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United States of America is a Strong Nation


America's Beautiful Spring of the Year

We Americans should be looking forward to a new beginning after the last two years we battled through.

Now would be the time to plan our family vacation when school is out. We could always feel safe and secure in our country to visit other states and travel to Paris if we wanted or any other country.

Was the American dream just a dream? Are we now living in a nightmare? Will there always be a war somewhere? Why can't we buy food now like in 2019? And especially I want to fill-up my tank with gas and just ride around the countryside. We should be out in the sunshine on a picnic by the river or the beach--even better.

NATO --The North American Treaty Organization

NATO per my research is hated by Russia's President Putin. NATO demanded Putin to immediately stop the war. I am sure Putin's laugh echoed throughout his fabulous domain.

Since NATO will not send in its troops in the Baltics, because they are afraid it will start WW3. Hello! We are in WW3 now. Are you waiting for Russian troops to land on the Alaskan shores and take over Alaska? Putin wants Alaska.

Forgive me for saying this--but my mother's PTO (Parents and Teachers Organization) would be faster in moving against Putin since he destroyed the country of Ukraine. Putin is the cause 4.3 million children of Ukraine are displaced. 4.3 million children--that is half of the children's population in Ukraine.

NATO Members at Summitt in March 2022


Congress Members

My first question is why all members of Congress are not Americans? This is America and we do not want any foreign influencers making decisions about our country.

Congress sits on their hands and makes no rules to this effect. At least 76 members of Congress which equals 14% of 117th Congress are born in another country or have a parent born in another country.

I personally call them foreign influencers. These people I hope are checked out by all the security agencies like the FBI and Homeland Security.

With a parent being born in another country--pressure could be applied as threats or kidnapping of a family member. To do their bidding well as other Congress members.

Where has our leaders that we elected to protect our country and its people? They seem to have their own agenda outlined with greed, money in their pocket and all the power they can claim.

President Biden Joins the Business Roundtables

Our President Biden made an updated speech to businesses at the CEO Quarterly meeting. This is a very informative and needed speech made by our president. A current event speech with heads-up on the dangers we face in the coming days on security.

Towards the end of his speech, it is clear what he said about 'New World Order.' Hear it in his own words.

President Biden's Speech

My Political Opinion about President Biden and President Trump

President Trump did a lot of good for the United States of America and Americans. We could buy gas for $2.17 per gallon and yesterday I paid $4.49 per gallon. Before the Pandemic started the grocery shelves were full.

President Trump was a strong president and since he was not a Politician, but a businessman he knew how to handle most issues that arose during his term.

We did not experience high prices at the grocery store and gas stations with President Trump.

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President Biden has acted in the Americans best interest with the exception of stopping the pipeline and dealing with terrorist to negotiate gasoline deals. His expectations of all Americans buying Electric cars at 60,000 more or less is unrealistic.

Electric cars per my research are at least $19,000 to $25,000 more than the same model of gas operated cars.

People can barely buy enough groceries to feed their family. I and many others can only afford to eat one meal a day and most of the time it is without meat or veggies.

I know it is way over my head. I drive a 1999 Rodeo SE Isuzu--it is 23 years old. I bought it new in 1999. This is my baby--I named it 'Giddy-Up-Go'. I pray it will last a little longer. I can only buy a few gallons at a time as well as most people. However, you never hear about how the people are still struggling in the small towns and rural areas of Florida and other states.

Our state of Florida did not get a Stimulus or any kind of check from our governor Ron DeSantis like many states did. However, now he is running and asking for donations from the people who cannot buy food and gas.

Some governors cannot relate to the people, nor understand their struggles since the present government in office has made life in America the worse ever.


American Strong

Our ancestors came from different countries to settle a new land eons ago. I cannot swear to how the world was then or the type of people that were waiting for the ships to land.

I know these brave people came with all their possessions they could carry. Many paid for their journey from selling everything they owned, and many became indentured servants for seven (7) years or more to pay off their debt. The heartbreak was many died on the journey.

Strong Americans of the USA, have such kind and caring hearts Even though we have been through a terrible time the last two years. And some still are suffering from the Pandemic and inflation.

Open hearts are the Americans, and many other countries ways to share with the people of Ukraine. The Ukrainians have escaped the terror of an evil dictator who does not even care for his own people-- as he speaks of cleansing.

I am American born and I will not accept a world where babies, women and the elderly are killed. What a barbaric world we are in when young boys are sent into battle along with fathers, grandfathers, uncles and nephews.

I trust our President Biden to complete the work he has started in saving as many lives as possible. He walks quietly, but will his soft words carry the message to the evil power that only wants to kill.

Americans First--Party Choice Should be Second

I always vote for the person--not the party. All members of each party are not clones, therefore, not all members think the same on issues.

So much time, is wasted on both parties trying to destroying the other, until not a lot is accomplished. The members most times act like children playing in a sandbox fighting over a shovel and pail. One has the shovel and the other one has the pail--and cannot find the solution to the dilemma.

They need to work together to better serve the American people and their country. It seems to get worse with each new president.

I am thinking maybe we need a woman president. Most of the women in my family are strong and make the best decisions for their family no matter how difficult the issues might be.

Yes, a strong woman. And then, I think who now in our government would make a great president. Someone who is not owned by lobbyist, influencers, elephants or donkeys (HA!)

I know if our government does not put Americans and the United States of America first--we will become a third world country without money or food. And then, we would not need gas!

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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