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Are Conspiracy Theories Manifesting Their Own Destiny?

We have three main figures who has significantly elevated conspiracy over the last 25 years. David Icke, Alex Jones and Dan Brown.

I thought I would begin this article with the origins of modern day conspiracy theories.

As we are all aware, stories and fables and generally trying to make sense of things have always been there since written history began. Some could even argue the bible itself it some form or version of speculation and conspiracy, certainly a group of fables true in parts or part (perhaps). Either way the mysteries of the past and it's religions will forever be steeped in wonder and speculation.

We have three main figures who has significantly elevated conspiracy over the last 25 years. David Icke, Alex Jones and Dan Brown.

Each have taken their own approach for instance, David Icke takes a spiritual ethic to his speeches often citing his own experiences for his sources of information, sending his message of the awakening and enlightenment - almost deliberately steering himself a legacy of an modern day prophet or spiritual leader.

Alex Jones takes what I would consider a hard - right political stance to his conspiracies, often taking a 'cherrypicked' stance at subjects with a focused affliction to the United States. In my opinion a true capitalist in the world of alternative media and opinion.

And then we have Dan Brown who spun a modern take on antiquity and the esoteric, incorporating the mystery of the Catholic church, the Freemasons and the Knight's templar. - Something which closely resembles the work of Robert Lomas and Christopher Knight in the 'Hiram Key' published a few years earlier.

Recent world events have also helped pushed along the fascination with conspiracy such as 911 and more recently the Coronavirus Pandemic or what some may say Scamdemic.

In a nutshell the reason why we have seen such a surge in suspicion and conspiracy is due to in my opinion three main factors.

1. Unprecedented internet access to information on previously unobtainable documents and historical papers - the internet holds every kind of information available so anyone with internet access can conjure their own theories and research at such ease it's created a behemoth of opinion and ideas.

2. Global boring - As the world becomes vastly more connected via YouTube and many other social platforms conspiracies are becoming more creative and far fetched (flat earth theory for example) and the subject has become saturated so much so that it is falling into unpopularity.

people are feeling disenchanted, insignificant and less unique, chipping away at the true purpose of this subject and now grossly underestimated and disregarded in any professional or sensible debate.

3. Logic and reason due to the complexity of governments and organizations today it's very difficult for most people to understand certain (in some cases most) decisions and actions that the powers at be wield into society.

It's difficult for people to understand the logic behind these actions as a lot of governance is tied into secrecy and statistical understanding hidden from the public eye, you can see why people can turn to conspiracy theories as a source of comfort and 'common sense' in a confusing and ever changing world.

Also with conspiracies theories they are after all just conspiracy, the quantum physics of the alternative voice of reason in society. In there is a need to understand and to feel we have some control over our existence our shared conscious need to make reason even if the reason isn't true. How can people expect to blindly live their lives, forever at the whim of something they don't understand and aren't permitted to understand.

The problem I have with conspiracy theory and I say this as someone who has invested many years into this field of study is that we are potentially harming ourselves by accepted an alternative view on reality which might in adverse be manifesting itself into reality.

For example after 911 we saw the patriot act, an act which for the first time allowed the use of prying at the discretion of the state on it's own people (legally) as we know the 'five eyes' infrastructure which had been kept silent throughout the years had now been given legislation to act in the open - something which had been preached for many years by conspiracy theorist.

Then we move on to the surveillance state and I'm sure I don't have to mention George Orwell's 1984 to ignite your imagination on this subject. As a UK citizen I will never forget the eerie site of CCTV cameras being put on almost every street corner with thunderclap speed - like the thief of freedom stealthily being installed across the country almost overnight.

I could write another article on the many infringements on our liberties in more subtle ways such as freedom of speech or in other words thought crime. The level of social engineering you see in todays cultures beyond obvious, it's self evident.

But let's look at a more recent issue the COVID - 19 pandemic despite this new emergency civilization is sharing right now, it's not a conspiracy to say that governments have shut down the whole world with the guise of solving a problem for humanity.

We have been told to wear masks, stay at home and live by many restrictions and negatives, we have been told that the cause we are 'all' trying to solve together is paramount over every part of our life, at the sacrifice of almost everything we have all tried or are still trying to build. Whether it's your business, relationship or job we have all been forced (however you look at it) to adhere to.

This virus has an incredibly low death rate as we can all see from the facts (barely 2%) and many people have failed to know of any friends or relatives this has had an affect on other than the damage on their financial and mental stability. When you think back a generation ago could you ever imagine an government truly getting away with half the stuff we have been subjected with.

Going back to the purpose of this article if conspiracies wasn't so rife and abundantly rife on almost every subject that makes it onto the mainstream would our shared collective or consciousness be prepared for what's happened to our liberties over the years? if we all didn't hold background expectations of our government and how we are treated would these policies slip into our life as easy?

If the absurdities of today's world was reflected on us at a time when information wasn't so easily accessible. Of a time when people expected the common sense response from it's government and not the deep - state techniques we are so familiar with now, perhaps the haste of these infringements wouldn't of been so or even the placement of such policies even placed....I suppose at this stage it's all speculation.

David Icke during the ROSE - ICKE videos

David Icke during the ROSE - ICKE videos

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