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Are Americans Still Free? What is Liberty, Freedom and Independence? Are they gone?

Land of the Free, Home of the Slave!

Is the United States of America a free country? Are you free?

Is it Freedom to have half of your earnings extorted by government agencies? Just because income tax is taken from your paycheck without your permission, does this mean that this is not stolen money? Are you free to have this wealth spent on things that you disagree with? Do you think that Freedom means that politicians can recklessly spend your wealth with no oversight?

Is it Freedom to have Government Law Enforcement agencies incarcerate individuals without an accusation of a crime committed? Does Freedom mean that Law Enforcement is allowed to break the Laws they are sworn to uphold? Does Law enforcement exist outside the Justice system? Is it Freedom to have yourself filmed without your permission while the filming of authorities is not allowed?


Are you Free?

Are you Free?


Would you call it Freedom to be considered suspicious just because you have a large sum of currency on your person? Is it Freedom to have your property confiscated by a government agency without Due Process? Is it Liberty to have society attempt to eradicate actual currency for a cashless society?

Does Independence mean you can have your ability to travel diminished because you do not consent to accepting a drivers license and vehicle registration? Is it Freedom to be forced to ask permission from government to engage in legal activities? Is it Liberty to be coerced in to handing over your vehicles title to government to be replaced by a worthless certificate of title that has given your actual ownership of the vehicle to the government?

What if we Didn't Live in a Free Country?


Does Liberty mean that we can be coerced by our government, through the use of force, to be compelled to purchase products from private companies?

Are you enjoying your Independence when you are obligated to make your children attend government indoctrination camps of education (public schools)? If you refuse to send your children to these indoctrination camps the government will kidnap your children, seize your property, and incarcerate you?

Would you call it Liberty to have to seek true news on current events outside the realm of mainstream media because the mainstream media does nothing but spew government approved propaganda? Only what the government wants the public to know!

Is it a Nation of Freedom and Liberty to have more of our population in correctional facilities then any other Nation on the planet? Not only do we lead the world in the number of prisoners, but now within the private prison system (which is being expanded constantly),we have created a new version of slavery. Is this the actions of a Free country?


Do you live in a Free country?

Do you live in a Free country?


Does Liberty mean that government bureaucrats have the ability to charge a human being with a crime against a fictional entity, which goes by the title, "the State". Where is our Independence? How does the accused have a chance to question their accuser?

Is it Liberty to have every product we buy inundated with taxes of all types, all these taxes being hidden within the price every product? Is it Freedom to be forced to pay an overly inflated price for these products due to the hidden taxation? Is it Independence to see our companies move themselves and their jobs outside of this country?

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Would you call it Liberty when government employees have the ability to monitor everyone of your financial transactions and your bank accounts without your knowledge or your consent? Is it Freedom when these government workers can circumvent the 4th Amendment while doing this?

Real Revolution is Here. The former US Government shall be destroyed.

Is Government obligated to follow the Laws it passes?

Would Freedom stand for the misconception that Human Rights are given to the people by their government employees, instead of holding these rights at birth?

How about being forced to eliminate debt using a worthless and private currency, is this Freedom? Are we Independent when we allow the Federal Reserve (a private corporation), which does not pay any taxes at all, to create their currency without it holding any intrinsic value?

When we have stood by and allowed our government servants to create well over two million Laws, Statutes, and Codes, which make the simple act of living a maze of rules? How about when Law Enforcement uses entrapment techniques for the purpose of placing as many citizens as possible within the criminal justice system, even though the Supreme court disagrees with most of these actions? Is this a Free country?

What is Freedom?

What is Freedom?

Are Government servants above the Law?

Does Freedom exist when your private property is confiscated because you failed to pay taxes on the property? Is the Right to Life a valid concept when government servants can incarcerate or even shoot you for resisting this property seizure?

In our Free country that maintains the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, how can the murder of unborn and defenseless human beings be justified?

Would it be considered Freedom to have civil-servant Judges in a Court of Law lie to jurors to have them choose to prosecute individuals based on supposed legal Laws? Does Liberty stand for the ability for Court prosecutors to award shorter sentences or even immunity to defendants to compel them to testify against another individual, knowing full well that these actions are illegal? If a defendant engages in the same actions both the defendant and the witness will have criminal charges brought against them? Are Judges and Prosecutors above the Law?

Ron Paul's greatest speech "What if"

What if the people become aware that government considers itself immune from the laws it passes?

Is it considered Freedom for an individual to be punished for Laws that were passed for the purpose of being enforced on the private banking industry and corporations? Does Independence mean that we must succumb to these Laws which do nothing but maintain the control over a nation of free individuals? Are the legal definitions of a person considered to be a symbol of Freedom when corporations and other fictional entities are "persons" under Law, with the same Rights as a human being?

Are you Free when the largest threat to your life and existence is politicians, Court employees, Law Enforcement agents, revenue (tax) collectors? When you are in more danger from threats from your government then actual criminals, is this Liberty? When there is more criminal activity occurring within the Court System than there is in the public itself, is this Freedom?

