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Is President Trump a Russian Asset?

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"Wouldn't it be great if we got along with Russia? Putin is a good friend of mine", President Trump once chimed not so long ago.Of course, Putin may be thinking along the same lines as long as he can have his way in the world of politics. In Russia, their media has nearly said nothing about the Trump investigation regarding collusion with Putin or Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

Knowing what we now know from variety of sources and testimony, we know Trump did pursue his huge real estate venture in having a Trump Tower in Moscow through June 2016. While not a crime, one can see Trump was thinking of a backup plan if he did not win the election (which actually surprised him). OK, fair, enough, but Trump has never let go of the hope and no doubt his sons who run the Trump business continue to carefully pursue it today. Again, not a crime, but one can see why POTUS has a bias toward Russia and Putin, just as he has it for Saudi Arabia after the Crown Prince ordered a murder of a journalist who did not agree with his position and then chopped up the body. If POTUS can't get a Moscow Trump Tower, why not Saudi Arabia?

POTUS is just a unwittingly (most of the time) Russian and Saudi asset that both countries can manipulate to some degree. Both Putin and the Crown Prince know this and use him to their needs. They do have the upper hand over Trump because of Trump's desires to have Trump Towers (and maybe other things). They know Trump might not be there in 2020, they know he will be gone after 2024. They know they will still be leading in their respective countries.

Does Trump ever wonder if he IS being played by either country? Doe he even think how could he be an asset because Trump just wants to get along with both countries. Probably not, his personal ego would never allow that perspective.

For Putin, having Trump as an unwitting asset is ideal for Russia. They can to a certain extent control America's position toward them through Trump policy simply by talking about a Trump Tower via back channels. It's like dangling something Trump yearns for above all else. The same applies to Saudi Arabia.

In both cases, Trump refused to believe his own intelligence agencies and some foreign ones about what the truth really was. He just is locked into a personal goal of getting more Trump Towers, little else matters. And, when he stated that he believe Putin over the CIA reports, what else can one surmise? Trump trusts Putin more than his intelligence agency because of his goal. If he accepted and acted upon intelligence reports, this would jeopardize his personal plans with both countries and he knows this. If POTUS has such a distrust of America's CIA and FBI, he should not be president and he should be removed by any manner. Putin just loves his asset that so desperately wants something from him. Trump is akin to a whore, willing to make Trump great again at any cost.

Now, many refuse to believe that POTUS could ever be a Russian asset. They don't think that Trump's goals are for more towers in either place. They don't think POTUS discussing with his sons about their business is improper, that Trump's real estate business can impact national policy decisions that benefit his business. They agree with Trump that the FBI and CIA should not be trusted and that a Russian intelligence report has the veracity. They see no collusion, which is not a crime, nor conspiracy (which is a crime, even if unsuccessful). Many of them confuse the two terms and believe the Mueller report will clear POTUS, and if it doesn't, hell, they will call it a "witch hunt".

It's a good thing those supporters are just 35-40% and waning, as more nefarious details come out about this compromised Russian asset.


Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on July 15, 2019:

Not with Trump as prez, that’s for sure.

Brad on July 14, 2019:


Find your country, America is not it.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on July 14, 2019:

He gave Russia our soybean market. He removed sanctions on Deripaska so Rusal can poison Americans for money.

What has he done about the Russian anchor babies in trump properties, Florida?

He put a dent in Chinese doing the same, didnt he? Why not Russia?

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We are not getting stronger, we are getting fascist. That is not strength. That is sadism.

Its easy to hate.

You agree with this, don’t you?

Here is another article for you to ignore and brush off

Brad on July 14, 2019:


Now you are talking out of a southern orifice with this rant.

"Vladimir wants to rule the world. Trump is helping destroy America for him."

It is the democrats and their globalist goal that want to take over the world. Make everyone equal and subservient.

Trump is making America strong and great again.

You have nothing to show your rant is not baseless.

And if anyone is feeding from Vlad it is the Clintons and the Clinton foundation. We can trace money from Vlad and Russia directly to them. What can you trace to President Trump?

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on July 14, 2019:

Vladimir wants to rule the world. Trump is helping destroy America for him.

Trump is not in any shape or form his own man.

His whole life is debt owed.

Even Russian tv broadcasters laugh about it: “he is ours”

Maybe this is what happens when people go out there with their American bravado, ignoring the fact that Russia/USSR is an ancient ancient people and land.

As is China, Iran, etc.

America, as an entity, is a baby in those terms.

But......we have people from all over the world here. All the ideologies, ideas, geniuses and innovations....

This should be our strength and our mantle.

And it is, despite dumpy trump and his white power small-mindedness.

He’s in the grip of the mob, trying to put us there.

I don’t think we’ll allow it. Despite our relative baby status, we have what Russia, China and Iran have:

Love for our country, and belief in our shared ideals.

One dumb crook can’t ruin it.....despite the help of a devious enemy,

Many crooks might tho. We must get money influence out of our gvt.

Trump wants gvt out of his way.

Good luck dumpy. Better men than you have tried.

Brad on July 13, 2019:

What is the advantage of keeping Russia as the arch enemy of the United States?

There is no advantage, do we really want to recreate the cold war that lasted for almost 40 years? Do we want to sink more money into NATO, as we have been doing since it was created. It was created during the Cold War, and it seemed to make sense then. But, does it still make sense today? Not really, Russia while still posing a major military threat because of its nuclear arsenal is being overshadowed by new nuclear threats. Finally, the Terrorists are both the enemy of Russia and the US. The enemy of my enemy is my friend makes sense.

