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"All Lives Matter": Is It an Accurate and Necessary Statement?

Social issues can only be remedied by a collective acceptance of those opinions we view as opposing our own.

I refuse to weaponize the race of others, let alone the value of their life. We all matter, plain and simple.

I refuse to weaponize the race of others, let alone the value of their life. We all matter, plain and simple.

The racial divides in the United States are growing larger with every passing day, and these hateful, unnecessary divides are being instigated by racists of every color and creed. Upon experiencing the mostly-violent riots exacerbated by the Black Lives Matter movement and its followers, I've come to find comfort in the anti-racist fact that all lives matter. However, this tends to upset the more militant proponents, the majority, of Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter does not want you to openly state that all lives matter, because it undermines the seedy, anti-white portions of their unspoken agenda. This is so much the case, that I've witnessed and stopped a myriad of different hate crimes before BLM supporters could fully carry them out. These hate crimes began, each and every time, when an anti-racist was trying to seek justice for racial inequities committed against them.

In a time where it is dangerous to be alive, and in the wrong area with the wrong skin color, all lives matter is the only thing I'll be shouting from the rooftops!

Recognizing the Counterargument

Why Is It Necessary?

During a time where racial injustice is being passionately supported, and conversely fought against, it has come to light that there is an extreme level of misunderstanding between the different sides of the argument. On one side you have the militant Black Lives Matter movement trying to press racial justice for only a small minority of racial injustice victims, and on the other you have individuals who want recognition for their struggles with racism.

"All lives matter," is a statement and idea that offers everyone, regardless of skin color, a chance to come forward and seek help for their suffering. Whereas BLM openly supports the silencing of anyone, especially white-skinned individuals, who may detract from their time in the spotlight. BLM does not care about the lives that wish for individual justice, so long as those lives do not fit into their strict guidelines for those who deserve their assistance.

As a white-skinned individual, despite BLM's promotion of the racism-born phrase, "white privilege," I have experienced, and had my life made harder by racism. My family, friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers have mistreated me solely on the grounds of my white skin. Making the statement that, "all lives matter," is my way of fighting against racism and the racists who spread it, but BLM and its militant followers want me to remain silent.

Stating that all lives matter is a necessary piece of the anti-racist discourse occurring here in America, because it allows the silenced victims of racism, the majority, to have a voice. Due to my white skin, I am not allowed to have a voice unless it promotes other-than-white, preferably black individuals', anti-racist messages—according to BLM. This blatant discrimination based on race, this disgusting display of racism occurring all around the United States in many forms, is why, "all lives matter," is a necessary statement.

Despite the necessity of the statement itself, however, people still feel the need to perform mental gymnastics in order to try and disprove the accuracy of such a statement.

White privilege doesn't mean your life doesn't matter, it means that your life hasn't been made harder because of racism. It means your skin color plays no role in your day-to-day life. By arguing this, you are openly denouncing the importance and value of black lives.

— Anonymous, racist supporter of BLM

Questioning the Accuracy

The most interesting facet about the discourse around saying that all lives matter, the one that made me search as deeply as those who disagree with it, was the question as to whether or not all lives really do matter. Murderers, rapists, child predators, and generally valueless members of society, these are the individuals that are being used to discredit the fact that all lives matter. Very nearly, this angle of the discussion made me want to agree with those who oppose the slogan, but then I thought deeper.

An unfavorable fact at first glance, but a fact nonetheless, would be that the scummiest people in society do, in fact, matter. They matter, so much so, that they are being used to discredit the value of all lives. Not only are they a tool used to squash anti-racism, but they are completely obsessed over within many different facets of life.

When we go on our Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu accounts, one of the most prominent and advertised genres is the documentary section. The most popular of which, unsurprisingly, are the documentaries about the very people that are being used to discredit the statement that all lives matter. This, alone, proves that their lives are extremely valuable, although not in the colloquial sense of the term value.

