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Islamophobia Is a Global Phenomenon!

The author is a student of a University and also a news reporter.

The number of Muslims in the world is about 200 million. Muslims are progressive in the fast-growing populations. In the European cities, the tendency of the Muslim population and political-economic activities, the trends that the Western political analysts have predicted that in the next few decades, Muslim leadership will be established in different countries of Europe. Many popular and influential leaders of Europe have advised the people to adapt to Islam on the question of Muslim leadership in Europe.

The world-famous survey company Pew Research Center has shown in a report in 2018-19, in 2070, the world's population image. It has been said that after the next 50 years, the world Muslims will be captured. According to the US report, In terms of population, most people in the world will be followers of Islam.


The information given by Pew Research Center says 2010 to 2050, in this 30 years, the Muslim population will be 73 percent, which will increase from 1.6 billion to 2.8 billion. 10 percent of the total population of Europe will be Muslim.

But the problem is in another place. Islam increases abundance in the world. Even then, why does Islamophobia mostly increasing day by day? If you need the answer in a word, I will say, because Islam itself does not have any religion or custom, it is fundamentally independent and a completely different social system and the carrier of civilization, this is probably the cause of the current Islamophobia.

That is, in the contemporary world, in the Muslim world and other countries, Islam and other religions or the ongoing conflicts of other religions or ideals do not only fall in the level of behavioral or cultural contradiction; this conflict with Islam is a conflict of civilization; Especially with western civilization and it is inevitable.

Currently, I can see the triumph of America and Western European culture in the whole world; Even in the areas where they were not leased, such as China civilization, they also raised Western ideology; Or there is no fundamental difference between America, Russia, or North Korea, although they are different from Western culture. That is, in this way, there are almost many other regions of the world, but there is no mechanism of these religions or cultures that can prevent American and West European cultural aggression. The main reason is that to remain low on the world of these religions or the spread of ideas, or only custom structure exists.

In this case, Western culture only will see the problem intensely with only Islam. Not Islamic fundamentalism, but Solid Islam Because they are fundamentally contrary to each other.

Now, since other religions are loyal to Western civilization; As a result, this civilization and Islam, in the fight against these two survivors, a large part of them indirectly took place against Islam; Which is actually a natural reaction.

Some basic differences are we can see -

— Islam is a believable structure made of some basic rules, so that this life system is fully determined by God, and it is better than any other civilization created by human beings, whether it is Greek-Roman or West European civilization. On the other hand, Western civilization considered itself better, and whose words they spread all over the world during their colonial period, and are still influential, through their military power and media.

— The primary position of Western civilization was made in the combination of Greek Paganism and Christian culture; And the place later occupied Darwinism, secularism, Liberalism, and democracy. These ingredients are conflicted with Islamic civilization whether their Alternative Elements in Islam are the Quran-Hadith-Ijma-Fiqh-Shura Structure-Khilafah-Shariah law-etc these are better than western culture as Muslim's thoughts.

— From the beginning of Islamic history to 1924, Islam in a large part of the world was ever considered as partially winning and growing civilization; On the other hand, Western civilization is currently reaching its peaks, Muslims can understand the weak position due to their strength and dominance; As a result, Western laws occupy the place of ruling provisions of Islam, and Muslim countries are also driven by Western values at social and state level.

Economic benefit behind Islamophobia:

Islamophobia is an extreme political tool to Western leaders. So I did not discuss it today. Political leaders are achieving their political points using Islamophobia in Christians, Hindus, or Jewish countries. But the most amazing is that - Islamophobia, in the eye of imperialists, as far as politics is more than economic. In their eyes, it is only a tool to plunder and weapons of the arms trade, but as a result, it is constantly increasing the unrest in the world, and the new levels of new dimensions, and the right ways, hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

Many delighted that when the Muslims died or there is any corrosion-loss; many were happy, many people supported them if anyone fought against Muslims. When the "propaganda" is preached repeatedly more and more, it is acceptable to everyone; this was the theory of Goebbels. And the audience simplifies this greatness of this world, some of the "Based Media", in an analysis of Islam and Middle Eastern news in the United States-based media, They make 94.12% news "Anti-Islamic Sentiments" for provocation. The viewers will think of Islam as a religion of terrorism as normal. Islamophobia is a simple way to support war, looting, and genocide by creating fear against Islam.


Islamophobia is a multi-million doller industry!

Islamophobia is a multi-million dollar industry. A study by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (Cair) and the University of California shows that from 2008 to 2013, only US spend 200 million US dollars to spread Islamophobia. Center for American Progress transparently highlighted detailed information about different organizations and donors related to the Islamophobic industry. Surprisingly it is just a factor of the American Islamophobic Industry, but it may be very unknown that how this image can be around the world.


As a result of investing in the US about Islamophobia, there has been a horrific effect on the public. According to CNN's information, only in 2014-15, the "Hate Crime" in the US has increased by 67%, 253% in Canada, 40% in London. The same condition in other countries of western countries including Germany, Australia, China. Al-Jazeera has shown that about 74 organizations are behind the US Islamophobolobic industry and their pet media.

