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It Is Time to Leave the Comfort Zone

Jan has studied social science for many years. He is interested in providing solutions based on his experience.

It's time to look for possibilities and take us through the tough times.

It's time to look for possibilities and take us through the tough times.

It Is Time For Creativity

Never in modern times has pure creativity been such an important skill. With the all more hostile situation in the world, the focus on finding creative solutions to create a better tomorrow for yourself and your loved ones should be an absolute priority.

Currently, we have to deal with the financial and climate crisis. As if it was not enough, the war in Ukraine and other military conflicts in the world is making our lives much more unpredictable than what would be ideal.

How To Tackle Energy Crisis

Let's be honest. Energy Crisis is affecting people over the whole world. If you are living in Europe, which is probably the most affected continent since Russia attacked Ukraine, you are currently preparing for what could be a very tough and cold winter.

As the energy prices continue rising upwards without much hope for a decrease in the nearest future, the worries are not unrationalized. The solution is simple yet everything but not a very comfortable one.

If you are not rich enough to afford higher bills, it is time to prepare for some energy savings. The easiest method will involve putting on more clothes and thus reduce the warmth needed. A much tougher one for some individuals would be to exercise more to raise body temperature and reduce the need for warmer temperatures inside your home. These two are simple yet effective solutions to tackle the energy crisis.

How To Tackle Financial Crisis

This one goes hand in hand with the one about energy saving. The bad news is that energy is not the only thing that will cost you more money than before. Yes, I am talking about the rising prices of food.

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It is pretty clear to most of us that consuming food is something we all need to do to feel good and function, so making radical savings here will not be an option. But let's face the fact that a lot of us consume much more food than what is healthy. In other words, I am willing to put my positive glasses on and see opportunities here.

Obesity is a spread issue, killing a massive amount of people every single year. Could increasing food prices be beneficial? I choose to believe so. If you're not rich, you'll start to think about what food you're buying and how much you buy.

It may feel uncomfortable, especially in the beginning, but if we learn to be more reasonable, it could benefit us long-term in ways we never imagined. Eating less may help you with your health as well as with your self-esteem. If it has been hard to discipline yourself when it comes to buying food, well, higher prices may be the solution.

More Walking, Less Driving

This one is tough. Especially for me, as I love to drive cars. But most of us know and understand that cars can be expensive liabilities. The costs include fuel, repairs, insurance, et cetera. If you live outside the city, having a vehicle is, of course, a necessity. However, if you live in town, there are a few excuses left to use.

Instead of driving, take a walk to work, school, shop, event, or whatever else you need or want to attend. Besides saving money, you will develop better health and get in shape that will benefit you long-term.

And, if you live in the countryside, you can plan your driving routines a little wiser, so that you can save a little bit of money. Remember, even small steps can have significant results and reduce your worries.


Whether we are heading towards dark times is very difficult to answer. There have been, without a doubt, worse periods in our history. On the other hand, the situation worsened quite rapidly in the last few years, and there are no signs that we should get out of it anytime soon.

Whether it will be even worse or get better is out of our hands. What's not is the response to the problem. As long as you are prepared to leave your comfort zone, then you will do just fine. If not, then you will have to face a struggle or two.

© 2022 Jan Stepan

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