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Has Nancy Pelosi Become A Persona Non Grata On Capitol Hill?

Like many of you out there, I am an American voter who who trusts that our checks and balances will protect our democracy from harm.

*Note - This article here of mine was initially published on December 27, 2020.

President Donald J. Trump has not conceded the presidency, and it is likely that he never will do so. He has been employing every recourse available to him in the United States Constitution in an effort to win back the presidential election that was stolen from him last month. Meanwhile, there is a concern that our nation could get stuck with Nancy Pelosi as our acting president on January 20, 2021 if the dispute over the 2020 American presidential election is not resolved before then. According to the United States Constitution, she would be sworn into the Oval Office as our nation's acting president in that event.

It is not only Republicans who appear to be dissatisfied with Ms. Pelosi's occupation of the Speaker of the House position on Capitol Hill, but Democrats don't appear to be very happy with her these days either. Overall, her popularity has taken a dive in recent months for many different reasons. However, one reason appears to be the elephant in the room. Nobody wants her to be sworn in as our acting president on January 20, 2021, and the Democrats on Capitol Hill don't appear to be very keen about the idea of her filling the Oval Office for even one day. There have been news reports surfacing since before the 2020 American presidential election about Democrats seeking to have Nancy Pelosi removed from her position as the Speaker of the House.

1. Democrats On Capitol Hill Have Not Been Open About Their Underlying Reasons For Wanting To Remove Nancy Pelosi

Right after the November 3, 2020 election here in our nation, news reports surfaced on the television airwaves and on the Internet that Democrats on Capitol Hill wanted to remove Ms. Pelosi from her role as the Speaker of the House, because they felt that she did not try hard enough to get more Democratic delegates elected to the United States House of Representatives. Since then, Ms. Pelosi has gotten on the defensive about it, and she has insisted that she is the best person for that job. However, the Democrats don't seem to be buying into her rhetoric.

House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even said in an interview she did with The Intercept that she wanted for Nancy Pelosi to be removed from her Speaker of the House position because of what she believed to be her incompetence as an elected official. She also did not appear to be very thrilled about some of the plans that former Vice President Joe Biden had made for his presidential administration if he does get sworn into office on January 20, 2021. You can find a news clip of House Representative Ocasio-Cortez expressing her misgivings about Ms. Pelosi in the YouTube video below.

House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has No Use For Nancy Pelosi

Now, I am not a mind reader. However, we have to consider the disaster that could ensue if Ms. Pelosi were to be sworn in as our acting president on January 20, 2021. Other people in her political party don't believe that she can handle her job as the Speaker of the House. Many people agree with them, including me. Therefore, she definitely will not be able to handle the responsibilities that the Oval Office entails.

We have to consider the embarrassment that Ms. Pelosi would cause to the Democrats and to the American people if she were ever to become our nation's acting president on January 20, 2021. She has been responsible for holding up the stimulus package that President Trump has been trying to push through the Congress to help the American people recover financially from the COVID-19 pandemic. Her reckless decisions have adversely affected people both on the right and on the left. Let's just say that she hasn't been very popular these days.

Not too long ago, a news reporter from 60 Minutes questioned her about her involvement in insider trading, and she evaded the question. Her criminal activities should bar her from even running for office. Of course, if Lyndon LaRouche was able to run for president from his Federal prison cell back in 1992, then I guess there is no way to keep Ms. Pelosi out of Washington politics. At the end of the day, she is simply not White House material, and allowing her to become our acting president could unleash an unprecedented amount of chaos upon the nation.

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2. Nancy Pelosi Could Pose A Threat To National Security

It doesn't take a law professor or a rocket scientist to see that Ms. Pelosi could not be trusted as our Commander in Chief with any of the nuclear codes. It's as simple as that. Therefore, nobody on Capitol Hill in their right mind would want her to become our nation's acting president for even one day.

The Democrats on Capitol Hill may be secretive, but they are not stupid. Once it becomes apparent that the dispute over the 2020 American presidential election could continue beyond January 20, 2021, we are going to see Democrats working ferociously to remove Ms. Pelosi from her role as the Speaker of the House. Nobody liberal, moderate or conservative wants even to think about the idea of that dragon lady holding each and every American's safety in her hands. She is a danger to everyone.

3. Nancy Pelosi Has Grown Accustomed To Getting Her Own Way Insofar As She Is Dangerous

We can all have a good laugh over the fact that one time Ms. Pelosi was going to use a government jet for her personal use and President Trump denied her access to it. When President Barack Obama was in office and Ms. Pelosi was the Speaker of the House, he catered to her every demand to the point that she became spoiled and coddled. Then after she became the Speaker of the House once again under the Trump administration, President Trump did not put up with her nonsense for even one minute. She and Senator Chuck Schumer even thought that they could fool President Trump into signing a bill for something that he was against, and he subsequently vetoed it with flying colors. These actions from President Trump were like a culture shock to her, but she needed for someone to put her in her place.

Ms. Pelosi simply is not one who can ever get used to hearing someone tell her "NO!." However, giving her the kind of power that she would have if she were to be sworn in as our acting president in January would be the biggest mistake our nation could ever make. Democrats cannot hide the fact that they know what she is all about and they don't want her to be our nation's acting president. She is like an evil, little girl trapped inside the body of an aging woman. She makes you think of that little girl in the 1956 movie titled The Bad Seed.

"Clker-Free-Vector-Images" is the creator of this image.

"Clker-Free-Vector-Images" is the creator of this image.

4. My Conclusion To This Topic

Our nation is in the most uncomfortable place we could ever be. We are mostly uncertain about who our next president is going to be and when the whole question over it is going to be resolved. Nancy Pelosi is the last person that we Americans want running the Oval Office come January 20, 2021. Even Democrats on Capitol Hill have her number and they are already talking about seeking to remove her from her position as Speaker of the House.

If a contingent election ensues on January 6, 2021, the Congress will likely move as quickly as they can to resolve the question of who will be our nation's next president; but the procedures in doing so could take them past Inauguration Day. We Americans all have our own opinions on whether former Vice President Biden should be certified as our nation's president-elect or President Trump should be given a second term in the Oval Office. However, I think that we can mostly agree that Ms. Pelosi would not be someone we would want to become our acting president for even one second. If she were to be sworn into the Oval Office on January 20, 2021 for a temporary period, she could inflict irreparable harm on our nation by the time a resolution was reached on who our actual president would be.

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Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on October 02, 2021:

Ladies and gentlemen? Nancy Pelosi has to go. Joe Biden's health is declining so rapidly that he may not last another three months in the Oval Office. Kamala Harris is in constant panic mode, because she is too inexperienced to handle the duties that are delegated to her. Once she were to succeed Joe Biden, she would not last a month in the Oval Office and she would likely be impeached or pressured to resign from office. Nancy Pelosi would then be the next in line to be president, and most of us realize that she is not suited to lead our nation or have access to the codes to our nuclear weapons. The next in line for the presidency after her would be Patrick Leahy, which would be a slight relief inasmuch as he served on the Senate Judiciary Committee and takes a hard stance against governmental corruption. Then again, because he is a Democrat, we have no guarantee that he would reissue the permits for the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. At the end of the day, we need Trump back in the Oval Office.

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