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Is It Woke to Be Woke?

A Christian whose passionate about God and country. I believe whole heartedly in our Constitution and nostalgia.

Whose To Say If One Is Woke?

Now I’m Just Confused

Now I’m Just Confused

So you want to be considered “Woke”? Okay, let’s consider what that means. The dictionary basically says it’s to be aware of social situations and injustices.

Don Lemon of CNN, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar of “The View” all believe they are woke. Greg Guttfeld of The Five, Sean Hannity of Fox News and Chris Salcedo of Newsmax probably believe they are woke as well. Three are from the left and three are from the right. Whose to say who is right and who is wrong?

Big tech and main stream media. They seem to be the ones who get to choose, because they are the ones with all the money and we all know that money can’t buy you true love, but it can certainly buy you true power.

Whether you agree with the left or the right, don’t you believe you have the right to your opinions? I’ll be the first to admit that I’m on the side of The Republican Party. Therefore, unfortunately, you may never even get to read this before the social platform deems it unsuitable or false. I’m not sure how an opinion can be false, but apparently many social platforms says it is so.

Take Twitter, for example, Donald Trump was banned for stating his opinions, which didn’t coincide with the beliefs of the left. Many others were too. YouTube deleted videos they disagreed with by stating they went against their company policies. Apparently conservative views are against their policies.

Can’t we all just get along

Can’t we all just get along

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Woke in Social Issues

The great thing about America is that we are made up of people from all walks of life, with all different ideas, religions, principals and opinions. We can debate all day long on all sorts of political and social issues. Debating is wonderful, because it’s a tool we can use to educate and learn. Sadly, these days debating seems to have been replaced with arguing and violence.

The right blamed the summer riots on Dems and the left blamed Donald Trump and the Republicans for what they called an insurrection at the Capital. Everyone is going to have their own opinion on whose to blame for what, however if you blame Trump, you are allowed to voice your opinion on any and all social platforms, if you blame the democrats and try to post your opinion of it on any platform, it will be flagged and deleted. Big tech and main stream media made sure republicans couldn’t voice their opinions by going so far as not to just remove their opinions, but deleting a whole social platform called Parler.

I see free speech as a social issue when people, government or companies try to limit it. I hardly consider that being woke.

Google suspends Parker. Removes Parker from App Store

Google suspends Parker. Removes Parker from App Store

Woke Of Injustices

Injustices. Wow, there are so many. I see the lack of freedom of speech as an injustice as well as the price of groceries, homelessness, poverty, big tech enjoying limitless destructions without consequence, and the list goes on and on. However, to be “woke” in today’s world you have to believe in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization. You have to believe Trump was only elected because of Russian collusion (which was proven false). You have to believe the 2020 election was fair and you definitely have to believe in systemic racism.

Those of us who don’t believe these things are called racists and domestic terrorists. I have black relatives, haven’t been to any Trump rallies, and haven’t seen the capital in years. I’m neither a racist nor a terrorist of any kind. Who I am is an American christian, with my own beliefs. I don’t believe people should riot and destroy for any reason. I don’t believe criminals should be let free because of COVID. I don’t believe black people should feel the need to tell me they are black, I’m lucky enough to have my sight. Just because my Republican or Christian beliefs may not align with most on the left, doesn’t mean I’m not aware of social issues or injustices. If falling in line with the left or big tech is what it takes to be considered woke, I’d rather be considered cancelled.

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