up, useful, awesome, and interesting.

Mr Archer (author) from Missouri on August 15, 2015:

Thank you Kevin. I am glad you found this worth your time to read and to comment on. Have a great day Sir.

Kevin Goodwin on August 15, 2015:

Very well written on a difficult subject to write it.

Mr Archer (author) from Missouri on August 14, 2015:

Ann, I laughed at your comment "Duh!". Thanks for the chuckle this morning! And thank you for the share!!

Mary, The Golden Rule seems to be A) no longer taught or lived by in certain quarters or B) no longer golden. How sad. Thanks for stopping to read and comment, you have a great day!

Mary Hyatt from Florida on August 14, 2015:

I could get on my soap box and rant and rave about this subject till I'm blue in the face, but it all comes down to people who no longer live by the Golden Rule.

A lot of food for thought here.

Ann Carr from SW England on August 14, 2015:

PS: Found the share button! It seems I hadn't opened out my screen enough - not as though it's not big enough, I just didn't realise. Duh!!!

We can't all be bright, eh?! Anyway, have now shared this.


Ann Carr from SW England on August 14, 2015:

We have to keep on pushing our point of view, we have to educate the little ones, teach by example but I must admit I do think it's an uphill struggle.

Still no share button on anyone's hubs! Have HubPages messed about with it again?


Mr Archer (author) from Missouri on August 13, 2015:

Thank you Ann. It astounds me the number of I have come into contact with who are exactly as you describe. This moral compass does begin at home and is has been sadly lacking in more and more cases. Those of us who are capable of this type of thinking, this being responsible are becoming outnumbered and that makes our days numbered. I was not aware this was a problem across the pond but now realize it must be basically world wide. What are we to do?

Ann Carr from SW England on August 13, 2015:

Well, you've hit the nail on the head. It's not just in America, of course. It's here in Britain where we have a similar problem. Often, a white or a black, of any persuasion, will not accept responsibility for his or her actions and the parents won't accept that their child could be to blame. It's long been the case that parents expect school to educate their children in morals and in discipline - excuse me! Teachers are there to support those things but their primary role is to educate pupils on other subjects, the wider picture, the world and its places, peoples and events.

Responsibility begins at home; you can't blame everything that goes wrong on someone else. If people don't realise that, there's no hope for any of us. The law and the law enforcers have become political pawns. Why are governments so scared of the race card?

Great hub, great point, great message, Mike.


PS Don't know what's happened to the 'share' button but I'll try to get back to do it later. It's absent on a few hubs.

Mr Archer (author) from Missouri on August 13, 2015:

Bill, rarity is exactly what you say it is. It angers me when so many refuse to work together yet expect us to take care of them no matter what. No. No more. The time has come to trim the fat and call it like it is: if you aren't part of the solution you are part of the problem and the time has come to eliminate the problem in any means necessary.

graceinus, how very true. I have long felt that if a defense attorney is going to defend those scumbags then they should share the blame and the sentence. If they go to jail, you go. If a judge releases someone for a violent crime, or a parole board or psychologist releases them and another crime occurs they are guilty by association for the crime and as such share the blame. Whatever the sentence they share it.

Brad, than you once more. Bill, grace and Brad have a wonderful day and spread the word: we are fed up! The time has come to find the solution whatever it may be, and for sure it won't be politically correct.

Brad on August 12, 2015:

Mr Archer

I am glad that you enjoyed it.

graceinus from those of the Ekklesia on August 12, 2015:

In our criminal court system the criminal has the right to plea not guilty even if they know they are. The problem lies within the court system where the guilty can lie in court with a not guilty plea and get away with lying in the court. The court allows the guilty to lie, knowingly, with a not guilty plea. The defence lawyer my know his or her client is guilty as sins but can not reveal this information in the court of law. He/she may have to defind the client knowing full well the client may be guilty. So you ask what ever happen to personal accountability? A defence lawyer will plea not guilty on behalf of a client in many cases with the full knowledge his client is guilty as sin. When was the last time you heard a criminal was allowed to stand up in a court of law at the start of a trial and say; Your Honor, I'm guilty. I take full accountablity or responsibility for my actions. The defence Lawyer will point the blame or push the blame of wroung doing on everything else except his client.. Part of the problem is within the court system, the guilty is never allowed personal accountability and to admit he or she is wrong even if they wanted too.

