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Is change always a positive thing?

personality development fascinates me, through sociological studies i have articulated the fascination, it gets reflected through words.


Kate Mc Bride asked a question – is change always a positive thing?

Change, it’s one of the common phenomenon we come across with, for every one of us changes fascinate, they have an alluring attraction, at times they appear quite synonymous to our nature. So thought of delving with the query….with a bit details.


Changes are Inevitable

The most inevitable thing on earth is ‘change’. Some changes are simply out of our control and some are within our grasp. No one can change the flowing time. Nobody can stop the growing changes in a tree. Nobody can stop the change appearing in color of the crop when it reaches its final stage. The change in the fetus in the womb of the mother is gradual and significant. The simultaneous change in skin complexion along with the age is simply unstoppable. The change in voice of the growing toddler is usually perceived as a good sign. The change in the character is observed as a good sign, whereas the inverse change in anyone’s attitude is strongly disliked.

So ‘change’ is a prerequisite of life. A child in womb changes his abode and steps into the real world for a bubbly life. We left school and entered into the college premises, teachers have changed, new friends replaced the old ones, our approach towards studies get renewed so was the case of seriousness. When we left college, a new ambiance of a working place welcomed us with folded hands. Then marriage, then parenthood, a change in status from son or daughter to father or mother, and then from father or mother to grandfather or grandmother…..then what? Finally, we get transformed from this world to the eternal one when the soul departs from our body and changes her worldly abode.

Changes are inevitable. Some healthy, some unhealthy, some positive, some negative, some avoidable and some absolutely unavoidable. Now just think over the question again, the answer appears in quite interesting modes.


The Spheres of Changes

There are many spheres wherein you can observe a change, let yourselves and others know about its reality. The change in an individual life is always preferable. The change in nature is unavoidable; sometimes it seems that humans are responsible for the change in weather, temperature, and abrupt changes in the day to day affairs.

Imbalance in growth is always credited with the change in life style. The increase in eateries and outlets is again attributed to the change in food habits. The change in customs and traditions has even caused a humongous change in the history of nations. Change, is such a dynamic phenomenon that you can’t single out a particular fact about it. There are spheres of an individual, group and nature, wherein you can observe the reality of the phenomenon to arrive at a conclusion and say, change is….positive here, negative there, preferable here unwarranted there. Now let us have a look at the spheres separately:


Changes in the Individual

Change, as such is preferable for the individual as it totally transforms the whole persona. Change in inner self is a hallmark of perfection, you can say the moment one realizes the self, a sustainable journey of progress and prosperity commence. The change in inner self is positive in the sense it helps realize the realities of life, by change here we mean a true understanding of:

  • Purpose of life
  • Strength and weaknesses
  • The status and dignity of parents
  • Importance of time
  • Constructive thinking
  • Healthy criticism
  • Upholding of values
  • Annihilation of evils
  • Depth of relationship with family members
  • Friendship
  • Favors of God
  • Love of humanity
  • Importance of selfless service
  • Responsibilities towards the country and nation.
  • Role in the progress and prosperity of the society.

In due course of time the popular values do appear through different shades, the most preferable ones, that can be dreamt of pertain to a process of transformation from unhealthy to healthy attitudes that is from:

  • Ingratitude to gratitude
  • Lethargy to dynamism
  • Pessimism to optimism
  • Hatred to love
  • Immoderate to moderate
  • Intolerance to tolerance
  • Anguish to content
  • Uncertainty to certainty
  • Indecisiveness to decisiveness
  • Disrespectful to respectful
  • Rudeness to politeness
  • Traditional to creative
  • Unhelpful to helpful
  • Unfriendly to friendly
  • Unrealistic to realistic

Upon achieving something in life, if any individual sports changes of the following nature can be termed as unwarranted and negative ones. That is on getting the following, a healthy attitude should not get replaced with an unhealthy one, it's absolutely not appreciable:

  • Good job
  • Fame
  • Wealth
  • Marital ties with families of high status
  • Achievements
  • Rewards
  • Position and status
  • Successful completion of projects and assignments.
  • Flourishing of business
  • Children

Changes in Groups

We have a social existence and bound to live together with our own norms, values, cultures and traditions. At times, the human history has reflected the collective behavior of the people dwelling in the society. A healthy change in their thinking and attitude has brought in many a revolution. If we look at the countries of the world that are enjoying an independent status now were once under the clutches of some ‘dominant forces’, because of a change in the mindset of the people and by virtue of earnest efforts for transformation from the following have paid them with rich dividends:

  • Dependency to independency
  • Low self-esteem to high self-esteem
  • Powerlessness to power
  • A sense of bondage to freedom
  • Lethargy to a sense of tireless efforts.

