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Is TV's Dangerous Cousin Really Alcohol?

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

TV may have started many casual drinkers to become alcoholics.

TV may have started many casual drinkers to become alcoholics.

Sure, This Piece is Rough

because life is rough many times. For many of us. I confess. I am so guilty of not being concerned about others around me. The people who have taken the wrong road or falling on the ground and staying there. It's not wrong to stumble, but when we do, if we give it all we have to get back on our feet, there is no wrong in this action.

For every secret vice, there is that temptation ready to knock on the door. I know. I have elaborated on my warfare with drinking (some years back) and in 2021, I cannot stand the stuff. And do not get your Irish up, I am not saying that I am better than those who drink and then go to bed. But what I do have a big problem about is anyone who overdoes booze and shows their stupidity in trying to drive an automobile.

I did not tell you where the wayward person got so drunk. You might guess, in a favorite bar. Or at a wild party. Wrong on both guesses. When two or more people are gathered in someone's apartment or home, they proceed to get wasted, and without anyone to warn them, they try to drive home only to find trouble and bloodshed on the way.

Let's Review "John Barley Corn" better known as liquor; old red eye; hootch; white lightning and the hard stuff and no matter the name is on the label, the effects of this liquid is very fast in making one's acquaintenance. The whiskey never starts an angry argument. Never starts a fist-a-cuff with those around the one drinking. To the first-time drinker, this is an adventure. His eyes, although wide with excitement, will grow red very soon. Many colorful thoughts and words will pass over his lips, and hers too if she is a first-timer. And enough of this adventure will have a bonus. When he or she sees the beams of sun shining on the head, they will yelp with a headache. Their stomach will be upset. Nausea, their good friend, will visit soon. Then comes every young drinker's vow: I will never touch the stuff again! Oh, yeah.

Wine: sweet, smooth, and can cause trouble to those who abuse it.

Wine: sweet, smooth, and can cause trouble to those who abuse it.

A Bit of Respect For Wine that has been around since Biblical times. I have drank my share of wine, along with other choices of alcohol, but speaking only as an outsider, wine carries that silent respect if alcohol can be respected. Of course, hard liquor, nice wine, and tasty beer can used to toast almost any occasion, but I find that people love to toast wedding couples, anniversaries, and other nice events wiht wine. Fact: people can and do, get drunk on wnie. And the hang-over is just as painful as it is with whiskey. Beer produces a tough hang-over and my point: is it worth the pain from abusing alcohol the night before?

Abusing beer is just as deceptive as watching TV drinkers.

Abusing beer is just as deceptive as watching TV drinkers.

If You Want an Alcohol That is as all-American as Babe Ruth, then beer is the drink for you. But remember, these three alcoholic choices, can and will get you very drunk and give you an awful hang-over the next day. I will not insult your knowledge about what to eat or do prior to "tying one on" that will prevent hang-over's, so the only thing is so simple, you will be amazed. "Hang-over's can be prevented--use moderation." Or take the next step and do not drink at all.

(from left), James Arness, "Matt Dillon," Amanda Blake, "Kitty Russell," Ken Curtis,"Festurs," and Milburn Stone, "Doc dams."

(from left), James Arness, "Matt Dillon," Amanda Blake, "Kitty Russell," Ken Curtis,"Festurs," and Milburn Stone, "Doc dams."

Okay. I Said All of The Above Things

to set-up the center of my piece that talks about Alcohol Being TV's Dangerous Cousin," and I had to say it that because it is a marriage made with malt, sugar, barley or yeast. Fixings that will make everything but grapes.
But this segment is not about the pro's or con's about alcohol drinking in real-life. I had never made the connection until a day or so ago, but if you follow me, it will make sense to you as well.

Did you ever notice how much (not hat) alocohol is used on many of TV's hit shows? There was Gunsmoke, Maverick, Rawhide, and Blue Bloods. And to repeat my statement at the top, "the mentions of whiskey, wine, and beer is not my way of promoting or suggesting that you go out and buy alcohol for the sake getting intoxicated. I do not mean for you to get so drunk that you forget your name, no. Just take it easy. And even if you drink from one or two drinks, remember, even this small amount of alcohol will register on a breath-a-lizer if stopped by the police, so "think before you drink."

These for TV sows are just four that I want to use as a teaching tool. Gunsmoke had the lovely, Amanda Blake as "Kitty Russell," owner of the Long Branch Saloon in Dodge City. This is where the characters of Gunsmoke met, drank, and talked. Matt did not take a dink on every visit, but "Festus" the late Ken Curtis, sure did. And other cast members had to buy it for him because he was broke. "Doc Adams," Milburn Stone, drank a beer with the gang, sometimes whiskey. And yes, "Kitty" sipped her beer like the boys, but my point is not what they drank, but the frequency.

Almost every scene eluded to drinking. But CBS' Blue Bloods starring Tom Selleck, "Frank Reagan," Police Commissioner and head of the noted "Reagan" family. If you will notice, this family drinks before their Sunday lunch; during lunch, and after lunch. If it is not beer, it is bourbon. Was it because of the producers or script writers who "let the booze out of the barn" when it came to drinking?

Sober Summary

I will close now because I have made my point adequately. And yes, TV's dangerous cousin just may be booze. But what a bitter relationship. By that I mean, in some TV shows, there are only mentions of drinking and not imaging. But on many shows, we have both. And I think that someone, the organization, M.A.D.D., should let their voice be heard way above the static that we call entertainment.

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As another cautionary idea, I had the displeasure of viewing (by accident), CBS' now-cancelled, Hawaii Five-O. At the end of another rumbling, tumbling cop versus crime adventure, we see "Steve McGarett," Alex O'Loughlin, and his buddy, "Danny Williams," James Caan, and the entire gang, sitting and drinking at a popular mobile restaurant. As the show went off, there was more drinking, and I am talking about "McGarrett" and "Williams," who just happen to receive a 9-1-1 for police assistance and did you see this: both "McGarrett" and "Williams," jump to "McGarrett's" car to head to the crime scene, but not before we see that they have "downed" two beers each, so I read the statistics about drinking (beer) and the experts have concluded that one beer can cause slow reflexes which can cause a slow breaking time ending-up with traffic mishaps.

Besides, should "McGarrett" and "Williams" or any of the cop gang, be drinking openly? And is this a positive message for our teenagers who have asked themselves "what is drinking all about?"

God help if they succeed only to find that they cannot stop? More alcoholics. A cold, but honest result.

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Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on January 30, 2021:

Hi Kenneth, first of all, I'm very glad that you aren't drinking anymore. Second, it's true, TV makes drinking manly, or modern (for women), or like something you do socially unless it's a movie about alcoholics which also shows the consequences. I remember watching old shows and movies where the characters smoked and it seemed so glamorous. Which explains why my mom and only brother were heavy smokers well into old age. TV is insidious. Thanks for a very interesting and mind-opening article.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on January 29, 2021:

For alcoholics, it must be hard to watch TV shows that show drinking alcoholic drinks on a regular basis. I understand your point in writing this article.

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