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Israel's Deal With The Iranian Devil

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My initial reaction is OMG. What is the Biden administration thinking? That they can trust the foes of Russia and Iran in a deal to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb???

Apparently so. Up until now, the involved nations have been holding secret talks about America's "Plan B. This is a backup plan should the current attempts to get Iran back to the negotiation table on the nuclear enrichment program that they have long flipped a finger towards. When Trump walked out of the deal, it freed Iran and their enrichment now is fast approaching enough material for their first nuclear bomb. Biden has tried to lure the Iranians back with no success.

Israel's position has been that they could never accept Iran as a " nuclear threshold" nation, meaning, a nation on the verge of getting a bomb. They still are opposed to allowing Iran obtain a nuclear bomb and continue to devise plans to thwart it.

Plan B is just a plan soaked in naivety on the part of Biden. Biden has said he could never trust Russia or Iran, yet, the secret talks in Switzerland, he has blind faith.

Plan B is simply that, if agreed to, Israel will recognize Iran as a nuclear threshold nation in exchange for assurances that Russia and the USA will NOT allow Iran to actually enrich enough uranium to make their first nuclear bomb. Russia would guarantee that Iran would abide the agreement and enforce it. The Israeli PM is due to meet with Putin on Oct. 22nd regarding this and if all parties are in agreement, a formal signing would include the EU and China (who recently signed a deal to buy most of Iran's oil) in November.

This deal is like allowing a "fox guard a chicken coop". It is insanely stupid because it will not prevent Iran from enrichment of uranium. Russia is not going to punish Iran should they obtain a bomb. It is all semantics. What difference does it make if Israel announces they recognize Iran as a nuclear threshold nation but don't actually have a bomb - yet. As for Biden, a declared man that has said he would never trust Iran or Russia, proves is just another hypercritical politician that will do anything to get a deal. Trump was no better.

It is the "false" peace the Bible talks about in the End Times, a false sense of security in the Middle East that will fail and then start another war. By that time, Israel will have made their plans to disarm Iran and use military force to do it, which will spiral to include the USA and Russia, maybe as foes.

This IS a deal made with the devil.

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