North Korea was allowed to not only have a nuclear weapon's program, but thanks to the previous presidents and US congresses since the Korean War Armistice have even perfected their Nuclear Weapons. Unlike the USSR and Russia, they have not demonstrated restraint in the nuclear weapon's program. That is in all the years of the Cold War and decades later, Russia, nor any country having nuclear weapons used them. We have always had a conventional war, that never escalated to the use of the backup Nuclear Weapon.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on February 22, 2019:

Here’s a warning

And this is a fascinating read about Trump, about Russia, the kgb....just how the world works

And look at this:

“the powerful lobbying firm of Black, Manafort & Stone opened shop in 1980, and its three name partners—Charles Black, Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone—had just played vital roles in Ronald Reagan’s 1984 landslide victory.”

Funny....just the time trickle up started as an American policy.

And Manafort helped pro Russia candidate Viktor Yanukovych get elected in Ukraine (2005?)....and who else did? Tad Devine. I mean.....Internet Research Agency helping Trump and Sanders....I mean, come on.

Backed by the Kremlin, and rich tycoons, Yanukovych’s Party of Regions, was “a haven” for “mobsters and oligarchs.”

SOUND FAMILIAR? Wilbur Ross, Mnuchin, Devos.....

“The 17 people who US president-elect Donald Trump has selected for his cabinet or for posts with cabinet rank have well over $9.5 billion in combined wealth, with several positions still unfilled. This collection of wealth is greater than that of the 43 million least wealthy American households combined—over one third of the 126 million households total in the US.“

Not to mention all the oddness with Trump....remember that Russian dude whose yacht or plane was always parked near wherever Trump was?

They just took sanctions off Deripaska.

The ties with NRA, Russians, Trump.

Even the most ridiculous base for “unrepentant sinner” Trump, the Evangelicals, has ties to Russia

The Sunny Isles Trump properties where Russian woman come to birth anchor’s ALL right there!

In your face!

“I believe Putin”

“Russia, if you’re listening.....”

In plain sight.

JAKE Earthshine from Milky-Way Galaxy ~ 4th Planet from the SUN on February 22, 2019:

It looks like Vladimir Putin is still keeping a tight leash on his poodle Donald Trump: Reports indicate "FAKE News" in favor of Donald and against his Democratic Presidential Opponents is already being distributed on social media by Russian Agents: What Putin doesn't seem to realize though is that if the USA is still a nation of laws, Donald and his comrade Mike Pence should be locked Up very soon and who really knows who the GOP presidential candidate will be in 2020 but in any event, just like Democrats wiped out republicans in the 2018 midterms, the same result will occur in 2020, a Democratic President and Democratic Senate:

perrya (author) on February 21, 2019:

I agree Kathleen, hopefully the nightmare ends in two years.

Kathleen Cochran from Atlanta, Georgia on February 21, 2019:

When someone cites a horrible thing Trump has done or said, his supporters always start with the "Yes, but what about?" What I want to know is what about decency? What about integrity? What about being presidential and honoring the office you ended up in when the majority of Americans voted for someone else?

When this abomination is over, people will have to answer for where they came down on the issue of Trump. Nobody will care "but what about?". We will be judged by what we did about the problems now.

perrya (author) on February 21, 2019:

I think Putin will discard his asset when it no longer serves his purpose, which judging from his threats recently may be near. As for the Mueller report coming out, this is going to be akin to "pulling teeth" to get what is within to the congress or public. Barr is going to release the most minimalist version of the report with gaps. He is going to claim much of it is not available due to national security etc. It will be another long battle to see verbatim what Mueller has concluded.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on February 20, 2019:

Yes, we know trumpees dont care that Russia hacked the dnc. Oh i forgot, you dont believe it. Our intel agencies are all liars, and you believe putin. You'd much rather collude with Russia then stinky old democrats and godforbid liberals.

And isnt it convenient that trump pulled us out of the nuclear treaty, so putin could ramp up his? So sweet of donald.

Maybe you missed it, but vlad has threatened usa with a nuke strike if we deploy our nukes to europe. He wants europe all to himself, you see, and ole don is helping him by trying to get us out of nato.

No sanctions on deripaska. Dear man, loves usa so.

And wasnt it nice of trump to let Russia have our soybean trade with china?

Yes, when trump told the world he believed putin over men and women of America, it was a proud moment.....barf

We are at war, choose sides. If you choose Russia, dont be surprised at the outcome.

Lincoln said it: if America is destroyed, it will be from within.

Dont think we are going to just let you.

Ken Burgess from Florida on February 20, 2019:

I don't know... what was worse... when the Clintons were assets of China, and helped facilitate the economic showdown we are currently engaging in today with China... or a hypothetical asset of Russia, who so far has done nothing positive on Russia's behalf other than not declare war on Russia or engage in additional conflict with Russian allies...

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on February 20, 2019:


“Trump's new AG, William Barr appears to be shutting down the Mueller investigation. Mueller just hauled in Stone -- so no way this investigation is ready to end. We are in a crisis, folks.”

JAKE Earthshine from Milky-Way Galaxy ~ 4th Planet from the SUN on February 20, 2019:

Just one question: How much MORE evidence does anyone need short of an "I'm Vladimir Putin's Poodle" sign stapled to his forehead ??:

This is BEYOND Shocking as our country is significantly WEAKENED by his actions and everyone in the FBI, CIA and Secret Service seems to know it, and hopefully they will continue to PROTECT us from him until he's REMOVED from our oval office which must be coming soon: The last remaining Trump followers need to open their eyes and believe them, NOT what the orange charlatan tells them to believe:

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