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It Is Not Just the Threat but How We React To It

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It Is Not Just the Threat but How We React To It

The supposed cure for something can, in some cases, be as bad as the disease, so where have we heard this before, Covid19 of course. The reaction by municipalities according to some was and could be as devastating as the virus itself; the lockdowns the mandates and so on. We as a society have to react to a deadly virus, but how we react can make a difference in the outcome, however, so this is something we all must think about.

The Idea of over Reacting is Real

If you are of a certain generation and you had ever mentioned to Grandma that you had a scratchy throat, what’s the first thing she reached for? That’s right she went to the pantry or cupboard for the castor oil.

You learned quickly not to mention your ailments after a dose of the cure-all that all grandmothers had at the time. You learned how to react, it didn’t change the fact that you had the sniffles or a sore throat, but Grandma was convinced after the first dose you would never get sick again, she reacted, you reacted and everyone was happy and convinced they had solved the problem for themselves. Not that easy of course and facts do matter, as well as, the severity of the situation.

If you are even an occasional watcher of the nightly news programs on cable and your local networks, you may believe we are on the brink of a nuclear war with North Korea, Russia, Iran, and maybe a few other countries that have evolved from throwing rocks and sticks to black powder rifles to automatic weapons in the last few years.

We as a Country are always on the Brink, but maybe this time Things are Different, or are they

The last decade brought us social media, and from that, we now have citizen journalists, bloggers who chime in on everything under the sun, their opinions are the only ones that count in their minds. If they say it, well it must be true, because, they are convinced they are the smartest in the room. It doesn’t matter if they are the only ones in the room. You can do and say practically anything from the comfort of your own home, or the basement of your dear old Grandma and her castor oil as the case may be.

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We can chime in on Twitter, Facebook, and instant this and that with a stroke of a key at any time of the day or night, and hundreds, if not thousands of followers wait with bated breath for words of wisdom, and facts it seems don’t count when their preferred oracle speaks. There are several websites and platforms where anyone can say anything, and the facts, well who pays attention to facts when you agree with the rhetoric.

The facts are, there are some countries and individuals that would like to see the United States become a third world country that is beholding to everyone else, and some even wish we didn’t exist at all. Yes, some countries call for the death of us all here. What stops this from happening, however, self-preservation for one thing?

If they attack, we, of course, would attack, or in some cases, if we decided they were a credible threat we may conduct a pre-emptive attack and we would win of course, and then there are financial sanctions and some other sanctions we could levy.

Once we deal aggressively with a threat, anyone else that had any ideas may change them, unless of course the ruler of a country is certifiably nuts, which may be the case, or may not be. The North Korean ruler appears unstable, but suicidal, however? Well, it seems he likes his imported cheeses, booze, and other delicacies, not to mention he craves the adoration of those suffering under his regime. He loves things that simply cannot be found at the local grocer there in Pyongyang, so he reaches out to the world in the only way he knows how. He doesn’t seem suicidal, just crazy, and crazy is bad for us, and the world.

President Theodore Roosevelt had some ideas about foreign policy and he is quoted as saying “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick”. President Roosevelt later went on to say “The exercise of intelligent forethought and decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis is needed.” In other words, deal with the problem before it gets out of hand.

If North Korea does manage to mount a nuclear warhead on an ICBM, does anyone doubt that at some point the country would use it? Keep in mind an ICBM can reach the United States. Do we, or have we, exercised intelligent forethought, and how far in advance shall we do this, and how long can we wait before acting.

It is our reaction that gets the world in a tizzy. Will we, and can we deal with it before a missile is launched because once that happens whether it strikes the United States or not, the game has changed, and the world has changed?

We will go into a defensive posture to some extent here in the United States, and our world will change. It will be our reaction to the problem that either gives other countries and terrorist organizations the will to continue on their current path or will convince them that they will be obliterated if they continue the status quo.


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