Are you Free?

Is the United States a free country?  Are it's people free?

Is the United States a free country? Are it's people free?

Can the United States still call itself "The Land of the Free"?

Are we a Free People when the government claims ownership of your children after you register them through the Certificate of Live Birth?

If you are incarcerated because you refuse to pay the extortion demands (fines) of government, is this Freedom?

Can this still be considered a Free country when you can not engage in compensated employment without using a government created slave number (social security number)? When you are forced to purchase a license or permit in order to engage in legal activities, is this Liberty?

While you are buried in debt that has been accrued by the government, and every single thing that you think you have as property has been mortgaged to a group of elite bankers, is this Independence? While your Congress disregards the Constitution by refusing to maintain a debt free society or an honest and valuable currency, does this happen in a Free country?

Rep. Bernard Sanders vs. Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan

Is the Constitution still valid for the American public?

Is there a Freedom of choice if you have been diagnosed with a disease that is being treated outside the country by experimental drugs, but you are not allowed to exercise your Right to choose to try the new medication because your government says you cannot?

Is there a Freedom of speech when your words are defined to not be Politically Correct, and you are labeled by dissenters? Racist, hate monger etc.... Without ever being accused and convicted of wrongdoing?

Where is the Freedom when the government tells you what you are allowed to ingest in to your own body? What kind of Liberty claims a "War on Drugs" only to have human beings calculated as casualties instead of any drugs? Pharmaceutical companies holding a monopoly in collusion with the medical industry to assure that without paying these people you are unable to treat illness? Is this Independence?

Does the government work for us or do we work for the government?

U.S. Constitution - Amendment I: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble!

U.S. Constitution - Amendment I: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble!

When "The State" makes claims against you in a Court of Law, do you have the opportunity to face your accuser?

Does Freedom mean that you can be convicted and incarcerated for crimes that have no victims? Is it Liberty to be accused of crimes by a non-existent legal fiction? How do you face your accuser when one does not exist? Why are you forced to pay taxes to incarcerate individuals based on victim-less crimes? Does Independence stand for creating a new form of slavery within the prison system? Are there new Laws being created for the sole purpose of providing new employees (slaves) to this corrupt prison system?

Would it be Liberty or Freedom which allows our Court systems to fly an Admiralty flag within the Court rooms? Does this flag stand for Independence, no it represents a jurisdiction within the Court that is kept secret from the public!

Does Freedom stand for the fact that the government requires you to get permission, and pay them for the Right to enter in to a marriage which is no ones business except the consenting individuals entering in to the arrangement?

Courts Rule US Government Above the Law

Has the United States of America been transformed in to a dictatorship?

The United States of America unfairly seizes a percentage of each hard working individuals wealth, then it takes that wealth and distributes it to other countries, is this Freedom? We are forced to fund the largest military on the planet, and the government gives control of this military machine over to a global entity, the United Nations, is this Liberty?

The United States taxes its corporations to the point that it is more profitable for the company to move itself and its jobs outside of the United States, Is this Independence?

The government has used taxpayer money to bailout banks and other companies without its citizens consent, is this the Land of the Free? This same government has decided to use its own military against its own citizens, is this Liberty?

Does the United States of America still consider itself to be a Free country?

Are its citizens Free?

Are you Free?

If this is Freedom, Liberty, and Independence, how do you define Slavery?

WAKE UP, before it is too late!

WAKE UP, before it is too late!


Sanxuary on October 11, 2014:

We have definitely entered an era where wealth determines your so called liberty. You have to buy all those things you have listed. What Americans are terrible at is seeing the big picture. A financial system created to maintain your poverty. A false Government that represents no one and constantly changes the rules to maintain power. In reality we are modern slaves in a system that never allows us to exceed the cost of living. If you stop being a slave for one day you will be snuffed out.

Adama Gidado on December 13, 2012:

This is a great hub. The idea of liberty and independence is so complex, but now more than ever it keeps feeling like we as a people are nowhere near being free. Good job. Voted up!

Reality Bytes (author) from Freeman On The Land United States of America. on June 17, 2012:

hscchemistry My hope is to expand on this article in to a series of opinion pieces. thanks for the tip :)

hscchemistry from Sydney, Australia on June 16, 2012:

Awesome post. Although - you've asked a lot of questions and I wouldn't mind hearing your own opinion on some of the matters too :)

Reality Bytes (author) from Freeman On The Land United States of America. on June 16, 2012:

pinappu, Yes it may take time. Why not start now so our descendants may be free?

pinappu from India on June 16, 2012:

Freedom is a complex thing. No man is actually free. The system in which we lives in America or Africa or Asia, all bounds us with thousands of chains. Do this and you shall be prosecuted do that and you shall be drawn to court.

It would take 1 or 2 centuries more to get the actual freedom of which Rousseau and Voltaire dreamed.

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