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Is Climate Change the Main Reason for Drought in East Africa or Are There More Factors to Blame?

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What exactly is happening?

According to the World Food Program (WFP), drought in the North of Africa has affected at least 13 million people resulting in malnutrition and death of animals. This is as a result of lack of rain and as many people put it , due to global warming. Many people have been forced to flee their homes since insecurity has been on the rise due to the ongoing drought.

Death tolls have risen due to malnutrition and lack of water and unless a solution is reached, alot of people will lose their lives. This has farther been aggravated due to the war in Ukraine which has seen increase in food prices and also resulted in the loss of jobs.

However in as much as climate change is to blame, there are a few factors that have also geared towards the harsh living conditions of these people.


Most of the people affected are mostly pastoralists. Due to their nomadic way of life, most pastoralists do not get educated and are not aware of the consequences of grazing many animals on a small piece of land. But they are not the only ones to blame, the government has not implemented proper teaching to these communities.

Poor Leadership.

If you look closely at the countries in East Africa that have been highly affected by the ongoing drought, you will realize that their leadership is wanting. Looting of public funds and corruption is the real reason why the locals are suffering. The leaders they elected grab big portions of the funds allocated for relief and only a chunk of it is sent to the communities and is obviously not enough.


Environmental Destruction.

The rule of cut one tree and plant another is clearly not implemented in Africa. Many people are cutting down trees for fuel and also for building . The regular deforestation has caused soil erosion hence weakening the soil and rendering it unfit for farming. This has also resulted in the drying of water sources resulting to lack of water and also to the death of aquatic animals. Dumping of waste in water bodies is another issue that has resulted in the drying of water bodies .


Alot of wildfires have been experienced in most African countries. These fires dry the air and release vast amount of carbon dioxide which results in global warming.

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Solutions to end this dryspell.

Can we control drought? The likely answer would be no but can we reduce the rate of fatalities caused by drought? Then the answer is Yes. As I noted earlier, failure to reach a solution will result in deaths not only for the plants and animals, but for the people too. Below are some of the solutions that should be put into practice to reduce the 'bitterness' of drought.

1. Donations and funds.

The organisations responsible for calamities like this should step in and provide food and clothing to the affected people. Follow up should also be done to ensure that the intended purpose for these funds is realized.

2. Voting Wisely.

The people we vote into places of power have become a big letdown and are to blame for the challenges faced as a result of drought. The money they loot could have helped saved a life making it clear that they don't care about us. Before casting any vote, it is important to think rationally.


3. Mass Education.

It is clear that ignorance among the pastoralist community could have played a big role . The governments should therefore take upon themselves to educate these communities on the benefits of taking care of the environment. Fines should be put on those who break the set rules.

4. Planting of trees.

This move will ensure that the soil is not washed away by heavy rains or swept by the wind hence maximizing food supply which can be used to help affected families Incase this calamity recurs in the future. The government should ensure that the 'cut one tree and plant two' rule should be taken seriously.


From the above instances , it is crystal clear that other factors have also played a big role in the ongoing dryspell. Even though this matter is controlled, if proper measures are not put into place to prevent similar incidences from occuring , then all this will be in vain.

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