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Is Human Life Complex?– If so, Why, and How to Simplify

People are always interested in the origins of the esoteric, and all that is part of human nature is one.

Is Human Life Complex?

I agree, presently we consider human life as the most complex one among all. In support, we have the theory of evolution, which presents the living world as a sequence of increasing complexity, and with the humans and the single celled organisms occupying the maximum and the minimum respectively.

Is it a valid conclusion?

I think there is room for a rethink.

Let us say, it hasn't been so, in the past. Human life is only as complex as that of all other organisms. And our forefathers, perhaps correctly, saw all other forms of life superior to humans, and accorded to those, divine status. Times changed, and new revelations started to pour in, posing questions to the very concept itself. Succeeding generations however stuck to the idea of their forefathers, bringing in abstract entities, wherever the original, living one wouldn't fit. We now have to take great pains to support that structure, altering everything else, both in its essence and in spirit. This is what is ushering in complexity.

Humans Revel in Complexity

Human, in fact is a life, like all other forms, except that it is more of a programmable form of life. One can mould a new born in the manner one would wish. As one grows up, one’s own will, the influence from chosen entities, or a mix of both, can do it. When one wouldn’t make a wish here, the default comes into play, which also is a mix of both. Mainly, this is what was happening to human race all these years, but, since we have been celebrating it a lot, that too as something human-specific, unfathomable, etc., we have come to accord a status of complexity to human life. There is one more issue. Human life is nothing but the story of changes that constantly happen to it. These changes occur, whenever one puts into practice, whatever one learns. Since we are constantly being told that we belong to a complex species, it just doesn’t occur to us to examine whatever choices we make about ourselves, against a yardstick of simplicity, or putting to full use whatever one has learned and be content about it. Whereas on all other matters, whether living or nonliving, we take immense pride in critically examining it in all its dimensions, against the very same yardstick. And as a result of this also, we tend to shape our actions as well as reactions in a complicated and circuitous way.

Possible Simplification Steps

I can think of one way of simplifying it. Which is this. Look at life, including human life, through the eyes of a computer program. In fact our appreciation of life already follows such a path, and we seem to have landed with it well before we ever had a chance to acquaint with programming as a way to confront questions. Just as in programming, where we use procedural or functional model of the issue to make an abstract (computer) equivalent of the whole, in our journey behind the secrets of life and all that matter, we are in fact attributing properties and functions, similar to that of ourselves, to each and everything. Thereafter we keep making amends, wherever necessary. Like specifying qualities of sexual or gender nature as the key to everything, except where it is impossible to do so. The few places where such an approach is yielding true and desirable outcome serves as a versatile and universal support, for continuing with the same for other areas too.

I admit, over the years, we have been making quite a bit of headway in realizing the true nature of things, and integrating those gainfully, while we move on with our life and living. But, in this matter, the one which includes our own life, we are happily continuing with the ancient approach. And, even when a change becomes inevitable, by making it to align to such an approach, we are losing much of the gain, it would have brought. Which perhaps is the reason, why human life is so full of problems. Look carefully, and one can see that every new problem is nothing but a leftover from some of the solutions of the past.

Why don't we take Such Steps

The above fact should have been occurring to us, in the normal course of life itself. However, it hasn't been happening thus. Not that we are incapable of realizing this. But, we are confronting life, in a manner that is totally unbecoming of an intelligent race. I find, especially on matters related to our life and living, whenever we observe something amiss, the immediate reaction is to belittle the intellectual standards of previous generations, except the rare cases where it is not possible to make even a remote link between the issue and the past. And the immediate result is, we are getting an impression that we have found an answer. That is, whatever would have sparked the desire for further contemplation or study, comes to a logical conclusion. And, as we continue to do so and keep feeling great about ourselves, we do not feel the need to examine the issues matter to us, in depth. We are effectively in a vicious circle. By belittling the previous generations, we are placing ourselves on a superior pedestal, which makes them relatively more inferior. Naturally, then we pat ourselves, and put further examination to rest. We need to ask ourselves, why, even though we pride ourselves to be well oriented to intellectual transactions, shy away from probing an obvious confusion as this?