After 9/11, Islamophobia has risen to 250%, only due to wearing hijab, 69% of Muslim women in the developed world are discriminated, due to being Muslim, the possibility of unemployment is more than 29%! These statistics have been made on those countries that teach everyone non-communalism, equality, and social justice throughout the world!

Now let's come to the Islamic extremist militants. Militantism is undoubtedly a terrorist inhuman and anti-humanitarian way of humanity. Not only in Islam but no religion of the world also does not support militancy. However, some self-proclaimed humanists of the world support militancy. They are the creators of these militant organizations, they are weapons suppliers and economic doners. Although the US monsters announced the "fight against terrorism", but after all, they supply the Syrian rebels with different types of 40,000 weapons and ammunition. Russia has taken responsibility to provide arms to the Taliban. Russia, China, and Eastern European countries by arms to the IS militants. Al-Nusra, al-Qaeda also have been supported by them.


6 October 2016. On this day, UK-based news agency “Independent” has published a piece of responding news whose title was, "US Government Spent Over $500 millions On Fake Al-Qaeda Propaganda Videos That Track The Pentagon Hired a UK-Based PR Firm To Produce and Disseminate Videos During The IRAQ WAR" !! It is said in the report that during the war in Iraq, the United States provides a London-based PR (Public Relation) Farm to spread Fake Propaganda against Al-Qaeda and provides about $ 540 million for this! (today's Bangladeshi money– 45 billion or more than that)

This information came out an investigative report of the "The Bureau of Investigative Journalism". A journalist named "Abigail Fielding-Smith" published this report based on various documents. In this report, an interview of a video manufacturer named Bell Pottinger of the PR firm was published. In this interview, Bell Pottinger said that during the time, he constructed al-Qaeda Fake video for the PR firm, which is shown in the video that Al-Qaeda's militants hosted US citizens and threatened to kill. Some parts of this video are contained in the United States and some parts are contained in the desert in Iraq.


Not only such a video, the US Army regularly paid money to the Iraqi media to hide the destruction of Iraq attacks, and the news that was published in those media wrote the US troops. Los Angeles Times revealed another report in 2005.

There are chemical weapons in Iraq, based on this fake theory, US soldiers attacked Iraq, and later it was further strengthened. About 24 lakh people have lost their lives in Iraq aggression. And at the end of the war, it was reported that Iraq was not a sign of a massive weapon! Unnecessary 24 lakh people lost their life. Iraq aggression's main purpose was to plunder Iraq's oil resources.

Islamophobia is an accessible tool for world control. Oil resources are being looted by creating war situations through Islamophobia. 75% of the world's mineral oil reserves are in Muslim-dominated countries, and in America reserves only 2% of oil. In the control of the petrodollar economy, those who control the oil resources throughout the world, the world is under his control. During the war, the economy of arms trade increased and after the war, illegal control over natural resources are available. As much as political-economic is more economic to Islamophobia imperialists. In their eyes, it is only a tool to plunder and weapons of the arms trade, but as a result, it is constantly increasing the unrest in the world. But on the other hand, hundreds of thousands of innocent people laid down their lives.


Islamophobia in India

More than 90 percent of the people of the world are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus. Though the followers of these three religions except Hindus were able to recognize their religion as the state religion for their majority, but only major Hindu state India was independent in the world in front of the promise of secularism. For this reason, the number of Muslims in India is more than the Muslim population of Pakistan or Bangladesh, but the number of Muslims in India is more than the Muslim population of Pakistan and Bangladesh. The number of Muslims in India is more than any country in the majority of the OIC, more than any country in any state. Muslim's sacrifice and blood donation in the anti-British colonial freedom struggle in the condition of India's people are not less than Hindus. The number of freedom fighter martyrs in India gate is more the number of Muslims than Hindu. And in India's development progress and becoming regional state power is never less the Muslim's contribution than the Hindus. In every point like science, science research, nuclear weapons project, film, industry-literature, music, painting, there is no scope for Muslims to scatter the contribution. Muslim rulers have been able to win the Indian society gradually divided into groups of Indian society gradually established India under a single greater political-economic, administrative system under Delhi and Mughal Sultanate. The history of the peaceful coexistence of India's Hindu-Muslims is a thousand years. During the Muslim rule, communal riots in India are very rare. After the arrival of the British and Europeans, the plot of British colonization was occupied by the British colony, the first origin of Hindu-Muslim hostility, non-confidence, and discrimination.

Before the partition, in 1946, in the city of Calcutta, there was rationality of bi-state and bi-state-centric solutions due to the horrific, bloody Hindu-Muslim riots in the city of Calcutta. This hatred and hostility of Hindu Muslims in Indian society were mainly created to achieve the goals of the "divide and rule" of the British. British colonial energy took away the state's power of India from Muslims. They never forgot, and the Muslims of India did never accept English.