If thugs and criminal do not have to take personal accountability in a court of law (because their right not to incriminate themselves must be protected) and admit when their wrong, then why should they have to anywhere else. If you ask me, the system somehow seem broken.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on August 12, 2015:

It's pretty much all been said. I don't recognize this country. This is just one aspect that drives me crazy. Excuses, finger-pointing, on and on it goes. You know the definition of "rarity" is? Someone who will admit to making a mistake. My God, when will people quit blaming others for their own actions? I just don't understand it, Mike.

Mr Archer (author) from Missouri on August 12, 2015:

I wrote a hub on exactly that: Insert you demographic here American. We are, have been and will continue to be America first and foremost and if we cannot do that we are doomed to splinter into ever smaller portions of a once great nation. soon to be swept up by another nation who doesn't care what color our skin is, what our previous nationality was, or what we are crying about. The media has forced this situation on the rest of us and until we hold them accountable they will continue to do so. We are still a majority, we Americans and its time we started behaving like it. Enough with the special groups, minorities, offshoots of a people calling the shots because they squeal the loudest.

Thank you for a well written comment on this thought Brad; I enjoyed it immensely.

Brad on August 12, 2015:

Are individual black people representatives of the entire race of black people. TV shows make a joke, when they have a white person ask a black person is they know some celebrity black person. Yet, this joke is the core of the problem.

When a black person confronts a police officer creating a criminal situation are we to assume that all black people would do the same thing as the individual? Of course not, people are individuals and they should be treated as individuals, not an icon for their race.

We have a two term black president, so more than half the voters are not racist.

Black will never be treated equally as long as they hide behind the crutch of the Race Card.

It is the exception rather than the rule where blacks are singled out by racists.

All police departments, and police officers are not trained the same, nor do they have uniform policies, no more so than colleges and college students get the same quality of education across the country.

Equality is a myth, there is a pecking order in all humans. Sometimes it is the culture, sometimes the society, sometime the religion, and other forms control against people. Not all white people are equal, women are still fighting for equality, and the list goes on.

My next door neighbor is black in a predominantly white neighborhood. They were actually there before us over fifteen years ago. My point is that they fit into the neighborhood and their color was not an issue. The neighbors call them by their names, and not the black family.

Would we fit into a predominantly black neighborhood the same way? Probably not.

I my viewpoint, American should come before anything else.

It is not Irish, African, Mexican or any other that should precede the word American.

American with Irish heritage, and not Irish American.

Putting American first smacks of equality, doesn't it.

Mr Archer (author) from Missouri on August 12, 2015:

Thank you Cheyenne. This one was hard to write without coming across too critical, but in the end I still feel it is critical on those who cannot follow the law. I hate to break up America into a smaller group of factions but what else do we do? A reasonably large group of individuals seem intent on causing harm, then being found innocent of that harm. The rules and laws should not apply to them only to others. I don't understand it. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on August 12, 2015:

The 19 year old football player who was shot in Texas made the news here in Central Florida. The kid was drunk, jumped up and down on a car, smashed it's window and crawled inside. At that point he was warned twice. Then he got in his Jeep and crashed through the showroom window. Oh - the kid was drunk, so he broke more than one law while on his maniacal rampage.

Funny, but the white boy being killed didn't make the news here. Why is that? Is there some kind of control over the media? Who's implementing that control? It seems quite apparent, doesn't it?

We are all accountable for our actions, no matter the outcome and no matter how much it hurts to lose a loved one who has traveled down a dangerous path.

When will the rest of the world get that through their heads?

Excellent article, Mike.!

Mr Archer (author) from Missouri on August 12, 2015:

Maggs, I agree completely. While it seems as though it is predominantly a color issue it is far from it. Across the spectrum, people are refusing to admit fault in themselves, choosing to blame others. It is becoming a epidemic and we need to stop, look, and listen to ourselves then make a change. Thank you for the comment and enjoy your day. Mike

maggs224 from Sunny Spain on August 12, 2015:

I agree that these days we are increasingly wanting someone else to take the blame for our shortcommings.

Though I feel that this is not a black and white issue where it is only black people who are blaming others. Plenty of white people are doing this too they are blaming their parents, abuse, bullying etc.

I am not denying that these things can and do effect us because clearly they do. But there has to come a point in our lives when we take responsibility for our own actions. Political correctness has a lot to answer for.

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