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Is America Ready for a Female President?

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!



On one hand, I believe there are many powerful women who are perfectly capable of handling the duties, as the President of the United States of America!

Their heads are on straight, their hearts are in the right place and they understand what it means to lead, to make tough choices and they can manage and run a business, with the best of them {aka: men}.

They understand the urgency in protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution, at all costs!

These women are well-informed, aren't easily swayed by the latest trends and the only thing "woke" means to them:

They are awake, aware, attentive and on alert to an enemy who seeks to destroy this country, as founded

We {women/females} started off strong, as suffragettes, we persisted and fought for the right to vote, but then it went downhill from there.

We got the vote, hallelujah, but our next big fight, was as feminists, not as suffragettes

We went from being advocates for the female species, wanting equality and equal opportunity, straight into warrior-mode, put on earth to put down, insult and defeat males {aka: men} and it has royally kicked us in the butt ever since!

Once feminists made it clear that they wished to do battle with men, not join them; they failed us -

Once feminists turned our wombs, into a battleground, they failed us!

Campaigning for the Vote



Campaigning for the Unconditional Right to Kill Other Human Beings


When Our Wombs Became a Battleground

Here in the U.S.A., women march, in droves, every year (thank you God those numbers are beginning to dwindle) I digress...

women march, in droves, every year, taking a stand for and making the case for, abortion:

in how many stages of development

in how many different ways

and how often

can they end the life of a new creation in the womb!

Please hear me out...

Feminists did this!

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When I think back to the 70's, when I was a teenager, we were told that babies weren't really babies until they were born and drew their first breath

As if there was no developmental stages whatsoever, they just suddenly appeared as babies with their ten little fingers and ten little toes.

We were told they were only clumps of cells...up until they were screaming their lungs out, outside of the womb

As a result, many young women aborted their babies; listening to the professionals {listening to the Science, one might say} that never steers us wrong, right?

It was at this point that abortion became birth control for many!

Conscience, consideration and consequence were out the window, because girls/women had received the blessing of their Government, via the passing of Roe v. Wade.

Today, we have no idea of the number of women haunted by this decision.

Nor the number of men haunted as well, slighted, whether in the name of ignorance or callousness.

Yes, I am Going to Go There Ladies and Gents

Not only has tossing conscience, consideration and consequence aside, led to many abortions, in many cases, a getting even in a relationship, has been the cause.

This is so petty to me, perhaps even worse than the other selfish reasons why a young life, is snuffed out.

On top of petty and vindictive behavior, I am told that women are pushing left of center agendas to the forefront, when considering their vote.

I am told that women are the ones putting socialists into office.

If it weren't for women getting the vote, Trump wouldn't have been sent packing, bringing in the inept, establishment-type Biden...or so we have repeatedly been told!

I have a big problem with far left of center and socialists agendas. They do not benefit this Country in the least, they do not benefit a single soul, certainly not our most precious commodity, our children! They only do more harm

Women were all in for Hillary Clinton, and yet I never, personally, heard one woman make the case for Hillary -

I have never heard one good explanation as to why she, above all others, would make a good President.

What have I heard?

Because, "women are due".

Because "Hillary has paid her dues".

Are we due?

Have we proven ourselves?

Are we Woke or Are we Women?

What have we learned about Mrs. Clinton, post 2016 election:

She set up her competition, a man, Donald Trump, to lose

She was behind the bogus, Trump and Russian collusion claims

Mrs. Clinton birthed it and fed it and as a result of her lies, the entire direction of this Nation was altered, in a destructive way

Let us consider some of the latest cutting edge, woke, politics, shall we:

When Candidate Hillary Clinton wasn't conniving to steal an election, she was out referring to half of the Nation {including women} as "deplorable".

Donald Trump wasn't dismissing the other half, registered Democratic voters, he was reaching out to them and winning many over.

But, because of her - no where near ready for prime time, antics:

Because of her lies-

the entire course of this Nation was rerouted, causing such angst, division and destruction!

Half the Nation was convinced to distrust a man, based on her lies, before he even had a chance to prove himself!

Have we learned anything ladies?

The newest member of the Supreme Court, a woman, selected because she is a woman, was unable to define the word "woman" and for that, she has been embraced, a real hero to some.

Not because she is a woman, but because she fits a certain mold and is woke enough!

While the newest member of the Supreme Court is stuttering and stammering about the definition of woman; men, who have failed as men, are choosing to become women and in the process, they are defeating women in sports.

Such great strides, reduced to females trying to beat stronger, more massive and muscular the finish line.

Today's way off target, with the potential to destroy children's lives before they really start, leftist agendas, have taken over and destroyed any good work ever done by the suffragettes!

Are we ready?

© 2022 A B Williams

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