Origin of Complexity

I think, ages back, we understood ourselves as life that is programmed in a particular manner. (Not in these words, though!) Which perhaps was a good fit for the current ambience, the race felt. And instituted a system of nurturing future generations in that manner, while educating the current one to align themselves to it. Over a period of time, human life ended up getting specified as a continuum, a collection of wants and desires, and the ways of achieving those. One may entertain many such, while having no limit to the ways of accomplishing each of those. As a result of which, each and every one of a group of people, effectively will turn out to be, a group of desires, combined with another group of efforts towards those desires. Times changed, greatly altering the structure and composition of human race. The huge kitty of wants and desires and the associated melee, naturally is leading to phenomenal complexity in human affairs, where each and everything is linked to each and everything else. Bewildered of the issues that constantly affect the race as a whole, rather than taking the natural path of questioning the original specifications that led to this complexity, we continue to tackle every difficulty that confront us by incessantly repeating to ourselves, man is a highly complex life.

Origin of All that is Esoteric

Thus, we have acquired a flurry of imponderables, mostly acclaimed as unique parts of the human, in almost all aspects of our life. For example, it is perfectly acceptable for one to say, ‘I am greatly offended by you wearing a red dress, when my faith defines it as deadly’. And it is quite in order if some people make elaborate plans for keeping red dress as a controlled commodity, on this account. In short, any member of our race can initiate a commotion. In fact for a commotion to begin, one only need to link disturbances of some facet of life, to some reason. It is immaterial, whether the proposed reason is a rational one or not. Also, how abstract, vague or remote, the connection between the reason and the commotion.

Object Oriented Objects

Suppose, ages back humans understood themselves as something programmed in an object oriented manner. That, while confronting different issues or circumstances, human behavior shall assume unique patterns that are not necessarily connected directly with any issue other than the one being reacted to, currently. (This is in stark opposition to the present. Now, in fact we take pride in direct proportion to the number or severity of unrelated issues that can influence one. And we allocate prime position to such wasteful efforts, collectively calling it as culture.)

The above is however true for all other forms of life, they are object oriented objects. Perhaps for humans also, no such wasteful connection existed. Since intellectual transactions were a favorite past time of humans, they seem to have discovered a possibility of subjective relationships, which happened to get instituted as important features of human life. There would have been motivating factors, like more, varied, opportunities for deriving pleasure or suppressing displeasure. This needs to be investigated further.

The Benefits

In such a case, all the phenomena associated with our race would have been reduced to a set of particularities of conduct, behavior, etc., and the occasions suiting to each. Each one, will then feel disposed to each such particularity, perhaps always and every time, under respective circumstances. Which can turn human nature more towards the predictable, letting in an ambience of tranquility and ease. More importantly, our young ones would have been growing up with rather clear idea about themselves and the reactions, greatly altering the social fabric.

What all could have happened as a result? One substantial change, I can feel instantly, is about thinking. Like speaking, writing, and other forms human expressions, we would have had thinking also, as an art and a science formally taught to our children. Which could have enabled the society to have standardized patterns of going ahead with this activity, as well as allocating for things like research and development. Perhaps, just like in all other cases, we would still have been giving to the object under consideration, undivided attention. But, the random disturbances that always exist, unlike presently, where, it poses a threat, shall die its natural death, being entirely overlooked. (Presently, depending on many parameters like the mental state of the personnel involved and the prevailing social atmosphere, each disturbance can lead to a hurricane) In short, as a matter of habit itself, each and every issue would get addressed, neglected, or contemplated upon, in its ideal way. An air of discipline shall be prevailing, everywhere, and at all times.


So, this is how we humans can simplify it all. We need to fashion everything in our life, like our wants, desires, and reactions, in an object oriented manner. And the objects remain independent, having no influence on one another, unless explicitly activated thus. In which case, for example, neither shall hunger, shorten one’s temper, nor will gratification, cause a celebration.

© 2020 ROY T JAMES

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