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Is Mueller's Russia Collusion Investigation Just a Witch Hunt as Trump Says?


Robert Mueller has been investigating possible collusion between Donald Trump and Russia for quite some time now. Donald Trump has repeatedly called the investigation a "witch hunt." Several months into this investigation I tend to agree with him. Several people have been interviewed and even subpoenaed during the hunt for evidence. A few have even been brought up on charges, although those charges were not related to Trump and the election. Democrats and several Republicans believe there is something to the allegations but in the world of leaks that we live in why has nothing been leaked that points towards any kind of legitimate evidence? There have been several leaks with claims that those leaks prove there was collusion. If those leaks proved there was collusion then why hasn't Mueller brought up any charges on Trump? My belief is that the leaks have mostly been fake news leaks. Something tells me the supposed leaks were more of a yellow journalism tactic. If you haven't heard the term yellow journalism it is simply news that hasn't been researched and basically amounts to click bait as well as a way to sway public opinion. Yellow journalism is alive and well which is why Trump is always playing the fake news card. At this point I am sure that, possibly, hundreds of people have been interviewed by Mueller's team. In those hundreds of interviews there should at least be a shred of evidence of collusion but up to today nothing has been shared that would lead anyone to believe there is any solid evidence against Trump. Sure there is plenty of evidence that Russia meddles in our elections. There is even plenty of evidence that Hillary Clinton had, on several occasions, colluded with the Russians. Heck, there's even more evidence that Obama colluded with the Russians than there is evidence that Trump colluded with them. Strange is the fact that neither of them are being harassed by the media about it but Trump is constantly berated by the media about his possible collusion with Russia.

At this point the only things that have been proven are that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are more guilty of crimes during there time at the White House then Trump is. That Russia is a meddling type of country that tries to influence elections around the world either through hacking or in some countries just straight out bribery and real collusion. It's also been proven over and over again that the media is in collusion with the Democrats. Even some of Mueller's team has been found to have falsified information or just blatantly lied about "evidence" they had. It's even been proven that some of Trumps previous staff before he was elected were guilty of crimes that had happened before he was even really associated with them. What hasn't been proven, and probably never will, is that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the election. During the course of this investigation several crimes have been uncovered but not a single one of them point to Donald Trump doing anything wrong. He might be brash, he might a slight bit unpredictable, he might say whatever comes to his mind, he might make mistakes here and there but in the eyes of the law he hasn't committed a single crime. This leads me to wonder why are our tax dollars still going to fund this fruitless witch hunt? My guess is that there are some Democrats and even some Republicans that are pressuring Mueller to continue investigating. They are so desperate to have Trumps whole presidency nullified that they are pressuring anyone and everyone involved in the investigation to continue it. They are so desperate to win the mid-term elections that they want this to continue through the elections. They figure that if they can keep Trump and his associates in the hot seat that they will win back the majority in the house and senate. I think, in doing so, they have further removed themselves from relevance. If they want to become relevant again they need to re-align themselves with Americans and our wants and needs. They need to stop being so distanced from everyday people. They always say they know whats best for us but it's really just best for them. So, even though they don't care, my advice would be to give up the investigation and get back to reality. The reality is most people feel the investigation has led nowhere and is wasting our tax dollars. Another reality they need to face is that they are so out of touch with regular Americans they don't know what we really want in a politician anymore. Trump was elected because of everyday Americans. Not because of lobbyists, Hollywood elites, or the super rich. But because of people that believe in America and American values. People that believe American workers deserve a break, people that believe you can't tax a country to success or bow down to countries that wish harm on us. So let's end the witch hunt, let's get back to real issues that real Americans are worried about. Let's celebrate our successes and fix our failures.

"We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again."

— Donald Trump


Brad on January 10, 2018:


"That Russia is a meddling type of country that tries to influence elections around the world either through hacking or in some countries "

The United States is the predominant country that meddles in not only influencing elections, but taking down government by any means. The CIA is the expert, well not expert, but the chief US actor in these foreign take downs.

As for election influencing, we don't have to look any further than HRC and DNC when they successfully conspired to get their only opponent out of the democrat primary.

That was followed by the Dossier being used to spy on her republican opponent Donald Trump, and that was through the FISA warrant. Trace the FISA warrant back to Obama and his administration.

We know how HRC and the DNC got Bernie out, because we have their own words from Wiki Leaks.

But no one seems to know, if there was any influencing in our election on how this influence worked.

First of all, how did any influence help Donald Trump win the primary with 16 tough competitors of the best of the republican party.

Then how did HRC win the popular vote by 3 million people? and then she claimed she won the presidency. Where was the mechanism that allowed 55 electoral votes from CA and yet somehow favored Donald Trump. They have dismissed any voting machine tampering, so what exactly was the Trump and or the Russian selective influencing that won him the election.

And after a year, what kind of evidence would surface incriminating Trump and or the Russians.

After losing the election HRC blamed FBI director James Comey for her loss. Other than the real fact that Hillary and the DNC didn't have a presidential platform. HRC had only, I am not Trump, and don't vote for Trump.

Doesn't it seem more likely that Trump won because he campaigned in all the swing states, while Hillary hid out during the time before the election. Trump won 90% of the counties in the US.

BTW, if there was any collusion or influencing don't you think that the FISA warrant to spy on Trump and his team would have garnered something incriminating against him?

And isn't spying on Trump and attempt to influence the election?

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 09, 2018:

I think people have this notion of evidence being total proof. "there were his fingerprints at the scene so he must have been the murderer" And better, eye witness accounts "I am sure it was him leaving the grocery store with dark glasses a hood and a baseball cap".

There is some circumstantial evidence against the Trump power machine. But not evidence of collusion. Maybe of plotting to beat HRC!! Oh my how could he do that?

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