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Is Segregation the Answer?

Hunter Ashleigh Shackleford: Big Time Insanity in an Equally Big Package

Hunter Ashleigh Shackleford: Big Time Insanity in an Equally Big Package

Remember the video of Hunter Ashleigh Shackelford telling a room full of white women that (literally) all white people have always been and will always be unapologetically racist, that white people are "born into not being human," and that white people are taught from birth to be "demons?"

At one point, Shackleford haughtily announces that she isn't going to "coddle their white tears," like tears could be shed over such foolishness.

You probably got a good laugh out of it, but those women were required to attend Shackleford's "performance" by their employer.

I could be magnanimous and say she read the room wrong, but this is her standard shtick. She knew her audience would be too terrified to question her, lest they be labeled the worst-est of the worst-est: Racists with a capitol "R."

After a summer of protesting, I felt a disturbingly familiar emotion watching Shackleford awkwardly confront those middle aged, middle class women. I thought, with mild amusement: They would always be racist? They're not even ... human? They're ... beyond inhuman? They're ... demons?

Hunter Ashleigh Shackleford teaching her "class" on critical race theory.

Hunter Ashleigh Shackleford teaching her "class" on critical race theory.

I marched in numerous rallies/protests last summer, and unfortunately, Shackleford's sentiments are shared by myriad black activists. I heard the exact same sentiments time and again in fiery, impassioned pre-march speeches. I heard how (only) white people were evil colonizers on stolen indigenous land, that we never have anything worthwhile to say about anything, and that we never do enough to help black people because We Just Don't Feel Like It. Also: Black people don't want or need us showing up unless we are willing to act as human shields.

I kept asking myself, "If you hate us so much, why do you keep guilting us into being here?"

Suddenly, things became abundantly clear to me. I already figured out a long time ago that anyone who asks you to be an "ally" doesn't want to form alliances, they want bodyguards and fall guys. They want someone to stand between them and the police.

I knew that already. (Antifa, on the other hand, just want to break s ... tuff and start things on fire.)

What I didn't know was that black activists really, genuinely and actually think that white people are superior, omnipotent, supernatural beings who just don't have the inclination to lift up the black community.

I know what kind of power they're talking about, because my family kind of used to have it. Four generations ago - almost 200 years - when my family said, "JUMP!" people tepidly asked, "How high?" But 200 years is a long time, and the wealth and influence my family once had is all but gone.

Apparantly, white people (according to black activists) also possess a singular kind of schadenfreude that can only truly be savored when we're victimizing black people; our enjoyment of their singular brand of suffering is greatly enhanced by acting like we actually care.

After receiving this generous helping of hatred and resentment and - let's be honest here - verbal and psychological abuse dished out at rallies, I began to ask myself: What do you really want from me?

Because I think you resent us helping you more than you resent us hating you. Black activists don't want change, they want us to go away. But also still advocate for the black community. And then go away.

Let's make this abundantly clear: I don't want segregation.

The NFAC wants segregation. They want Texas, which I would gladly hand over to them because I hate Texas. I dunno, maybe it's because I was forced to live on Fort Hood for a year, maybe it's because I grew up in Colorado, but I really, really don't like Texas. Let them have it.

"What does the NFAC want? According to Grandmaster Jay, the mission of the NFAC is two-fold. On one end, it means “the establishment of an infrastructure that can assist in being the framework for community, self-policing, and the protection of our own communities and our race.” And on the other end, the NFAC’s “ultimate goal” will be in the “facilitating of the exodus from this country of those who are willing to leave to go someplace else, where racism is not an issue.” Over Zoom, he expressed his sincere intent of enabling Black Americans to “determine their own destiny, determine their own economy, defend their own homeland, and build their own culture.” 1

I don't hate black people.

But make no mistake: The Black Hebrew Israelites hate white people. Segregation alone wouldn't be enough to appease them. The BHI call white people devils and "devilish imposters." They believe they are descended from the original 12 Tribes of Israel, and white people ... aren't. The Hebrew Israelites are so extreme in their beliefs that they are considered a black supremacist hate group.

Lizzo, Body Positivity, and how White Girl Fat is Different than Black Girl Fat

Lizzo, Body Positivity, and how White Girl Fat is Different than Black Girl Fat

I protested all summer against the police brutality that took the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Elijah McClain. I marched under the searing Colorado sun in 100 degree heat. It took me a week and a half to recover from the mild heat stroke I got in July. I was shot at, almost run over, I sucked in leftover tear gas (which I learned isn't a gas at all but a fine powder that settles on everything), faced down both police and rabid Trump supporters, and chanted myself hoarse.

And still, it wasn't enough.

There's a big rally today, but I'm not going. Yeah, I could make excuses and say that I don't want to stand under the searing Colorado sun or suck in wildfire smoke. I could say I don't want to get harassed by police or tear gassed. But the truth is, I'm not going because I'm tired of the verbal and emotional abuse heaped upon me at every rally.

Make no mistake: That abuse isn't coming from the police, the State, Trump supporters or the ultimate boogeyman, the Proud Boys.

It's coming from black people.

It's coming from black women like Lizzo, who said that she won't participate in the body positivity movement any more because there are "a lotta white girls," despite her early audiences being "a lotta white feminists."

It's not even that she's ungrateful for all the "white feminists" who made her famous by sharing her music. It's that even white girl fat is not the right kind of fat. It's that Lizzo even wants to segregate white fat girls from black fat girls. How many times is she gonna split that hair?

If we can't even unite in obesity, what can we unite over?

Have you noticed?

The "worst" racists' actions are measured in micro-aggressions and inaudible dog whistles. Whispered hints of racism must not be ignored, lest they evolve into lynchings. "Silence is violence." Rehabilitation is forbidden. Correction is paramount. Destroy the Source.

They demand segregation.

Note: The key word in that sentence isn't "segregation," it's "THEY." I don't want segregation. But the more "they" make unreasonable demands, the more "they" abuse and insult us, the more they vaguely demand segregation, the more segregation there will be.

Do white supremacists exist? Absolutely! Are they protesting rampant police brutality that ended the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor or Elijah McCalin? Probably not!

So ... why are you verbally abusing the white people at your rallies?

These ain't white tears.

This is a victim of pretty much every kind of domestic abuse - including violent physical abuse - asking you: Do you want to leave? I'm asking you: Do you want to go your own way? I don't want segregation, but I'm tired of the abuse. I'm tired of the relentless criticism. I'm tired of there never, ever, ever being a middle ground. So I'm asking you: Do you want segregation, but on your terms?

Again, personally, I don't get it. I'm not stupid, I know we're not perfect, I know we still have a lot of work to do. But you are giving me no solutions, no compromises, no vision for the future.

No one can work within those parameters. You tell me to fix something, then tell me I'm not doing enough. You tell me that whatever I'm doing, I'm doing it wrong. You not only resent but ridicule my ineffectiveness while simultaneously demanding I be ... a God. You have expectations of me that could only be fulfilled by Gods.

This is abuse on a grand scale, and it needs to stop.

So I'm asking one last time: Do you want segregation?


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