These disgusting individuals lead to the development of sciences to combat them, and to prevent further occurrences of their actions and disorders. Psychology, the type to be referenced in these ultra-popular documentaries, thrives on these sorts of individuals. Their existence, their very presence in society, pushes people to be better and start all-important movements like, "#SaveOurChildren."

Thus, it can be concluded, that yes, absolutely, all lives matter. Even the lives of the sickest, most depraved, degenerate individuals in society matter. We are all important pieces in this puzzle we call life, no matter how much people want to weaponize the value of life to their own greedy, racist ends.

All lives matter, because we are all in this together and deserve to have our voices heard!

All lives matter, because we are all in this together and deserve to have our voices heard!

All Lives Matter Regardless of Your Agenda

The next time someone tells you that all lives matter, please, take a moment to recognize the context in which they are stating it. Whenever I state that all lives matter, it is because I am being told that my race is the only indicator needed to determine my life experiences and story.

Yes, my white skin has afforded me a different culture, one in which I may not have to worry about the problems someone else of a different color will face. However, the truth remains the same for them as well, and our values are equal, because all lives matter. Your story matters, your life matters, your ability to express matters, and so do mine.

The unarguable fact that all lives matter is one I never want to see disappear, not for the sake of a mostly-racist movement, and definitely not for the sake of silencing victims of racial injustice. It can be brought to light in the context of the BLM movement and not be trying to undermine those spreading a truly anti-racist narrative. For those of you who wrongfully believe it is automatically a racist statement, I beg you to have some empathy, lest you be standing on the throats of those gasping for air.

To those of you who continue to fight for racial justice, for equity in all facets of life, the individuals who know that all lives matter and will fight for all lives, keep being a beacon of hope in the darkness. Keep being the punching bag for the racist proponents of BLM, so that we can continue moving forward into a truly anti-racist future. Don't let the constant threat of violence scare you away from calling for the justice we all deserve.

All lives matter!

© 2020 Kyler J Falk


Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on September 14, 2020:

Very crazy! Stay safe!

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on September 14, 2020:

I was called out there for a hot minute to render services, and can assure you that Antifa isn't an official organization anyways. Antifa has been around as long as I can remember, essentially a forum tag for edgy, wannabe anarchists. Most of the hate crimes I've witnessed are carried out by other-than-white individuals, however, while most of the destruction is carried out by white BLM supporters.

It is a weird paradigm that I do not understand, but it really all depends on which area you get posted in as well. In San Bernardino, it was a peaceful protest, then all of a sudden it became clashes, which then escalated to violence. Which side was which wasn't clear, and I most definitely wouldn't attribute it wholly to BLM. Sometimes things just get heated, and other times it is targeted violence.

Overall, though, I blame the white people within BLM for my negative view of the movement. I've had wonderful conversations with BLM supporters, but the majority of them have been disrupted by militantly racist white people telling me what I can and cannot say. Another facet that has brought about violence more times than once, which I was forced to step in on.

Crazy times, truly.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on September 14, 2020:

Well, It’s true, I’m certainly not on the front lines. But someone who is, in Portland, says antifa is not causing violence, nor BLM. He says it’s something called Black block. He says they are organized and funded, even wear uniforms.

And I’ve watched videos of these white women spray-painting BLM stuff on buildings, and BLM people telling them to stop, because it’s making them look bad.

It’s definitely out there......but, as stated, I’m not there.

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on September 13, 2020:

It is a bit too sloppy, and disorganized to be anything that we have cooked up. I've played with the idea of a conspiracy for it, however, considering the protests for homosexual rights in Russia, our ongoing assistance with Ukraine rebels, messing around in Iran and Africa, and of course our instigation of the Hong Kong protests and riots. We had a hand in all those and racial tensions have been building heavily again since late in 2003, offering a perfect mechanism to utilize.

