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Is Individuality In a Conflict?

As I look back, the mindset of children today is different than what it was when I was a small child. The issues have slowly changed.

A boys sense....

A boys sense....


When I was a small boy, the idea that we are individuals was ingrained in me. This is the most precious thing about humans. God gave us each a free will. At age 6, when I pulled my wagon down the street, I knew that the wagon was mine, and that it was my responsibility to get it back home, etc. Some people today seem to lack this knowledge and don't want to be responsible for their own life and possessions. But the more power we give to the government, oversight agencies and even to healthcare providers, then the more freedoms we lose, along with that sense of individuality. Yes, we should help each other, help our neighbor, etc, but don't let the government end up hiring someone to come and manage your life and your job and your world. In this sense, freedom's becoming rare and valuable. Individuality comes at a very high price. What if you have to start making choices, like take a vaccine or not be able to shop, or drive a car? Or take a mark like the number 666 antichrist will demand to put on you? Do you see how little the difference? And how easy we are led up to full government control, and perhaps a one world order soon? Be fully aware that little by little, give up this and give up that, whether for health reason, or for economic reason, our individuality is being taken away. It is as if invisible forces of today can pull the wagon right out of the hands of a full grown adult. And be sure, if a six year old pulls a wagon down the block today, its going to be another story than the one when I was age 6. Someone is going to question the parents, “are you crazy letting your kid do that?” Or on the worse end, the child can be abducted, according to statistics, especially in larger communities, but in countrysides as well. But what about the thought process of today's 6 yr old? Does he even know about responsibility or individuality? Perhaps. I hope so. And I hope as adults we learn to speak up and fight back against government intrusion into many areas of our lives. It seems the social system of today sees us all as needy or needing oversight. I am so glad and so very thankful that God is able to watch over me, but I don't want to live as a slave or as a ward of the government. Be advised it will only happen because we have let it grow so big and out of bounds, and it must keep seeking new ways to justify its existence. And its hard because we don't want to always bash the government, but it has a specific place, a role to fill and it needs to be kept in check. But we must not keep thinking, Oh, I can't do anything about it.

© 2022 Oscar Jones

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