For this reason, Muslims have been damaged political-economically, in just one and a half centuries, Muslims become disadvantaged in the backward-backed nation from India's rich and advanced nation. By launching permanent settlement and the zamindari system, the ownership of the land was released on Hindu zamindars and increased the economic discrimination of Muslims against Hindus. As well as the British did not abstain from the plot of religious consciousness and ethnic unity in India.

In recent history, a British commander named TE Lawrence attacked the Hijaz Railway after wearing Arabic cloth, following Arabic language and culture by mixing many Arab tribes. As a result, more than hundreds of the Turkish army were dead. No one can forget this history. The pure consciousness of the Muslims against Western and regional imperialism and supremacy was much more compromised and strong, The colonial ruler and Zionist conspiracies against the Islamic education and consciousness of Muslims were active in such an action plan, but is still active. However, the activities of the fanatic group brought more damage to Islam and Muslims by misinterpreting jihad. In the subcontinent and global politics, the symbols of conspiracy and voices were spoken against the teachings of jihad in the Qur'an at the special time of world politics. Jihad's message in the Qur'an has not been suddenly emerged. After the Qur'an was revealed fourteen hundred years ago, al-Qur'an has worked as a light of peaceful coordination with sympathy, generosity, sacrifice, and all religions of all religions.

Babri mosque

Babri mosque

Twenty-five decades ago, the 'Ram Ka Nam' documentary film was demonstrated by the international filmmaker Anandya Patbardhyan of India at the international little film festival held in Dhaka. There, there have been astonishing, how the fierce Hindutva has broken the people in the society and politics, breaking the 600-year-old Babri Mosque and organized people to build Ram temple there. Millions of people from all over the country have joined Ayodhya by handing sword weapons etc...

At the beginning of the film, the background explanation of Babri Mosque and Ram's birthplace was presented. It has been said that the construction of the Babri Mosque ended in 1528. 50 years later, Tulsi Das wrote the book "Ramterit Mans". The first people of India came to know about the birth and birthplace of Hindu Lord Ram. Until the nineteenth century, many Ram temples in Ayodhya has been established and many places in these temples claimed that Ram's birthplace. But the British colonists spread Ram's temple in the place of Ram in Babri Mosque to enhance the Hindu-Muslim dispute and to prolong the Indian rule easier and prolonged. This is how the Babri Mosque-Ram Temple debate started. In the next 500 years of this story of Tulsi Das, there was no debate on Babri Mosque. After two years of independence, the first extremist Hindus in 1949, established Rama temple in Babri Mosque, along with the law shelter, and issued the stability there. For forty years, the incident of the Hindu-Muslim conflict with Babri Mosque and Rama temple and used to use the Hindu-Muslim conflict as a tool for voting politics. The Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi was banned in America for Muslim genocide and the construction of Rama temple in Ayodhya.

50 years after the built of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, Goswami Tulsi Das wrote that if there was a place mosque on Rama temple, there must have been in any chapter or role. In a historical narrative in the history of India, there is no story of building the mosque on a temple in the historical description. The debate of Rama's birth and existence is not yet appointed. Nepal's state religion was Hinduism as the only state of the world until a while. Nepal's Prime minister KP Sharma Oli claimed that Hindu Lord Rama was born in Nepal. In the investigation of the Babri Mosque Demolition case, it has been said that to prevent extremist Hindus, the administration did not try any effort, the police played the role of a silent audience.


No it's not finished yet, there are more. RSS has brought out the new topic of Islamophobia. Recently, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said a word called 'Vast Difference'. But what is the meaning of 'vast difference'? Muslims give birth more and more. It complains is one of the oldest complaints. After independence, the allegation in India first took the state in 1951 in the state of Assam.

But the new topic has come again in front of this. In 2019, the state elections again in Assam, and the BJP won again. And now the Chief Minister of this year, Bishwa Sharma, said, "Muslims give birth to empty children." So, in that word, Anandabazar published an article whose heading was, 'The ruling BJP government is going to bring the army to control the population. Chief Minister Bishwa Sharma himself announced that in the assembly. But in Lower Assam, where the people of the Muslim community live, this population control campaign will be conducted. But there was no evidence of Mr. Sharma's pronouncement.

In the last few months, the Chief Minister has overthrown them from nearly six thousand acres of legal Muslim citizens of Assam. Many innocent people have been killed, you may have seen that in Al Jazeera's report where a murdered person's wife's statement that has been titled that "our crime is one, we are Muslim"!

But I have many questions about this. In this India or Bangladesh or undivided India, is there any law or any agreement on what will happen in the country's Hindu-Muslim population ratio? Is there anything else written about this in the Constitution of India? Under the constitution or in any law, have the Muslim community broken any balance alleged? I know no answer to these questions will be found. The government's official commentary is that "it is normal to become more of the Muslim population" !!


Just think, how is it a secular democratic state?! When I am writing this article, at this time, a lot of Muslims died and thousands of Muslims are being homeless due to the fierce Hindu aggression!

At the end of the day, this Islamophobics is the holder and carrier of modern civilization; And only Islam remains outdated !!


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Nafis Mohammad

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