Overall, though, I'd say the only conspiracy here is influence of racial divides via social media, fooling people on both sides into spreading hateful propaganda. Mostly, this is due to the election year and it could be, and probably is just about every country with a cyber division in their military taking some part. Everything outside of that is a stretch, especially if you are out on the front lines to witness much of the violent actions taken during the riots.

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on September 13, 2020:

“But I am unable to understand what is gained by this movement by doing a lot of arson and burning and rioting“



Ergo, who is doing it?

“COINTELPRO , short for “Counter Intelligence Program,” was the name given to a series of programs initiated by the Bureau between 1956 and 1971 aimed at undermining and eradicating groups, movements, and individuals — almost all of which were part of the Left — it viewed as threats to national security and social order ...“

In this case, it’s FSB, formerly KGB. Or, proud boys, boogaloo boys, taudry and sundry PUNKS of the Right. IMO

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on September 13, 2020:

You're stating facts meant to undermine my equally-valid information by using them outside of context. I can show you a myriad of different BLM supporter examples, even examples from the leaders themselves, that support everything I have said. Essentially, you're arguing my stance that we can all have the freedom to seek justice, support one another in doing so, and do so without singling out entire racial groups.

If you don't think that is possible then I advise you fight those who are forcefully generating these negative aspects of BLM. I, however, am not one of those individuals. In this situation I can only assume you are continuing to project negative thoughts onto me, and that comes from a state of negative triggering.

I'm not arguing any of the facts you presented, they have all been objective and fair. However, you refuse to acknowledge my experience with racism, and that is why I am against the mostly-racist movement and its followers. If you can't represent all lives equally, on equal grounds, with equitable representations of value, then I can only assume you are projecting an unfavorable, racist agenda.

Your denial of my experience is equally as wrong as people's denial of the pressing issues facing every member of our society, regardless of race, and you are a prime example of the problem I have with BLM. It seems there is no room for any voice that does not toe the line, and I refuse to side with the people who have only shown me racism, and violence.

Ashleigh Nicole from Florida on September 13, 2020:

You keep claiming I'm triggered when I'm only stating facts. You also said you never said anything about the mostly peaceful protest but at the same time say that the protest are mostly violent. Sorry to have triggered you with the correct information. People who ignore facts to try and force others to be mislead is what causes divide. You seem to be only speaking from a very small perspective doing what you can to make others see BLM as a racial movement when the majority has been proven to be the exact opposite. I can also present you with information that shows a specific group of white people who openly admitted to trying to use the BLM movement to spread racial hate.

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on September 13, 2020:

@MG: These are the actions of desperate individuals, MG, the type who feel that society is not listening. However, many of them have chosen to follow leaders who, equally, do not listen to the voices they are trampling and it only continues the harsh cycle. When you feel you are in danger, crying out for help, and the danger only continues to grow, you start to feel like a cornered animal.

I believe the riots will stop when Black Lives Matter becomes more inclusive of a narrative that supports all lives at the same time, rather than excluding people based solely upon their skin color. Nonetheless, the violence needs to stop if it only continues to target the equally-downtrodden.

Thanks for reading!

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on September 13, 2020:

@Brenda: I hold out hope that Black Lives Matter and its followers will see the error of holding a strict view on who they can immediately help, and begin to stand for all people, all lives, in a show of peaceful unity against mistreatment and tyranny. They have the resources, they have the power, and they have an opportunity; the ball is in their court!

Thanks for reading!

MG Singh emge from Singapore on September 12, 2020:

All live do matter. But I am unable to understand what is gained by this movement by doing a lot of arson and burning and rioting

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on September 12, 2020:


I do agree with you.

All Lives Matter...I am so tired of dealing with black lives matter who have their own agenda.

It is definitely causing more problems...nothing is getting better due to their engagements.

I wish people would wake up & realize that we are human beings in this together.

Thanks for the share.