Therefore, it is rightly perceived that the successful present and the bright future of the country rest on the healthy mindset of her citizens. If any society claims its progress and development, but fail to ensure a healthy mindset of its inhabitants is bound to perish in one or the other way, the human history bears the testimony to the fact. Therefore, material progress alone is quite insufficient for peace and sustainable progress of the society. To be on top of the human ladder, a society has to have morally sound people along with its material developments. Thus the changes can be termed as healthy if the people embellish their persona with the following traits on constructive lines:

  • Silence with resistance
  • Violation with respect
  • Hatred with peace
  • Degradation with honor
  • Insensitivity with sensitivity
  • Irresponsibility with accountability

It’s the beauty of progress that a society has to be alive by means of material progress whereas its citizens should alive by means of their vibrant collective-conscience. Such collective conscience personifies their hearts and minds, and help lend their unconditional support for all the virtuous acts and vehemently oppose any act that is detrimental to the cause of the society.


Changes in Nature

Well, here we have to put our fingers crossed, as most of the matters pertain here are not completely related to us as was the case of changes in individual and group spheres. Changes in nature can be termed as precious blessings of God, had not these been so overtly showered on us, we would have surely succumbed to the internal and external pressures, the changes that are blessings are apparent through:

  • Days and nights
  • Weathers
  • Seasons
  • Flowing of breeze
  • Blossoming of flowers
  • The attractive landscapes
  • The increasing and decreasing levels of oceans
  • Temperature in accordance with the seasons

The changes that do not happen in the following have become a valid reason for human existence on earth:

  • In the position and movement of sun
  • Waxing and waning of the moon
  • Earth’s speed in rotations
  • The distance between the sun, earth and the moon

The nature that ensures healthy present and a prosperous future largely depends on the human attitudes. Now the abrupt changes in weather and seasons, the rise in the temperatures, global warming, scarcity of water, rise in sea levels, deforestation, drying up of rivers, sound, water, soil and air pollution have greatly affected the nature in particular and human lives in general. Again, the unhealthy practices of human rights violation, female foeticides, exploitation, corruption, mischief on the land have caused the human lives to change drastically from peaceful existence to a threatening one.


Hope for Change, Change for Hope

Let us hope for a change, a healthy one, both at individual and collective levels. It's a fact that changes in nature result in a progressive world and sustainable human lives, similar changes caused by our individual and collective efforts would change the status and position of humans from:

  • Ill fate to good one
  • Disparity to hope,
  • Disintegration to integration
  • Hatred to love
  • Cruelty to humanity

…….after all change, at large, is positive and desirable as it connects us with the Divine Likings.

© 2014 – Muhammad Abdullah Javed (m abdullah javed)


muhammad abdullah javed (author) on December 20, 2014:

True vkwok. Thanks for your insights.

Victor W. Kwok from Hawaii on December 20, 2014:

I guess it depends on the person, the results, and the change itself. Sometimes change isn't a good thing, looking at certain countries. But other times, I think that change is what this world desperately needs.

muhammad abdullah javed (author) on December 17, 2014:

Thanks Ruby for your visit and kind words.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on December 17, 2014:

Life is forever changing and that's good. We learn and we grow. Interesting topic. Well done..

muhammad abdullah javed (author) on December 16, 2014:

Thank you Bill Sir for your kind words.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on December 16, 2014:

I do believe change provides us with unlimited opportunities for positive growth. Wonderful thoughts here, my friend.

muhammad abdullah javed (author) on December 16, 2014:

Thanks MsDora for your visit and kind comments. Yes we should look out for changes both inside and outside worlds, and try to give our best.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on December 16, 2014:

True, we do find most changes in nature beautiful and invigorating. Healthy changes in our lives bring similar results. Since "Changes are inevitable,"we might as well try to influence positive changes. You have given us some important points to ponder.