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on September 12, 2020:

You'll take notice that nowhere in this article does it state anything about the mostly-peaceful protests. Once again, this negative triggering I have caused you was unintentional, and it is leading you to argue points I have not made. My experience with the Black Lives Matter movement, and its mostly-racist followers, has been nothing but negative thus far.

If you can't settle for the fact that Black Lives Matter has proven to me, thus far, it is only creating greater racial divides, then settle for this one last simple statement:

I don't care what Black Lives Matter claims to be their purpose, when their followers regularly prove that a racist agenda lies behind most of the actions taken during the mostly-violent riots. There has been more suffering caused, and more victims silenced by the movement and their followers than have been helped. I will not side with any movement that does not support every human life to its fullest capacity.

Ashleigh Nicole from Florida on September 12, 2020:

I wasn't triggered at all. Just answering your question with facts and information of my own. https://time.com/5886348/report-peaceful-protests/ This article explains that over 93% of protest have been peaceful. You can also see this same story from many other credible sources. There are individuals who have started acts of violence during blm protest in hopes to skew their image and have been used to push this idea that they're a hate group. Black Lives Matter has never promoted members attacking others because of the color of their skin. That's what they're against. You can actually keep up with their agenda and the protest from their site https://blacklivesmatter.com/ instead of being mislead by fake sites. There is also a section on their site to provide them with resources of those spreading misinformation about the movement. That way they can tackle the propaganda that's been set out to destroy the movement or use it for cover in order to instigate more chaos.

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on September 12, 2020:

Sorry to have triggered you so negatively with my plight; I was clear and factual with what was said. I discredit racism in all its forms, and BLM has done nothing for the majority of racial injustice victims, except create more racial divides. As for on a personal level, I've had to go toe to toe with racist BLM supporters all throughout these mostly-violent riots they instigated, and those racist supporters seem to make up the majority.

When you're having to stop a crowd from beating individuals to death for their skin color, you have no choice but to call their movement racist. If ever I come to experience BLM to the contrary, I will gladly jump on their bandwagon. However, I can continue to support causes that promote racial equality, and equity for all, without supporting the racially-violent movement that is Black Lives Matter.

Ashleigh Nicole from Florida on September 12, 2020:

I fail to understand how it's acceptable to assume BLM is a racist movement without truly knowing the facts of what BLM stands for. I am a white induvial who has been involved with BLM protests and watched their agenda for a while now. There have been tons of misinformation spread by people who are not at all involved with the movement or only get their information from those who oppose it. All Lives Matter should go without saying. If you use that to combat a movement with the intentions of bringing awareness to lives that have been neglected so that you can continue to be complacent, it doesn't necessarily make the statement racist, but it does make it ill intended which is just as bad. Black Lives Matter has never stated that ONLY black lives matter. They have been attempting to bring attention to those who have lost their lives because of police brutality and racial injustices. Those things also happen within the white community. Instead of "white" people coming together to combat those issues, they wanted to start an opposing movement which takes focus off the problem at hand to create more division and hate against others who are facing some of the same struggles. Are there extremists on both sides with the purpose of misleading people? Yes. Are there misinformed people on both sides because people they trusted mislead them? Also yes. People only have two options really. They can continue the hate and spread of misinformation because their egos won't allow them to do anything different. Or you can educate yourself doing the necessary research to make sure your sources are creditable and not encouraging you to spread misinformation. It's easy to call other people the bad guys and ruin their images to justify it. Its much harder to accept being wrong yourself and making the changes needed to be a better person.

Kyler J Falk (author) from California on September 11, 2020:

Absolutely, Leslie, that is an unarguable fact. However, if someone were to use that statement to silence valid movements, then that would damage the validity of the statement and the credibility of the one stating it. As it concerns race, however, it cannot be used as a non-racist factor to determine a life's value.

Thanks for reading!

Leslie McCowen from Cape Cod, USA on September 11, 2020:

Can we say some lives matter more than others, would that be fair? Because that is the hard truth.

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